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Full text of "Stirlingshire, Dumbartonshire and Linlithgowshire business directory for 1893-94"

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>aie & Retail Ironmongers, 

Sole Agents in Stirling and District, for the 

The most successful in the Market. 

Large and Choice Selection of 


Of the Latest Designs. 

Silver and Electro-Plated Goods. 



Agents for the " RALEIGH " BICYCLE. 

All Goods delivered in Stirling and surrounding Districts per owm Vans. 

National Library of Scotland 

'B0001 58380*' 

Stirlingshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 



(Successors to W. E. DAY & Co.,) 


k^*^t*J*^4 ■**■ AJLJt*^*A-*A^^**-A i AA^AA^AA . AA AA. * ,A. AA *A AA. A 




v ir vr tt it» i f T r^y'ur^ir s»n "tv^y " tv ty nr iy ir ^ r^r r ■»»■ ■yw t 



Henderson & Paterson, 

(Successors to GEORGE NICHOLSON), 

-h|c (Seneral • 3ronmoncjers, #*- 



Tile Hearths, Close and Open Fire Ranges. 

Wire, and Wire Netting. Lawn Mowers. Farm Implements. 

Brass and Iron Bedsteads, and Bedding. 

Cutlery. Electroplate, and House Furnishings. 

Silver Mated Goods Repaired and Re-plated. 

Repairs of all kinds receive special attention. 





(Successor to J. G. Aitken,) 

Wholesale (General 2TTercfyant- 


Bags, &c. not allowed for till received free in good order. 

TERMS:— Manures and Seeds payable in November! 

Feeding Stuffs payable in one month from date 
of Invoice. 




All Parties in 

want of a 
good Mount 



with me 




for the 

best makers 
of Cycles, 

New Howe 





&c, &c. 

H. Williamson, junr., 

Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, and 
Fancy Goods Importer, 

76 High Street, DUMBARTON. 

iard and Recreation Rooms. 

All Tobaccos and Fancy Goods supplied to the Trade at Manufacturers 







i 893-94. 

Qyiice — Qstv-o- Qynituna6 ana GZ/iafietzce. 



59 South Bridge, 


Stirlingshire ADVERTISEMENT Directory 


China and Glass Depot, 
2 1 !e»0 3e&t s t r 3e2 xs , s? t 

o -rxir f ^3/ 

R. A. has now on Show a Large Stock of Novelties in 

f©pgelai^ $ G^iFia Wape 

From the Famous Factories of 



R. A. deals only direct with Producers, and thus 
saves intermediate profits. 



Henderson Street, Bridge of Allan. 




Stirlingshire Directort 


ONE of the most important and beautiful counties in Scotland, is situ- 
ated partly in the Highlands and partly in the Lowlands ; bounded 
on the east by the county of Linlithgow and the river Forth, on the south 
and west by Dumbartonshire, on the north by the shires of Perth and 
Clackmannan (which latter county. touches it also on the east), and on the 
south atid east by portions of Lanarkshire. Its boundaries are in many 
places distinctly marked by water-courses or lakes — the principal boundary 
line on the north being the Forth, the Avon on the East, the Kelvin river 
on the south, the Endrick water on the south-west, and Loch Lomond on 
the west. Its length from east to west is thirty-six miles ; its breadth 
varies from twelve to twenty miles. The shire comprises an area of four 
hundred and sixty-seven square miles, or 298,579 acres. 

The count} r , as has been said, is partly Highland and partly Lowland. 
The former, which is the western quarter, and adjacent to Loch Lomond, 
is a mountainous district ; here the majestic Ben Lomond rises to the 
height of more than three thousand feet. East from this Highland part 
the land becomes flat, or gently inclining towards the Forth of the Endrick 
In the centre of the county the ground is again elevated into a series of 
hills, of which those of the greatest altitude are from thirteen to fifteen 
hundred feet ; from one of these eminences, in Kilsyth parish, there is ob- 
tained one of the finest views in Scotland : it is computed to embrace an 
extent of 12,000 square miles. Many of the hills in the central, and more 
especially in the southern division, have their sides and even their summits 
clothed with a fine grass sward, which affords excellent pasturage for sheep. 
The eastern division of the county consists of beautiful carse land, in many 
places quite flat, and in others presenting a succession of inclined planes, 
gradually rising towards the south from the rich valley of the Forth. Al- 
most every variety of soil to be met with in Scotland occurs in Stirlingshire: 
but the most common and the most fertile in the county is the alluvial or 
carse land, which occupies many thousand acres on the banks of the Forth. 
In this species of soil there are beds of shells, clay, maid, and moss. In the 
western and central districts, on the banks of the rivers, the land is gener- 
ally of a light and gravelly description ; while patches of rich loam present 
their surface to the husbandman in other parts of the county, From the 
great variety of the soil, the system of agriculture in Stirlingshire naturally 
cannot be uniform, nor its produce equally abundant or limited to any par- 
ticular species; large crops of wheat, barley, beans, peas, turnips, potatoes, 
&c., are raised ; the culture of artificial grasses has also been very 
generally adopted in this county. 

The Forth is the principal river in Stirlingshire ; it takes its rise from a 
spring near the summit of Ben Lomond, and, after receiving in its course 
the Teith, the Allan, and the Devon, expands into that noble estuary called 
the Firth of Forth. 






AIRTH is an ancient village in the parish of its name, the latter about 
six miles in length by about two in breadth, 27 miles w, from 
Edinburgh, between 8 and 9 E. from Stirling, and 6 N.W. from Falkirk, 
situated on the banks of the Forth, nearly opposite to Kennet Pans. 

Business Directory. 

Heugh, James (and grocer), 

Black and Shoeing Smiths 
Kennedy, Robt. , Halls of Airth 
Primrose, W. R., Airth 

Draper, Milliner, and Dressmaker. 
Begg, Walter D. (and Horse- 
hirer), Airth 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Mitchell, A. & W., Airth 
Primrose, James, Dunmore 

Grocers and General Merchants. 
Callander, Agnes, Airth 
Heugh, James (and baker), 

Miller, William, Airth 

Horse and Carriage Hirer. 
B e&& Walter D. (machine 

waits arrival of 1.50 and 5.50 
p.m. trains from Glasgow), Airth 

Hotels and Inns. 

Bell, John, Neuch 

Crown Hotel — Andrew Mitchell, 

Elphinstone Hotel— W. M. Graham 

Liddle, Andrew, Airth 
Miller, Mrs Mary, Airth 

Joiners and Wrights. 

Martin, James, Halls of Airth 
Turnbull, J.. Dunmore 


Boot and Shoe Maker — Adam Arm- 
strong, Airth 

Earthenware Manufacturer — Peter 
Gardner, Dunmore 

Manure Merchant — Thomas Gray, 
Halls of Airth 

Stonemason — James Primrose, Dun- 

Surgeon — Henry S. Cribbs, Airth 



BALFRON is a manufacturing village in the parish of its name, 19 miles 
north from Glasgow (its post town), the like distance north-west 
from Stirling, and 16 north-east from Dumbarton, agreeably situated on 
the declivity of a hill. 




Business Directory. 

Auctioneer and Land Valuer. 
Brown, Robert, Balfron 

Bakers and Confectioners, 
Lockhart, Wm, & Sons, 

M'Arthur, Colin, Balfron 
MacKinnon, David, Balfron 

Boot and Shoe Maker. 
Malcolm, John, Balfron 

Drapers — see Grocers. 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fairlie, D. & W., Balfron 
M'Allister, James, Balfron 

General Merchants. 
Cordiner, Wan., Balfron statn 
•Currie, Mrs, Balfron 

Glass and China Merchants. 
Buchanan Bros-, Balfron 
■Stewart, Wm. , Balfron 

Grocers and Drapers. 

Those marked e are Drapers. 

Blue, Margaret, Balfron 

•e Buchanan, J. &C. (&. newsagents), 

Drummond, John, Balfron 
e Findlay, Mrs John, Balfron 
e Fisher, C. J. & Co., Balfron 
Gray, J., Balfron 
M'Intyre, Donald, Balfron 
M'Lellan, John, Balfron 
'Tervit, Robert, Balfron 
Young, William, Balfron 

Hotels and Inns. 

BaDSindalloch Hotel (posting 

house) — Daniel Drummond, suc- 
cessor to John Malcolm, Balfron 

Edmond, Jame^, Balgair 

M'Lean, John, Balfron 

Tontine HoteJ (posting house) 
— James Gray, Balfron 

Joiners, Cabinetmakers, & Wrights. 

Dewar, ASex., (joiner & cabinet- 
maker), Balfron 
Simpson, Arch,, Balfron 

Painter and Decorator. 
Walker, James, Balfron 

Plumbers and Gasfitters. 

Paton, James, Balfron 
Pollock, H. W. & Co., Balfron 

Slaters and Plasterers. 

Campbell, David, Balfron 
Gourley, Robt. , Balfron 
Griffin, John, Balfron 
Millan, Duncan, Balfron 
Taylor, And. L. , Balfron 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Forrester, Dr., Balfron 
Roxburgh, Alex., Balfron 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Fairweather, And., Balfron 
Shearer, Wm. , Balfron 

Watchmaker and Jeweller. 
Henderson, Wm., Balfron 

Bankers — British Linen Co. John 

M'Adam, agent, Balfron 
Blacksmiths — J. & A. Taylor, Balfron 
Carrier (to Glasgow) — And. Graham 

Coal Merchant— Wm. C. M'Nee, 

Cotton Spinners— H. W. Pollock & 

Co., Balfron 
Ironmonger — Grace B. Alexander, 

Milliner & Dressmaker — Anne Blue, 

Saddle and Harness Maker — Thos 

Hart, Balfron 
Sheriff-Officer — Alex. M'Lean, Bal- 






BANNOCKBURN is manufacturing village in the parish of St. Ninians, 
situated one mile from that place ; on both sides, but chiefly on the 
ease bank of the Bannockburn rivulet, which here runs through a glen, and 
after a course of a few miles falls into the Forth. 

Business Directory. 

Bakers and Confectioners. 
Co-operative Society, Bannockburn 
Muirhead, Wm., Bannockburn 

Blacksmith, and Implement 
Stevens, Ja.S., Bannockburn 

Booksellers, Stationers, and News- 
Denovan, R., Bannockburn 
Mercer, Christian, Bannockburn 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Lochiel, J., Bannockburn 
M 'Cowan, Andw., Bannockburn 
M'Farlane, John, Bannockburn 

Coal Masters. 
Murray, Peter, Dunmore Colliery 
Paterson & Thomson, East Plean 

Co-operative Society, Bannockburn- 
Muirhead, Wm., Bannockburn 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Eorsyth, Wm., Bannockburn 
Thomson, Robert, Bannockburn 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked e are Spirit Dealers. 

e Christie, John (licensed grocer), 

Co-operative Soc, Bannockburn 
e Denovan, Mrs., Bannockburn 

Duncan, Wm., Bannockburn 

e Higgie, And. (grocer, wine, and 

spirit merchant), Bannockburn 
e Mitchell, Margt. , Bannockburn 
e Muirhead, Wm., Bannockburn 
e Wilkie, David, Bannockburn 


Commercial Hotel and 
Posting; House — first-class 
accommodation for commercial 
gentlemen and tourists — Robert 
Pearson, proprietor, Bannockburn 

Joiners, Cabinetmakers, and 

Currie, James, Bannockburn 
Kay, Wm. , Bannockburn 


Muirhead, John, Milton mills 
Walls, Robert, Kerse mill 

Milliners and Dressmakers. 

M'Laren, Kate, Bannockburn 
Robertson, Isabella, Bannockburii 

Spirit Dealers. 
Goodall, Marion, Bannockburn 
M'Que, David, Bannockburn 
Miller, David, Bannockburn 
Muirhead, Wm., Bannockburn 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Macfarlane, T. Longlands, m.b.C.m., 

Robertson, James, Bannockburn 




Tailors and Clothiers. 
Baxter, James, Baimockburn 
Chalmers, David, Baimockburn 
Denovan, J., Baimockburn 
Kay, John, Baimockburn 

Watchmaker and Jeweller. 
Fisher, W., Baimockburn 

China & Glass Dealer — Miss Paton, 

Manufacturers — William Wilson 

& Son, Bannockburn 
Quarry Master — James Gowans, 

East Plean 
Tanner & Currier — Alex. Duchart, 




With the Parishes of Lecropt and Logie, and the Village of 

Blair Logie. 

BRIDGE OE ALLAN, a beautifully romantic and fashionable watering 
place, is situate on the river Allan, about one mile and a half from 
its confluence with the Forth, three miles from Stirling, and nearly at the 
western extremity of the Ochil hills. A small portion of it is in the parish 
of Lecropt, and the remainder in that of Logie ; and it is also situated in 
two counties — Stirling and Perth. It is a post town and a station on the 
Scottish Central Section of the Caledonian line. It is resorted to by per- 
sons from all parts of the world, as well as for pleasure as for restoration 
of health, on account of the mildness of the climate, the beauty of the sur- 
rounding scenery, and the fame of its saline mineral waters. 

Logie, or Blair Lodge, is a parish situated on the Forth at a part where 
the counties of Perth, Stirling, and Clackmannan meet, a portion of the 
parish being situated in each of the three counties, the larger portion being 
on the north bank of the river Forth, opposite Stirling. 

Business Directory. 

Academies and Schools — Boarding 
and Day 

Bain, Mrs Geo., "Hyndwood," 
Kenilworth rd 

Braid wood, Thomas, m.a., 

Stanley house 
Braid wood, John, m.a., The 

Spa College 
Dilworth, B. G., Kelvingrove 

house — see adv 

Bakers and Confectioners. 

Allison, T., Henderson st 
Armstrong, Wm., Henderson st 

Elder, Wm. , Bridge of Allan 
Keith & Ralson, Henderson st 
Wilson, Eliza (confectioner & restu- 
arant), Victoria place 


Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 

Union st — Rob. Jenkins, agent 

Berlin Wool and Fancy Bepositories. 
Burns, Miss, Heuderson st 
Drummond, J. , Fountain rd 
Fraser, Miss, Henderson st 
King, Miss, Fountain rd 
Somerville, Miss M., Henderson st 

Stirlingshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 

Kelvingrove House, 

Brldlge of Allan, If.®. 

For the Board and Education of Young Gentlemen. 

B. G. DILWORTH, Principal. 

THE Course of Instruction embraces all the branches of a 
thorough Classical, Mathematical, Scientific, and Com- 
mercial Education, and prepares for Business, the 
University, and Public Examinations. 

Mr. Dilworth has had very extensive experience, both of 
Public and Private School Work, and holds very high recom- 
mendations from all Schools where he has been engaged. 

Boarders have every comfort and their Education is personally 
supervised by the Principal. 

References and Testimonials on application to the 
Principal, as above. 



THIS HOTEL is situated on the main street, and is within easy access 
LOMOND, and many other Places of Interest. 

BOARDING TERMS, 45/- per week. Hot and Cold Baths. 




""""■"■»""" - J '-■■'"■n mhjim ,»»i.jpp— l-i -^ ..i.l. — — — — —— — . nro ■■ m n .ram^ 

-He m A W I © v if *w w is, i^ 



House— 1 Douglas Place, 

BH10-G& -®f Ahh&M* 

Orders to the above Addresses receive prompt attention. 





Donaldson, Jas. , New st 
Stevenson, Robt., Bridge of Allan 

Booksellers, Stationers, Newsagents, 
and Librarians. 

Erskine, John, Henderson st 
Macdonald, Robt., Henderson st 
Fraser, Miss, Henderson st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

M'Kellar, Rflisses M. & A., 

Henderson st 
Sinclair, John, New st 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Farie & Co., Henderson st 
Robertson, Oswald. Henderson st 

China and Glass Dealers. 

Adam, Robert, Henderson st. 

and Stirling — see advt. facing 

King, Miss, Fountain rd 

Coal Merchants. 

Alloa Coal Co. , Henderson st 

Drummond, John (coal, fire- 
wood, and briquettes merchant), 
Caledonian Railway station 

Fyfe, David, 1 Douglas place- 
see advt 

Muir, Thos., Son, & Patton, Rail- 
way station 

Drapers, Milliners, & Dressmakers. 

Martin, John, Henderson st 
Stirling & Co., Henderson st 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fishmongers, Game, and Poultry 

Greenhorn, R. & J. , Henderson st 
Reid, Wm. , New st 
Somers, Wm., Fountain rd 

Greenhorn, R. & J. , Henderson st 
Turnbull, R. & H., Henderson st 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Allan, Robt. , Henderson st 
Cramb, Janet. Henderson st 
Reid, Wm., New st 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked e are Grocers only. 

e Brown, James, Henderson st 
e Co-operative Soc. , 10 Allan bk bg 
CowfcSB-Ough 8s. BVJercer, Hen- 
derson st and Stirling 
e Edmond, Janet, Coney hill 
Graham, John, Henterson st 
(VJaoEwen, D. <& J., Henderson 

st and Stirling 
M'Gregor, John, Henderson st 
M'Bntyre, John, Henderson st 
IVi 'Isaac, John & Co., Hen- 
derson st and Dunblane 
Robertson & Macfarlane, Henderson 

Hairdressers and Perfumers. 
Dale, J. T. , Fountain rd 
Dunn, A. B. , Henderson st 

"GarmichaeS's" Temperance 

Hotel, Henderson st — see advt 
Hydropathic Co., Ltd., Ochil park 

" Lady of the Lake" family 

and commercial hotel — -A. Dun- 
can, Henderson st 
"Queen's" — Mrs. M'Gregor, Hen- 
derson st 
"Royal"' — R. Philip, Henderson st 
" Westerton Arms" — A. Forsyth, 
Henderson st 

Insurance Companies and Agents. 
Insurance Co. of Scotlaud — -Oswald 

Robertson, Henderson st 
Life Assoc, of Scotland — Robert 

Jenkins, Union Bank 
Plate Glass — Oswald Robertson, 

Henderson st 
Queen — Robt. Jenkins, Union Bank 

Joiners, Cabinetmakers, and 
Bayne, Jno. , Keir st 
Cramb, Jno., Edge hill 
Henderson, Jas., Union pi 




Henderson, J. H. , Fountain rd 

Spirit Dealers and Inn-keepers. 

M'Gregor & Cadi en, Union pi 

Christie, Allan, Inverallan inn 

Shaw, Robt. , Fountain rd 

Lannagan, Mrs, New st 

Oliver, Jas., Bridge of Allan inn 


Henderson, W. & W., Airthrey 

Surgeons and Physicians. 

Pullar, R. & Sons, Keirfield 

Fraser, J. H. , Henderson st 

Haldane, Win., Kenilworth rd 

Music Teacher. 

Hunter, Arch., Charlton rd 

Kaltofen, J. F.,l.mus., l.c.m., 

Paterson, Alex., Henderson st 

&c. (organist and choirmaster of 

Bridge of Allan parish church), 1 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Douglas pi 

Campsie, David, Henderson st 

M 'Gibbon, J., New st 

Nursery & Seedsmen and Florists. 

M'Laren, Peter, Henderson st 

Allan, Robt., Henderson st 

M'Tavish, P., Ivy Lodge 


Wallace, Robt., Spa ter 

Cramb, John, Edgehill 

Henderson, James, Union pi 

Painters and Decorators. 

ROSS, P. &, P?., Henderson st 


Factor — James M,E\van, Loaming 

Plumbers and Gasfitters. 


M'Kay, Robt., Henderson st 

Ironmonger — Alex. Morrison, Foun- 

Morrison, Alex., Fountain rd 

tain rd 

Robertson, H. & A. , Henderson st 

Photographer — Cn. Ramsay, Bridge 

of Allan 


Plasterer and Slater — Hf nry Nairn, 

Wilson, Eliza, Victoria pi 

Westerton drive 

Tobacconist — J. Spittal, Henderson 

Solicitors and Notaries. 


Hill & Whyte, Henderson st 

Watchmaker — Andrew Temple, 

Peat, John, Union pi 

Henderson st 

BUCHANNAN— See Drymen. 
CAMBUSBARRON— See Stirling. 
CAUSE WAYHEAD— See Stirling. 
CROFTAMIE— See Drymen. 

BUCKLYVIE— See Kippen. 
CAMELON— Sse Falkirk. 
CAMPSIE— See Lennoxtown. 
CA.RRON— See Falkirk. 


And the Villages of Bonnybridge, Denny Loanhead, and Haggs. 

DENNY is a post town in the parish of its name, 29 miles w. from 
Edinburgh, 20 n.e. from Glasgow, 7 8. from Stirling, and 5 w. from 
Falkirk. The extent of the parish is about six miles long by an average 
of four in breadth, bounded on the south-west by the parish of Kilsyth, 
and on the west and north by the Carron. 





Dunipace is a parish divided into the fonr districts of Little Denovan, 
Meikle Denovan, Dunipace, and Torwood, bounded on the north and west 
by the parish of St. Ninians, and on the east by Larbert, and on the south 
by Falkirk and Denny. 

Bonnybridge is a village, about two miles and a half south-east of 

Business Directory. 

Agricultural Implement Maker. 
Gillies, David, Bonnybridge 

Bakers and Confectioners. 
Allan, John M. , Denny 
Co-operative Soc, Lt. , Bonnybridge 
Co-operative So., Ltd., Denny 
Denny and Dunipace Co-operative 

Soc, Ltd. 
Kerr, Wm., Denny 
Letham, Jno. , Dunipace 
Service, Chas. D. , Bonnybridge 
Wright, Wm., Denny 


Bank of Scotland, Denny. Wm. 

Austin, agent, James Hall, acct. 
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., Benny. J. 

F. M 'Queen, agent. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 

Bonnybridge. John Steedman, 

agent, John Lyle, acct. 

Adam, John, Denny 
Gillies, Dav. , Bonnybridge 
Gilchrist, Henry, Denny 
Kelly, George, Boghead 
Paul, John (and farrier), Rosebank, 

Rankine, A., Denny loanhead 
Scott, Graham, Denny 

Booksellers, Stationers, & Printers. 
Mathie, John, Denny 
Ritchie, Dav., Denny 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Clement, Jas., Denny 
Coden, Michael, Denny 
Denny & Dunipace Co-operative 
Soc., Ld 


Dunn, Jas., Denny 

Forsyth, Alex., Denny 

Gray, T A., Denny and Maybole 

M'Lay, John, Torwood, Dunipace 

Mungall, Wm. , Denny 

Paterson, Thomas, Denny 

Porteous, Jas., Bonnybridge 

Scott & Graham, Denny 

Cattle Dealers. 
Brock, Robt., Rosehill cottage 
Liddell, Wm. , Viewfield 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Anderson, Edmund H. , Denny 
Baird, John, Bonnybridge 
Benny, Robert, Denny 
Munro, John J., Denny 

China and Glass Dealers 
Bett, Charles, Denny 
M'Millan, M. & M., Denny 

Coal (Smithy & Navigation Steam) 

Addie, Robert, & Sons, 

Herbetshire pits, Denny, and at 
144 St. Vincent st, Glasgow 
Castlerankine Colliery, Denny 
Young, John & Co., Banknock 
collieries, Hollandbush 

Coal Merchants. 
Campbell, James, Denny 
Roberts, John, Denny 

Com, Grain, and Seed Merchants. 
Anderson, D. &Co., Denny 
Cousland, John, Denny 
Don, Jno. & Sons, W T oodhead nursery 




Ferguson, James. Denny 
Morrison, John, Denny 

Drapers, Dressmakers, & Milliners. 
Anderson, David, Denny 
Co-operative So. Ltd., Bonnybridge 
Denny and Dunipace Co-operative 

So., Ltd. 
Dougall, J. & M. , Bonnybridge 
Hill, Miss E., Denny 
MTntyre, Wrn , Denny 
M'Millan, David, Denny 
Rankine, Mrs. A., Denny 
Smellie, Wm., Denny 

Engineers, Millwrights, <£■ Machinists 
CuthiH, W., Wellstrand engine 

works, Denny 
Giltics, David, Bonnybridge 
Kelly, George, Boghead, Denny 
Scott & Graham, millwrights 

smiths, ana brassfounders, Denny 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fire Brick Manufacturers. 
Bonnybridge (The) Silica Fireclay 

Campbell & Co., Roughcastle 
Dougall & Sons, Ltd., Bonnybridge 
Stein, John G. & Co., Bonnybridge 

Denny & Dunipace Co-operative So. 

Dickson, Alex., Denny 
Dykes, James, Bonnybridge 
Goodwin, Alex., Denny 
M'Farlane, Rob., Denny 
Sawers, Thos., Denny 
Wands, Wm., Bonnybridge 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked e are Spirit Merchants. 

Anderson, David, Dunipace 
Anderson. D. & Co., Denny 
Brown, John, Bonnybridge 
e Brown, Mrs John, Dunipace 
Co-operative Soc. Lt. , Bonnybridge 
Co-operative Soc. Lt. , Longcroft 
Cousland, John, Denny 
Denny & Dunipace Co-operative 
Soc., Ltd 

12, J. & M., Bonnybridge 

Duncan, Wm., Parkfoot 

Edgar, John (wholesale and retail),. 

Ferguson, Jas. , Denny 
e Finlay, John, Denny Loanheacl 
Forrest, Mrs. Jno. , Dunipace 
Fraser, Wm., Denny 
Gillies, A, & H. , Bonnybridge 
e Gow, Mrs, Denny 
Gray, M. & J., Bonnybridge 
Hannah, Wm. , Bonnybridge 
e Hill, Alex., Denny 
e M'Culloch, Janet, Haggs 
M'Culloch, J., Bonnybridge 
M'Kay, Angus, Denny 
Mackay, Mrs, Parkfoot 
Marshall, Jno., Haggs 
e Paul, Wm. , Denny 
e Rankine, Mrs M.. Denny 
e Stevenson, Dav., Haggs 

Horse and Carriage Hirer. 
Elliot, Wm., opposite Railway stn 


Home & Co., Dunipace 

Mitchell, G>, Bonnymuir foun- 
dry, Bonnybridge 

Paul, Wyper, & Co. , Denny 

Robertson. R. & Son, (forgers),. 

Smith & Wellstood, Limited, 
Columbian stove works, Bonny- 
bridge fj^Jj 

Wallace, GruBcksBTiank'jg& 
Co., Carronbank foundry, Denny 

Andrew, Robt., Denny 
Bulloch, Wm. , Denny 
Dougall, J. & M. , Bonnybridge 
Smith Bros., Bonnybridge 

Joiners, Builders, Undertakers T 
and Wrights. 
Anderson, A. Denny 
Anderson, Thos., Denny 
Baxter, John, Denny 
Borland, R., Denny 
Fleming, Robt., Denny 
Frew, Wm. , Dunipace 
Gray, James, Bonnybridge 
Mealls, David & Sons, Dunipace 




Menzies, Jas., Falkirk rd 
Wallace, Alex., Denny Loanhead 

Hotels and Inns. 

Angus, And., Railway Inn, Denny 

Armour, Jas., Dunipace 

Bulloch, Wm., (wine and spirit 
merchant), Denny 

Crown — Mrs. J. M 'Alpine, Loan- 

Duncan, Alex., Underwood 

Durie, Mrs. David, Dunipace 

Finlay, Geo. , Denny 

Gardiner, James, (spirit merchant), 
Denny Loanhead 

Goodwin, Alex., Denny 

Halliday, T. , Denny 

Hamilton, Mrs Jas., Denny 

Hill, Thos. , (Denny Inn), Denny 

Hughes, Peter, Denny 

Hagan, D. 0., Denny 

M'Kay, Mrs., Parkfoot 

M'Nair, A., Haggs 

Railway — Samuel Gillan, Denny 

Royal — Mrs I. Burns, Bonnybridge 

Royal Oak — J. Dunsmore, Denny 

Sharp, James, (Oddfellows' Tavern) 

Star — Win, Fei'guson, Denny 

Insurance Companies and Agents. 

London and Lancashire — W. Austin 
Bank of Scotland, Denny 

North British and Mercantile — W. 
Austin, Bank of Scotland, Denny 
and John Steedman, Commercial 
Bank, Bonnybridge 

Norwich and London — W. Austin, 
Bank of Scotland, Denny 

Scottish Accident — John Steedman, 
Commercial Bank, Bonnybridge 

West of Scotland (Fire) — J. Steed- 
man, Commercial Bank, Bonny- 

Laundries . 

Headswoods Laundry Co 

Heads wood, by Denny 

Baillie, Wm., Denny 
Cousland, Jno., Bonnybridge 


Grant, Peter, Bonnybridge 
Walker, Jno., Dunipace 

Painters and Decorators. 
Lambert, James, Denny 
Smith, Bros., Bonnybridge 
Stanners, W. & Co., Demry 

Carrongrove Paper Co. , Lt., Denny 
Collins, Jno., Denny 
Luke, Jno. jr , Denny 
Oswald & HalS, Bonnybridge 
Paper Works, Bonnybridge 

Plumbers, Gasfittcrs, and Tin 
Plate Workers. 
Hunter, John 8s. Sons, and 
Coppersmiths, Metal Workers, 
&c, Denny 

Refreshment Rooms. 
Adams, Thos., Denny 
Drummond, M., Denny 
Service, Chas. D., Bonnybridge 


Drummond, H. & Son, Denny 
Lowrie, B. &. J., Denny 
Robertson, David, Denny 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Alexander, Charles A., Burnfoot 

House, Dunipace 
Baird, Jno., Bonnybridge 
Benny, Michael, Loch Park house 
Scott, John M., Denny 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Anderson, A. & Son, Denny 
Brown, Wm., Denny 
Bryson, Wm., Denny 
Denny and Dunipace Co-operative 

Soc. , Ltd. 
M'Millan, Dav., Denny 
Ogilvy, John, Bonnybridge 
Smellie, Wm., Denny 
Stewart, Geo., Dunipace 

Timber Merchants and Saw Millers, 
Paterson, A. & G. , Bonnybridge 
Wilson, J. & T., Bonnybridge 




Chemical Manufacturers — Miln- 

quarter (The), Chemical Co., 

Coach builder — James Renton, 

Distiller — Jas. Risk, Bonnybridge 
Drysalter — Mrs. E. M 'Donald, 

Eancy Goods Dealer — Mrs. Cowper, 


Pawnbroker — Mrs. C. M'Cormack, 

Saddle and Harness Maker —John 

Grant, Denny 
Sculptor — David Suttie, Boghead 
Watchmaker and Jeweller — Robt. 

Andrew, Denny 
Writer and Notary — Wm. Jenkins, 



Buchanan, Gartness. and the District of Croftamie. 

DRYMEN, a parish and village, seventeen miles from Glasgow, fifteen 
miles long by ten in breadth, bounded on the north by Aberfoyle, 
on the east by Kippen, Balfron, and Killearn, on the south by Killearn, 
Kilmaronock, and Dumbarton, on the west by Buchanan and Kilmaronock 
lies on the south-eastern shore of Loch Lomond, into which, below the 
village, runs the river Endrick. 

Buchanan is a parish lying on the western extremity of the county ; it 
is bounded by the parish of Arrochar on the north, Loch Lomond on the 
west, by the river Endrick on the south, and by Aberfoyle, Loch Katrine, 
and Drymen on the east, and is about 24 miles in length by 5 in breadth. 

Gartness, about 2} 2 miles from Drymen. Near the village are two 
manufactories for woollen cloths and felting. 

Croftamie is a district containing a few houses, in the parish of Kil- 
maronock (Dumbartonshire), situated about a mile and a half from Drymen 
village ; the Forth and Clyde section of the North British Railway runs 
through it, and the Drymen station is situated here. 

Business Directory. 


Royal Bank of Scotland, Drymen. 
Wm. Melrose, agent 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 

Anderson, Tflios., Buchanan 
Brownlee, Alex., Loanhead 
M'Alister, Mary, Drumbeg 
M'Gregor, Donald, Drymen 
M'Gregor, Duncan & Sons, Croft- 


Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Gilfillan, George, Drymen 
M 'Donald, John, Drymen 
Simpson, Alfred B., Drymen 
Watson, John, Drymen 

Cattle Dealers. 
M'Keich, Wm. , Drymen 
M'Vean, Dugald, Coldrach Lodge 
Yuill, John, Clachanry 




Watson, John, Drymen 

Drapers and Haberdashers. 

Gilfillan, Geo., Drymen 
Simpson, Alfred B., Drymen 
Wilkie, D,, Drymen 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Grocers and General Merchants. 

Bilsland, Thos., Drymen 
Connell, Elizabeth N. , Drymen 
Dick, James, Croftamie 
Liddel, Robt. , Drymen 
Liddel, Wm., Drymen 
M'Gregor, Duncan & Sons, Croft- 
Simpson, Alfred B., Drymen 
Stewart, John, Buchanan 
Watson, John, Drymen 

Hotels and Inns. 
Drymen Hotel, (and posting), 

Jas. Buchanan, Drymen 
Inversnaid — Robt. Blair, Buchanan 
M'Keich, Wm. , Drymen 
M'Lean, Mary, Drymen 
Reid, Alex., Drymen 

Joiners and Wrights. 

Bauchop, Moses, Sunnybrae 
Bisland, Alex., Drymen 

Edmond, John, & Sons, 

(sawmillers and wood merchants), 
M'Farlane, John, & Son, Drymen 


Dick, James, Croftamie 
Stewart, John, Buchanan 

Saiumill Owners & Wood Merchants. 
Dick, James, Croftamie 
Edmond, J., & Sons, Crofta- 
Stewart, John, Buchanan 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
M'Gregor, Peter, Drymen 
M'Millan, Wm., Drymen 
Watson, John, Drymen 
Wilkie, D., Drymen 

Woollen Cloth Manufacturers. 
Bisland, Arch., Gartness 

Buchanan, John, Gartness 


Baker — John Hutcheson, Drymen 
Chemical Manufacturers — Turnbull 

& Co., Buchanan 
Dyer — John Buchanan, Gartness 
Flesher — John M'Ewen, Drymen 
Painter — Mrs. Robt. Brechin, Dry- 
Saddler — James Gray, Drymen 
Surgeon — Dr. M'Kinnon, Drymen 



Bainsford, Bothkennar, Camelon, Carnoch, Carron, Carron Shore, 
Grahamston, Laurieston, Polmont, and Redding. 

FALKIRK is the principal town of the eastern district of the county, 
as it is of the parish to which it gives name. It is bounded on the 
north by Denny and Larbert, on the south by Slamannan, and on the east 
by Polmont, and on the west by Dumbartonshire, The town is twenty- 
four miles west from Edinburgh, twenty-two north-east from Glasgow, 
eleven south-east from Stirling, and three from Grangemouth. The port 
of Grangemouth, is situated about three miles to the north-east of Falkirk, 
is connected with the Burgh by railway, formed by the Forth and Clyde 
Canal Company. Falkirk, as it is situated in a very populous district, with 
no large town in the immediate neighbourhood, commands an extensive 





inland trade, no market being held in the seven or eight surrounding 
parishes ; and the various iron and other works (from which the town 
derives material support) render it the market town for between fifty and 
sixty thousand people. The Union Canal joins the Forth and Clyde abouD 
a mile west from the town. Justice of peace courts and petty sessions are 
held as occasion requires. A market for grain and sale of cattle is held on 
Thursday. Seven fairs are annually held for cattle and horses, namely, the 
last Thursday in January, the first Thursday in March, the third Thurs- 
day in May, the second Thursday in June, the second Thursday in July, 
the third Thursday in August, and the first Thursday in November ; 
besides two days for hiring servants (the first Thursday in April, and the 
last Thursday in October), called feeing Thursdays, which are numerously 
attended. The three Falkirk trysts are held in the neighbourhood on the 
second Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in August, September, and 

Carmock. is a small district in the parish of St. Ninian, but in the postal 
delivery of Falkirk. 

Camelon is a village in the parish of Falkirk, situated on the road from 
Stirling to Falkirk, about a mile west from the latter town, on the line of 
the great canal. 

Carron is a village in the parish of Larbert, one and a half miles east 
therefrom ; it is situated on the river Carron, and about two and a half 
miles from Falkirk. 

Business Directory. 

Watson, Borthwick, Secy, 
to the Falkirk Plate Glass In- 
surance Co. , agent to the Scottish 
Union and National Insurance 
Cos., and Treasurer of School 
Boards and Educational Trusts, 
2 Bank st — see adv 

Aerated Water Manufacturers 

and Bottlers. 

Barr, Robert (& cork merchant) 

Haddow, J. & Co., Vicar st 
Marshall, Jas., Garthall 
Reid Bros., Bainsford 
Scott, Andw., Springfiel lane, 

Graham's rd 


Binnie, Thos., (Live Stock), New- 
market st 

Campbell, John, (coal), Springfield 

Taylor, Jas., (for Chapman's 
Royal Horse, Sheep, and Cattle 
Oils), Graham's road 

Agricultural Implement Makers. 

Craig, F. & H., (and Millwrights), 

Boyd st 
Taylor, James, (agent for all 

kinds of Agricultural Machines. 

Repairs promptly executed), 

Graham's rd 

Architects, Surveyors, and Civil 

Black, A. & W., High st 
Page, George D., Newmarket 

Strang, James, 102 High st 

A rlists — Photographic. 
Brown, Andrew, 15 Vicar st 


Greig, Thos., Garrison st 

Stirlingshire ADVERTISEMENT Directory 


Brick and Fire-Clay Goods Manufacturers , 


r I A HE qualities of their Coal embrace a Fine JEWEL 
(CROWN) COAL for Parlour and Dining-Room Fires, 
and a Good Soft HOUSEHOLD COAL suitable for all Domestic 
purposes; also, SPLINT COAL, TRIPING, and DROSS for 
Public Works and Steam use. 

The Brick Manufacture includes COMP. BRICKS, FIRE- 
BRICKS, SANITARY PIPES, with all Connections, and all 
description of FIRECLAY GOODS, at the Works connected 
with Colliery, and at the Firs, Brick, Tile, and Pottery Works 
at Grahamston, the Manufacture of Composition Bricks, Agri- 
cultural Tiles, all sizes, House Tiles, Ridging Tiles (plain and 
ornamental), with FLOWER POTS is largely carried on. 

Town Office : 

THE CROSS (Old National Bank Buildings), 





Auctioneers and Valuators. 
Birtnie, Thos., (and appraisier 

and Live Stock Agent), Auction 

Mart, Newmarket st 
Neilson, J. & Sons, Sword's wynd 

Baby Linen and Ladies Under- 
clothing Warehouses. 
Callander, Mrs. T., ISO High st 
Cullen, Isabella, Kirk wynd 
Henry, J., 141 High st 
Hogg, Miss, 25 High st 


Those marked 'a' are also Confectioners. 

Aitken. David, 10 Kirk wynd 
Alexander, J., Carron 
Arthur, John, 184 Graham's rd 
Bainsford & Grahamston Baking 

Co., Dalderse avenue 
a Boyd, John 168 Graham's rd 
Boyd & Renton, Camelon 
a Brown, J. H., 16 Grahams rd 
Carron Shore Baking Co., Ltd. 
Co-operative Soc. , Camelon 
a Colvin R. & G., Grahams rd 
Erskine, And., Laurieston 
a Fleming;, Wm., 157 High st 
a Fleming, Mrs. A., 158 High st 
a Hunter, James, 4 High st 
Hunter, James, Polmont 
Mathieson, Robt., 70 High st 
Redding Co-operative Soc. , Polmont 
Reid, Alex. , 22 Graham's rd 
Russell, Wm., Carron 
a Service, R. , Gillespie's buildings, 

Vicar st 
Short, James, Laurieston 
Simpson, G., (pastry), 1 Cow wynd 
Sligo, Alex., Laurieston 

a Taylor, Miss Janet, Glebe 

bdgs., Vicar st 
a Walls, Wm., Robert's wynd 
Waugh, R. D., 49 Grahams rd 

Bank of Scotland, 53 High st, Dav. 

M. Peebles, agent, Robt. Whyte, 

Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 133 High st 

James Stark Hay, agent 
Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd., 

130 High st, Charles Stewart 

Gauld, agent, James Cowan, acct. 


National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 
Newmarket st, James A. Hender- 
son, agent 

National Security Savings Bank, 
Kings Court, High st, T. Gentles, 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 2 High st, 
John & W. K. Gair, agents 

Biscuit and Confection M anujacturer 
fVI'Kinnie, William, Spring- 
field Works, Vicar st 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Blackadder Bros., Garrison pi 
Boyd, Henry, Polmont 
Callander, James, 186 High st 
Hart, Jno. , Callander riggs 
Kidd, James, Cow wynd 
Taylor, James, Grahams rd 
Thomson, James, Gowan avenue 

Booksellers, Stationers, & Newsagents 
Bacon, James, 137 Grahams road 
Callander, John, 97 High st 
Frew, R. S., 134 Grahams road 
Hamilton, Robert Y., Vicar st 
Jamieson, Alex., Camelon 
Leslie, James, 149 High st 
M'Gregor, James, Grahamston bdg 
Matthew, Wm., Wilson's bdgs 
Murdoch, Alex., 56 and 106 High st 
Melville, M., Vicar st 
Paterson, John, 100a Grahams rd 
Paul, Thos., Laurieston 
Scott, Thos., Laurieston 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Aiston, John, 104 Grahams rd 
Alexander & Co., 64 & 124 High st 
Arthur, John, 22 Kirk wynd 
Co-operative Soc, Camelon 
Duncan, And., 99 Grahams rd 
Hunter, And., Polmont 
M'Crea, John, Howgate 
Melville, Chas., 32 Highst 
Morrison, Alex., 176 High st 
Owens, Stephen, Tolbooth st 
Taylor. James, Grahams rd 
Wallace, Thos., 55 High st 
Watson, John, & Son, 121 

High st 
Young, W., Laurieston 




B rasxfounders. 

Russeli, Henry, Crown Brass 

works, Falkirk 
Wallace &. Gonnell (and 

regd. Plumbers and Gasfitters), 

4 Cow wynd, and 3S St Enoch 

square, Glasgow 

Brewers and Maltsters. 
Aitken, James, & Co., Fal- 
kirk brewery 

Brush Manufacturers. 
Lome, John, Bank st 
Nisbet, Thomas, Broomhall 

Brush Factory, Pleasance road — 

see adv 

Builders and Masons. 
Abercrombie, James, Camelon 
Bennett & Smith, Laurieston 
Cockbum, W. G. , Howgate 
Dick. Alex., Polmont 
Gardner, John, Orchard st 
Learmonth, Jas. & Geo., Laurieston 
Marshall, Alex., Glebe st 
Sanderson, Wm. , Meeks road 
Scott, J. & W., Camelon 

Butter, Egg, cfc Provision Merchants. 

Clarke, M., Back row 
Elliot, Win., Glebe bdgs. 
Laird, J. C. & Co., 15b' High st 

Cabinetmakers, Upholsterers, and 

Binnie, James, Grahams rd 

Christie & fifliller, manufactur- 
ing and wholesale cabinetmakers, 
&c. ), Burnfoot 

Cullen, David, Railway bdge 

Donaldson, Thos. M. (whole- 
sale and retail), Pleasance Cabinet 
work, house Pleasance Gardens — 
see adv 

Dick, James C. , Cow wynd 

Higgins, 14 John st, Grahamston 

Higgins, Wm. , High st 

Nimmo, Robert, Howgate 

Taylor, John, Vicar st — works, 
Baxter's wynd 

Thomson, John K., Glebe bdgs 

Carting Contractors. 
Gillespie, John, Wellswood ten- 
Lloyd, P.., Kerse lane 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Apothecaries Hall, 130J Grahams rd 
Cochrane & Co., 113 High st 
Forgie, Wm. (from Frazer & 

Green's, Glasgow), 105 High st 
Lyon, Thos., 54 High st 
IVi'Niven, James, 112 Grahams 

Murdoch, David, 95 High st 

Chemists — Manufacturing. 
FairSie, H. C. & Co., Camelon 

chemical works 
M'Laren, Wm., Grahamston 
Nobel's Explosives Co. Ld. 

West Quarter Factories, Redding 

and Redding Moor, Polmont stn 
Veitch, John, Vitrol and Alum 

works, Camelon 

China and Glass Merchants. 
Dobbie, Janet, 101 Grahams rd 
Watson, Wm. & Co. , 20 High st 
Young, James (wholesale), 

corner of Newmarket st and Lint- 


Coach Builders. 
Millan, William, 53 W. Bridge st 
Roberts, J. & Sons, Falkirk Coach 
Works, 146 High st 

Coal Merchants. 

Falkirk Coal Co. , Springfield siding 
Leishman, And. , Polmont 
Redding Colliery Co., Springfield 

Simpson, James, Springfield siding 

Coal Proprietors. 

Calendar Coal Co., 110 
High st, James Dougal, managing 
partner — see adv facing Falkirk 

Redding Colliery Coy., Redding, 
Polmont station 


Coopers and Basket Makers. 
Craig, James, Meeks road 




Murphy, James (and wire-worker), 

Kirk wynd 
Sinclair, F. & Co., Falkirk— 

see adv 

Bain, James, Kirk wynd 
Baird, Miss M., 24 High st 
Band, Miss, Kirk wynd 
Brown, R., Cockburn st 
Bruce, Alex., 164 High st 
Dawson, 92a Graham's road 
Ferguson, Mrs C, 40 High st 
Gilchrist, W., 49 W. Bridge st 
Gillespie, Margt., 112 High st 
Kerr, Alex., 38 Graham's rd 
Laird, M, & E., W. Bridge st 
M'Kinnie, Wm. (wholesale and 

manufacturing). Vicar st 
M'Nicol, J., 82 Grahams road 
Marshall, J., High st 
Mowat, John, Western avenue 
Neil!, James (and refreshment 

rooms), 5 Grahams rd, 170 High 

st, and Square, Laurieston 
Phillips, Arthur E. , Fernville, Pol- 

Smith, Miss, Kirk wynd 
Stark, Isabella, 43 High st 
Taylor, J., Vicar st 
Williams, Stephen, 177 High st 

Cork Merchant.. 
Barr, Koto, (and Aerated Water 
manufacturer), Burnfoot 

Com and Grain Merchants. 
Gartshore, J., & Sons, Garrison pi 
Rennie, John C. & Co., Grahamston 

Cumming, Peter, l.d.s., 
(Dental Surgeon), 34 Grahams rd 


Brown, Andrew, 115 High st 
Carmichael, Peter, 92 High st 
Co-operative Soc. , Camelon 
Dillon, Hugh, 147 High st 
Finlay, J. D,, 68 High st 
Forsyth, James, 68 & 90 Graham's 

Gentleman & Co., 85 High st 


Johnston, George (and mil- 
liner, hosier, and clothier), Gil- 
lespie's bdgs. , Vicar st 
Kennedy, David, 57 High st 
Lockie, Mrs Jas., Polmont 
[V! 'Donald, Alex, (and tailor), 

Carron shore 
M'Kenzie, James, Glen village 
Rae, E. & A. , Camelon 
Redding Co-operative So. , Polmont 
Richmond, James, 155 High st 
Russell, IVIissA. D. (and dress- 
maker and milliner), 202 Graham's 
Shaw, Mrs James, 72 High st 
Steedman, Thomas, Grahams rd 
Taylor, Henry, 101 High st 
Turnbull, A. & R., 78 High st 
Watson Brothers, 111 High st 
Weir, John, 123 High st 
Wilson, W. & Co., 63 High st 

Dressmakers and Milliners. 
Anderson, James. Bainsford 
Barr, J., 14 Grahams rd 
Binnie, M., Polmont 
Bryce, Mrs, Melville st 
Carlow, Elizabeth, 132 High st 
Drummond, Mrs A., 150 High st 
Harley, Miss, 24 Grahams road 
M'Intyre, E. & M., Newmarket st 
Main, Misses, Newmarket st 
Russell, Miss A. D., 202 Grahams 

Scott, Thomas, Laurieston 
Smith, Margaret, New Market st 
Taylor, Henry, 101 High st 
Turner, M., Glebe st 
Watson Brothers, 111 High st 

Engineers and Millwrights. 
Blackadder Bros., Garrison pi 
Craig, F. & H. (millwrights and 

agricultural implement makers), 

Boyd st 
Laurie, T. & Co. , Camelon 

Fancy and Berlin Wool Repositories 
Barraclough, Edwin, 119 High st 
Blackadder, Mrs H., 60 High st 
Callander, Mrs, 13 High st 
Campbell; Miss, Vicar st 
Leslie, James, 149 High st 




Marshall, M., 153 High st 
Stewart, Miss, 116 Grahams rd 
Melville, M. , Vicar st 
Sutton, E. S. & J., 79 High st 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fire, Brick, and Tile Manufacturers 
Callendar Fire, Brick, and 
Tile Works (bricks, composite 
and fire ; sanitary pipes ; and all 
desciiptions of fire-clay goods), 
manufacturers, 110 High street — 
James Dougal, managing partner 
— see adv facing Falkirk 
Towers, J. & A., Grahamston 
fire brick works — see adv 

Fish Cur era. 
Form an &. Co., 96 Grahams rd 
and 25 Seagate, Peterhead 

Fish, Game, and Poultry Dealer*. 
For man & Co., 96 Grahams rd 

and 25 Seagate, Peterhead 
Jerrat, Thomas, Camelon 
M'Kendrick & Son, 80 High st 
Sutherland, George, 45 High st 

Fishing Tackle Maker. 
Bain, James, 11 Kirk wynd 

Boyne, Alex., Grahams rd 
Carswell Bros., 150 Grahams rd 
Borthwick, John, 171 High st 
Eastmans Co. , Ltd. , 169 High st 
Douglas, ThoS., Carron shore 
Ferguson, Jas., 122 Grahams rd 
Graham & Son, 90a Grahams road 
Hill, R. & Son, 114 Grahams rd 
Jarvis, James, 48 High st 
Jarvis, James, Bainsford 
Jchnson, Thos., 5 Kirk wynd 

Learmonth, A. & Co., 116 

High st 
M'Laren, Alex., 35 High st 
Muirhead, Jas., 82 Grahams road 
Roberts, Robert, 75 High street and 

Robertson & Co. , 1 Cockburn st 
Shaw, John, Bainsford 
Simpson, C, 12 Kirk wynd 


Smith, John, Camelon 
Smith. J., Bainsford 
Squair, Win. , 129 High st 
Webster, Richd., Camelon 

Fruit and Potato Merchants. 

Henderson Bros., 74 High st 

— see adv 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Band, Miss, Kirk wynd 
Bruce, Alex., 164 High st 
Dawson, — . 92 Grahams rd 
Don, J. & Son, 31 High st 
Fairbairn, Miss, Newmarket st 
Flockhart, J., 80 Grahams rd 
Gillespie, Margt. , 112 High st 
Gordon, James (and nursery 

man, seedsman, and florist), 143 

High st 
Henderson Bros, (and whole 

sale), 74 High st — see adv 
Marshall, Jane, 128 High st 
Mowat, John, Western Avenue 
Smith, Miss, Kirk wynd 
Wardrope, Henry, 179 High st 

Furniture Dealers & Brokers. 
Davie, Wm., 165 High st 
Dillon, Hugh, 3, 5, & 7 Wooer st 
Henderson, Win., 3 High st 
Lundie, A. R , 1 Back Row 
M'Crae, 34 Back Row 
M'Farlane, T., 4 Grahams rd 
MacMahon, Miss, 24 Kirk wynd 
Murnin, Jas., 17 Back Row 
Owens, Stephen, Back Row 

Glass Merchants and Glaziers. 
Haxton, Jessie, 28 High st 
O'May, Daniel, Newmarket st 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked e are Spirit Dealers. 

Adams, David L. (grocer and 
spirit merchant), 98 Graham's rd 
e Adam. Robt., Cockburn st 
e Ait-ken, Alex., 145 High st 
e Alexander, Wm., Polmont 
Allan. M., Bainsford 
e Black, Janet, Camelon 
e Blackadder, E. H., Carronshore 
e Brown, Geo., Camelon 




eBaird, W. C, 7 High st 
Callander, Jno., W. Bridge st 
e Campbell, Win., 84 High st 
Carron Co-operative Soe. 
Clarke Mrs. C, Cockburn st 
e Comrie, Mrs. , Wallace st 
Davie, Lawrence, Roberts wynd 
e Dimoon Margt. , Camelon 
Duncan, Jas., Carron shore 
e Feelay, John, Back row 
e Ferguson, John, 37 High sv 
e Forbes, Wm., 166 High st 
e Ford, George, Cockburn st 
Fotheringham, T. G., Bank st 
e Gray John 144 Grahams rd 
e Gray Jno., Thornhill rd 
e Haddow, J. & Go., (Grocers, 
Wholesale Wine, Spirit & teer 
Merchants and Aerated Water 
Manufacturers), Vicar st 
Harley, A., Bainsford 
Harrison, George 6 kirk wynd 
Hendry And., Pleasant 
e Hotchkies Geo., (grocer, 
wine & spirit merchant) Carron 
shore by Falkirk 
Hunter, A,. Camelsn 
e Jenkins, Jno., Carron shore 

e Johnstone, Thomas & 

Son, Redding Palmont 
Laing, John 108 Grahams rd 
e Lamont, Duncan, 83 High st 
Laurieston Cooperative Soc, 
e Learmonth. Robert H. 120 High 

e Learmonth, W. & Co., Polmont 

Leckie Mrs. James Redding, Pol- 
e Lennox, W. G. , 77 High st 
London & Newcastle Tea Co., 65 

High st 
M'Ewen, A., Carron Shore 
e M'Fall. Jessie M., Polmont 
e M'Intosh, Gilbert, 51 High st 
M'Kenzie Jas., Glen village 
eMatthieson, W. , 212 Grahams rd 
e Meikle Jno. C, Polmont 
e Meiklejohn, James. 94 High st 
Miller, J. A., 144 High st 
e Miller, J L. , Bainsford 
Miller, Wm., 18 Pleasance 
Morrison, Wm. , Laurieston 


Muirhead Mrs., Parkfoot 

Nicol, Jane, Calendar rd 

Nimmo, Mrs., Parkfoot 

Niven Wm., Gowan avenue 

Niven, Thos. , Grahams Rd 

e Norval, Wm., Laurieston 

e Owens, Jas., 12 Back row 

e Pantherer, Robt., 104 High st 

Redding Co-operative So., Polmont 

Renton, Wm., Camelon 

e Boberts, And,, 130 Grahams rd 

Robertson, Jas., Laurieston 

Russell, A. M., HE. Bridge st 

e Russell, Alex., 108 High st 

e Simpson, And., Western avenue 

e Stark, Ja ., 102 Grahams rd 

e Stark, James, junr., 

(grocer wine and spirit merchant) 
Carron shore by Falkirk 
Stark Robert Camelon 
e Stewart, Wm., Bainsford 
e Stevenson, Alex. , 86 Grahams rd 
Tod, Mrs Jane, 71 High street 
Webster, John, Polmont 
Webster, Robt., Carron 
e Wilson, Robert, 198 Grahams rd 

Hairdressers ond Perfumers. 
Armstrong, James, Wilson's bclgs. 
Hudson, H. F., 27 High st 
Lawson, James, 105 Grahams rd 
Lyon, John, 107 Grahams rd 
Macdonald, Alex., 102 High st 
Marshall, Alex., Melville st 
Miller, Henry, 20f Grahams rd 
Mitchell, James, H. Pleasance 
Roberts, W. C, 195 High st 

Hardware, Oil and Colour 
Coker, G., Carron Shore 

Hosiers, Glovers, and Hatters. 
Cran, James, 48 High st 
Crozur, M. & G. , Vicar st 
Fleming, Alex. C., 67 High st 
Gass, Wm. , 57 West Bridge st 
Leslie, Robt,, S9 High st 
Ross, Mrs A., 103 High st 

Hotels and Postiiuj Establishments. 

Blue Bell— Wm. Cairns, 105 High st 

Crown — Alice Malcolm, 18 High st 




Railway— W. & A. Hutton, High st 
Red Lion — Miss M'Laren, High st 
Royal— H. S. Wyse, 6 High st 

Innkeepers and Spirit Dealers. 
Abercromby, Dav., Redding 
Abercromby, Jas. , Bainsford 
Anderson, John, Pohnont 
Band, J., 3 Kirk wynd 
Barrfe, Thos., 102 High st 
Bauchop, Mrs Jas., Laurieston 
Borland, Margt., 6 Roberts wynd 
Boyd, John, 170 Grahams id 
Brown, Win., 177 Grahams rd 
Bruce, Andrew, 39 High st 
Bryce, Win., Laurieston 
Carmichael, Janet, Bainsford 
Conelley, Janet, Carron shore 
Cruickshank, Jas., Polmont 
Duffy, Michael, Wooer st 
Erskine, And., Laurieston 
Fifey, Wm., 122 High st 
Gillespie, Andw. , 20 Grahams rd 
Gow, Wm., High st 
Grinlay, Melville, Sword's wynd 
Heeps, Simon, Redding, Polmont 
Henderson, Wm., 163 High st 
Henry, John, Bainsford 
Hunter, Alex. , Carron shore 
Hunter, Antonia, 118 Grahams rd 
Hunter, John, 196 Grahams rd 
Hutton, J. A. , Camelon 
Kirk, Wm. , Bainsford 
Kirkwood, Robt. , Camelon 
Kirkwood, Wm. , 9 Grahams rd 
Liddell, Robert (spirit mer- 
chant), 10.5 Grahams road 
Lindsay, R., Laurieston 
Linn, John, 132 High st 
M'Cabe, Mrs. A., 17 Back row 
M 'Galium, John, Bainsford 
M 'Donald, John, 2 Back row 
M'Grouther, Elizabeth, Parkfoot 
M'Kenzie, John, High st 
M'Lean. Wm, 182, 184 Grahams rd 
Marshall, Alex., 11 Vicar st 
Maxwell, John D. , Laurieston 
Millar, James, Bainsford 
Mitchell, Peter, Redding [High st 
Morrison, Jno., (the Pie Office), 114 
Morrison, Wm. F. , 59 High st 
Nicol, Jane, Callendar rd 
Niven, Henry, Bainsford 

Reid, John, 208 Grahams rd 
Rennie, John, Parkfoot 
Robb, David, Silver low 
Roberts, Alex., 199 High st 
Russell, Alex., Kirk wynd 
Scott, John, Camelon 
Scott, Wm., Camelon 
Scoon, Fergus, 160 High st 
Shaw, Mrs. E., 38 High st 
Simpson, George, 1 Cow wynd 
Sneddon, Joseph, Carron shore 
Taylor, E, horse shoe inn, Camelon 
Taylor, H. , 1 Roberts wynd 
Thomson, Jas., Roberts wynd 
Watson, Francis, (ales and porter), 

Carron shore 
Watt, James, 184 High st 
Waugh, Margt, Blachmill, Carron 
Webster, J. , 2 Tolbooth st 
Webster, Mary L., Camelon 
Webster, Robert, Carron 
Wilson, James, Vicar st 
White, R., Coal wynd 
Wright, H., Camelon park 

Insurance Companies and Agents. 
Caledonian — Ths. Binnie, Market st 
County (Fire)— Jas. Wilson & Sons, 

Glebe chambers, J. S. Hay, 

Clydesdale Bank 
Edinburgh— James Aitken, High st 
Falkirk, (The) Plate Glass 

Insurance Go. — Head Office 

2 Bank st ; Borthwiek Watson, 

secretary — see adv 
Horse and Accidenc — Robt. Whyte 

53 High st 
Insurance Co. of Scotland — C. S. 

Gauld, 130 High st, and Geo. D. 

Page, Newmarket st 
Life Asso. of Scotland — C. S. Gauld 

130 High st, and Jas. Wilson & 

Sons, Glebe chambers 
Northern — James S. Hay, Clydes- 
dale Bank 
Northern Accident— Robert Whyte 

53 High st 
North British and Mercantile — W, 

& G. Bowie Young, 99 High st, 

and Robert Whyte, 53 High st 
Prudential Assurance Co 

invested funds exceed £10,000000, 

Newmarket st 





Railway Passengers' — Jas. S. Hay, 
Clydesdale Bank 

Scottish Employers' Liability and 
Accident — Jas. S. Hay, Clydes- 
dale Bank 

Scottish Life (Accident), C. S. 
Gauld, 130 High st 

Scottish Provident Institution — Jas 
S. Hay, Clydesdale Bank 

Scottish Temperance — Robt Whyte 
53 High st 

Scottish Union & Nation- 
al — Borthwick Watson, 2 Bank 

Scottish Widows' Fund — Geo. I). 
Page Newmarket st 

Abbots Foundry Co. , Bankside 
Burnbank Foundry Co., 

Callendar, Iron Co., Thornhill rd 
Camelon Iron Co., Camelon 
Carron Co., Carron 
Cockburn, M. & Co. , Gowan bank 
Falkirk Iron Co., Canal 
Forth & Clyde Iron Co., Camelon 
Grahamston iron Co. 

Grahamston Foundry — Wm. T. 

Mitchell, managing partner 
Parknouse Iron Co., Parkhonse 

Springfield Foundry Co., 

Walker, Hunter, & Co., Camelon 
Watson, Gow, & Co., Grahamston 

Ironmongers and Iron Merchants. 

Adam, Alex., Howgate 
Arnot, David, 131 High st 
Borland, Robt., Glebe bdgs 
Jamieson, Alex., Camelon 
Shields & Hutcheson, 107 High st 
Wyse, David, 81 High st 

Joiners and Wrights. 

Abercromby, Da v., Redding 
Brown, Geo., Kerse lane 
Cockburn, Wm. , Howgate 
Cowan, Peter, Cistern lane 
Forgie, James, Back row 
Gibson & Gray, Bainsford 


Johnston, Jas., Polmont 
Knox, Wm.. Camelon 
Lawrie & Sons, Camelon 
Learmonth, And., Polmont 
Lome, J. & R., Glebe st 
M'Martin, Jno. , and carriage hirer, 

Main, J, & A. , W Bridge st 
Scott, Wm., Polmont 
Taylor, David, Lanrieston 
Walker, Wm., Redding 
Weston, Wm., 135 Grahams rd 

Manure (Sulphate of Ammonia) 
Ross, James &. Co., Lime 
Wharf, Falkirk 

Aitkenhead, W. Roughlands Carron 
Rennie, J. C. & Co., Grahamston 
Smart, Wm., Polmont 
Webster, Jas. , Mungal mill 
Wilson, John, Polmont 

Milliners — see Dressmakers. 

Monumental Masons. 
Cruickshank, Jas., Polmont 
Roberts, Wm. & Son, W. Bridge st 

Music and Musical Instrument 

Carr, John, 12 Grahams rd 

Jupp, And., 7 Vicar st and 48 Leith 

st, Edinburgh 
Sowdan & Forgan, Vicar st and 


Music Teachers. 

Baird, Mrs, Alma st 

Begg, James, Bainsford 

Blakey, T. W. (organist and 
choirmaster West U.P. Church, 
teacher of violin, pianoforte, or- 
gan, harmonium, singing, har- 
mony, School of Music, New- 
market st 

Dow, Miss, Meeks road 

Gibb, Miss, George st 

Graham, Miss, Melville st 

Hamilton, Miss, Parkfoot cottage 




Lee, J. Watson (organist of 
Christ Church, and local secretary 
Trinity College, London, teacher 
of Music, High School, Falkirk, 
and teacher of pianoforte, organ, 
harmonium, and harmony), music 
class room, High School ; house, 
Salisbury cottage, S. Russell st 

Love, James, Arnothill gardens 

M'Intosh, Miss, Russell st, S 

Wood, — , Bainsford 

"Falkirk Herald," Fredk. Johnston 

publisher. 125 High st 
"Falkirk Mail," James Macgregor, 

publisher, Grahamston Bridge 

Nurserymen, Florists, and Seedsmen 

"Don, Jas. & Son, 31 High st, and 

Dow, David, & Son, 91 High 
st, and Kerse lane 

Gordon, James (and fruiterer 
and greengrocer), Comely Park 
Nursery, and 143 High st 

Whitton, James, Sunnybank nur- 
sery, Camelon 

Painters and Decorators. 
Bell, Peter, 80 Grahams rd 
Chapman, S. G., 159 High st 
Ferguson & Bell, Newmarket st 
Finlayson, John, 106 Grahams rd 
Graham, John, Vicar st 
Johnston, Chas., 63 W. Bridge st 
Russell, Jas. , 48 Grahams rd 

Pianoforte Tuner. 
Jupp, And., 7 Vicar st and 4S Leith 
st, Edinburgh. 

Plasterers — see Slaters, &c. 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Tin-plate 
Arnot, David, 131 High st 
Brown, A. (regd. plumber), Bank st 
Cockburn, Andrew, W. High st 
Draper, David (plumber and slater), 

Vicar st 
M'Donald, S,, Camelon 
Scott, J. G. (and bellhanger and 

general jobbings), Grahams rd! 
Wallace & Con net I (regd. 
plumbers), brass founders, 4 Cow 
wynd and 38 St. Enoch square,. 

Printers — Letterpress. 
Callander, John, 162 High st 
Johnston, Fredk., 125 High st 
Macgregor, Jas., Grahamston bdge 
Paul, Thos., 142 Grahams rd 

Quarry Owners. 
Dick, Alex., Polmont 
Lawrie, Alex., Polmont 

Refreshment Rooms. 
Dale, Jane, Polmont 
M'Kendrick, John, Sword's wynd 
Marshall, J. , 128 High st 
Neil, James, 5 Grahams rd 
Rae, John, 12, 14 High st 

Saddle and Harness Makers. 
Hunter, John M., Newmarket st 
Livingston, J. 0., 154 Grahams rd 
Macfarlane, John, Garrison pi 
Proudfoot, Geo., 15, 17 High st 
Roberts, Wm., Polmont 
Taylor, Jas., 145 Grahams rd 

School — Gentlemen' 's Boarding. 
Blair Lodge School, J. Cooke 
Gray, principal, Polmont stn 

Slaters and Plasterers. 
Draper, David (slater and plumber), 

Vicar st 
Drummond & Crow, Laurieston 
Happer, John, 109 High st 
Lamb, John, 5 W. Bridge st 
M'Gregor, J. & Son, High Pleasance 
M'Nair, Eavid, Garrison st 
Maxwell, John D., Laurieston 
Miller, Jas. , Russell st 
Morrison, James, Glebe st 

Walker, James, Howgate 

Solicitors and Notaries. 

Those marked e are Notaries. 

e Aitken, James (Russel & 

Aitken), clerk to heritors of Fal- 
kirk, High st 





Allan, A. &J.C. (sec. Falkirk Joint 
Stock Gas Co., clerks & treasurers 
to the School Boards of Polmont 
and Slamannan, liberal agents, 
&c, Newmarket st 
Burns, Wm. &. J. H., High st 
e Cox, Josiah, 9 Roberts wynd 
e Gair, John, & W. K, County bdgs 
Gibson, Thos., National Bank bdgs 
Marshall, W. D., Vicar st 
Turnbull, A. G., Newmarket st 

Russel & Aitken, High st 

Wilson, James, & Sons, Glebe chain 
Wylie, Thomas, 2 Bank st 
Young, W. &. G. Bowie, 

writers, 99 High st 

Steel Manufacturers. 

Robinson, C. W. & Co., Forth 

Bridge steel works, Polmont stn 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Allan, W. B., 27 Grahams rd 
Fraser, A. 1)., 40 Grahams rd 
Leslie, George, Kirk wynd 
Macnair, Robt., 78 Grahams rd 
Peake, J. , Woodlands 
Smith, James, l.r.c.p. and s.E., 
L.F.r.s.G., Meeks rd, Grahamston 
Wickham, Walter, Polmont 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Those marked a are also Clothiers. 

a Anderson, A., & Son, Newmkt. st 
Barron, Wm., Polmont 
a Carmichael, Peter, 92 High st 
Clapper ton, Thos., US High st 
Dillon, Hugh, 147 High st 
a Finlayson, Wm., 156 High st 
a Gillies, Alex.. Newmarket st 
. a Hepworth & Son, Ltd. , High st 
a Hope, Wm. W. (tailor and 

clothier), 85 High st 
Kerr, James, Glebe st 
M'Donald, Alex. (tailor, 

clothier, and draper), Carron 

Mitchell, Robert, Laurieston 
Mitchell!, R., King's court, High 

Middleton, John S.. 130 High st 
Robertson, T., 136 Graham's rd 
a Ross, Gregory, 9 High st 


Russell, James G., 21 High st 
Samuel, Wm., Redding 
a Sandilands, Thos. , 102 High st 
a Steed man, ThOS., Grahams 

Swan, P. , Glebe st 
a Taylor, Henry, 73 High st 
Watters, J., 100 Grahams rd 

Temperance Hotel. 
Connochie, Mrs C, 2 Robert's wynd 

Timber M er chants and Saivmillers. 
Baird, J., & Co., Grahams road 
Clark, James, Grahams rd 
M"Laren, Wm., Grahamston 
M'Taggart, Walter, Camelon 
Melville, R., & Co., Grahams rd 

Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer. 

Macdonald, Charles, Lady's 
Mill — see advt 

Bain, James (fishing tackle 

manufacturer), 11 Kirk wynd 
Barraclough, Edwin, 119 High st 
Brown, W 7 alter, 50 High st 

Clarkson, James (established 
1875, wholesale and retail), 132 
Grahams rd, and 93 High st 

Davie, W. C, 184 High st 

Melville, M., Vicar st 

Miller, Henry, 204 Grahams rd 

Rankine, Wm., 86 High st 

Umbrella Makers. 
Campbell, James, Vicar st 
Urquhart, John C, 167 High 

Veterinary Surgeons. 
Bell, Peter, Vicar st 
Lawson, A. W. , Wellside Terrace 
M'Intosh, Robert, Hope st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Callander, W. B., 151 High st 
Fleming. Thos., 36 High st 
Hamilton, Gavin N., 29 

High st 
Mann, A., 178 High st 
Muir, Wm. C, 44 High st 

Sti rlixgshire 



Strang, David, 142 High st 
Wilson, Thos., Grahams rd 

Wine, Spirit, and Beer Merchants — ■ 

Haddow, J. & Co. , Vicar st 

Wire Worker. 
Murphy, James, Kirk wynd 

Wood Turners. 
Mitchell, Wan. (& ivory turner, 

and bowling green bowl maker), 

12, 14, 16 Pleasance 
Murphy, James, Kirk wynd 

Chimney Sweep — Jas. M'Pherson, 

Distiller — R. W. Rankine,Rosebank 
File Makers — Henderson & Co., 

Hide, Skin, and Tallow Merchant — 

Kirk, John A. G., 57 W. Bridge 

Sewing Machine Manufacturers — 

Singer (The) Co., 9 Vicar st 
Tanners & Curriers — R. & W. Baird, 

Bridge st 

Publishes* and Compiler 


Postal and Telegraphic Address, 



Stirlingshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 


Broomhall Brush Factory, 

Pleas an ce J^oad, 


BRUSHES for Machinery made, of every description. 

Copper Bound White Wash Brushes for Painters and Plasterers ; 
warranted pure hair, and of the finest quality. 

All my Brushes are of my own manufacture, and are the cheapest 
and best in the Trade. 




Perseverance Steam Cabinet & Chair Works 

Specialites in Kitchen Furniture. Estimates Furnished. 

Revised Price List on application. 


J. A, A. Henderson, 




Wholesale Fruit and Potato Merchants, 
High Street, FALKIRK. 


Stirlingshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 



Head Office— 2 BANK STREET. 

The Most Moderate Premiums. 

Stock of Glass kept for Immediate Reinstatement. 

Mansions, Villas, &c, Insured on Special Terms. 




MANUFACTURERS of every description of FIRE-CLAY GOODS 
used by Ironfounders, Ironmongers, &c, such as REGISTER, 

Telegraphic Address— "Towers," Falkirk. 

Charles llaedonald, 

Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer, 

Ladys Mill, FALKIRK. 

PIPE CLAY and BATH BRICK at Lowest Prices. 
All kinds of FANCY PIPES, &c, always on hand. 



OAK TUBS, SHIP WORK, &c, &c. CHURNS— Upright and Barrel. 
Country Work has our Special Attention. 
Repairs Promptly Executed. 







A VILLAGE in the parish of its name, 41 miles from Edinburgh, 13 
from Stirling, and 18 from Glasgow ; bounded on the north by Bal- 
fron Gargmmock ; on the east by St. Ninians and Kilsyth ; on the south 
by Campsie ; and on the west by Killearn and Strathblane ; extending 
from east to west 6 miles, and in breadth, from north to south, about 
5 miles. 

Business Directory. 

Boyd, James, spirit dealer, Fintry 
Buchanan, Eliz., grocer, Fintry 
Cairns, Peter, mason, Fintry 
Duncan. R. , wood merchant, Fintry 
Edmond, Alex. , boot & shoe maker, 

Edmond, Win. , grocer, Fintry 
Gourlay, Janet, grocer, Fintry 
Hutton, And. , blacksmith, Fintry 

M 'Gilchrist, Jane, temperance hotel 

MacLachlan, Elizabeth, grocer, 

Martin, James, spirit dealer, Fintry 
Welsh, A. & J., joiners, Fintry 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 



IS a seaport in the parish of Falkirk, three miles from that town, twenty- 
seven from Edinburgh, and twenty-five from Glasgow. It is situated 
on the Firth of Forth, at the junction of the river Carron with the Clyde 
and Forth Canal. The trade carried on are those of shipbuilding, timber, 
rope and sail making, with large collieries adjacent. A branch railway 
joins the North British at Falkirk, putting the port in connection with the 
railway system of the country. There are large imports of timber, from 
Norway, Denmark, America, Prussia, and the Baltic in general, besides a 
considerable coasting trade. Steamers ply regularly to and from London, 
Hull, Lynn, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Dunkirk, Copenhagen, Middlesbro', &c 

Business Directory. 


Marked e are Forwarding Agents. 
Marhed b are Commission Agents. 

e Burrell & Haig, Harbour st 
Brown & Glen, Grange st 
e Currie, J. & Co., Grangemouth 
e Dick, James C. , 4 Grange st 


b Fischar, H. & Co., Grangemouth 

e Hay, J. & J., Grangemouth 

b Livingstone, Jas., Grangemouth 

M'Kay, David M., Grangemouth 

b Miller, Wm. C, Grange st 

e Salvesen, J. T. & Co., Grange st 

e Wilkie, P. & J., Grangemouth 




Baby Linen and Underclothing 
Kerr, I. & M. (and milliners and 
dressmakers), Grange st 

Burns, J as. (and restaurateur), 

1 S. Bridge st 
Crawford, M., 8 Charlotte st 
Miller, And. C. (& confectioner 

and restaurateur), S. Bridge st 
M'Hardie, D. A., Charing cross 
M'Pherson, John., Canal st 
Tennant, John, Dundas st 

Bank of Scotland, Grange place — 

Edward A. Wood, agent 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd, 

Grange st — John S. Mackay, agt. 
National Security Savings' Bank — 

John S. Mackay, treasurer. 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Collins, Thos. , Grangemouth 
Gray, Geo. , Grangemouth 
Robertson, Jas. , Grangemouth 
Thomson, J. & W. , Grangemouth 

Block, Spar, 6s Mast Makers. 
Drake, Wm. , Grangemouth 
Peddie, Jno. , Grangemouth 

Carron Co., Grangemouth 
Grangemouth Dock Yard Co 

Booksellers, Newsagents, and Fancy 

Allan, E. H., Grange st 
Allan, Mrs M. C. , S. Bridge st 
Allan, Mrs T. , Canal st 
Cameron, M. & N., Grange st 
Hannah, Jno. , Grange st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Anderson, Geo. , Grange st 
Cuthbert, A. & Son, Grange st 
Finlayson, Mrs T. , 52 Grange st 
Ogilvy, Dav. , Lumley st 
Ramsay, Jas., Grange st 
Young, H. , & Son, Dundas st 


Builders — See Joiners, &c, 

Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer, and 
Taylor, C, 31 Lumley st 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Baxter, James, Grange st 
M'Lagan, Jas., 19 Bridge st 

China and Glass Dealers. 
Dowson, Margt., Lumley st 
Hall, Wm., Grange st 

Coal Proprietors and Merchants. 
Grangemouth Coal Co. (and brick 

and fire-clay makers), S. Basin st 
M'Kelvie, Jas., Grangemouth 
Merry & Cunninghame, Ltd,. 

Grange st 

Burns, James, l S. Bridge st 

Dougall, Miss (and fruiterer), S. 
Charlotte st, and Charing Cross 

Hopkins, Mary (and fruiterer), Ex- 
change Buildings 

M'Hardie, D. A., Charing Cross 

Simpson, A. B., Dundas st 


Denmark (vice), Andw. Mackay, 
Grange st 

France (vice), E. Salvesen, Grange 

German Empire (vice), A. Mackay, 
Grange st 

Sweden, Norway, Russia, Nether- 
lands, H. Adolph Salvesen, 
Grange st 

Dining and Refreshment Rooms. 
Burns, James (restaurant), 1 

S. Bridge st 
Graham, Chas., Grange st 
Miller, Andrew C. (licensed 

restaurant), S. Bridge st 

Drapers and Outfitters. 
Ballantyne, L. H., Grange st 
Crosby, Jas., Grange st 
Co-operative Soc. Ltd., S. Bridge st 
Hendrie & Co., Grange st. 




Walker & Co., Grange st 
Weston, J. & Co., Charing Cross 

Dressmakers — see Milliners. 

Alexander, John, Grange st 
Barton, James M., N. Basin st 
Dougall, P., Dundas st 

Ritchie, Thos., Exchange bdgs 

Dougall, Miss, S. Charlotte st, and 

Charing Cross 
Hopkins, Mary, Exchange bdgs 
Yeats &. Co. (wholesale), S. Har- 
bour st 


Those marked a are Spirit Dealers. 

Co-operative Society Ltd., S. 

Bridge st 
a Esplin, Thos., N. Basin st 
Findlay, Robt. , Grange st 
Hall, Wm., Grange st 
Houston & Son, Exchange bdgs 
Houston, John, & Son, Charing 

Low, Wm., & Co., Grange st 
a M'Gregor, Alex., Dundas st 
a Mitchell, And., S. Charlotte st 
a Mitchell, Jas. T. (licensed 

grocer and ship chandler), Grange 

a Morrison, Wm. S. , S. Bridge st 

Horse-hiring and Posting Establish- 

Templeton, George (posting 
in all its branches. Bus to 
Boness twice daily), Queen's 
Hotel stables 

Hotels and Inns. 
Baltic Inn, James Methven, 

Ballingall, G., Harbour st 
Feely, Peter, Middle st 
M'Combie, J., Grange st 
Queen's Hotel, Robt. Edmiston, 

S. Bridge st 
Rodger, David, Harbour st 
Royal Hotel, Jno. Hislop, Grange st 

Taylor, Arch. G., S. Bridge st 
Wilkinson, Robt., N. Basin st 
Zetland Arms Hotel, Peter Ander- 
son, Grangemouth 

Ironmongers & Iron Merchants. 
Aitken Bros., 3 S. Charlotte st 
Mackay, A. & A. Y. , Grange st 
Morrison, Wm. J. (furnishing 

ironmonger), S. Charlotte st 
Watson, J., & Co., Grangemouth 

Joiners, Builders, 'and Undertakers* 
Cummings, Alex., Middle st 
Farquhar, John, Grangemouth 
Lawson, James, S. Bridge st 
Ralston, James, Carron st 
Rutherford, David (builder and 

cartwright), Dundas st 
Williamson, Alex., Oxgang 

Milliners and Dressmakers. 
Kerr, I. & M., Grange st 
M'Gregor, A., Dundas st 

Music Teachers. 
Cowie, Miss, Talbot st 
MacPhail, Miss, Dunloe pi 
Sturrock, Miss, Craigielai 

Nautical Instrument Makers. 
Dibbs, Alex., Pollocks quay 
M'Gregor, And., S. Basin st 

Painters and Decorators. 
Allan, Alex. W. , Charing Cross 
Blair, J., Dundas st 
Grossart, J. S. , 22 Kerse rd 
Mitchell, Finlay, Lumley st 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Tinplate 
Taylor, Adam, Talbot st 
Young, G., N. Charlotte st 

Restaurants — see Dining-Rooms. 

Rope and Sail Makers. 
Gray, Robert, Grangemouth 
Stark, Jas., & Son, Grangemouth 


Ship Chandlers. 
Aitken Bros., 3 S. Charlotte st 




Christensen & Svensen, S. Charlotte 

Esplin, Thos., N. Basin st 
Mitchell, Andw., S. Charlotte st 
Mitchell, James T. , Grange st 
Morrison, Wm. S., S. Bridge st 

Ship and Insurance Brokers and 
Ship Owners. 

Those marked a are Ship Owners. 

a Burrell, Henry, Harbour st 
a Burrell & Son, Grangemouth 
a Carron Co., Grangemouth 
a Cowan, Thos., Grange st 
a Crawford & Co. , Grange st 
a Currie, J., & Co., Grangemouth 
Dick, Jas. C. (shipbroker and for- 
warding agent), 4 Grange st 
Fischer, H. & Co., Grangemouth 
a Hay, J. & J. , Grangemouth 
L ivingstone, Jas , Grangemouth 
a Mackay, A. & A. Y., Grange st 
Miller, VV. C. , Grange st 
Rankine, Jas., & Son, Grangemouth 
a Salvesen, T. J., & Co., Grange st 
Wilkie, P. & J., Grangemouth 
a Williamson, Robt., Grange st 

Slaters, and Plasterers. 
Baird, Peter, Canal st 
Russell, James, Marine villa 

Solicitors and Notaries. 

Anderson, Wm. M. (clerk and treas. 
Botbkennar School Board, Union- 
ist agent for Grangemouth dis), 
Grange st 

Stirling, Robt., Grange st 

Tait, Alex., Boness rd 

Spirit Dealers — see Hotels and Inns. 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Paterson, Maurice, Exchange bdgs 
Linton, Simon, Grangemouth 
Walker, Wm., Zetland pi 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Ballantyne, L. H., Grange st 
Gibb, James, Dundas st 
Hendrie & Co., Grange st 
Macdonald, Alex., Middle st 
Robertson, Chas., 55 Lumley st 
Wright, J. & J. , Grange st 

Timber Merchants and Sawmill 
Brown lee & Co., Caledonian 
Sawmills and City Sawmills, Port 
Dundas, Glasgow 
Dow & Co., Exchange bdgs 
Grangemouth Dock Co 
Hardie, Jos , S. Harbour st 
M'Pherson&M'Laren, Grangemouth 
Muirhead & Sons, Grange- 
mouth Sawmills 
Salvesen, J. T. , & Co., Grange st 
Thomson, James D. , Grangemouth 
Wilkie, P. & J., Grange st 
Williamson, Robert, Grange st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Feeley, James, Grange st 
Wilson, Jas. , Grange st 

Miscella neous. 

Carting Contractors — J. & P. 

Cameron, Grange st 
Cooper— Alex. Dibbs, Pollocks quay 
Fishmonger — J. Law, N. Basin st 
Metal Broker and Marine Store 

Dealer — A. Paterson, Middle st 
Ship and Boat Builders and Iron- 
founders — Grangemouth Dock Co 
Ship Carpenters — Haggart & Hall, 

Muirhead's bdgs 
Ship Surveyor— John Haggart, 39 

Union Place 
Sleepers Importers — Wm. Christie 

& Co. , Grange st 
Timber Measurer — David Brown, 

Grange st 







KILLE &RN is a village in the parish of its name, 50 miles w. from 
Edinburgh, 20 miles s.s.w. from Stirling, and nearly 17 n.w. from 
Glasgow, situate on the river Endrick, almost in the centre of the district, 
and in a pleasant part of the country. 

Business Directory. 

Baker and Confectioner. 
Bennet, William (and grocer and 
Purveyor of marriages and ex- 
cursions), Killearn 

M'Gregor, John (and general iron- 
monger), Killearn 
Wilson, Stephen, Blane 

Booksellers, Stationers, and News- 
M'Gilchrist, M. & M., Killearn 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Gourlay, Thomas, Killearn 
M'Gilchrist, M. & M. (merchants), 

Fairlie, Archd. (to Queen st station, 
Glasgow, every Tuesday and Fri- 
day), Killearn 

M'Gilchrist, M. & M. (and milliners 
and dressmakers), Killearn 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fairlie, D. & W., Killearn 
M'Ewen, J., Killearn 


Grocers and General Merchants. 
Aitken, Catherine, Killearn 
Campbell, C, Killearn 
Goodwillie, Thos., Killearn 
Mitchell, Jane, Killearn 
Thomson, Jas., Killearn 

Innkeepers and Spirit Dealers. 
Binnie, W. , Killearn 
Gunn, Phillip (posting, pic-nio 
parties purveyed), Wheat Sheaf 

M'Gregor, John, Killearn 

Joiners and Wrights. 
M'Farlane, James, Elderpark 
Simpson, Robt., Killearn 
Sinclair, A. & J., Killearn 

M 'Arthur, Robt., Burnshuggle 
M'Gowan, John, Killearn 

Tailor and Clothier. 
M 'Donald, Samuel, Killearn 


Distillers and Wine Merchants — 
Lang Bros., Glen Guin Distillery 

Stone Mason — Wm. Simpson, Kil- 

Tile Manufacturers — Thomson & 
Co., Drumguharn 





KILSYTH is a town and burgh in the parish of its name, 35 miles s.W. 
from Edinburgh, 15 S. from Stirling, between 12 and 13 N. from 
Glasgow, nearly 12 \v. by s. from Falkirk, and 4 from Cumbernauld 5 
situated on the main road leading to the three first-named places. The 
parish is abundantly stocked with ceal and ironstone. The district is 
about seven miles in length, and three-and-a-half in breadth. In form the 
parish is an irregular oblong ; bounded by St Ninians and Fintry on the 
north, Cumbernauld and Kirkintilloch on the south, Denny on the east* 
and Campsie on the west. It is watered by the Carron and Kelvin rivers 5 
it also contains one of the reservoirs of the Forth and Clyde Canal. Rail- 
way communication with Glasgow was opened here in 187S, through the 
Blane valley section of the North British Line. Fairs are held on the first 
Friday in April, and the third Friday in November. Acreage of the 
parish, 13,121. 

Banton and High Banton are small villages, situated about two-and-a- 
half miles north-east of Kilsyth, in that parish, and about six miles south- 
west from Denny. 

Business Directory. 

Anderson, Wm., 7 Main st 
Dawson, Abraham, Market st 
Dunn, John, 29 Main st 
Lockhart, Alex., 70 Main st 
Watson, J., & Co., 35 W. Port st 
Young, Robert, 51 Main st 


National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 
Market st — John M 'Gilchrist, agt 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 31 Main 
st — Robt. J. Graham, agent 

Savings' Bank, Market st — John 
M'Gilchrist, actuary 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Adair, Wm., 21 Kingston id 
Bow, John. 37 High st 
Bryson, Jas., 62 Main st 
Burns, Jas., Market st 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Chalmers, Arch., Post Office, 

Market place 
M'Whinnie, John, 54 Main st 
Rankine, Alex., Bridgend 
Shaw, David, 45 Main st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Allison, Mrs M., 78 Main st 
Dickson, — , Main st 
Donaldson, David, 53 High st 
Doran, — , 3 Main st 
Dunn. Robt. , 14 Market st 
Gray, T, A., 92 Main st 
Loudon, Alex. , 5 Main st 
M'Farlane, John, 22 Kingston rd 
Morton, Wm., 14 Church lane 
Turner, David, 87 Main st 




Brewers and Spirit Merchants. 

M'MuHan, A., Soira, & Co., 
1 High st 

Builders and Joiners. 

Those marked " a " :ire Joiners. 

Bankier, James (builder, con- 
tractor, and undertaker), 25 
Main st 
Baxter, J. &. J., 1 William st 
a Fergus, Wm. F. , 37 Charles st 
a Glen, John, 46 Main st 
Gow, William, Burn Green ten- 
Gray & Son, 57 High st 
a Russell, Marshall (joiner), 33 W. 

Port st 
a Scott, Patrick, Low Craigendo 
a Stirling, James (joiner), 46 New- 
ton st 

Dunn, A5ex. (to Glasgow daily, 
5.40), 8 Market place 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Fraser, John, 37 Main st 
Park, George, 49 Main st 

China, Glass, &c, Dealers. 
Barrowman, John, 3, 5 Market pi 
Campbell, Jessie, 83 Main st 
Cleland, Wm., 8 Parkfoot st 

Goal Proprietors. 
Baird, Wm., & Co., Twechar 
Carron Co., Ltd., Banton 
Wood, J. & W., & Co., Middleton 

Bassy, Louis, 103 Main st 
Casey, Mrs, 20 High st 
Cowan, John, 35 Market st 
Laing, James, 26 Kingston rd 
Livingston, Miss G., 28 Main st 

Drapers, Milliners, and Dress- 
Allison, John, 16 Main st 
Brash, Mrs, 31 Charles st 
Coutts, J. D., Market st 
Lawrie, Mrs A. (milliner), 99 Main 

Loudon, John, 50 Main st 


Marshall, Janet, 12^ Market sq 
Miller, Mrs (milliner), 8 King st 
Rankine, Miss C, 10 Back Brae st 
Stark, Robert, West Port st 

Farmers —see end of Directory. 


Boyd, John, 16 Market st 
Glen, Robert, 1 Main st 
Goodwin, A. , 88 Main st 
Mitchell, T., 10 Main st 
Scott, Wm. , 73 Main st 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 

Laing, James, 26 Kingston rd 
Patrick, James, 8 Main st 

Grocers and General Merchants. 

Adams, M. J., 47 High st 
Chapman James, Banton 
Cleland, James, 2 Market st 
Comrie, G. L. , 40 Kingston rd 
Co-operative So. Ltd., 80 Main st 
Dobbie, J. & A , 1 1 Main st 
Gibson, Wm. R. , 15 Main st 
Gillies, Wm., 72 Main st 
Hart, Wm. , 69 Main st 
Inglis, T. , 3 Back Brae st 
Ingram, Thos., Market st 
Laing, James, 26 Kingston rd 
Leishman, Wm., 17 High st 
Lennox, R. B. , 22 Main st 
M'Aulay, Adam, 12 Market st 
M'Callum, John, 37 Newton st 
M 'Cowan, — , 14 Parkfoot terr 
M'Gregor, Duncan. 23 Main st 
Miller, George, 56 Main st 
Moffat, Mrs C, 4 Market st 
Provan, Alex. , 3 Church st 
Reid, Wm., 12 Main st 
Shaw, Wm. , 15 Charles st 
Stark, John, 53 Newton st 
Stevenson, John W., 90 Main st 
Stewart, W. & J. , Newton st 
Thompson, — ,14 Newton st 
Young, W. & J. , 1 New ton st 


M'Whinnie, John, 54 Main st 
Montgommery, — , 10 High st 




Horse Hirer*. 
Inglis, Hugh, 57 Main st 
Stewart, Mrs D. , 2, 4 Parkfoot st 


Commercial — J. Hughes, 40 Main st 
Duntreath Arms-Mrs Wm. 
Leith, Kilsyth 

Innkeeper s and Spirit Dealers. 
Aikman, Duncan, 89 Main st 
Baird, Robert, 76 Main st 
Bruce, J., 1 Burnside st, E. 
Buchanan, J W., IS High st 
Comrie, Daniel (wine and 

spirit merchant), 08 High st, and 

65, 67 Newton st 
Dawson, Abraham, Market st 
Gray, Robert, 8 Market pi 
Halbert, John, 14 Kingston rd 
Hamilton, R. , 39 Main st 
Hunter, G., Kilsyth 
M'Mullan, Alex., 1 Higli st 
Murray, James, 31 Newton st 
Robertson. Jas. , 24 Market pi 
Shields. John, Market pi 
Sim, Alex., 8 West port 
Stewart, Mrs Daniel (spirit 

merchant and posting), Cross 

Keys, 2, 4 Parkfoot st 

Insurance Companies and Agents. 
Alliance (fire) — Robt. J. Graham, 

Royal Bank 
Caledonian (fire) — R. J. Graham, 

Royal Bank 
Edinburgh (life) — R. J. Graham, 

Royal Bank 
Imperial — John M 'Gilchrist, Mar- 
ket st 
Life Asso. of Scotland — John 

M 'Gilchrist, Market st 
North British and Mercantile — Ar. 

Chalmers and R. M. Lennox, 

Norwich, London — R. J. Graham, 

Royal Bank 
Prudential — A. B. Allan, Howe rd 

Scottish Widows' Fund— R. M. 

Lennox, Kilsj'th 
Scottish Accident — R. J. Graham, 

Royal Bank 


Ironmongers and Hardioarermn. 
Alexander, Thomas, 48 Main st 
Rankin, Alex., 2 Back Brae st 
Shaw, David, 43 Main st 

Joiners — see Builders, &c. 

Stirling, James, 36 Main st 

Manufacturers of Cotton Goods. 
Lennie, Wm. , Kingston rd 
Whyte, R. & W., Church st 
Wilson, J. & P., Banton 
Young, — , Banton 

Milliners and Dressmakers —see 


" Kilsyth Chronicle " — P. C. Ran- 
kin, publisher, 8 Back Brae st 

Painter and Decorator. 
Morton, John, 16 Back Brae st 

O'Raw, Richard, King st 

Plumbers and Gasfitters. 
Campbell, Duncan, Back brae 
Cunningham, Walter, 3 Burnside st 
Croll, George, 2 Kingston rd 
Whyte, John, 33 High st 

Rankin, P. C. , 8 Back Brae st 

Refreshment Rooms. 
Dawson, Abraham, Market st 
Livingston, Miss G. , 28 Main st 
Watson, J. & Co., 55 Main st 

Forrester, Wm., 3 Burnside st, E 
Logan, David, Kilsj'th 

Spirit Dealers— see Innkeepers. 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Fraser, John, Park Burn House 
Park, Geo., Burnbank 




Tailors and Clothiers. 

Allison, John, 16 Main st 
Cameron, W,, 61 High st 
Cleland, Wm., 75 Main st 
Loudon. John, 50 Main st 
Provan, Robert, 24 Main st 
Stark, Robert, West Port st 

Temperance Hotel. 
Rankin, Mrs, Main st 


Gourlay, — , 14 High st 
Johnson, Miss, Meadowhead 
Miller, Helen, 95 Main st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Brough, William, 18 Main st 
Metcalfe, Frank, High st 

Billposter and Bellman — Cunning- 
ham Rankin, 1 King st 
Birdseed Dealer — Adam Macaulay, 

Market place 
Coal Merchant — John Cowan, 32 

Market st 
Factor — Campbell Murray, Gavell 

Potato Merchant — Arch. Dobbie, 

Main st 
Quarry Owners — William Baird & 

Co., Twechar 
Saddler— Andrew Clark, 82 Main st 
Salt Dealer — Thomas Marshall, 

Main st 
Sculptor— John Sharp, Market pi 
Sheriff-Officer — Hugh Inglis, 57 

Main st 
Straw & Millboard Makers — Martin 

& Co., Banton 
Writer — R. M. Lennox, B Brae st 

With the Parish of Gargunnock and the Village of Buchlyvie. 

KIPPEN is a village ten miles west from Stirling, situated in the eastern 
part of the parish of its name. The parish is eight miles in length 
by from two to four in breadth, and is bounded on the north by the river 
Forth on the east by Gargunnock, on the south by Balfron, and on the 
west by the parish of Drymen ; it lies partly in the county of Stirling and 
partly in that of Perth. Fairs are held at Kippen on the second Wednes- 
day in December, and at Balgair, a moor about two miles from Kippen, for 
horses, cattle, and sheep, on the Friday before the 26th June. Acreage of 
he parish, 11,256. 

Buchlyvie is a village in the parish of Kippen, situated five and a-hal 
miles therefrom. Fairs are held in Bucklyvie on the 26th of June and 18th 
of November. 

Gargunnock is a parish which extends six miles in length by four in 
breadth ; bounded on the east and south by St Ninians, on the west by 
Fin try, Balfron, and Kippen, and on the north by Kincardine and Kilma- 
dock. The chief business here is basket-making, and there is also a dis- 
tillery. The river Forth divides the parish from Perthshire. Acreage* 





Business Directory. 

Bakers and Confectioners. 
Cowe, George, Kippen 
Thomson, A., Buchlyvie 


Bank of Scotland, Bucklyvie 

(sub office at Aberfoyle) — J. W. 
M'Kerrell Brown, agent 

Armstrong, Peter, Arnprior, Kippen 
Brown, Alex., Dasherhead, Gar- 

Brown, Robt., Gargunnock 
Duucanson, Wm., Arngomery, 

Rennie, And., & Sons, Kippen 
Weir, James, Buchlyvie 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
M'Phie, James, Buchlyvie 
Stewart, And., Buchlyvie 
Ure, John, & Son, Kippen 
Wilson, James, Arnprior, Kippen 

Engineer and Millwright. 
Fawcett, John, Buchlyvie 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

M'Queen, William, Kippen 

M'Quiston, Robt., Buchlyvie 
Wishart, John, Kippen 

Grocers and General Merchants. 

Binnie, Peter, Gargunnock 

Buchanan, James, Kippen 

Ferguson, Christina, Arnprior, Kip- 

M'Farlane, Mary, Buchlyvie 

M'Phie, Jas., & Son, Buchlyvie 

Mason, John (and spirit dealer) 

Mitchell, Janet, Gargunnock 

Stirling, Wm., Kippen 

Hotels and Posting Houses. 
Cross Keys — R. Buchanan, Kippen 


Red Lion Hotel (first class 

accommodation for travellers) — P„ 
M'Callum, Buchlyvie 
Station — Wm. Coulter, Buchlyvie 

Joiners and Wrights. 

Dick, James (cabinetmaker and 
undertaker), Buchlyvie 

Harvie, David, Buchlyvie 

M'Allum, John, Burtonhill, Gar- 

M'Laren, Robt., Gargunnock 

Welsh, John, Kippen 

Welsh, Thomas, Shirgarton, Kippen 

Wright, James, Arnprior, Kippen 

Saddler and Harness Maker. 
Drysdale, Henry, Buchlyvie 

Sawmillers and Wood Merchants, 

Campbell, Henry F. , Kippen 
Kennedy, D. & J,, Buchlyvie 

Slaters and Plasterers, 

M'Gregor, David, Kippen 
Thomson, Hugh, Kippen 

Spirit Dealers. 

Brown, Robt., Gargunnock 
Cowbrough, John, Gargunnock 
Dunn, Andrew, Kippen 
Keir, Mrs Duncan, Buchlyvie 

Surgeons and Physicians, 

Lindsay, Alex., Buchlyvie 
Lindsay, R. W., Buchlyvie 
M'Diarmid, Duncan, Kippen 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Gilchrist, John, Kippen 
Shearer, Hugh, Buchlyvie 
Stewart, Andrew, Buchlyvie 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

M'Quiston, Wm. , Buchlyvie 
Wingate, James, Burnton, Gar- 





Basket Makers — Travis & Co., 

Cattle Dealer — Robt. , Dougall, 

Cooper — Wm. Stirling, Kippen 

Distillers — Calder & Co., Gargun- 

Mason and Quarry Owner — Thos. 

Syme, Kippen muir 
Miller — -Robt. Robertson, Arnprior, 

Tile Makers — Henry F. Campbell, 

Watchmaker — R. Dougall, Kippen 

And the Village of Stenhousemuir. 

LARBERT is a parish, the village, three miles from Falkirk, and eight 
from Stirling, being beautifully situated on the side of a hill on the 
northern bank of the Carron. The famous Falkirk Cattle tryst is held on 
a moor in this parish, in the month of October, when 20,000 to 30,000 head 
of Cattle, and great numbers of sheep are exposed for sale. The chief 
manufacture is that of grates and stoves. Close to Larbert station are the 
works of Messrs Dobbie, Forbes, & Co., for the manufacture of stoves, 
grates, ranges, &c. Acreage of the parish, 3,963. 

Stenhousemuir is a small and neat village, situated about half a mile 
east of Larbert, in the same parish. Another half mile distant is the 
hamlet of North Broomage, near which is the Scottish National Institute 
for the education of Imbecile Children. Near this Institution is the Stirling 
District Lunatic Asylum for the counties of Stirling, Dumbarton, Linlith- 
qow, and Clackmannan. 

Business Directory. 

Baking So. Ltd., Senhousemuir 
Eadie, Jas., Stenhousemuir 
Reid, Malcolm, Stenhousemuir 
Young, Robert (and spirit 
merchant), Larbert 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Farmer, Henry, No. Broomage 
Kidd, James, Larbert 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Blackley, P., Stenhousemuir 
Gillespie, Mrs M., Larbert 
Walker, J., Stenhousemuir 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Fife, And., Stenhousemuir 
Gray, T. & A., Stenhousemuir 
Knowles, And., Stenhousemuir 
Stenhousemuir Equitable Co-oper- 
ative, Ld. 
Thomson, J., Stenhousemuir 
Ure, George, Larbert 

Builders and Masons. 
Anderson, Saml. , Stenhousemuir 
Reid, Alex., Broomage 
Reid, J. & A. , N. Broomage 


Chemist and Druggist. 
Medical Hall, Stenhousemuir 




China and Glass Dealers. 
Campbell, Wm. , Stenhousemuir 
Crawford, Wm., Stenhousemuir 
Eadie, James, Stenhousemuir 

Drummond, J., Larbert 
Menzies, — , Larbert 


Inglis, Wm. , Larbert 
Milne, Robert, Larbert 
Mochrie, Geo., Stenhousemuir 
Stenhousemuir Equitable Co-oper- 
ative Soc. , Ltd. , 
Sword, David (and outfitter), Sten- 

Dressmakers — see Milliners. 

Forrester, Wm. (sanitary), Sten- 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Gardner, Geo., Stenhousemuir 
Mochrie, Rob., Stenhousemuir 
Oswald, A., Larbert 
Stenhousemuir Equitable Co-oper- 
ative, Ld 

Graham, George, Larbert 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Marked e are Spirit Dealers. 

Boyne, John, Stenhousemuir 

e Cochrane, Jno. B„ Stenhousemuir 

Co-operative Soc, Larbert 

e Dawson, Wm., Stenhousemuir 

Inglis, Wm., Larbert 

e Milne, Alex. (& spirit merchant), 

e Ray, Samuel (and spirit mer- 
chant), Larbert 

Sinclair, James, Stenhousemuir 

Co-operative, Soc, Ld. 

e Watson, John M. (and spirit mer- 
chant), Larbert 
Williamson, Robert, Stenhousemuir 
e Yorkston, John (and spirit mer- 
chant), Stenhousemuir 

Hotels and Posting Houses. 
Aitken. Mrs John, Stenhousemuir 
Commercial Hotel— (Quart- 
ers of C. T. C), Alt. Smith, Lar- 
Red Lion — Jas. Frew, Larbert 
Station Hotel— B. M'Farlane, 

Temperance — Agnes M'Lay, Larbt 

Innkeepers — see Spirit Dealers. 

Ironfov.nders & Stove Alannfacturers 

Dobbie, Forbes, & Co., 


Jones & Campbell, Torwood 


Joiners and Wrights. 
Allan, Archd., Stenhousemuir 
Anderson, Saml. , Stenhousemuir 
Baillie, John, Stenhousemuir 
Graham, George, Larbert 
Samuel, Jas., Larbert 

Webster, Petr., Dunipace mills 

Milliners and Dressmakers. 
M'Pherson, J. & M. , Stenhousemuir 
Mochrie, Geo., Stenhousemuir 
Stenhousemuir Equitable Co-oper- 
ative Soc, Ltd. 

Painters and Decorators. 
Boyle & Buchanan, Stenhousemuir 
Smith, Andw., Stenhousemuir 
Smith, Bros., Stenhousemuir 

Plumber and Gasfitter. 
Forrester, Wm. (registd. plumber), 

Spirit Dealers. 
Belton, George, Larbert 
Gilmour, Andrew, Stenhouse- 
M'Laren, Jas., Stenhousemuir 
M'Rea, George, No. Broomage 
Young, Robert (and baker), 





Surgeons and Physicians. 
Bell, Chas. M., m.b.,c.m,, Larbert 
Ronald, John, Stenhousemuir 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Burnside, Alex. M., Sten- 
Campbell, Dond., Stenhousemuir 
Duncan, Wm., Stenhousemuir 
Gillies, A., Larbert 
M'Gregor, J. & W., Stenhousemuir 
Mochrie, Geo., Stenhousemuir 
Stenhousemuir Equitable Co-oper- 
ative Soc. Ltd. 

Timber Merchant and Saivmill 


Jones, J as. (wood merchant), 

Larbert saw mills 


Brickmakers and Quarry Owners — 
J. & A. Reid, No. Broomage 

Fancy Dealer — Mrs M. Gillespie, 

File Cutters and Polishers — Wm. 
Walker &. Co., Larbert 

Ironmongers — Smith Bros., Sten- 

Laundries — Stenhousemuir Laundry 

Restaurant — T. Johnston, Larbert 

Slater — J. D. Stupart, Stenhouse- 



With the Parishes and Villages of Baldernock, Campsie, Strathblane, 
Milton of Campsie, and Torrance. 

LENNOXTOWN (or Newton of Campsie) is a large village in the 
parish of Campsie, 42 miles w. from Edinburgh, 22 s.s.w. from 
.Stirling, and 9 n.n.w. from Glasgow, and is a station on the Blane Valley 
Branch of the North British Railway. 

The small village of Torrance, in the parish of Campsie, or, as it is 
generally called, The Torrance of Campsie, is about 3| miles from Lennox- 
town, on the direct road to Glasgow, and has a station on the Kelvin 
Valley line of Railway. 

Baldernock, a parish (anciently Bathernock), is situated in the southern 
extremity of the county. It is bounded by the river Kelvin and Allander 
on the side fronting north-east, and by Campsie ; and on the south-west 
lies the loch of Baldowie. 

Strathblane parish, as its name implies, composes the vale of the river 
Blane. The parish lies in the south-west corner of the county, and is 
bounded on the east by the parish of Campsie ; on the south by Baldernock 
and East Kilpatrick ; and on the west and north by Killearn. The village 
of Strathblane is 3| miles west from the Clachan of Campsie, and 5 east 
from Killearn. Acreage, 9,068. 





Milton (or Milton of Gampsie, as it is generally called) is a small village 
situated two miles east of Lennoxtown, in the parish of Campsie. There 
are two printworks in the neighbourhead, and a station on the Campsie 
branch railway. 

Business Directory. 

Aerated Water Manufacturer. 
Hillhouse, Dond. , Lennoxtown 

Bakers and Confectioners. 
Anderson, Win., Milton of Campsie 
Campbell, Jas. (confectioner), Len- 
Rae, J., Lennoxtown 
Wyllie, John, Lennoxtown 

National Security Savings' Bank, 

Lennoxtown — W. Baird, actuary 
Royal Bank of Scotland, Campsie — 

Win. White, agent 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Dixon, A., Lennoxtown 
Cray, John, Mains of Milton 
Hughes, Thos., Torrance 
Knox, Wm., Torrance 
Pickford, Robt., Balmore, Balder- 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
M'Donald, Margt., Lennoxtown 
Mathieson, Mrs J., Lennoxtown 
Murray, Edward, Lennoxtown 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Bryan, Alfred, Lennoxtown 
Hamilton, Wm., Lennoxtown 
Lennoxtown Victualling Soc. Ltd 
Weir, Duncan, Strathblane 
Wilson, James, Torrance, and 38 
Main st, Milngavie 

Builders — see Stonemasons. 

Calico Printers. 
Blanefield Printing Co. , Strathblane 
Caldwell & Ritchie, Milton of 


Dalgliesh, R. , Falconer, & Co. , Ltd. , 

Lennox mill 
Mac nab, A., & Co., Lillyburn 

Print works, Milton of Campsie 


Craig, John (to Glasgow), Lennox- 

Edmond, Jas. (to Fintry), Lennox- 

Younger, Robt. (to Glasgow), Len- 

Chemical Maufacturers. 
Hurlett and Campsie 
Alum Co., Lennoxtown 

Chemist and Druggist. 
Smith, Wm. , Lennoxtown 

Coal Masters and Coal Agents. 

Marked "a" are Agents only. 

a Black, John, Torrance 
Cotner, James, Lennoxtown 
a Downie, Thos., Lennoxtown 
Hurlet and Campsie Alum Co., 

Kirk, John, Lennoxtown 
a Morrison, John, Torrance 
a Muirhead, Mat., Lennoxtown 
Pitcairn, Gilbert, Milton of Campsie 
Watson, John, Lennoxtown 

Confectioners — see Bakers. 

Drapers, Dressmakers, & Milliners. 
Abercrombie, A., Lennoxtown 
Bisland, Christina, Strathblane 
Blanefore Store, Strathblane 
Brown, John, Lennoxtown 
Campbell, J., Lennoxtown 
Colville, Mrs, Lennoxtown 
Coubrough, A. & M. , Lennoxtown 
Cullen, Thos., Strathblane 




Davidson, Robt., Lennoxtown 
Fairlie, Eliz. , Lennoxtown 
Fleming, John T. , Lennoxtown 
Lennoxtown Victualling Soc, Ltd 
M'Lintock, J. & Sons, Lennoxtown 
Russell, John, Milton 
Smith, Janet, Lennoxtown 

Dressmakers — see Drapers. 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Campbell, J., & C , Lennoxtown 
Hamilton, J., & Co., Lennoxtown 
Taylor, J., & Co., Lennoxtown 
Paton, Robt. C, Lennoxtown 
Waddell, A., & Sons, Torrance 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked 'a' are Spirit Dealers. 

Beveridge, Mrs. J., Haughead 
Bilsland, Christina, Strathblane 
Black, John, Torrance 
Blanefield Store, Strathblane 
Bowley, Wm., Torrance 
Brown, John, Lennoxtown 
Buchanan, Campbell, Torrance 
Buchanan, Helen, Balmore, Balder- 
Chappelle, Henry, Lennoxtown 
Cowan, Wm. J., Milton of Campsie 
a Cowan, J., (licensed grocer), 

a Cullen, Thomas, (licensed grocer), 

Davidson, Robert, Lennoxtown 
Hamilton, Wm., Lennoxtown 
Inglis, John, Torrance 
Jack, James, Lennoxtown 
Jarvie, Mrs., Lennoxtown 
Jarvie, Anthy,, Lennoxtown 
Lennoxtown Victualling Soc. Ltd. 
M'Cahill, James, Lennoxtown 
M 'In tyre, D., Lennoxtown 
M'Lintock, Js & Sons, Lennoxtown 
M'Queen, J., Haughead of Campsie 
M'Queen, John, Torrance 
Miller, Eliza, Torrance 
Morrison, John, Torrance 
Morrison, Wm., Baldernock 
Napier, Mrs., Torrance 
Renfrew, Wm., Strathblane 


a Russell, John, (licensed grocer), 

Sinclair, Peter, Lennoxtown 
Taylor, J. & Co., Lennoxtown 
Watson, Miss M., Lennoxtown 

Home Hiring and Porting 
Blair, George, M., Torrance 

Hotels and Posting Houses. 

Commercial Inn — Mrs Macdonald, 

Crown Inn — David Provan, Clachan 

Lennox Arms — Thomas Logan, Len- 

Swan Inn — James Smith, Lennox- 

Innkeepers and Spirit Dealers. 
Buchanan, Walter, Strathblane 
Cowan, Wm. (wine and spirit mer- 
chant), Lennoxtown 
Dougherty, James (spirit merchant) 

Gilmore, Annabel, Lennoxtown 
Glendinning, Mrs (wine and spirit 

merchant), Strathblane 
Goldie, Hugh, Lennoxtown 
Hendry, Bernard, Haughead 
M'AUan, Margaret, Lennoxtown 
M'Cahill, Ann, Lennoxtown 
M'Callum, Robert, Lennoxtown 
M'Queen, Agnes, Torrance 
Mitchell, Isabella, Torrance 
Philip, Thomas (spirit merchant), 

Seath,Wm. (spiritmerchant), Craig- 
head Inn, Milton of Campsie 
Sloan, Peter, Lennoxtown 
Smith, James (spirit merchant), 

Insurance Companies and Agents. 
Caledonian-T. M'Ew en, Baldernock 
North British and Mercantile — 

Wm. White, Lennoxtown 
Northern Standard — J. N. M. 
Shand, Lennoxtown 

Joiners and Wrights. 
Cunningham, A., Torrance 




Ferguson, M. , Lennoxtown 
Goodwin, Jn. , Baimore, lialdernock 
Gray, J., Milton of Campsie 
Niven, Wm, , Lennoxtown 
Shields, John. Torrance 
Wright, Andrew, Strathblane 

Lime Burners. 
Hurlet and Campsie Alum Co. Ltd, 

Kirk, John. Lennoxtown 
Muirhead, Matthew. Lennoxtown 
Pitcairn, Gilbert, Milton 

Feme, David. Balgrachan 
Hay, Wm., Raldernook 
Wallace, Win., Glorat Mill 

Milliner -a — see Drapers. 

Plumber and Gasfitter. 
Gilmour, Robert, Lennoxtown 

Spirit Dealer* — see Innkeepers. 

Stone Masons and Builders. 
Duncan, James, Lennoxtown 
Graham, W., Lennoxtown 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Gibson, John R. , Lennoxtown 
Miller, Thomas, Lennoxtown 
Rankine, Walter L., Strathblane 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Blane, Archd.. Lennoxtown 
Davidson, Robt. , Lennoxtown 
M'Neil, D., Strathblane 
Marshall, Peter, Strathblane 
Sword, John, Lennoxtown 


Bleachers and Finishers — Jn. Yuill 
& Co., Campsie 

China and Glass Dealer — Edward 
Murray, Lennoxtown 

Cooper — James Richmond, Lennox- 

County Inspector — Alex. Lamb, 

Factor — John Pvoss, Lennoxtown 

Flock Manufacturer — David Ham- 
ilton, Strathblane 

Ironmongers and Oilmen — Laing & 
Kennedy, Lennoxtown 

Millers of Moulders' Blacking — 
Wm. Cummings & Co., Milton of 

Painter — Patrick Ogilvy, Lennox- 

Saddle and Harness Maker— David 
Doig, Lennoxtown 

Sheriff Officer and Bellman — Wm. 
Hunter, Lennoxtown 

Slater — John Wright, Lennoxtown 





SLAMANNAN is a parish lying on the south bank of the river Avon, 
extending along the margin of that stream for about 5 miles, and is 
from 3 to I miles in breadth. The village is distanced 7 miles s. from 
Falkirk. There is a railw'ay station close to the place, on a branch of the 
North British line. The whole neighbourhood abounds in collieries, but 
the surface is principally composed of bogs and moss. There are a few 
dairy farms in the parish. Acreage of the parish, 7,062. 





Avonbridge is a small village, partly in the parish of Slamannan and 
partly in that of Muiravonside, 4 miles from Slamannan, and about 7 S.E. 
from Falkirk. The railway station, which is on the Slamannan branch of 
the North British line, is close to the village. Acreage returned with 

Business Director 


Bakers and Confectioners. 
Binnie, John. Avonbridge 
Co-operative So., Ltd., Slamannan 
Laing, Charles, Slamannan 
Mitchell, James, Slamannan 

Bank of Scotland, Slamannan — 
Thos. Mitchell, agent 

Black and Shoeivy Smiths. 

Hill, John, Avonbridge 
Kidd Alex.. Slamannan 
M'Leau, Chas , Slamannan 

Boot and Shoe Maker*. 
Affleck Sanil., Slamannan 
Co-operative So. Ltd., Slamannan 
James, Charles, Slamannan 
Nimmo, David, Slamannan 
Watson, James M., Slamannan 

Builders — see Joiners. 

China and Glass Dealers. 
Irvine, Win., Slamannan 
M'Alpine, Robert, Slamannan 

Coal Proprietors. 
Barnsmuir Coal Co., Slamannan 
Black, Wm. , & Son, Southfield 
Forrester, R. . (trust of), Rough rigg 
Genmiell, James, West Longrigg 
Grayrigg Coal Co., Muiravonside 
Hay, M., & Son, Slamannan 
Nimmo, Jas., & Co., Slamannan 
Nimmo, Jn., & Son. Balquhatstone 
Watson, John, Ltd., Binniehill, &c 
Wilkie, Wm., Arnloss 

Baxter, John, Slamannan 
Co-operative So. Ltd.. Slamannan 
Gentleman, Robert, Slamannan 
Hay, Geo. (and tailor and clothier), 

Hay, Robt. (and tailor and clothier), 

Marshall, Alex., Slamannan 
Watson, James M., Slamannan 

Dressmakers and Milliners. 
Hay, Mrs Geo., Slamannan 
Kennedy, Janet (milliner, &c. ), 

Storrar, Mrs, Slamannan 

Fancy Repository. 
Richardson, A., Slamannan 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

' Fishers. 
Bennie, Alex . Slamannan 
Co-operative So. Ltd., Slamannan 
Dobbie, Jas., & Son, Slamannan 
Nisbet, Win., Slamannan 
Walker, Mrs, & Son, Slamannan 

Furniture Dealers. 
Gibson, D., Slamannan 
Turiansky, B. , Slamannan 

Grain Merchants. 
Shanks, Robert, Castlehill 
Waugh, Allan, Avonbridge 
Waugh. James, Avonbridge 




Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked "a" are Spirit Dealers. 

Bennie, David F. , Slamannan 
Binnie, John, Avonbridge 
Calder, Alex., Slamannan 
Co-operative So. Ltd. , Slamannan 
Dickson, John, Slamannan 
Forrester, Robt. (and tailor and 

clothier), Avonbridge 
Hay, Robert, Avonbridge 
Smith, George, Slamannan 
Watson, Thos. , Slamannan 
a Wilson, Mrs J. , Limeriggs 
a Wilson, Robt. (licensed grocer), 

a Wood, Wm., Slamannan 

Hotels and Posting Houses. 

Crown Hotel — John Norval, Sla- 

Royal — Mrs John Campbell, Sla- 

St Lawrence — Wm. M'AUister, 

Innkeepers and Spirit Dealers. 
Cooper, Henry, Rosebank 
Jenkins, John, Slamannan 
Nisbet, Geo. (spirit merchant), 

Ponton, John, Avonbridge 
Waddell, Mary, Binnie Hill id 

Ironmongers and Hardwaremen. 
Binnie, Matthew, Slamannan 
Gibson, D. , Slamannan 
Gillespie, Alex., Slamannan 

Joiners and Builders. 
Forrester, Robt., Avonbridge 
Gilchrist, Jno., Avonbridge 
Hardie, Alex , Avonbridge 
Jamieson, Geo., Lodge 
M'Lintock, Matthew (and timber 

merchant), Slamannan 
Main, John, Slamannan 
Murray, Robert, Slamannan 

Medical Herbalist. 
Gardiner, Wm., Slamannan 

Milliners — see Dressmakers. 


Painter and Decorator. 
Doig, Walter, Slamannan 

Saddle and Harness Maker. 
Grant, Peter, Slamannan 

Spirit Dealers — see Innkeepers. 

Stationers and Newsagents. 
Irvine, Wm., Slamannan 
Murphy, Mrs J., Slamannan 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Boyd, Jno., Slamannan 
Waddell, J. B., Slamannan 
Young, Joseph, Slamannan 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Baxter, John, Slamannan 
Co-operative So. Ltd., Slamannan 
Forrester, Robt., Avonbridge 
Hay, George, Slamannan 
Hay, Robert, Avonbridge 
M'Dowall, Thos., Slamannan 
Marshall, Alex., Slamannan 

Tea Dealers. 
London & Dublin Tea Co., Slaman- 
Richardson, A., Slamannan 

Timber Merchant. 
M'Lintock, Matthew, Slamannan 

Tinsmiths, the. 
Boyd, Wm., Slamannan 
Gillespie, Alex., Slamannan 
Nimmo, David, Slamannan 

Woollen Manufacturers. 
Gardner, A. & D. , Avonbridge 

Cattle Dealer — John Gentleman, 

Factor — J Colcpdioun, Peatriggend 
Hairdresser — Alex. Marshall"," Sla- 
Miller— Wm. Gray, Slamannan 
Refreshment Rooms — J. Dobbie, 

Watchmaker and Jeweller — Archd. 
Norval, Slamannan 





Gun and Fishing* Tackle 

11 Royal Exchange Square, 

Glasgow, and 

31 Port Street, Stirling-. 

Invites attention to his latest Hammerless Gun, the most reliable 
ejector extant. His Ten Guinea Hammerless Gun. 

His well-known ;£ 6 10s Gun and £5 Steel Barrelled Guns. 

Twist Barrelled Breechloaders from £'5 10s. 

Ammunition of reliable quality at Lowest prices 

In the Fishing Tackle Department 

His Interchangable Rod and Eureka Rod-Joint. Flies dressed 

to order on the shortest notice. 

Repairs in both departments promptly attended to. 






Visitors to Stirling should call at the above Establishment, 
where a First Class assortment of all kinds of Wines, Spirits, 
and Liquors can be had at Moderate Charges. 

First Class accommodation for 

Excursion, Pic-Nic, and other parties. 



3obn Hfcams, proprietor. 






STIRLING is an ancient town, the capital of the county and parish of 
its name, and a royal and parliamentary burgh ; 35 miles w. by N. 
from Edinburgh, 28 N. by e. from Glasgow, 33^ s.w. from Perth, 11 N.W. 
from Falkirk, 7 w. from Alloa, and 6 s. from Dunblane. Like the old 
town of Edinburgh, Stirling is situated on the sloping ridge of a rock, the 
precipitous end of which, towards the west, is occupied by the castle. The 
prospects from hence are most delightful and extensive ; towards the east 
especially, they are enchanced by the windings of the Forth, the ruins of 
the Abbey of Cambuskenneth, the tower of which has been renovated and 
ornamented at great expense, the Abbey Craig, with Wallace's monument 
on the summit, and the city of Edinburgh in the distance. While the 
situation of Stirling is thus one of the most pleasing and picturesque in the 
country, it is a place noted for its antiquities and the historical associa- 
tions connected with them. 

As was the case with Edinburgh, Stirling arose as a suburb in contiguity 
with the castle. The latter stands on a basaltic rock, and around it is a 
pleasant walk, carried from the town, in many places cut out of the solid 
rock ; and from this walk are several very interesting views, and it affords 
an excellent opportunity for examining the basaltic pillars of which the 
rock is composed. 

Being the county town, the courts of the sheriff are held here. The 
chief manufactures of Stirling are carpets, tartans, tweeds, winceys, 
and shawls. There is also a large wool-spinning factory, and two coach- 
making establishments. The other leading avocations are tanning nail- 
makings and agricultural implement making. 

{j Cambusbarron is a village in the parish of St Ninians, situated 1 mile 
west of Stirling. 

Cambuskenneth is a small village in the parish of Logie, county of 
Clackmannan, situated opposite to Stirling, on the north side of the river 
Forth, on one of the peninsulas formed by the windings of the river. 





Causewayhead is a small village in the parish of Logie, about midway 
between Bridge of Allan and Stirling, situated in the counties of Stirling 
and Clackmannan. 

Business Directory. 

A cademies and Schools. 
Burton, SVlssS A. M., Ladies' 

Private Establishment, 13 Pitt 

Kerr, Misses, 4 Melville terrace 

Aerated Water Manufacturers and 

Colquhoun, A., 29 Burghmuir 
Liddel, Robert (and grocer and 

spirit merchant), 40 King st 
IVI'CaSlwsTS, Jas. (and beer and 

stout bottler), 33 Port st 
M'Nicol, Robt., 31 Broad st 

Agricultural Implement Makers. 
Kemp & Nicholson, Forth st 
Miller, Robt., Upper Craigs 
Scoular, John, Kerse Mill 
Smith, Robt., 62 Upper Craigo 

Architects and Surveyors. 
Allan, John, 4 Port st 
M'Luckie & Walker, 48 Barton st 
Simpson, Wm. , 61 King st 
Young, J. M. Hardy, 59 
Murray pi 

Auctioneers and Valuators. 

Those marked " a " are Valuators onlj 7 . 

Baxter, David G., 42 Dumbarton rd 
a Currie, Robt. (valuator), 32 Baker 

a Nicholson, Peter, Elmbank 
Speedie Bros., Wallace st 
Stewart & Gow, 22 Barnton st 
Watt, Henry P., 22 Baker st 

Aitken, Wm., St Ninians 
Allan, K., & Son, 17 St Mary's wd 
Brodie, Peter (successor to Jas. 
Millar & Sons, and confectioners), 
34, 55, and 57 Port st, and 69 
King st 

Clark, R. , 45 Murray pi 

Ellder, TiilOS., 4 Upper Craigs 

(bakery, 19 George st, connected 

by telephone) 
Hall, Alex., 71 Baker st 
Neil, James, 15 Broad st and 13 

Port st 
Mitchell, Wm. , St Ninians 
Stirling Co-operative Soc. , Cowane 

Young, J. &. A„, 54 Baker st 

(branches, 3 Baker st and St 

Mary's wynd) 

Baby Linen and Underclothing 
Repositories — see Berlin Wool Re- 

Bank of Scotland, 52 King st, Jas. 

W. Campbell, agent 
British Linen Co., King st, Arthur 

Brown, agent 
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 65 King st, 

John Niven, agent 
Commercial Bank, Ltd., 77 Murray 

place, Jas. M. Morrison, agent 

Commercial, The, Bank 

o-f Austral Bia, Ltd., 88 Port 

st, A. & J. Jenkins, agents — see 

National Bank of Scotland. Ld., 66 

Murray pi, Daniel Ferguson and 

S. D. Murrie, agents 
Royal Bank of Scotland, 25 King st 

Wm. Paton, agent 
Union Bank of Scotland, Ld. , King 

st, Robt. MacLuckie, agent 

Basket Makers. 
Hogg, A., 27 King st 
Welsh, E., 27 Broad st 





Berlin Wools and Baby Linen 
Danskin, Miss Annie, 12 Arcade 
Duirscara, ftfflrs Jane (and 
milliner and dressmaker), 1 Dum- 
barton rd 
Gowans, Miss, 30 Baker st 
Gray. M., 17 Port st 
Grieve, A., 9 Murray pi 
Jollie, Mrs, Arcade 
M 'Arthur, Miss, 74 Port st 
M'Farlane, M., 33, 35 Arcade 
M'Kellar, Miss, 26 Baker st 
Reid, E. & J., 32 Murray pi 
Simpson, Miss, 18 Friars st 
Thomson, Miss J. G., 16 Port st 

Bicycle and Cycle Dealers and 
Lamb, Thos., 45 Murray pi 
Owen, Geo., jun., 69 Port st 
Virtue & Co. (and wholesale and 
retail ironmongers), 14 Murray pi 
— see advt on front inside cover 

Blacksmiths — see Smiths. 


Shearer <g> Son, The Hall, 67^ 

Port st 
Strathearn, J. , 34 Barton st 

Booksellers, Stationers, and News- 
Cook & Wyllie.'s Port st 
Crawford & Co., 7 King st 
Crocket, James, 57 King st 
Hardie, J. W., 120 Baker st 
Harvey, Chas. , 6 Baker st 
Henderson, Alex., 28 Bow st 
Mackay, Eneas, 41 Murray pi 
Paterson, J. , 29 Upper Craigo 
Shearer & Son (and book- 
binders), 6 King st 
Shanks, Mat., Cambusbarron 
Shirra, W. L., S3 Port st 
Somerville, Wm., 2 Barnton st 
Strathearn, J., 34 Barnton st 
Tract Depot, Dumbarton rd 

Boat Hiring Establishment. 
Watson, Ts., Abbey Ferry 
(boats on hire), Cambuskenneth 

Boot and Shoe Makers 
Allison, Alex., Cambusbarron 
Barclay, A., St Ninians 
Bos well, Win., IS Baker st 
Camming, Wright, 6 Bow st 
Dickson, J., 31 Arcade 
FerjgissairB, Hugh, 2 Port st 
Gillespie, Wm. , 30 Barnton st 
Gilmour, David, 56 Baker st 
Gray, Thos. A., 38 Baker st 
Low, Thos., 4 Baker st 
Macintosh, J. F. , 45 Port st 
Moffat, J. B. W., 8 Baker st 
Page, John, Upper Castle Hill 
Percy & Co., 32 King st 
Scott, Edward, 59 King st 
Shennan, B. D. , Barton st 
Smith, Gabriel, 63 King st 
Stoddart, Miss, 60 Port st 
Walker, Miss, 48 Arcade 
Wright, J., St Ninians 

Brassfounders — see Plumbers. 

Brick and Tile Maker. 
Govan, Johs-J, Office, Wallace 
st Works, Cornton Brick and Tile 
Works, near Bridge of Allan and 
Errol, Perthshire 

Brokers and Furniture Dealers. 
Barclay, M. , 9h St Mary's wd 
Duffin, J., 8. 18, 20 Bow st 
Hogaira, Wlrs, dealer in Modern 

Antique Furniture, & Old China, 

79, 83 Baker st 

Builders and Contractors. 
Aitken, P. & W., Newhouse 
Banningan & Fotheringham, 98 St 

Mary's wd 
Gillespie, John, 37 Cowane st 
Gourlay, Wm., 9 Dumbarton rd 
Govan, Joseph, Barnton st 
Head! toridge, A. ik J., Cause- 

Lamb & Simpson, 42 Murray pi 
M'Pherson, Wm., Barnton st 
Reynolds, B. , St Ninians 
Ronald, James, Allan Park 
Soutar, James, 4 George st 





Cahinetmakers, Upholster en, and 
Undertakers — see Joiners, &c. 

Carriage Hirers 
Burgess, James, Port st 
Hathaway, Thos. , Murray pi 
Knupper, Theodore, Royal Hotel 
Lennox, James, Golden Lion and 
Station Hotels 

Carting Contractors. 
Cowan & Co., N. 1!. Railway 
Muir, Thos., Son, & Patton, C.R. 

M'Kerracher, D., C.R. Station 
Robertson, Robt. , Orchard pi 
Taylor, James, St Niuians 
Wordie & Co., C.R. Station 

Cartwrights — see Joiners. 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Dancanson & Raffin. 36 Port st 
Livingstone, John, 58 Baker st 
M'Nicol, John, 12 Bainton st 
Moore, Wm. J.. 24 Murray pi 
Shairp, Wm., 79 Port st— see 

Walker, Thos., 67 King st— 

see advt 

Chemists — Manufacturing. 
Shand, Geo.. & Co. , Causewayhead 
Turnbull & Co., Thistle st 

Coach Builders. 
Cowan, D. , 14 Spittal st 
Kinross, Wm., & Son, 39 Port st 
Thomson, George, Orchard pi 
Wright, Peter. 16 Wolfcraig 

Coal Merchants and Agents. 
Alloa Coal Co. , Wallace st 
Anderson, Wm., N. B. Railway 

7 Shore rd — see advt 
Gardener, Henry, 33^ Murray pi 
Headbridge, A., Causewayhead 
Lockhart, John, Shore rd 
M'Kerracher, Dank, Thistle st 
M'Lachlan, Archd., 4 Viewfield pi 
Muir, Thos., Son, & Patton, C.R. 

Murray, F. (coalmaster), Oakbank, 

Clifford rd 
Robertson, Robert, Orchard pi 
Watchman, Wm. , St Niuians 

Erodte, Peter (successor to Jas. 
Miller & Sons, and bakers), 34, 
55, 57 Port st, and 69 King st 
Cowan, M., 34 Burnton st 
Foster, Janet, 26 Arcade 
Girvan, M. J.. 14 Arcade 
Halkett, Robt., 40 Arcade 
Keith & Ralston, 10 Port st 
Macmahon, Miss Jane, S Arcade 
Oliphant. Jas., <fc Co. (wholesale), 

Maxwell pi 
Sinclair, Jas., 13 Murray pi 
Thornburn, Miss, 50 Barnton st 
Young, J. & A., o laker st 

Harvey, Peter, St Ninians 
Haldane & Co., Abbey rd 
Mowat, James, St Ninians 
Wordie, Misses, 33 King st 

Cork Manufacturer. 
Adam, RoEbt., Lower Craigs 

Com Merchants — see Millers. 


-see Tanners. 


Livingstone, A., 16 Upper Craigs 
Mackie, George, 32 Baker st 
Morrison, J. ,22 Upper Craigs 

Dancing Master. 
Mackenzie, D. R. , 12 Maxwell pi 

Brown, Wm. S., 60 Murray pi 
Common-Keith, Robt., 64 Murray 

Marshall, David, 1 Melville ter 
Piatt, L. J., 64 Murray pi 

Stevenson, Louis, l.d.s.r.c.s. 

Eng. , dental surgeon, 47 Port st 

Ewing, David, 5 Friars st 
Fearnside, B. & Co., 26 Murray pi 




Gavin, H. & Son, 1 King st 
Inglis & Smith, 43 King st 
Johnston, W. & A., 48 King st 
La-vson, Robert, 32 Baker st 
M'Aree Bros., 64 Baker st 
M'Donald, John. & Co., 21 King st 
M'Farlane, M. , 33, 3.5 Arcade 
M'Kenzie, I)., 29 Murray pi 
JVJenzies, Thos,, & Co. (carpet 
house furnishing, general drapery 
warehousemen, dress and mantle 
makers and milliners) 36, 38 
King st 
Miller, John (draper and tailor 
and clothier), 82 Baker st — see 
Morgan, Geo., 67 Port st 
Nicol, Joseph. 20 Baker st 
Nicol, J., 75 King st 
'Thomson, William, Arcade 
Wallace, R. , 89 Port st 

Dressmaker* and Milliners. 
■Campbell, Miss, 7 Murray pi 
■Carnegie, Mrs W. , 2 Viewfield pi 
Danskin. Miss Annie, 12 Arcade 
Duncan, Mrs Jane, 1 Dumbarton rd 
Dunn & Wilson, 24 Port st 
Fleming, Misses 52 Barnton st 
■Glass, Miss, 33 Baker st 
Gray. M., 17 Port st 
Hart, M. , 20 Barnton st 
Hutcheson, Misses, 47 Port st 
.Johnston, Misses, 20 Barton st 
Jollie, Mrs, Arcade 
M'Ewen, Miss, 48 Port st 
Macfarlane, Misses, 87 Port st 
M'Kerrar & Young, Cambusbarron 
M'Lachlan & Brown, 8 Murray pi 
M'Leod, Misses, 58 Port st 
M'Leod, Miss A., 53 Port st 
Roy, Miss Helen, Cause wayhead 
Squair, Miss, 10 Barnton st 
Menzies, Thos. , & Co. (dress and 

mantle makers and milliners) 36, 

38 King st 
Turner, Miss, 53 King st 
Walls, Misses, St Ninians 
Young, Miss, 45 King st 

Dyers and Cleaners. 
Angus, J. & J. , 15, 33 Port st 
•Crichton, J., 61 King st 

Engineer* and Ironfonnders. 
Banks, Bros. & Co. , Lower Craigs 
Davie, J., & Son, 28 Orchard pi 
Frater, Robt (sanitary engineer), 

73 Port st 
Kemp & Nicholson, Forth st 
M'Naughton, Wm., Park In 
Miller, Robt., Upper Craigs 
Scoular, John, Kerse mill 

Fancy Repositories — see Toy and 
Fancy Repositories. 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fishing Rod and Tackle Makers. 

Horton, Wm., and gun manu- 
facturer, 31 Port st and 11 Royal 
Exchange sq, Glasgow — see advt 
facing Stirling 

Michie, G. M. & Co., 35 King st 

Fishmongers, Game and Poultry 

Those marked 'a' are Fishmongers only. 

Breraner, Sutherland, 24 Barnton st 

Buchanan, And., Barnton st 

Forrester, Arthur, 42 Barnton st 

Forrester, David, 45 Baker st 

Johnstone, John, 68 Port st 

a Johnstone, Mrs, 54 Port st 

a Murray & Dryburgh, 28 Barnton 

Rintoul, Mrs., 7 Port st 

Binnie, Alex., 56 Barnton st 
Oullens, W. J. & J., (butchers 

and ham curers), 10, 12, Baker st 

and 11 Port st 
Forsyth, Wm. , Cambusbarron 
Mowat, Bros., 11 Upper Craigs 
Mowat, Thos., 75, 77 Baker st 
Murray, W. M. , 5 Bow st 
Rankine, Mrs., St. Ninians 
Roberts, Robt., 19 Port st 
Thomson, Robt., 29 Port st 

and Bannockburn 
Thomson, D., 44 Port st and 27 

Friars et 
Zellar, G. M., 43 Baker st 

Florists — see Seedsmen 





Fruiterers and Greengrocers 
Bremner, Sutherland, 24 Barnton st 
Craig, John, 3 Murray pi 
Keir, Alex. , 78 Port st 
Macmahon, Miss Jane, 8 Arcade 
Muir, Peter, 65 Port st 
Whyte, Mrs., Spittal st 

Furniture Dealers — see Brokers. 

Funeral Undertakers' Furnishers. 
Pearson & Co., 11, 13, Friars st 

Game and Poultry Dealers — see 

Glass and China Dealers. 
Adam, Robt, 21 Port st and 

Bridge of Allan — see advt facing 

county history 
Crawford, Wm,, 26 Murray pi 
Hodgson, SVHar&S, (and rag and 

waste merchant), 23, 25, and 27 

Spittal st 
Sangster & Co. , 84 Spittal st 
Stewart, Miss J., 28 Port st 
Wingate, M. , SO Baker st 


Those marked e are Spirit Dealers. 

Adamson, Ihos. & Co., 29 Arcade 
e Anderson, Jas. , 57 Baker st 
Angus, Thos., 86 Baker st 
e Baird, A., St. Ninians 
Bayne, Uav. , 100 Cowane st 
Bilsland, J. & J., 13 New-house 
e Brown, Jno. , 62 Baker st 
e Buchanan, And. (licensed grocer), 

9 Baker st 
e Buchanan, John, 7 Broad st 
Co-operative Soc, Cambusbarron 
e CowlarotsgE-a 8l Wiercor, (& 
spirit merchants), 14 Port st, 35 
Wallace st. Bridge of Allan, Cal- 
lander and Aberfoyle 
l Crawford, W. & Son (and spirit 

merchants), 9 L. Bridge st 
e dimming, And. , 28 Baker st 
e Dow, Mrs. Wm. , 34 Bow st 
c Duffy Bros., 12 Bow st 
e Dunne, Jno., 17 Bow st 
Dunmore, Alex., 56 Port st 
e Easson, Wm. , 102 Baker st 

Ferguson Bros., 14 King st 
e Gillespie, Jno., 51 Port st 
e Glen, M., St. Ninians 
e Lennox, Jno. & Co., 10 Murray st 
e LicJirJeS, iftotot. (and spirit mer- 
chant and Eerated water manufac- 
turer), 40 King st 
Lidddel, Wm., 40 Upper Craigs 
e Low, Wm. & Co. (and spirit 
merchants), 5!) Port st and 25 
M 'Donald, John, Post Office, St. 

e M'Ewan Bros , 1G Barnton st 
eM'Ewan, Duncan (family grocer, 
tea, wine, and spirit merchant), 
36 Barnton st 
e M'Ewen, O. &. J. & Co., (& 
spirit merchants), 40 Port st and 
6 Broad st. Branches — Callander 
Bridge of Allan, and Dunblane 
M'Laren, Mrs., 16 Friars st 
eM'Lay, Mrs. (licensed grocer), St. 

e SV3athiesoo, A. (and wine and 

spirit merchant), .St. Ninians 
e Melles, James, Cambusbarron 
e Menzies, Robt., 22 Bow st 
e Menzies, Peter, 20 Upper Craigs 
e Millar, Jas. & Sons, 29 Friars st 
e Morris, Mrs, 110 Kaker st 
Pollock, Jas. M., 8 Cowane st 
e Robertson & M'Farlane, (& spirit 
merchants), 46 Port st : branches, 
Bridge of Allan, Bannockburn, &. 
e Scobie, W. & R., 67 Baker st 
Smail, Mrs, Newhouse 
e Stevenson, Mrs, St. Ninians 
Stirling Co-operative Society, 37 U. 

Taylor, Jas., Cambusbarron 
e Wilkie, Duncan, Cambusbarron 
e Yates, Wm., 51 Murray pi 


Norton, Wm. (and fishing rod 
& tackle manufacturer), 31 Port 
.st and 11 Royal Exchange sq., 
Glasgow — see adv facing Stirling 

Michie, G. M. & Co., 35 Ring st 





Hairdressers and Perfumers. 
Dale, John-T., 30 Port st 
■ Galashan, J., 10 Arcade 
Mackieson, Jos., 6 Barn ton st 

Ham Carers. 

CuiSens, W. J. &. J. (& but- 
chers), 10, 12 Baker st and 11 
Port st 

Lipton, Thos., L„ 27 Port st 

Hatters, Hosiers, and Glovers. 
Anderson, Bros., 3 King st 

Dow, James, 19 King st 

Hodge, Daniel, 15 King st 

Hay Rake Makers. 
Finlayson, M. & Son, (and joiners 
and cart wrights), Springfield 

Horse Hiring and Posting Establish- 
ments — see Carriage Hirers 

Hotels — Family and Commercial. 
Castle — Thos. Low, Mt. Pleasant 

Commercial Railway — Miss Lagg- 

muir, 9 Port st 
Corn Exchange — James Crichton, 

King st 
Crown — Jas. M'Craeken, Arcade 
DougBaS — Burgess & Morgan, 

Dowdy's — (Temperance), 5 King 

Golden Lion & Station- 
James Lennox, 10 King st and 

Murray pi 
M'Alpine, Peter, (Temperance), 4 

Murray pi 
Queen's — John Stewart, 56 Murray 

Royal — Theodore Knupper, Friars 

Scot's Wha Hae — Geo. Simpson, St 

Smith, Mrs. Temperance 36 Murray 

Star — (Family, Commercial, and 

Posting), Mrs. D. L. Lowden, 2 

Baker st 
Sun Snn— John Adams, 53 King 

st — see advt facing Stirling 


Whitehead's — (Temperance) Top of 

Insurance Companies and Agents. 

Alliance — Chrystal & Morris, 11 

King st 
Caledonian Plate Glass — James 

Brown, 10 Barnton st 
City of Glasgow— Wm. Paton, 23 

King st 
Commercial Union — James Brown, 

10 Barnton st and Thomas Muir- 

head, 4 Wolfcraig 
Edinburgh— Chrystal & Morris, 11 

King st 
English and Scottish Boiler — D. 

Ferguson and S. D. Murrie, 66 

Murray pi 
Guardian — Wm. Paton 23 King st 
Lancashire — A. & J. Jenkins, 80 

Port st 
Lancashire and London — A. & J. 

Jenkins, SO Port st 
Liverpool, London, and Globe — 

Philip & Dobbie, 3 Port st 
North British and Mercantile — A. 

C. Buchanan, 26 Port st and Philp 
& Dobbie, 3 Port st 

Northern Accident — D. Ferguson & 
S. D. Murrie, 66 Murray pi 

Norwich and London Accident — 
James Brown, 10 Barnton st 

Prudential — T. Wann, Superinten- 
dent, 9 Viewforth pi 

Scottish Amicable — James Brown, 
10 Barnton st 

Scottish Life — D. Ferguson and S. 

D. Murrie, 66 Murray pi 
Scottish Union and National — D. 

Ferguson and S. D. Murrie, 6& 
Murray pi ; Chrystal & Morris, 11 
King st ; J. S. Fleming, 26 Port 

Scottish Widows' Fund — A. C. 
Buchanan, 26 Port st and D. Fer- 
guson and S. D. Murrie, 66 Mur- 
ray pi 

Standard— Philp & Dobbie, 3 Port 

Stirlingshire Friendly Soc. — John 
Ramsay, 11 Bruce st 

Sun — Thos. Muirhead, 4 Wolfcraig 




Irovfounders — see Engineers. 

Iron and Steel Merchants. 
M'Ewen, Daniel, (and wire 

fencing manufacturer) Dumbarton 
Somerville, Wm. , 1 Port st 

•Graham & Morton, 49 King st 
Henderson 8t Paterson, 9 

King st — see adv facing front 
inside cover 

.Somerville, Win., 1 Port st 

Smart. Wm., (and Hardware- 
man and Tinsmith), 35 Baker st 

Speed, Arch. . 4 Broad st 

Virtue, G. & Co., (wholesale 
& retail ironmongers and bicycle 
and cycle agents), 14 Murray pi 
— see adv on front inside cover 

Welsh, Thomas, (and Tinsmith), St 

Jewellers and Watchmakers. 
Archibaid, Wm., is Port st— 

see advt 
Chambers, Thos., 8 Upper Craigs 

■ Christie, Wm., 36 Port st 
Drummond, John T. , 36 Arcade 
Drunnnond, R. & Son, \o Murray pi 
Harvey & Hunter, 55 King st 
Hepting, Lambert, 11 Mur- 
ray pi 

M'Gregor, Duncan, St. Ninians 
M'Kenzie, Wm., 7 Baker st 
Robertson, Alex., 4 Barnton st 
Stewart, D. & J., 22 Port st 
Swan, A. & Son, (working 
jewellers, silversmiths, watch- 
makers, &c. ), 8 Port st 
Thomson, James, 1 Bow st 
Thomson, M. 0., 18 Murray pi 

Joiners, Cabinetmakers, and 
Bryce, Wm., 16 King st 
Burt & Simpson, 81 Port st 

■ Carnie, John, 16 King st 
Currie, Robt., 32 Baker st 
Donaldson, Alex., Cambusbarron 
Donaldson, J., Dumbarton rd 
Finlayson, M. & Son, (and 

cartwrights and hay rake makers) 

Forrest, A. 2s. W., 71 King st 
Galashan, D. , 36 Baker st 
Gardner, J., St. Ninians 
Henderson, Alex., 30 Bow st 
Henderson, Thos. 8s. Son, 

(and licensed appraisers), 43 Port 

Hetherington, Robt., (and 

removal contractor), 7 Friars st 

Workshops — 6 Baker st 
Hunter, J. & L., 17 King st 

and 44 Barnton st 
Kemp, Alex., Dumbarton rd 
Lamb and Simpson, 42 Murray pi 
M'Dougall, Wm., 13 George st 
M'I.ellan, John, 45 Murray pi 
M'Nab, Thos., 20 Friars st 
M'Pherson, Wm., (and Builder), 

Barnton st 
Mailer, Wm., 70 Baker st 
Meiklejohn, Alex., Drip rd 
Morrison & Sons, Dumbarton rd 
Meiklejohn, James, Craig mill 
Nicol, James, Barnton st 
Pearson & Co., (and Funeral 

Undertakers' Furnishers), 11, 13 

Friars st, works— Spittal square 
Robertson, Don , Craig mill 
Short 8s. Fairful, 62 Upper 

Smith, R. , Barnton st 
Wallace, Robt., 81 Port st 
Watt, H. P., 22 Baker st 


Ai<-ken, J., Burghmuir 
Paterson, jno. , & Co. , Burghmuir 
Robertson, John, St Ninians 
Sinclair, J. & Co., Forthbank 
Smith, Robt., & Co. (woollen), 

Parkvale and Hayford Mills, 

Smith, Wm. , Cambusbarron 
Turnbull & Co. (chemical), Thistle st 

Manure and Cake Merchants. 

Gray, J. & Co., Upper Craigs 
Macfarlan, P. (and manufac- 
turer of salt), Shore wharf — see 
advt facing Stirlingshire 





Medical Practitioners and Surgeons. 
Beath, Dr, c B., 6 Melville ter 
Chalmers, Alex.. 42 Newhouse 
Drew, John, 28 Albert pi 
Gibson , Chas. , 1 1 Park ter 
Highet, R. C, 10 Pitt ter 
Johnston, Win. , M.D., 4 Pitt ter 
Lewis, Dr, 12 Glebe cres 
Macintosh, \Y. A., 5 Aber- 

cromby pi 
M'Fadyen, D., 2 Park avenue 
M'Nab, James, 3 Melville ter 
Moodie, Robt., Glebe cres 
Robertson, J. P., 6 Pitt ter 
Wilson, A. F., 1 View-field pi 

Millers and Corn Merchants. 
Miller, J. , & Sons, 29 Friars st 
Walls, Robert, 66 Port st and Kerse 

Milliners — see Dressmakers. 

Mill and Wheel Wrights. 
Gould, John, la Burghmuir 
Kemp & Nicholson, Forth st 
M'Naughton, Wm., Park lane 
Stewart, James, Park lane 

Music and Musical Instrument 


Sowdan &. Forgan, 6 Murray 

pi, and Falkirk 
Stevenson, C. P., 29 Murray pi 

Music Teachers. 
Allum, Chas. E., 10 Glebe cres 
Currie, Arthur D, (a.c.o. Lon. 

L. mus. Organist of High Ch.), 

Allan park 
Dennison, John (teacher of 

violin), 1 Burghmuir 
Hutchison, Miss, 4 Maxwell pi 
M'Kenzie, D. R. (teacher of dancing 

and violin), 12 Maxwell pi 
Samuel, Miss, Park House, Forth 


Nail and Bolt Makers. 
Blown, Thos., St. Ninians 
Ewing, A., St. Ninians 
Jaffray, Alex., Whins of Milton 
Jenkins, Arch., St. Ninians 


M'Lachlan, Arch., Whins of Milton 
Somerville, Jas. , St. Ninians 
Somei'ville, Wm , St. Ninians 
Somerville, John, St. Ninians 

" Bridge of Allan Gazette," Duncan 

& Jamieson, publishers, 26 Upper 

" Bridge of Allan Reporter, 7 ' Mrs 

J. D. Hogg, publisher, 5 King st 
" Callander Advertiser," Duncan & 

Jamieson, publishers, 26 Upper 

" Stirling Journal and Advertiser," 

Mrs J. D. Hogg, publisher, 5 

King st 
"Stirling Wednesday Observer," 

Duncan & Jamieson, publishers, 

26 Upper Craigs 
" Stirling Satdy Observer," Duncan 

& Jamieson, publishers, 26 Upper 

" Stirling Sentinel and County Ad- 
vertiser," Cook h Wylie, pub- 
lishers, Barn ton st 

Nurserymen — see Seedsmen 

Painters and Decorators. 
Brown, Robert, 34 Murray pi < 
Carson, Wm. & Son, 58 Port st 
Dowell, John, 15 Dumbarton rd 
Henderson, Gilbert, 32 Barnton st 
Johnstone, A. (& artists' colour- 
man and picture frame maker), 
34 Arcade 
Scotland, Thos., Broad st 
Walls, John (and picture frame 
maker), 14, 15, 20 Friars st 

Caledonian Loan Co., 10 Broad st 
Letters, Mrs C, 8 St Mary's wynd 
Murray, James, 6 Bank st 

Perambulator Makers. 

Banks Bros., Craigs 
M'Ewen & Co., Abbey rd 

Crowe & Rodgers, 57 Murray pi. 




Graharre, G. (successor to Andw. 

Hoilge), photographic artist, 2 

Wallace st 
Smart, Geo., 5 Viewfield pi 

Picture. Frame Makers. 
Johnston, A., 34 Arcade 
Walls, John, 14, 15, 20 Friars st 

Foster, Rolbt. (and cement 

worker), Thistle st 
Walls, Alexander, Thistle st 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Brass- 
Cairns, Win., Orchard pi 

Chish©3sTa 3 &,, & Son., 72 Port 

st — see advt facing last inside 

DufF, J. & J., 16 Dumbarton rd 
Frates-, Robert (registered 

plumber and sanitary engineer), 

73 Port st 
Gibson & Reddie, 81 Port st 
Merrilees, John, 12 King st 
Scott, .lohn, St Ninians 
Steel, John, 22 Murray pi 
Steel, J. & C, & Co.. Abbey rd 

PoulUren — see Fishmongers. 

Potato Merchants. 
Bemiet, H. , 18 Shore rd 
Ross, Geo., Glencoe rd 

Printers (Letterpress). 
Cook & Wyllie, 9 Barnton st 
Duncan & Jamieson, Craigs 
Harvey, Chas. , 6 Baker st 
Hogg, Mrs J. D., 5 King st 
Kirkwood & Sons, 33 King st 

Rag and Waste Merchants. 
Hodgson, fi/Eark (and china 

and glass merchant) 23, 25, 27 

.Spittal st 
Sangster & Co., 84 Spittal st 
Thurman, John E., & Co. 

(and flock and wool merchants), 

Forth Bridge mills — see advt 

facing front inside cover 


M'Kenzie, J., 29 King st 
Morris, Alex., 55 Murray pi 

Stewart's Temperas-ace 
Restaurant, 26 King st, and 
9 and 11 Seaforth pi 

Rope and Twine Makers. 
Halkett, J., & Son, 9 Shore rd 
M'Gibbon, Duncan, Abbey rd 
Robertson, Chas., Cambuskenneth 

Saddlers and Harness Makers. 
Gentles, Thos., & Son, 27 Murray pi 
Harris, Geo., St Ninians 
M'Donald, D., 13 King st 
M'Kinlay, J. & M., 19 King st 

Salt Manufacturer. 
SVSacfarSain, P. (and manure 
and cake merchant), Shore 
Wharf — see advt facing Stirling- 

Scotch Whisky Merchants. 

Macintosh & Macintosh, 
12 Thistle st 

Sculptor and Monumental Mason. 
Barclay, Win., Barnton st 

Craig, John, 3 Murray pi 
Drummond, W., & Sons, 4 King st 
Gray, J. & Co., 7 Craigs 
Muir, Peter, Princes st 

Sewing Machine Manufacturers. 
The Singer Sewing Ma- 
chine Co., 61 xMurraypl— Jas. 
Walker, superintendent 

Servants' Registery Office. 
Danskin, Miss Annie, 12 Arcade 

Aitken, D. & J., St Ninians 
Gentle, J. & W. (all orders 

promptly attended to), 40 Barn- 

ton st 
M'Gregor, D , & Sons, 1 George st 
Milne, Win., 5 Craigs 
Oswald, Andrew, 5 Spittal st 





Baird, Robert, Sappysides 
Banks Bros. , Lower Craigs 
Bean, Win, Causeway head 
Davidson, Andw., 32 Baker st 
Dow, William, Kildean 
Kemp & Nicholson, Forth st 
Lockhart & M'Nab, 38 Craigs 
Melles, John, Cambusbarron 
Miller, Robt. , 62 Upper Craigs 
Miller, Wm., Park lane 
Owen. George, 24 Upper Craigs 
Plenderleith, George, Upper Craigs 
Seonlar, John, Kerse mill 
Smith, Robert, 62 Upper Craigs. 
Syme, John, 10 Ahbey rd 
Walls, Thos., St Ninians 


Archibald, John, .13 Port st 
Brown, Jasirses (and Notary 
Public, Town Chamberlain, 
Treasurer to Police Commissioners 
Clerk and Treasurer to Stirling 
School Board, and Secretary of 
Stirlingshire Liberal Association), 
10 Barnton st 
COirysta.0 & EVIorras, 11 Kingst 
Davidson & Stevenson, 12 Port st 
Donaldson, Wm., 40 Barnton st 
Fleming & Buchanan, 2(5 Port st 
Galbraith, Thos"! L., Municipal bdg 
Gentleman, Ebenezr. , 59 Murray pi 
Hill & White, 2 Wolfcraig 
Jenkins, A. & J., 80 Port st 
Logie, D \V., 20 Murray pi 
Mackie, T- F., 12 Port st 
Mathie, J. & J., & MacLuckie, 22 

King st 
Morrison & Taylor, 46 Barnton st 
IVJuirlhea.cSj'Thos., 4 Wolfcraig 
PhiSp & DotoSose, 3 Port st 
Welsh & Campbell, County bdgs 
Wingate, Charles, 48 Barnton st 
Wingate & Curror, 7 Murray pi 

Spirit Dealers — see Wine and Spirit 

Stair Rail Maker. 
Barker, Barnes, (and wood 
turner), 32 Baker st 

Stock and Share Brokers. 
Henderson, Hugh, 53 Murray pi 
Maclean, J.' G, 53 Murray pi 

Surgeons — see Medical Practitioners 

Tailors and Glothiirs. 
Bennet, John, 20 Port st 
Cuthbert, John, 60 Baker st 
Dowell, James, 77 King st 
Fergusson, Thos. , 2 York pi 
Forsyth & Co., 14 U Bridge st 
Howat, John. 14 Queen st 
Kinnaird, James G. . 4 Port st 
Jamieson, Alex., 1 York pi 
famieson, J. & Co., 28 King st 
Johnston, W. & A., 4S King st 
Lawson, Robt., 32 Baker st 
M'Aree Bros., 64 Baker st 
M'Aree, R., 1 Baker st 
M'Kay, J., 4!) Port st 
M l Kinla.y, J. & Sobti, 47 King 

SVliSler, Joihim, (and draper), 82 

Baker st — see adv 
Robertson, Jas. & Sons, 16 Murray 

Soutar & Co., 63 Murray pi 
Taylor, Duncan, 41 Baker st 
Young, John, 21 Wallace st 
Young, John, 12 Murray pi 

Tanners, Carriers, dec. 
Crocket, David, 18 Spittal st 
Grieve, James, St. Ninians 
Paterson, P. & R., Craigs 
Yellowlees & Sons, Queen st 

Tea Merchants. 
Lipton, Thos. L. , 27 Port st 
London & Newcastle Tea Co., 79 

King st 
Sinclair Bros. , G Arcade 

Telephone Co. 
National Telephone, Co. Ltd., 17 
King st 

Timber Merchant'-: — see Wood 


Peddie, Geo., 15 Baker st 




Smait, Wm. (and ironmonger raid 
kardwareman), 35 Baker sb 

Welsh, Roberl (and ironmonger), 
St Ninians 


Browne, John, Arcade 
Dempster, John A., 6 Port st 
Hardie, J. W., 120, 122 Baker st 
Kerr. Miss, 7 Friars st 
Low, M., 54 Barnton st 
M 'Donald, N., 59 Baker st 
Marshall, James, Arcade 
Mills, W., 85 Port st 
Smith, James, 33 Murray pi 
Somerville, Wm. , 2 Barnton st 

Toy and Fancy Repositories. 
Baird, A. & Sons, 40 Murray pi 
Brown, John, Arcade 
Doig, E., 37 Arcade 
Gardener, Henry, 33^ Murray pi 
Hardie, J. W., 120, 122 Baker st 
Kyle, E. &B., 17 Baker st 
M'Dougall, J., 19 Upper Craigs 
Salmond, P. S., Arcade 

Stevenson, Rob., 75 Port st— 
see adv 

Umbrella Makers. 
Baird, A. & Sons, 40 Murray pi 
Palmer, W. S., 41 King st 

Veterinary Surgeons. 
Gentle, Alex. H., 18 U. Craigs 
Houston, T. M. , Allan Park house 
Stewart, John M., 49 Murray pi 

Muir. Peter, Princes st 

Watchmakers — see Jewellers. 

Wine and Spirit Merchants. 
Adams, John (Sun Inn), 53 

King st — see adv facing Stirling 
Adams, Wm., 55 Port st 
Brock, David, 11 Castle wynd 
Brown, Mrs, 4 St Mary's wynd 
Cowie, Joseph, 45 Newhouse 
Crawford, Thos., Drip rd 
Dalrymple, Geo., 18 Broad st 
Drummond, Mrs James, 16 Baker st 

Drummond. L, Loanhead 
Ferguson, I)., St Ninians 
Foreman, David (spirit mer- 
chant), Cowane st 
Gillespie, Janet, 46 Upper Craigs 
Glenday, Geo. A., 29 Baker st 
Goodall. Robt. , Cambusbarron 
Halliday, J., 46£ Baker st 
Harris, William (Wallace 

Arms), Causewayhead 
Hunter, David, Cambuskenneth 
Hunter, John, (wine & spirit 

merchant), 51 Barnton st 
Jack, Jane, 42 Broad st 
Kennedy, Mrs., St. Ninians 
King, John, (wine and spirit 

merchant), 45, 47, Murray pi 
Leishman. Robt , 18 King st 
Lees, Archd., 94: Baker st 
Livingstone, Mrs A. M. , 9 Bow st 
M'Donald, A., St. Ninians 

M'Donald, Mrs. James, 

(wine and spirit merchant), 65 

Baker st 
M'Gregor, Mrs., 2 Cowane st 
M'Kenzie, J., 29 King st 
M'Lean, John, (Bridge custom), 

Wallace st 
Mathieson, A,, (wine & spirit 

merchant and grocer), St Ninians- 
Montgomerie, J. , 63 Port st 
Murray, Mrs A., 2 Broad st 

Page, James Mitchell, 

(wine & spirit merchant, Custom 

house bar), 61 Port st 
Russell, James, (wine and 

spirit merchant), 68 Baker st 
Shaw, H. , St. Ninians 
Sinclair, Samuel, Newhouse 
Smith, A. W., 91 8t Mary's wd 
Taylor, Benjamin, 7 St. John st 
Timbrell, Ball way station 
Taylor, Mrs, 75 St Mary's wd 
Torrance Henry, 36 St. Mary's 

Walls, James, 55 Baker st) 
Young, Mrs, 61 Lower Bridge st 

Wire Fence Manufacturer. 
M'Ewen, Daniel, 17 Dum- 
barton road 





Wood Merchants. 
Brisbane, Thos., Wallace st 
Campbell, Wm., Wallace st 
Johnston, James, Abbey rd 

Wood Turner. 
Barker, Daniel (& stair rail maker), 
32 Baker st 

Woollen Manufacturers. 
Smith, Robert, & Son, Park- 
vale and Hayford mills, Cambus- 

Wool Merchants. 
Fleming, Reid, &. Co., 25 Port st 
Hunter, Geo. , 59 Murray pi 
Hunter, James, 59 Murray pi 
Hunter, Wm., 59 Murray pi 
Thurman, John E., & Co. 
(and waste, flock, and rag), Forth 
Bridge mills — see advt facing 
front inside cover 

Wool Spinners. 
Robertson Bros. , Fortvale mills 
Smith, Robt., & Son, Parkvale and 
Hayford mills, Cambusbarron 

Billposter, Alex. Buchanan, 46 N. 

Bridge st 
Brewers and Malsters, Peter Bur- 
den, Irvine pi 
Brush Manufacturers, Park Bros., 

Forth st 
Candle Manufacturer, Duncan 

M'Diarmid, St Ninians 
Chiropodist, W. C. Nicol, Barnton 

Fire-Clay Goods Merchant — Arch. 

M'Lachlan, 4 Viewfield pi 
Furrier, Mrs M 'Isaac, Maxwell pi 
Glazier and Glass Merchant, W. G. 

Crichton, 71 Port st 
Golf Club Maker, James Moore 

Spittal st 
Last Maker, Jos. Boyle, 3 Douglas 

Lathsplitters, D. Buchan & Son, 23 

Shore rd 
Laundry, Wyllie, Sandeman, &. Co., 

Abbey rd 
Saw Trimmer, Wm. Ritchie, 23 

Shore rd 
Soap and Grease Maker, Andrew 

M'Elfrish, 43 Lower Craigs 
Thrashing Machine Proprietor, Rd. 

Rains, Old Bridge 
Venetian Blind Maker, Jn. Murray, 

32 Baker st 


Hosiery SVian ufact urer, BATHGATE 

HAS always on hand a Large Assortment of HOME-KNITTED 
HOSIERY at 12 Mid Street, Bathgate, and 3 Main Street, Arma- 
dale. Also at James Livingstone's, Gateside, Whitburn. Special Orders 
promptly attended to. 


D. I. 

Organist and 


Choirmaster, Examiner, and Certified Music 
Teacher for Schools, &c. 

School of Music, BATHGATE. 


Stirlingshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 

Ije ||ommereia[ ||cuif} of J|iisfm[ki 


Sums of not less than ^50 received on Deposit for a year. 
Interest 3^ and 4^ per cent. 

A. & J. JENKINS, Solicitors, Stirling, Agents. 

Established upwards of 70 Years. 

W A TL~M m m^ 


CHEMIST & DRUGGIST, King Street, Stirling. 

New Specialties— WALKER'S WINE ESSENCES, for the easy pro- 
suitable for Social Gatherings, Children's Parties, Pic-Nics, etc., in 
Bottles at 9d each. Raspberry, Strawberry, Red and Black Currant, 
Pine Apple, Orange, Lemon, Lime Fruit, Damson, Ginger, &c. 



Orders received at either of the Addresses. 



CRICKET Materials at Lowest Prices. 



Stirlingshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 

Pure Drugs and Chemicals. 


Licentiate of the Pharmaceutical Society, 

Faaaily aid PIspeagiag OJiersist, 


Prescriptions carefully dispensed. 
Agent for the Celebrated CRATED WATERS manufactured by Messrs J 
Robertson & Co., Chemists, Edinburgh — to be had in bottles or syphons. 


Jeweller, Watchmaker, Engraver, 
and Optician. 

Gold and Silver Watches. EVlar&Ie and other Clocks 
Jewellery of all kinds. Electro-Plated Goods. 

Aneroid, Fitzroy, and Wheel Barometers. 
Thermometers, Opera and Field Glasses. 
Telescopes, Spectacles, and Eye-Glasses. 

Any Article in Jewe99ery made to order. 

Repairs carefully attended to. 
Engraving in all its Branches. 

Watches and Clocks Cleaned and Repaired. 

iS Port Stes#t* Stirlin 


Drapery Goods of every description. Suits made to Measure, 
and Ready-Mades to suit all classes, at lowest prices. 



Linlithgowshire Directory 


OR WEST LOTHIAN, is a small county, of a very irregular figure, 
lying on the south shore of the Firth of Forth, having Edinburgh- 
shire on the east and south-east, Lanarkshire on the south-west, and 
Stirlingshire on the -west. The Briech and the Almond waters form the 
boundary line betwixt this county and that of Edinburgh, except Mid- 
Calder, where the latter intrudes more than a mile into Linlithgowshire. 
From east to west (that is, along the shore of the Forth), the county ex- 
tends sixteen miles ; along the south-eastern boundary (or from Queens- 
ferry to its most eastern point) it measures about twenty. It comprises an 
area of 127 square miles, or 81,114 acres, and in point of size ranks as 
thirtieth, and in population as the nineteenth, of the counties of Scotland. 

Linlithgowshire comprises eleven parishes and two parts of parishes, 
which, with tw r o in Mid-Lothian and four in Stirlingshire, form one Presby- 
tery. It contains two royal burghs, namely, Linlithgow and Queensferry. 
The largest town is Bathgate. Its seaport is Bo'ness, and there are a 
number of thriving villages. The lord-lieutenant is the Earl of Rosebery. 
The burghs of Linlithgow, Hamilton, Lanark, Ardrie, and Falkirk, in 
conjunction, send one member to the Imperial Parliament, and the shire 
at large another. The member at present sitting for the shire is Peter 
M 'Lagan, Esq. of Pumpherston. 

Linlithgowshire contains a store of minerals of the most useful kind. 
Coal abounds throughout, limestone is equally prevalent, in some parts 
ironstone is also found in profusion, and the whole surface seems to rest on 
a bed of sandstone of the finest quality ; silver and lead mines were formerly 
wrought, and there is plenty of marl, potter's- clay, brick clay, and .red 
chalk. Many places present volcanic appearances, particularly at Dundas 
Hill, in the parish of Dalmeny, where there is a bold front of basaltic rocks, 
exhibiting in some instances columns of that character. This is the richest 
district in Scotland for the production of shale from which paraffin oil is 
extracted, and for the manufacture of which very extensive works are in 
operation in the neighbourhood of Bathgate, Linlithgow, Uphall, and 
Whitburn. Besides this branch of trade there are also large iron and steel 
foundries, paper mills, distilleries, chemical works, and brick, tile, and 
earthenware manufactories. 

The main line of railway that passes through this county is the Edinburgh 
and Glasgow Section of the North British line. Bathgate and Uphall are 
communicated with by the Edinburgh and Bathgate branch line, Bo'ness 
by the Monkland Section, Linlithgow by the Edinburgh and Glasgow 
Section, Queensferry by another branch, and Whitburn by the Morningside 
Section —all from the main line. 


Linlithgowshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 


Patronised by all the principal Clubs and Associations in the East of Scotland. 
Clubs supplied at Wholesale Prices. 


■tfAS always on hand a Large Selection of Gold and Silver WATCHES, CLOCKS, 
P- BAROMETERS, Engagement and Marriage RINGS, and JEWELLERY of every 
description ; aJso, a Large Assortment of SILVER aud ELECTRO-PLATED GOODS, 
MARBLE CLOCKS, and BRONZES, suitable for Presentations and Marriage Gifts. 

A Large Selection of MEDALS and BADGES always in stock. Samples and Prices 
on application. [Jsp All kinds of Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery carefully Repaired on 

the Premises at the Shortest Notice. Charges Strictly Moderate. 





Monuments in Marble, Granite, and Freestone, from £\ 10s. upwards. 

inscriptions Cut, Coats of Arms, Monograms, &c. 


■ i "^^~"^'-:.3^32Lii^.;_^;.i^ : -:.., -:-, ,- % .- : -.,^,-.-- |l .-,.,- ..,,„^_ , ... . .■ .,, ... >.. ft T 


Almost any Make in the Market Supplied to Order. 

Up to Date CycSes with Up to Date Tyres 

At Popular Prices- 

Youths' Bicycles, Mail Carts, Bassinettes, &c. Saddles, Lamps, Bells, 

Horns, Tyres, Wrenches, Oils, Balls, &c. Pneumatics Repaired, Plating, 

Stove Enamelling, &c. 


4 SVSajorabaraks Street, BATHGATE. 


ALFRED WHITE, Proprietor. 


Luggage Lorry and Bus awaits all Trains. Dinners from 1 p.m., daily 

Hearses and Mourning Coaches. Carriages of every description 

ready in Five Minutes' Notice. 

Commercial Gentlemen will find this Hotel most convenient. 

Charges Moderate. 


Linlithgowshire BATHGATE Directory 



With the Villages of Armadale, Torphiciien, Blackbridge, and 


BATHGATE is a market town, an independent burgh of barony, and a 
parish, situated on the middle road betwixt Edinburgh and Glasgow, 
IS miles w. from the former, 24 e. from the latter, and between live and 
six s. from Linlithgow. It is a station on the Bathgate branch of the 
Edinburgh and Glasgow and Monklands sections of the North British Rail- 
way. Another line is completed to Airdrie, Bo'ness, &c. , joining the North 
British Line at Manuel. The market day is Tuesday, when a large supply 
of grain of all kinds is brought from the surrounding country. Seven 
annual fairs — namely, on the third Wednesday in April, July, and August, 
on the first Wednesdays after Whit-Sunday and Martinmas (o.s.) and the 
fourth Wednesdays in June and October ; the Whitsuntide and Martinmas 
fairs are the principal, and are well attended by cattle-dealers. 
The parish of Bathgate embraces an area of 10,876 acres. 

Armadale is a village in the parish of and two miles west from Bath- 
gate, on the main road from Edinburgh to Glasgow. A railw ay passing 
near to the village, offers facilities for mineral traffic ; and Armadale is a 
station on the western section of the North British Railway. Several 
thriving hamlets surround the village. The mining villages of Durham- 
town, Polkemmet, and Bathville are also situated in the parish. 

Torphiciien is a parish and village, the latter on the road from Bathgate 
to Linlithgow, 2^ miles N. by w. from Bathgate, and 4^ s. w. by s. from 
Linlithgow. The parish, although in some parts rather moorish, is gen- 
erally fertile ; coal and ironstone are found within it, and there are brick 
and tile works, and a paper mill, within its bounds. Acreage, 9,939. 

Blackbridge is a small hamlet in the parish of Torphichen, about five 
miles and a half from Bathgate to the west, on the Edinburgh and Glasgow 
road, seated in an agricultural district. 

Business Directory. 

Auctioneers and Valuators. 
Addison, John Bathgate Auction 

Baby Linen and Ladies' Under- 
clothing Warehouses. 
Dixon, Esther, 7 Jarvey st 

Johnston, James, Bridgend . Jardine, Mary, 12 Mid st 

Roberts, Daniel, 3 Drnmcross rd 
Roberts, Wm., Hopetoun st 
Young, Wm. A., Hopetoun st 

Reid, Jane, 47 Hopetoun st 





Armadale Co-operative Soc. , Ltd 
Blair, Mrs Wm., 22 Engine st 
Carlaw, James, 43 Hopetoun st 
Co-operative Soc, Ltd., Engine st 
Elder, Wm., Armadale 
Russell, Alex. , 26 Mid st 


National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 
Hopetoun st 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 6 Hope- 
toun st 

Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 
Hopetoun st 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Cleland, Geo., Torphichen 
Dunlop, Alex., 25 Engine st 
Renton, Wm., 53 Engine st 
Shanks, Wm., Hopetoun lane 

Boooksellers, Stationers, Printers, 
and Newsagents. 
Clark, Geo., 24 Engine st 
Gilberton, L. , 32 Hopetoun st 
Johnston, 36 Hopetoun st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Anthony, John, 16 Mid st 
Brown, Wm. , Engine st 
Brown & Co. , Armadale 
Callander, A. , 34 Engine st 
Co-operative Soc. Ltd., Engine st 
Gray, Thos. A., 16b Engine st 
Marshall, T. Armadale 
People's Boot Depot, Hopetoun st 
Stewart, Wm. J., Armadale 

Brick and Tile Manufacturers. 
Alexander, John, Nethermuir 
Fleming & Moritz, Atlas and Arma- 
dale Brick works 
Neil, Robert, Crawhill 
Robertson, Love, & Co. , Armadale 
Shotts Coal and Ironstone Co., 

Builders — see Joiners and Builders. 

Finnie, James, 59 Engine st 
Marr, Andw., Armadale 
Simpson, John, Armadale 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Freeland, J., 16 Hopetoun st 
Reid, Jas. A., 21 Hopetoun st 

China and Glass Dealers. 
Easton, James, 2 Hopetoun st 
Forsyth, John, Armadale 
Oliver, Thomas, 23 N. Bridge st 
Syson, Joseph, Armadale 
Young, Wm. A., Hopetoun st 

Coal and Ironstone Masters. 

Coltness Iron Co., Woodend 

Monkland Iron and Coal Co., Ltd., 

Shotts Iron and Coal Co., Pol- 

Walker & Cameron, Balbardie 

Wood, J., Armadale 

Wood, W., Armadale 

Armadale Co-operative Soc, Ltd. 
Dunlop, James, 54 Engine st 
Roberts, John, 18 Engine st 
Shaw, Wm., 61 Hopetoun st 

Corn, Grain, and Seed Merchants. 
Chapman, Jas., Ballencrieff mill 
Chapman, Mrs Jane, (grain 

merchant and coal agent), West 

End cottage 
Maclure, John, 2 Hopetoun st 
Young, Robert, 1 Jarvey st 

Cycle Maker. 
Anderson, James, 4 Marjori- 
banks st — see advt 

Drapers, Dressmakers, and 
Those marked 'a' are Dressmakers and 
a Anderson, Mary, 61 Mid st 
Bennet, A. , 56 Engine st 
Boyd, Geo., Armadale 
Calder, Wm., Armadale 
Chalmers, W., Armadale 
Co-operative Soc, Ltd., Engine st 
a Cowie, Mary, Jarvie st 
a Dixon, Esther, Jarvey st 
Finlay, David, Armadale 
Gregor, Wm., Armadale 





Hardy, John, 16 Engine st 

a Jardine, Mary, 12 Mid st 

a Johnston, Helen, 4 Mid st 

a Kirsopp, Hy, S., 10 Hopetoun st 

Maclure, John, Hopetoun st 

a M'Dougall, Dun., Armadale 

a M'Naughton, Pr. , 15 Hopetoun st 

Masterton, Charles, 7 Hopetoun st 

Norval, George, Torphichen 

Penton, Thos., Engine st 

a Rowland, Annie, Hopetoun st 

Russell, Wm., 41 Hopetoun st 

Sibbald, Thos. , 2 Engine st 

Simpson, Alex. , 24 Hopetoun st 

Smith, Isabella, 11 Mid st 

Somerviile, A., 25 Hopetoun st 

Stewrrt, Rob., 31 N. Bridge st 

a Sutherland, D. T., Jarvey st 

Dressmakers and Milliners — see 

Engineers, Iron and Steel Founders. 
Bathgate Foundry Co. , Bridgend 
Robinson, C. W. & Oo., Westfield 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Anderson, D., 19 Hopetoun st 
Black, Geo., 31 Hopetoun st 
Brodie, Wm., Hopetoun st 
Co-operative Soc, Ltd., Armadale 
Co-operative Soc, Ltd., 24 Jarvey 

Drake, Jas., 10 Engine st 
Fyfe, David, Armadale 
Gibb, Wm., Armadale 
Jack, Wm., 3 Engine st 
M 'Donald, Arch., Armadale 
M'Gregor, Duncan, Jarvey st 
Stewart, Wm., Armadale 

Grain Merchants — see Corn 

Greengrocers and Fruiterers. 
Fisher, Mrs, 84 N. Bridge st 
Marshall, John, Armadale 
Meikle, Jane, 30 Engine st 
Roberts, John, 18 Engine st 
Russell, John, Armadale 


Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 
Those marked e are Spirit Dealers. 
Anderson, Wm., 1 Jarvey st 
Armadale Co-operative Soc, Ltd. 
Bald, Wm.. 24 N. Bridge st 
e Baxter, John, N. Bridge st 
e Black, Alex., Armadale 
Black, Geo., 31 Hopetoun st 
e Brown, John, Torphichen 
Christie, Mrs. 31 Cochrane st 
Co-operative Soc, Ltd., Engine st 
e Clark, James, 102 Mid st 
Gaff, Mrs, S. Bridge st 
Gillon, James, Armadale 
Gordon, Henry, 58 Engine st 
Graham, And., Armadale 
London and Counties Tea Coy., 

M'Ara, Alex. B., Bathville 
M'Donald, Arch., Armadale 
e M'Gregor, Duncan, Jarvey st 
e M'Kay, Mrs Geo., 6 Engine st 
e IVa'Nair, AS Ban (and spirit 

merchant), Torphichen 
Marr, And., Armadale 
Marshall, John, 26 N. Bridge st 
Munro, Robert, 17 Jarvey st 
e Norval, Geo., Torphichen 
e Russell, W., 41 Hopetoun st 
Watt, R. G., 11 N Bridge st 
Waugh, James, 3 Mid rt 
e Weir, Thos. , Armadale 
e Wilson, Adam, Armadale 

Campbell, A. & Co. , Engine st 
Gardener, James, 9 Hopetoun st 

Hosiery Manufacturer. 
Livingstone, Wm., 12 Mid st 

— see advt 

Hotels, Inns, and Posting Houses. 
Alexander, Mrs., N. Bridge st 
Anderson, Mrs. R., Armadale 
Beveridge, Alex., Armadale 
Blackburn, A. N., 18 N. Bridge st 
Bowie, Jas., Armadale 
Commercial Hotel — Scott Gibson, 

Engine st 
Crown Hotel — Adam Wilson, Ar- 
Crickshank, James, Armadale 




Cuthili, Alex, (and Posting 

house), Torphiclien 
Dunlop, Win., 8 Engine st 
Easton, John, 49 Hopetoun st 

Gowans, Christina, 46 Jarvey st 
Govvans, John, Jarvey st 
Henderson, Rt, 67, 69 Hopetoun st 
Kerr, J., Armadale 
Mason, David, Armadale 
Mason, Mrs B., Armadale 
Paton, Mrs Jas., Torphiclien 
Roberts, Daniel, Engine st 
Royal Hotel (& posting house) — 

Alfred Whyte, 17 Engine st 
Sinclair, David, Armadale 
Stevenson, Joseph, Armadale 
Stewart, Jas., 5 S. Bridge st 
Wallace, Jas., 41 Gideon st 
White, Robt., Engine st 

Ironmongers and Oil Merchants. 
Gordon, D. R,, 10 Engine st 
Marr, J. B., Armadale 
Robertson, R. & Son, 7 

Hopetoun st 
Watson, R. , Bathgate 

Joiners and Builders. 
Brown, Alex., Bridgehouse 
Callander, A. , Hopetoun st 
Christie, David, N. Bridge st 
Gordon, Robt., Hopetoun st 
Gordon, R. R. , Cochrane st 
Grieve, Jas., Engine st 
Marr, And., Armadale 
Roberts, Jas., Torphichen 
Ross, John, Torphichen 
Simpson, John, Armadale 
Spears, J. & A. , Hopetoun lane 
Waugh, Jas., Hopetoun lane 

Milliners — see Drapers . 

Music Sellers. 
Gilbertston, L., 32 Hopetoun st 
Robertson, R. & Son, 7 

Hopetoun st 

Music Teacher. 
GilfiHan, D. I., 67 Mid st— see 


Painters and Decorators. 
Heugh, Wm., N. Bridge st 
Shaw, James. 20 N. Bridge st 


Plasterers — see Slaters and 

Plumbers and Tinplate Workers. 
Hutton, Alex., Armadale 
Marr, J. B., Armadale 
Robertson, R. 8s. Son, 7 

Hopetoun st 

Quarry Otoners. 
Field, Thos., Westfield 
Gordon, R. R., Cochrane st 


Aitken, Jas.. Torphichen 

Roberts, ThOS., Station road 
— see advt 

Roberts, Wm. & Son, Whit- 
burn road and Falkirk 

Slaters and Plasterers. 
Easton, Jas., 21 Livery st 
M'Nair, David, Torphichen 
Ross, John, Torphichen 
Walker, And., 1 Cochrane st 

Solicitors and Notaries Public. 

Those marked e are Notaries. 

e Aitken & Gibb, Hopetoun st 
e Allan, Chas. , Majoribanks st 
Brock, Robt., Bathgate 
Dodds, Thos., Engine st 
Gardner, Jas., Jarvey st 
e Johnston, Wm., 30 Mid st 
Morrison <fc Co., Bathgate 

Spade and Shovel Makers. 

Wait, James & Sons (spade 

and shovel manufacturers), Bath" 
gate forge 
Wolfe, Geo., 56 N. Bridge st 

Spirit Dealers — see Hotels and 

Surgeons mid Physicians. 
Doig, John, 22 Mid st 
Kirk, James B., Engine st 
Tennant, Dr., Wellpark house 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Those marked e are Clothiers. 

Anderson, Arch. , 15 N. Bridge st 




e Anderson, J. L. , N. Bridge st 

e Bennet, And., 56 Engine st 

e Calder, Wm. , Armadale 

Gilbert, Jas. , 25 S. Bridge st 

c Hardy, John, 16 Engine st 

Hay, Alex., Torphichen 

e Kirsopp, Hy. S , 12 Hopetoun st 

e Laing, Andw. , 28 Engine st 

M'Dougall, Dun., Armadale 

e M'Naughton, Peter, 15 Hopetoun 

e Maclure, John, 2 Hopetoun st 
e Masterton, Chas. , 7 Hopetoun st 
Simpson, A., 24 Hopetoun st 
Smith, John, Torphichen 
e Stewart, Robt,, 31 N. Bridge 

-e Sutherland, D. T., Jarvey st 
Syson, W. C, Armadale 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Ballantyne, John, Armadale 
Jardine, Robert, 18 Hopetoun st 

Jeffrey, George, 28 Engine st 

— see adv 
Shanks, J. G.. 56 Hopetoun st 

Wood Merchant. 
Broom, James (& sawmiller), 
Lower station 


Aerated Water Manufacturer — Jas. 
Sinclair, 106 Engine st 

Cabinetmaker — Laurence Russell, 
Hopetoun st 

Coach Proprietors & Funeral Under- 
takers — Roberts &Sons, Engine st 

Contractors (Carting) — Mutter, 
Howey & Co., Bathgate 

Distiller — John Macnab, Glenmaves 

Dyers and Cleaners — T. & W. Tem- 
pleton, Bathgate Laundry 

Furniture Dealer and Broker- 
Alex. Callander, Hopetoun st 

Glass Manufacturers — J. &G. Gray, 

Lime Burner — Thomas Russell, 

Maltster — John Macnab, Cochrane 

Miller — James Chapman, Ballen- 
crieff mill 

Newspaper — " West Lothian Cour- 
ier," L. Gilbertson, publisher, 32 
Hopetoun st 

Paper Manufacturers — Jas. Stewart 
& Co. , Westfield 

Paraffin and Mineral Oil Manufac- 
turers — Young & Co., Limited, 

Pawnbroker — Robert Waddell, N. 
Bridge st 

Potato Merchant — David Hastie, 
Cochrane st 

Saddle and Harness Maker — Wm. 
Brownlee, 43 Engine st 

Sewing Machine Makers — Singer 
Co., Livery st 

Sheriff-Officer —Wm. Roberts, Hope- 
toun street 

Straw Bonnet Maker — Jane Meikle 
13 Engine st 

Tallow Chandler — John Kirk, Arm- 

Tobacconists — A. Campbell & Co., 
Engine st 

Veterinary Surgeon — Wm. Mitchell 
94 Mid st 

Waggon Builders — Dickson & Mann, 
Bathgate waggon works 


Linlithgowshire BORROWSTOUNNESS Directory 


And the Parish of Carriden, with the Villages of Grange Pans, 

Muirhouses, Bridgeness, Blackness, and Neighbourhoods. 

BORROWSTOUNNESS ;or as it is now generally pronounced, Bo'ness 
is an ancient seaport, burgh of barony and parish bounded on the 
north by the Frith of Forth, on the south by the parish of Linlithgow, on 
the east by Carriden, and on the west by the river Avon, which separates 
it from Stirlingshire. Its length eastward is about four miles, and its 
average breadth is about two. The town is 18 miles w. from Edinburgh, 
9 w. from Queensferry, 3;r n. from Linlithgow, S from Falkirk, and 5 e. 
from Grangemouth. It is situated on the south shore of the Frith of Forth 
The Monkland section of the North British Railway terminates at the 
harbour. Bo'ness is one of the chief places on the Forth for the manu- 
facture of salt. Besides these works, there are a distillery, earthenware 
manufactories, fire-brick works, a ropery, iron foundries, engineering 
establishments, and a chemical work. At Kinneil, about half a mile 
westward, are extensive iron works, erected about thirty years ago, which 
afford employment to fifteen hundred persons. The Village of Borrowstoun 
lies about a mile inland from Bo'ness. The parish of Bo'ness has an area 
of 3,145 acres. 

The parish of Carriden is bounded by Bo'ness on the west, Abercorn on 
the east, and Linlithgow on the south ; it lies on the south bank of the 
Forth, and is not more than two miles in length by one in breadth. The 
whole district is well enclosed and cultivated. This and the adjoining 
parish of Bo'ness were amongst the first localities in Scotland in which coal 
was found. At present mining operations in both coal and iron are carried 
on very extensively. The other branches of trade form part of what is 
given as regards Bo'ness. Within the parish of Carriden, besides its own 
village, are those of Grange Pans, Muirhouses, Bridgeness, and Blackness. 
Acreage of the parish of Carriden, 2,705. 

Business Directory. 

Architects and Surveyors. 

DoddS, James (architect and 
clerk of works), Panacre pi — see 

Simpson, Win., South street, and 

Bakers and Confectioners. 

Those marked e are Confectioners. 

e Chalmers, Jessie, South st 

Co-operative Soc, Ltd., 

Suoth st 
e Duff, Robert, North st 
Ferguson, Wm., South st 

e Fraser, John, South st 

e Hastie, Wm., North st 

e Johnston, Hugh, North st 

e Johnston, John, North st 

e Kinloch, J. E. & Co., North st 

Law, Grace, North st 

e Leishman, Alex., South st 

Leishman, A., North st 

Neilson, Arch., South st 

Paris, James, South st 

e Stevenson, Thos., East end 

e Taylor, Alex. , North st 

Young, Thos., Corbia hall 





Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., North st 
Royal Bank of Scotland, South st 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Campbell, Alex., Camden 
Cochrane, John, Kinneil st 
Couper, M., Kinneil st 
Crosthwaite, John, Kinneil st 
Stanners, Thos. , Church wynd 
White, Baziel, Kinneil st 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Broome, Francis W., North st 
Kinloch, Wm. , Kinloch st 
Taylor, David, South st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Bowie, Hugh, North st 
Co-operative Society, Ltd. 

Duguid, John, North st 

Gray, T. A., South st 

Laing, Alex., Grange Pans 

Laing, Arch., Sea View pi 

Maitland, James, South st 

Park, Jas. , East Partings 

Park, Wm., North st 

Porteous Boot Warehouse, North st 

Seaton, Wm., South st 

Young, Hugh, East end 

Builders — see Joiners and 

Cabinetmakers, Upholsterers, and 
Burnett, John, East end 
Carruthers, John, North st 
Lawless, Edward, North st 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Bishop, Thos., North st 
Hugh, F. R. & Co. (manufacturing) 

Iodine works 
Tweedie, Alex. , North st 

Coal Masters and Merchants. 
Bridgeness Coal Co., Grange 
Denholm, Jno. &Co., Customhouse 

Donaldson, Wm., Custom house 


Kinneil Iron & Coal Co., Ltd. 
Stevenson & Drynan, Custom house 

Confectioners— see, Bakers and 


Best, Wm. , Inveravon 
Drysdale, Robt., Carriden 
Gray, David, Commissioner st 
Gray, Jas., West Pier head 
Gray, Thos. , North st 
Malcolm, Wm. , New docks 
Peattie, Thos., Mount Pleasant 

Corn Merchants and Manure 
Allan, J. & J. , North st 
Ovans, Thos. & Sons, Bo'ness 

Drapers, Dressmakers, and 

Those marked e are Dressmakers and 
e Ballantine, L. H. , East Partings 
e Cant, Margaret, South st 

Co-operative Society, 

Limited, South st 
Duncan, Hugh, Corbia hall 
Grant, Richard, Kinneil 
e Hill, Peter, North st 
Kirkwood, E. C, South st 
e Laings, Arch., Seaview pi 
Mickel, And. , East end 
e Sutherland & Co., North st 
e Taylor, Margt. , North st 
e Thomson, Wm. , South st 
e Walker &. Johrsstora (dra- 
pers, dressmakers, milliners, and 
tailors and clothiers), Market sq 
W r allaee, Alex., North st 

Dressmakers — see Drapers. 

Earthenware Manufacturers. 
Davies, Hy. , Grange pottery 
M'Nay, C. W., Bridgeness pottery 
Marshall, John & Co., Bo'ness pot- 





Earthenware and Rag Dealers. 
Davies, Henry, North st 
Duncan, Isabella, North st 
M'Coag, John, Grange pans 
Stewart, John, North st 
Williamson, A. & J., South st 

Engineers and Ironfounders. 
Ballantine, Archcl., New Grange 

Bomess Foundry Co. , North st 
Cochrane, John, Kinneil st 
Kinneil Iron and Coal Co., Ltd., 

Marshall & Duguid, Church st 
Morrison, James & Co., Seaview 


Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Croft, Henry, North st 
Peebles, Richard, South st 
Russell, Wm., South st 

Bell, Thos., Seaview pi 
Co-operative Society, 

Limited, South st 
Dunlop, Peter, South st 
Hamilton, John, South st 
Kirk, John North st 
Kirk, Thomas, North st 
Learmonth, Alex., North st 
Learmonth, A., Grange pans 
Stupart & Bell, South st 
Walker, John, North st 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Cuthill, Ann, South st 
Heggie, Rotot., North st 
Johnston, Hugh, North st 
Millar, John, North st 
Rankine, Ann, North st 
Spowaft, Jn©., (and wholesale 
& retail china merchant) North st 

Furniture Dealers. 
Drummond, Alex., South st 
Lawless, Edward, North st 

Glass and China Dealers — see 
Earthenware Dealers. 


Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked 'a' are Spirit Dealers. 

Armstrong, John, South st 
Beck, William, North st 
Co-operative Society, 

Limited (grocers, bakers, boot 
and shoe makers, fleshers, drapers 
and tailors and clothiers), South 

a Brown, Alex., Corbia hall 

Dymock, Jas. & Son, Market st 

Gardner, Danl., South st 

a Grant, Richd., Kinneil 

a Gray, James, |(& spirit mer- 
chant), South st 

a Grieve, Alex., Corbia hall 

Harrison, Jas., South st 

a Johnston, Jno. , North st 

a Lindsay, Thos., (and spirit 
merchant), Grange pans 

Marshals, James, (grocer, 

ship chandler, and general mer- 
chant), Kinneil st 

Mitchell, Jas., Grange pans 

Newton, Walter, North st 

M avers, Thomas, (wholesale 
provision merchant), South st 

a Norval, Alex. , North st 

Ronton, R., (grocer and general 
merchant), South st 

Ritchie, Agnes, Blackness 

a Simpson, Mrs. A., (grocer 
and spirit merchant), South st 

a Steele, Alex., South st 

a Walsh, Eliz. , Grange pans 

"Webster, Jas., North st 

Baxter, Robert, North st 
Duffy, James, South st 

Horse Hirers — see Hotels and 
Inns . 

Hotels, Inns, and Horse Hirers. 
Bryce, John, North st 
Buchanan, Jas., South st 
Burnett, Jas. , East end 

Clydesdale Hotel, H. Clark, 

Sea view pi 
Douglas Motel — Alexander 

Marshall, Forth st 
Gray, Helen, West quay head 




Jeffrey, John S. , East end 
Johnstone, Agnes, North st 
M'Cormick, Thos. Jas., South st 
M'Diarmid, Dun., North st 
Martin, Jane, Blackness 

Mather, Alexander, (spirit 

merchant), Grange pans 
Mitchell, Jas., Grange pans 
Proven, David, North st 
Seth, Andw. , North st 
Sneddie, Richd., Corbia hall 
Taylor, Chas. , North st 
Thomson, Robt., East quay 
White, Margaret, Grange 

Irov founders — see Engineers and 

Dymock, James, Market sq 
Dymock, J. 8l Son, Market sq 
M'Kerracher, Dun., North st 
Tait, Wm., South st 

Joiners and Builders. 

Those marked e are Builders. 

Brand, John, East end 

Brechin, Thos. , Corbia hall 

Burnett, John, East end 

e Drysdale, Robt., Grange park 

Henderson, Jas., East end 

Kirkwood, John, Dock st 

Kirkwood, Thos., North st 

e Peattie, Thos., Mount Pleasant 

e Simpson, John, South st 

e White, John, South st 

Lime Burners. 
Bowden Lime Co., Litd. — A. Lang, 
sec, by Bo'ness 

Manure Manufacturers- 

-see Corn 

Milliners — see Drapers. 

Painters and Decorators. 
Craig, Wm. W., North st 
Grant, David, South st 

Plasterers — see Slaters and 


Plumbers and Gasfitters. 
Dymock, Jas., East quay 
M'Kerracher, Duncan, South st 

Quarry Owners. 
Drysdale, Robt., Deanfield 
Peattie, Thos., Kinneil 

Ship Brokers'' Commission Agents. 
Denholm, J. & Co., Custom house 

Donaldson, Wm., Custom house 

Love, Stewart, & Co. , Kinneil st 
Stevenson & Drynan, Custom house 


Ship Chandlers. 
Dymock, J. & Son, Market sq 
Johnston, John, North st 
Marshall, Jas., Kinneil st 

Slaters and Plasterers. 
Ferguson, J. &. Son, (plast- 
erers), Kinneil st 
Kilpatrick, Robt., North st 
Law, Walker, South st 

Solicitors — see Writers. 

Spirit Dealers — see Hotels and 

Steam Joinery Works. 

IVIickel, Robert & Co., (and 

Timber Merchants and Saw Mill 
Owners), Victoria Saw mills and 
Glasgow — see advt 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Kirkland, Thos. S., Braehead 
Paton, Wm., Craigard 
Sinclair, John, Helen villa 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Ballantine, L. H., East Partings 

BrownSee, Thos. B., South st 
Brownlee, Wm., Corbia hall 
Co-operative Society, 

Limited, South st 
Currie, Robt., North st 
Hill, Peter, North st 
Melville, Edward M., South st 




Nicol, Wm. , North st 
Sharp, John, South st 
Sneddon, T. H. . South st 
Tait, Joseph, South st 

Thomson, Wm., South st 
Wallace, Alex. , North st 

Walker & Johnston (and 

draper), Market square 

Timber Merchants and Sawmill 


Calder, Dickson, & Stewart, West 

Denholm, J. & Co., Customhouse 

Donaldson, William, Custom house 

Love & Stewart, Grange Pans 
Lunan, Wm., West end 

Mickel, Robert, & Co. (and 

steam joinery works), Victoria 
saw mills, and Glasgow — see adv. 
Thomson & Balfour, Links 

Heggie, Robert, North st 
M'Menneny, John, South st 
Tait, Samuel, South st 

Toy and Fancy Dealers. 
Broome, F. W. , North St 
Kinloch, J. E. & Co., North st 
Kirkwood, E. C, South st 
Tait, John, South st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Duguid, John P., South st 
Jeffrey, John S. , North st 

Writers and Notaries Public. 
Jamieson, Rob. J., Municipal bdgs 
Marshall, John, North st 
Strachan, Wm. , West Pier head 

Auctioneer and Valuator — Edward 

Lawless, North st 
Cooper — James Carrick, West bow 
Dentist — John M. Rowe, East Part- 
Distillers — James Calder & Co., 

West end 
Fire Brick and Tile Maker— Geo. 

Dougal, Blackness 
Miller — John Wilson, Jinkabout 

Newspaper — Bo'ness Journal, North 

Pawnbroker — Rob. Waddell, South 

Plaster of Paris Maker — Alex. B, 

Shaw, Grange Pans 
Refreshment Rooms — Rob. Baxter, 

North st 
Saddle and Harness Makers — Wm. 

Miller & Son, South st 
Sail Maker — George Beveridge, 

Kinneil st 
Salt Manufacturers — Bridgeness 

Coal Co. , Grange 
Spar and Block Makers — A. Steele 

& Son, Panacre road 


Linlithgowshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 


Victoria Saw Mills and Steam Joinery Works, 

B O ' N E S S . 

Offices and Stores, - 110 Waterloo Street, Glasgow. 

A Lai'ge Stock of Door Mouldings, Facings, and Skirting always on hand. 
Windows, Doors, and all kinds of Finishing, made to order on the 
shortest notice. 


Panacre Place, Bo'ness, 

Begs to intimate that he is now prepared to Consult with Parties 
requiring his Services in the Preparation of Plans of Buildings, 
Specifications, and Schedules of Quantities, or in the Alteration of 
Buildings, and will also undertake to act as Master of Works. 

J. Dodds, from his long practical experience, by strict attention 
and moderate charges, hopes to receive a share of Public Patron- 
age, which will be esteemed. 


Artistic Upholsterer, Cabinetmaker, and 
General House Furnisher. 

Bars and Billiard Rooms Fitted. 

152 & 219 High Street, LINLITHGOW. 

Robert Brechin & Son, 

Saw Millers and Home Wood Merchants. 

Wood Cut to all Sizes for Coach Builders, Cartwrights, &c. 
Fencings kept in Stock. 



Linlithgowshire LINLITHGOW Directory 



With Kingscavil, Maddiston, Muiravonside, Philipstown, 

W t inchburgh, and Neighbourhoods. 

LINLITHGOW is a royal burgh, the capital of the shire and parish of 
its name, and the seat of the presbytery of Linlithgow ; 16 miles w. 
from Edinburgh, 31 e. by N. from Glasgow, 8 E. from Falkirk, and 3£ from 
Bo'ness, on the Edinburgh and Glasgow section of the North British Rail- 
way Paper-making, tanning, currying, and shoemakiug may be taken as 
the staples of the trade. There are also close to the town two paper mills, 
a distillery, and soap works. The Union Canal passes close by the town, 
and affords commodious accommodation to vessels trading in the canal. 
A weekly market for grain is held on Friday, and there are fairs on the 
Friday after the second Tuesday in January, 25th February, the third 
Friday in April, the second Tuesday in June, 2nd August, and the first 
Friday in November. 

Muiravonside is a parish in the county of Stirling, about two miles from 
Linlithgow, its post town, and about seven miles from Falkirk. It is 
situate on the left bank of the Avon, which river is here rendered of great 
service in propelling the works of a number of mills on its banks. The 
parish, which is six miles in length by two in breadth, is bounded by the 
parishes of Bo'ness, Linlithgow, Torphichen, Polmont, aud Slamannan. 
The parish of Muiravonside covers an area of 7,963 acres. 





Business Directory. 

Auctioneers and Valuators. 
Kerr & Black, Linlithgow 
Shields, John, High st 

Bakers and Confectioners. 

Those marked e are Confectioners. 

e Allan, James, 79 High st 
Dumbreek, Jas., 152 High st 
Duncan, Archd., 74 High st 
e Howie, George, 140 High st 
e Hunter. Alex., 346 High st 
Hunter, Alex., Linlithgow bdge 
e Jamies, Grace, 25 High st 
Jamieson, Robert, The Pal- 
ace bakery, 47 High st 
M 'Donald, Robert, Wiuchburgh 
Oliphant, Ebenezer, 239 High st 
Oliphant, Janet, 216 High st 
e Paterson & Dow, 207 High st 

British Linen Co. Bank, 111 High st 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 
High st 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Anderson, Peter, Philipstown 
Bird, James, Winchburgh 
Campbell, Alex., Woolstoun 
Love, John, West Port 
MTntyre, John, Linlithgow bdge 
Newlands, Alex. , Provost rd 
Nimmo, John, 8 High st 
Paterson, J. & Sons, 276 High st 
Scott, Wm., junr., Muiravonside 
Scott, Wm., Maddiston 
Young, Robert, Kingscavil 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Archibald, David, 67 High st 
Edgar, Agnes, 222 High st 
Hardie, Rob., 164 High st 
Knox, James, 69 High st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Those marked e are Wholesale. 
Aitken, George, 228 High st 
Brotherston, Geo., Muiravonside 
e Dougal & Steel, Dogwell wynd _g 

e Dougal, W. & G., 210 High st 
e Duncan, David, 264 High st 
Eccles, John, Muiravonside 
e Glen, Thomas (boot & shoe 
manufacturer), 126 High street — 
Henderson, Oeo., 56 High st 
Hutton, Hannah, 98 High st 
e Little, Wm., 71 High st 
e M 'Alpine, J. & W., 233 High st 
e Mack, Wm., 238 High st 
e Meek, Alex. M., 162 High st 
e Morrison, A. & Sons, 292 High st 
Paterson, Jas., 197 High st 
Rattray, David, 56 High st 
Taylor, Robert, 36 High st 

Brick and Tile Makers. 
Dougal, Alex., 72 High st 
Peden, Hugh, Maddiston 

Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer. 
Sayers, George (artistic up- 
holsterer, cabinetmaker, and gen- 
eral house furnisher), 152 High st 
— see adv 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Archibald, David, 67 High st 
Gibson, Mary, 128 High st 
Lumsden, Thos., 17 High st 

Spence, O. M., 133 High st 

China and Glass Dealers. 
Carrigan, Patrick, 157 High st 
M'Diarmid, Donald, 192 High st 
Stitt, Sarah, 54 High st 

Coach Builders. 
Armour Bros. , Linlithgow 
M'Lachlan, Wm. & Son, High st 

Coal Masters, Merchants, and 
Dougal, Alex., Canal Basin 

Lawrie, Thomas, & Son 

(coal merchants), Linlithgow 
Linlithgow Oil Co. Lt., Chamiluerre 
Logan, John, & Sons, Muiravonside 
Nimmo & Co., Muiravonside 




Redford Coal Co., Muiravonside 
Roy, John, & Son (coal agents) 

Western siding 
Russell, J. & Son, Almond iron wks. 
Watson, Jas., Linlithgow 

Confectioners — see Bakers and 

Curriers, Tanners, and Leather 
Boyd, Thomas. 241 High st 
Callender, P. & A. M. , 338 High st 
Hardie, A. & Sons. 232 High st 
Meek, Alex., 162 High st 
Morrison & Sons, 296 High st 

Drapers, Dressmakers, and Milliners 

Those marked e are Dressmakers and 

Arthur, Thos., 163 High st 

Ballantine, L. H. , 230 High st 

Beattie, C. & Son, 211 High st 

Cassels, Cecilia, 257 High st 

e Dowie, James, 83 High st 

Edgar, Walter, 5S High st 

e Johnston, Wm. C. (draper, 

dressmaker, and milliner), 149 

High st 
e Kirsopp, J. & G.. 213 High st 
Lindsay, Mary, 198 High st 
Mackenzie, Dav. , 7 High st 
e Melville, A. & R., 13 High st 
e Scott, J. & A., 33 High st 
e Walker, Isabella, 250 High st 

Dressmakers — see Drapers. 

Engineers, Iron and Brass Founders 

and Iron Masters. 
Armour Bros., Linlithgow 
Gibb, James, Union road 
Linlithgow Foundry Co., Causeway 

Russell, J. & Son, Almond iron wks 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Flesh ers. 
Beaumont, W. & J., 247 High st 
Dickson, Wm., Linlithgow beige 
Gibb, Alex. , 219 High st 
Learmonth, Alex., 13 West port 

Meikle, John, 62 High st 
Morton, Alex., 9 High st 
Paton, Charles, 82 High st 
Shanks, John, 171 High st 
Shields, David, 97 High st 
Thorn, Robert, 247 High st 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked e are Spirit Dealers. 

Adam, Charles H. (grocer and 

spirit merchant), 144 High st 
Anderson, Alex. , 366 High st 
Anderson, George (grocer & 

spirit merchant), 28 High st 
e Beaumont, W. & J., 247 High st 
e Bleckie & Fettes, 118 High st 
Bo'ness Co-operative So., Ltd., 271 

High st 
e Braes, John, 182 High st 
Brock, Marion, Kingscavil 
e Cunningham, Alex., Muiravonside 
e Currie, Wm., 23 High st 
Dickson, John, Linlithgow bridge 
e Dymock Bros. , 57 High st 
Duncan, Mrs My. , Linlithgow bdge 
e Dymock, Wm., 85 High st 
Fraser, Alex., Kingscavil 
e Gibb, Alex., 219 High st 
e Hardie, Peter, 167 High st 
Hardie, Wm., 270 High st 
Hogg, John, Philipstown 
e Jarraieson, Robert (grocer, 
baker, confectioner, & wine mer- 
chant), 37 High st 
Learmonth, Alex., 245 High st 
e M'Farlane, Jno., Linlithgow bdge 
M'Farlane, John, 73 High st 
Morrison, Alex., 287 High st 
Mu.nro, John, Winchburgh 
e Rae, John, 247 High st 
Redding Co-operative Soc.,[Maddi- 

Robertson, John, 175 High st 
e Roughhead, James, 150 High st 
e Wilson, Peter, 220 High st 

Pearson, James, 136 High st 
Riddler,;Wm., 288 High st; 
Shields, James, 158 High st 

Horse Hirers — see Hotels. 





Hotels, Inns, and Horse Hirers. 

Those marked 'a' are Horse Hirers. 

Aitken, Agnes, The Cross 
Allan, Jane, 109 High st 
Barclay, Robt,, 108 High st 
Battison, Agnes, Linlithgow bdge 
Bennie, John, 16 West Port 
Braithwaite, Joseph, 1 Cross 
Braithwaite, Win., 179 High st 
BraithAvaite, Win., 113 High st 
a Drennan, Wm., 50 High st 
Dumbreek, Helen, 4 West Port 
a Easton, BVlary s (Hotel and 

Posting House), IS West Port 
Erskine. Wm., 284 High st 
Galloway, Wm. , Maddiston 
Grant, Eliz., 105 High st 
Leslie, Christina, 101 High st 
a 5VS'S<ay, Joseph, (Hotel and 

Posting House), 21 High st 
Nimmo, Jra G., (Swan Tavern), 

246 High st 
a Palace, Hotel — Wm. M'Combie, 

High st 
a Star & Garter Hotel— Thos. M. 

Woodcock, 1 High st 
Wilson, 243 High st 
Wright, Wm., 342 High st 

Iron awl Brass Founders — see 

Iron Masters — see Engineers. 

Braes, John, 1S6 High st 
Dymock, Bros., 57 High st 
Eairbairn, Robt. B., 350 High st 
Gillespie, George, 68 High st 

Joiners and Wrights. 
Bennie &. Son, Kingscavil 
Brock, John, High st 
Brough, James, West Port 
Crocket, Alex., 223 High st 
Dickson, David, Linlithgow bridge 
Stitt, Peter, Provost rd 
Swanson, John. Winchburg 
Thorn, Peter, Muiravonside 
White, Jas. , Vennell 
Williamson, John, Redford 


Fairbairn, John, Little Mill 
Lawson, Wm., Burgh Mills 
Roberts, Peter, Muiravonside 

Milliners — see Drapers. 

Oil Manufacturers. 
Linlithgow Oil Co., Ltd., Champ- 

Ross, James & Co., Philipstown 

Painters and Decorators. 
M'Kenzie, Lewis, 180 High st 
Morrison, Jas., 110 High st 
Rae, John, 196 High st 

Paper Makers. 
Chalmers & Sons, Loch Mill 
Lovell & Son, Avon Paper Mills 

Clark, Andrew B., adjoining 

Railway Station 
Mackenzie & Co. , 13 Bonnytoun ter 

Plasterers — see Slaters and 

Plumbers, Gas fitters, and 
Fleming, Peter, 121 High st 
Frame, John, 102 High st 

Quarry Owners. 
Mollinson, Edwin, Blachinny 
Peden, Hugh, Maddiston 

Saddle and Harness Makers. 
Gillespie, Geo., 68 High st 
Miller Bros., 123 High st 
Miller, J., 312 High st 

Saio Mill Owners. 
Brechin, R. & Son, Provost 

road — see advt 
Mungall, Wm., Bowhouse 

Breas, John, 186 High st 
Dymock Bros., 57 High st 
Learmonth, Alex., 245 High st 
Ramsay, And., 326 High st 




Boyd, Thos., 241 High st 
Nimmo. T. & Co., Rivald'a green 

Slaters and Plasterers. 
Alexander, Thos., 36 High st 
Dick, Geo., 224 High st 
Meek & Kelso, 263 High st 
Richardson, Peter, 117 High st 

Solicitors and Notaries Public. 

Those marked 'a' are Notaries. 

Aitken & Peterkin, High st 
a Ferguson, John, Comity bdgs 
a Glen & Henderson, 49 High st 
Macdonald, Jas. , High st 
Miller, P. & P., High st 
Thorn, John, High st 

Spirit Dealers — see Hotels and 

Surgons and Physicians. 
Gilmour, And., High st 
Hunter, Geo., 7 Royal ter 
Spence, Roht. , 135 High st 

Laidlaw, David, Beild cot 
Russell, John, Canal basin 

Tailor* and Clothiers. 
Allan, Wm, 261 High st 
Beattie, C. & Son, 211 High st 
Borthwiek, Robert, Maddiston 
Braithwaite, John, 190 High st 
Donaldson, A., Court sq 
Dowie, James, 83 High st 
Edgar, Walter, 58 High' st 
Gemmell, J. & Son, 26 High st 
Hardie, Robt., 164 High st 
Kirsopp, J. & G., 213 High st 
Mackenzie, David, 7 High st 
Nugent, Michael, 282 High st 
Nugent, Owen, (tailor and 

outfitter), 109 High st 
Rodger, George, 78 High st 

Scott, James, 146 High st 
Simpson, Andw., 168 High st 

Tanners and Leather Merchants 
— see Curriers. 

Timber Merchants — see Sawmill 

Edgar, Agnes, 222 High st 
M 'James, Susan, The Cross 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Curror, Wm. , 161 High st 
Dunn, Richd., 274 High st 
Smith, David, 314 High st 

Agricultural Implement Makers — 

Armour Bros. , Hopetoun 
Ale and Porter Bottlers — J. Mickel 

Baby Linen & Ladies Underclothing 

Dealer — Robt. Steel, 171 High st 
Cooper— Robt. P. Gillon, W. Port 
Distillers — A. & J. Dawson, St. 

Fishmonger— G. Russell, 145 High 

Fruiterer and Greengrocer, — Jessie 

Gentles, 127 High st 
Glue Makers — T. Nimmo & Co., 

Rivalds Green 
Maltsters — J. Aitken. & Co. , Mains 
Market Gardener — And. Bell, Lin- 
lithgow bdge 
Refreshment Rooms — W. Wallace, 

202 High st 
Soap Makers — Douglas & Sons, 

Stonemason — Henry Philips, Lion 

well wynd 
Toy and Fancy Dealer — Thomas 

Arthur, 163 High st 
Veterinary Surgeon — Andrew S. 

M 'Queen, 41 High st 








QUEENSFERRY, or, as it is sometimes called, South Queexsferry, 
(in contradistinction to North Queensferry, a harbour of Fifeshire), 
is a royal burgh and parish, the latter being confined within the limits of 
the former ; 9 miles west from Edinburgh, the same distance east from 
Bo'ness, and 4 south-east from Ratho, a station on the Edinburgh and 
Glasgow section of the North British Railway, situated between the shore 
of the Frith of Forth and the ridge that rises from the coast. It is an ex- 
cellent and safe harbour, and can be entered at any time, according to the 
tide. A fair is held on the second Friday in August. 

Dalmeny is a parish and small village, in the north-east of Linlithgow- 
shire ; the parish consists of a main body and a detached district, the main 
body surrounds its post town, Queensferry, and contains some of that 
town's outskirts on the east and west. Its length from east to west is five 
miles and a half, and breadth three and a half miles. The village is about 
a mile from Queensferry. lhe small hamlet of Craigie is in the parish. 

Business Director 


Bakers. ■ 
Broomfield, James, Queensferry 
Haton, James, Queensferry 
Hutton, A., Queensferry, ThOS., Queensferry 
Thomson, Thos. , Queensferry 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Cooper, Thos., Queensferry 
French, Charles, Dalmeny 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Munro, Wm. , Queensferry 
Rae, F. & Co., Queensferry 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Falconer, Walter, Queensferry 
Falconer, W. , Queensferry 
Meek, Geo., Queensferry 

Builders — see Joiners and Builders. 
Carting Contractors. 
M'Laren, Duncan, Queensferry 
Marshall, David, Queensferry 
Reid Bros., Queensferry 

Coal and Lime Merchants. 
M'Arthur, Wm., Qneensferry 
Reid Bros., Queensferry 

Confectioners and Dairy Keepers. 
Gallon, Jas., Queensferry 
Glendinning, Margt., Queensferry 
Kerr, Robt., Queensferry 
M'Kay, Jane, Queensferry 
Martin, S. J., Queensferry 
Moore, Arebella, Queensferry 
Russell, Wm. , Queensferry 





Drapers, Dressmakers, and 
M'Dougall, Mary, Queensferry 
M'lvor, Beatrice, Queensferry 
Maekay, Alex., Queensferry 
Marshall, Margt., Queensferry 
Menzies, J. & M., Queensferry 
Young, Margt. , Queensferry 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Davidson, John, Queensferry 
Fairlie, Robt., Queensferry 
Kirk, Thos., Queensferry 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Delvin, Patk., Old Kirk 
Sandercombe, Edwd., Queensferry 
Smith, Jas., Qneensferry 

Grocers and General Merchatas. 

Those marked 'a' are Spirit Dealers. 

a Anderson, Robt., Queensferry 
a Boyd, Jane, Queensferry 
Boyd, Thos., Queensferry 
a Christie, Jas. , Queensferry 
a Durie, Chas. , Queensferry 
a Greenfield, Win. , Newton 
a Hill, David, Quesnsferry 
MTvor, Beatrice, Queensferry 
Marker, Mary, Queensferry 
a Munro, Wm. , Queensferry 
a Sandercombe, Jas., Queensferry 
Sinclair, Margt., Queensferry 
a Wright, Jas., Queensferry 

Innkeepers and Spirit Dealers. 
Lumsden, Robt., Newshalls 
Macintosh, Hugh, Queensferry 
Mitchell, John, Queensferry 
Morrison, Jemima, Queensferry 
O'Neil, Mrs, Queensferry 
Stewart, Daniel, Queensferry 

Joiners and Builders. 
Martin, Alex., Queensferry 
Simpson, John, Newton 

Milliners — see Drapers. 

Painters and Decorators. 
Leuchars, David, Queensferry 
Martin, Alex., Queensferry 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Tinplate 
Carlow, Charles, Queensferry 
Ireland, Alex., Queensferry 

Spirit Dealers —see Innkeepers. 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Allan, Robert, Queensferry 
Mason, George, Queensferry 

Martin, J. S., Queensferry 
Rae, F. & Co., Queensferry 
Russell, Miss, Queensferry 

Watchmakers and Jeivellers 
M'Arthur, Alex., Queensferry 
Millar, Thomas, Queensferry 
Wright, Wm., Queensferry 

Bankers — Clydesdale Bank, Ltd. , 

Chemist & Druggist— Francis Rae, 

China and Glass Dealer — John II. 

Marshall, Queensferry 
Factor — Peter Glen dinning, Len- 

Hairdresser — Thomas Copeland, 

Horse Hirer — Joseph Faichen, New 

Ironmonger — Thomas Turnbull, 

Sheriff-Officer and Bellman — John 

Stewart, Queensferry 
Quarry Master — John Pennycock, 

Slater and Plasterer — Rob. Martin, 






Ecclesmachan, Dechmont, and Neighbourhoods. 

THE Parish of Uphall is bounded by Kirkliston on the north-east and 
east, by Mid-Calder on the south, Livingstone on the west, and 
Linlithgow and Ecclesmachan on the north. It is intersected from west to 
east by the road from Glasgow to Edinburgh, and is watered by a rivulet 
called Broxburn, on which and the public road stands the straggling village 
of that name, at the distance of ten miles from Edindurgh and seven from 
Linlithgow. The western extremity of the village is crossed by the Union 
Canal from Edinburgh. Shale, which is now so largely used in the manu- 
facture of paraffin oil, of which there are two extensive works in the loc- 
alicy, is found in abundance in the neighbourhood, and it is said to be of a 
very rich quality : bone manures are also manufactured in the village. 
The parish abounds in coal, sandstone, limestone, and ironstone. The 
parish of Uphall comprises 4,541 acres. 

The small parish of Ecclesmachan lies south of Abercorn, and east of 
Linlithgow, about five miles from the latter town, and a mile and a half 
from Uphall ; it is four miles in length by one in breadth ; is watered by 
a tributary of the Almond ; and near the church is a weak sulphurous 
spring called the Bullion Well. Areage of the parish, 2,647. 

Dechmont is a small village in the parish of Livingstone, and about a 
mile and a quarter west from Uphall, its post town, situated on the road 
from Edinburgh to Glasgow. 

Business Directory. 


Harrison, Jas. (coal), Uphall 
Johnston, Thos. (com.), Uphall 
Morrison, Geo. (insurance), Brox- 

Bakers and Confectioners. 

Co-operative Society, Ltd., 

Falconer, Jas., Broxburn 
Kennedy, John, Uphall 
Leask, Jas. B., Uphall 
Redpath, Thos., Broxburn 


Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Calder, John, Broxburn 
Fox, Robt., Uphall 
Haston, John, Broxburn 
Hill, Thos., Dechmont 
Meek, — , Uphall 
Shaw, Wm., Ecclesmachan 
Walker, Geo., Broxburn 

Booksellers, Stationers & Newsagents 
Brown, Wm. L., Uphall 
Galloway, Robert, Uphall 
Jeffrey, Alary F. , Broxburn 
Ruffel, James, Broxburn 




Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Brown, Thos., Broxburn 

Co-operative Society, 

Limited, Broxburn 
Henderson, Andw., Broxburn 
M'Ginly, John, Broxburn 
Mair & Wyse, (wholesale) Broxburn 
Penny, Kid H., Uphall & Broxburn 
Sanderson, John T., Broxburn 

Barclay, Archd. , Broxburn 
Harrison, Jas. , Uphall 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Freeland, Richd. , Broxburn 
Stuart, Findlay, Broxburn 

China and Glass Dealers. 
Bow, Robert, Broxburn 
Fairlie, David, Broxburn 
Murphy, And., Broxburn 
Wilson, Jno., Broxburn 

Confectioners — see Bakers. 

Drapers, Dressmakers, and 
Brown, Wm. L. 3 Uphall 
Co-operative Society, 

Limited, Broxburn 
Co-operative So. Ltd., Uphall 
Dick, Eliza, Uphall 
Freeland, Robt., Broxburn 
Hardy, John, Broxburn 
Jeffrey, Mary F., Broxburn 
Johnstone, Mary, Uphall 
Montgomery, Wm., Broxburn 
Sibbald, T., Broxburn 
Smith, Wm., Broxburn 

Dressmakers — see Drapers. 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Alexander, Robert, Broxburn 
Brownlee, Thomas, Broxburn 
Cochrane, James, Uphall 
Co-operative Society 

Limited, Broxburn 
Cunningham, Stephen, Uphall 
Kirk, John & David, Broxburn 

Mungall, John, Uphall 
Stewart, Wm. , Uphall 
Webster, John, Broxburn 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Those marked 'a' are Spirit Dealers. 

Barclay, Esther, Broxburn 
a Brand, Wm. , Broxburn 
Coats. James, Uphall 

Co-operative Society, 
Limited, (Grocers, Bakers, 
Confectioners, Boot and Shoe 
Makers, Fleshers, Drapers, 
Dressmakers, Milliners, Tailors, 
and Clothiers), Broxburn 
Davidson, Francis, Holy- 
gate Co-operative Society), Brox- 
a Douglass, CeSIa, (grocer & 

spirit merchant), Uphall 
Fox, Francis, Broxburn 
Heggie, John, Dechmont 
Jamieson, Matthew, Uphall 
Jeffrey, Mary, F. , Broxburn 
a Kennedy, John, Broxburn 
M'Ginn, Patrick, Broxburn 
Marshall, Alex., Broxburn 
Middlemas, Agnes, Dechmont 
Morris, James, Broxburn 
Mungall, John, Uphall 
Mulhern, John, Broxburn 
Nicol, Alex., Dechmont 
a Paris, JoEiira, (grocer & spirit 

merchant), Broxburn 
Robertson, Alex. W., Uphall 
Robertson, Helen, Broxburn 
a Russell, David, Broxburn 
Sime, David, Broxburn 
Thomson, Andrew, Broxburn 

UphaSB Co-operative 
Society, Limited 

Walker, John, Uphall 
West, Ellen, Broxburn 
Wilson, James, Broxburn 
a Wilson, Peter, Broxburn 

Hotels, Inns, arad Posting Houses. 
Alexander, Robert, Broxburn 
Brodie, John, Uphall 
Buchan Arms — T. P. Doyle, Brox- 
Lawson, Wm., Broxburn 





Strathbrock Hotel— J. 

Wright, Broxburn 
Terris, Andrew, Uphall 
Uphall Hotel— J. S. Fraser, Uphall 
Wilson, John, Broxburn 

Calder, John, Broxburn 
Morgan, John, Broxburn 
Montgomery, Win,, Broxburn 
Robertson, Alex. W., Broxburn 

Joiners and Wrights. 
Boag, John, Uphall 
Brown, Wm., Houston 
Forsyth, Wm. & John, Broxburn 
Heggie, John, Dechinont 
Morrison, Jas. , Ecclesmachan 
Mossman, Robt., Uphall 
Nathaniel, Chas. , Uphall 
Purdie, John, Uphall 
Ralston, Alex., Broxburn 
Russell, George, Ecclesmachan 

Manure Manufacturers. 

Rough, Robt. , Uphall 

Uphall Manure Co., Uphall statn 

Market Gardeners. 
Agnew, John, Broxburn 
Ritchie, John, Uphall 

Milliners — see Drapers. 

Paraffiin and Oil Manufacturers. 

Broxburn Oil Co. , Limited 
Holmes Oil Co., Ltd., Uphall 

Plumbers and Gasfitters. 
King, David, Broxburn 
M'Kenzie, Wm. , Uphall 

Posting Houses — see Hotels 

Spirit Dealers — see Hotels. 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Black, James, Uphall 
Black, Peter, Ecclesmachan 
Black, Peter. Uphall 
Brown, Wm. L , Uphall 
Cameron, Alex , Broxburn 
Go-operative Society, 

Limited, Broxburn 
Davidson, J. , Broxburn 
Halkett, James, Uphall 
M'Couseland, James, Broxburn 
Smith, Wm. , Broxburn 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Barclay, Peter, Broxburn 
Thomson, John, Broxburn 


Bankers — British Linen Co., Brox- 

Engineers and Ironfounders — J. & 
H. Campbell, Uphall 

Painter — Wm. Hastie, Broxburn 

Saddler and Harness Maker — John 
Crawford, Broxburn 

Slater and Plasterer — Wm. Paris, 

Stonemasons — John Brownlee, Up- 

Surgeon — Alex. Stewart, Uphall 



With Fauldhouse, Crofthead, Longridge, Blackburn, and 

W 7HITBURN is a parish and village, the latter 21 miles s.w. from 
* » Edinburgh, 10 s. from Linlithgow, and 4 from Bathgate ; situated 
on the south road from Edinburgh to Glasgow, and on the Bathgate and 
Morningside Branch Railway, on which line the company have a station 
at East Whitburn. Within the parish are the villages and hamlets of East 





Whitburn, Longridge, Crofthead, Greeuburn, Fauldhouse, Drybridge, and 
Benhar. Acreage of the parish, 9775. 

Blackburn is a small village in the parish of and about four miles west 
of Livingstone, three s. from Bathgate, and two E. from Whitburn, seated 
on the bank of the Almond. 

Fauldhouse is a village about 3j miles S.w. from and in the parish of 
Whitburn. It is a Quoad Sacra Parish, a post town, and station on the 
main line of the Caledonian Railway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. 
There is a station at Crofthead, on the Morningside section of the North 
British Railway, which passes close to the village. 

Litingstone is a parish and village, the former stretching from five to 
six miles along the north bank of the Breich water, which separates the 
county from Edinburghshire, and has a breadth from three to four miles. 
The village is six miles from Whitburn and four from Blackburn, situated 
on the banks of the Almond water, and on one of the roads from Edinburgh 
to Glasgow. The railway station is one and a half miles from the village. 
Acreage of the parish, 5,362. 

Longridge is a small village two miles s. of Whitburn. 

Business Directory. 

Kay, Win, Whitburn 
M'Pherson, Danl., Fauldhouse 
Wood, Wm., Whitburn 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 

National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., 

Penny Savings' Bank, Fauldhouse 
Savings' Bank, Whitburn 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Findlay, James, Blackburn 
Gray, Wm., Whitburn 
Irvine, Thomas, Fauldhouse 
Shanks, Wm. , Whitburn 
Wallace, Peter, Blackburn 

Builders — see Joiners and Builders 


Booksellers, Stationers d:\New agents 
Crowe, Sarah, Livingstone 
Moffat, Mrs, Fauldhouse 
Pollock, James, Whitburn 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Brown, Ai'ch. P., Fauldhouse 
Cowper, Wm., Longridge 
Fulton, Hugh, Fauldhouse 
Johnston, Wm., Whitburn 
M'Giffen, Jas., Whitburn 
Waddell, Jas., Whitburn 
Wallace, Wm., Fauldhouse 

Harper, Hugh, Whitburn 
Walker, Jos., Whitburn 

China and Glass Dealers. 
Lawrie, Janet, Fauldhouse 
Patterson, Alex, Whitburn 




Coal and Ironstone. Masters. 
Dixon, Win. (trus. of), Benthead 
Niddrie &. Benhar Coal Co. , Ltd., 

Thornton, Peter, Fauldhouse 

Drapers, Dressmakers, <£.• Milliners. 

Those marked e are Dressmakers, &c. 

Crofthead Co-operative Soc. , Ltd., 

Flemington, Jamesjunr., 

(draper, tailor, and clothier), 

Forsyth, W. & A., Blackburn 
Gardner, Robert, Whitburn 
e Graham, Marion, Whitburn 
e Johnson, Janet, Whitburn 
Muir, John, Fauldhouse 
Mungle & Ritchie, Fauldhouse 
Murray, Peter, Whitburn 
Nisbet. Robert, Fauldhouse 
Prentice, Wm. , Fauldhouse 
e Reid, Archd., Longridge 
Ritchie, Charles, Fauldhouse 
e Ross, Janet, Whitburn 
e Smith, Agnes, Whitburn 
Thomson, Mrs, R. , Longridge 
Watt, Win., Whitburn 

Dressmakers — see Drapers. 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Archer, John, Fauldhouse 
Brownlie, James, Fauldhouse 
Hunter, John, Whitburn 
Lawson, Wm., Whitburn 
Livingstone, David, Whitburn 
Meek, Jane, Whitburn 
Meek, John, Whitburn and Fauld- 

Grain Merchant. 
Dykes, John, Whitburn 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 
Those marked e are Spirit Dealers. 
Brownlie, James, Fauldhouse 
Carlaw, James, Blackburn 
Crawford, Ann, Whitburn 
e Crawford, Janet, Longridge 
e Crichton, Wm., Fauldhouse 

Crofthead Co-operative Soc, Ltd., 

Crowe, Sarah, Livingstone 
e Dick, Murray, Fauldhouse 
Dykes, John (grocer, grain, and 

provision merchant), Whitburn 
e Findlay, John, Fauldhouse 
e Forsyth, W. & A., Blackburn 
e Gardner, Robert, Whitburn 
Lawrie, Elizabeth, Fauldhouse 
Lillie, Henry, East Whitburn 
M'Pherson, Danl. , Fauldhouse 
Mair, Mrs, Blackburn 
e EVIarshaSS, SVBrs Wm. (grocer 

and spirit merchant), Blackbnrn 
Meikle, Thomas, Longridge 
Pollock, Janet, Longridge 
e Steel, James, Fauldhouse 
Thomson, Janet, Longridge 
Thornton, Jas., Fauldhouse 
Watt, Wm., E. Whitburn 

Innkeepers and Spirit Dealers. 
Anderson, Henry, Whitburn 
Beveridge, Wm., Fauldhouse 
Carlaw, John (spirit merchant) 

Crowe, Jas., Livingstone 
Graham, Wm. , Fauldhouse 
Martin, Thomas, Whitburn 
Proud, Peter, Blackburn 
Sharp, John, Whitburn 
Steel, Wm., Fauldhouse 
Thomson, Janet, Longridge 


Ironmongers and Hard-war emen. J 
Forsyth, VV. &A., Blackburn^ 
Loch, Henry, Whitburn 
Murray, John, Fauldhouse 

Joiners, Builders, and Stonemasons. 
Allan, Robert, Whitburn 
Calder & Jackson, Whitburn 
Crowe, John, Livingstone 
Dewar, David, Fauldhouse 
Dunlop, Jas., Blackburn 
Loch, Henry,§Whitburn 
Milne, Geo., Whitburn 
Murray, John, Fauldhouse 
Steel, Thomas, Fauldhouse 
Sunderland, Wm., Whitburn 
Wallace, Richard, Livingstone 




Mill Board Manufacturers. 
Martin, J. K. &. Co., BlacKburn 

Miller* and Corn Mirchants. 
Dykes, Walter, Whitburn 
Steele, J. & Son, Fauldhouse 

Milliners — see Drapers. 

Plasterers — see Slaters & Plasterers 

Quarry Master*. 
Turner, Wm. , Fauldhouse 
Wallace, R. & Sons, Blackburn 

Slaters and Plasterers. 
Calder, Win., Whitburn 
Fordyce, John B., Fauldhouse 
Linn, Henry, Whitburn 

Spirit Dealers —see Innkeepers. 

Stonemasons and Builders — see 
Joiners and Builders. 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Craig, Alex., Whitburn 
Flemington, James, junr. 

(and draper), Whitburn 
Gardner, Robert, Whitburn 
M'Kenzie, Alex., Whitburn 
Martin, Alex., Fauldhouse 
Reid, Archd., Longridge 

Miscellaneous. » 
Egg Merchants and Seedsmen — W. 

& A. Forsyth. Blackburn 
Fishmonger and Confectioner — Mrs 

Moffat, Fauldhouse 
Fruiterer and Greengrocer — George 

W. Newlands, Fauldhouse 
Lime Burner — Peter Thornton, 

Plumber, Gasfitter, and Tinsmith — 

J. Grant & Sons, Fauldhouse 
Printer — John M'Leod, Fauldhouse 
Saddlers— J. Reid & Co., Whitburn 
Surgeon — Thomas Clark, Whitburn 

low Compiling— Price 2 6, 

The Third Edition of the 


Of the Counties of 

Fife, Clackmannan, &, Kinross. 


CHAS. LAMBURN, 59 South Street, 



Dumbartonshire Directory 


IS a small county in the west of Scotland. On the west it is separated 
from Argyleshire by Loch Long, Perthshire touches its northern ex- 
tremity, the county of Stirling bounds it on the east and also on the north, 
Lanarkshire on the south-east, and the Clyde separates it from the county 
of Renfrew on the south. The figure of this county is rather singular ; it 
describes almost a perfect crescent or semi-circle, protruding on the south 
and south-west, its concavity being filled through its whole extent on the 
north and north-east by the county of Stirling. The distance between its 
eastern and northern extremities is nearly forty miles, while the breadth of 
the shire is from five to thirteen, and in one part it is only two miles 
broad ; the parishes of Cumbernauld and Kirkintilloch, however, are not 
included in this measurement, being detached from the main portion on the 
south-east, and lying between the counties of Lanark and Stirling. This 
severed portion of the county is twelve miles long by from two to four and 
a half miles broad. The entire shire embraces an area of 270 square miles, 
or 172,677 acres. In point of size this county stands as the twenty-seventh 
and in population as the fourteenth. 

The mountains and lakes are the most remarkable objects in the county. 
Of the former the chief are those of Arrochar, Luss, Row, and Roseneath. 
The hill of Kilpatrick, on the south, is of much less height, Ben Voirlich, 
adjoining Perthshire, having the greatest altitude, rising 3,300 feet above 
the level of the sea. The other principal elevations are Ben Vane, 3,004 
feet; Ben Eich, 2,302 feet; Ben Breach, 2,233 feet; Ben Reoch, 2,168 
feet , and Tullich, 2,075 feet. There are about ten lakes or lochs, among 
these are Loch Long and Loch Gare, bnt the most extensive is that of Loch 
Lomond ; it lies at the foot of the Grampian Mountains. These islands 
thirty-two in number, are lofty and picturesque; on Inch Cailoch and on 
Inch Murrins — this magnificent expanse of water is thirty miles long, 
while the bleachfields, print works, and cotton mills, the villages, hamlets, 
and gentlemen's seats scattered over an apparently remote district, must 
impress the visitor with an exalted idea of the industry and wealth of the 
inhabitants. The lake discharges its waters into the Clyde by the river 
Leven. The Forth and Clyde Canal, about 35 miles in length, extends 
from Grangemouth on the Forth to Bowling on the Clyde. The North 
British Railway traverses the western division of the county, and the 
Edinburgh and Glasgow (North British) the eastern division, through 
which also runs a branch of the Caledonian line. 

Dumbartonshire is divided into twelve parishes, ten of which forms the 
Presbytery of Dumbarton ; it contains but one royal burgh — Dumbarton 
— and four burghs of barony. The only contributory burgh belonging to 
the county is Dumbarton ; it unites with Renfrew, Rutherglen, Kilmar- 
nock, and Port Glasgow in returning one member to the Imperial Parlia- 
ment. The present member for the county is Capt. John Sinclair. 


Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENT Directory 

BAIRD, MclNTYRE, & Co., 

M©gtsfer©dl Plumbers, 

Coppersmiths, Brassfounders, Tinsmiths, Gasfltters & Bellhangers 
Bridge Street, ALEXANDRIA. 

Manufacturers Of Copper Clearing Boilers, Dye Boilers, Liquor 
Boilers and Tanks, Color Pans, Cast Iron Jacketed Pans, Copper 
Steam Cans and Pipes, Copper Engraving Plates and Rollers, 
and all kinds of Copper Works for Turkey Red Dyers and Calico 
Printers, Sugar Refining, Brewing, and Distilling Pans. 

Iron and Copper Hot Water Circulating Tanks, Back 
Boilers, Washing House Boilers, &c. 

Brass and Gun Metal Castings, &c, of every description and 

to any design. All kinds of COCKS, VALVES, PUMPS, and 
finished Brass Work. 


Gasfitting and BeSihangang 


PLUMBING WORK of every description for Print and Dye 
Works, Chemical Lead Work ; Lead Plates for Discharging 
Presses ; Blouse Plumbing • Drain Ventilation and Sanitary 
Plumbing in all its details. 



All kinds of SANITARY APPLIANCES, &C on hand. 


Dumbartonshire ALEXANDRIA Directory 

Balloch, Jamestown, Kilmaronock, and Neighbourhoods. 

ALEXANDRIA is a town, on the west side of the Leven opposite to 
Bonhill. On the hanks of the river are several extensive print works 
Its site is more commanding- than that of Bonhill, and its situation both 
healthful and pleasant. The town consists of several well-built streets. 
The Ewing Gilmour Institute, consisting of library, reading and recreation 
rooms, is a splendid new building, presented to the town by W. Ewing 
Gilmour, Esq. This handsome edifice, which is superbly furnished, cost 
about ,£12,000. A handsome public hall is centrally situated, at the bridge 
end ; there is also a fine drinking fountain in Main street, erected in 1870, 
in honour of the late Alexander Smollett, Esq. of Bonhill, by his friends 
and tenants. 

Balloch is situated at the south end of Loch Lomond, and about a mile 
north-west from Bonhill ; it is the terminus of the North British Railway. 
In 1842, Sir James Colquhoun, Bart., of Luss, erected an elegant suspen- 
sion bridge across the Leven water, previous to which passengers were 
greatly inconvenienced by the ferry then in use. This bridge is twenty 
miles from Glasgow, by Renton and Dumbarton, but by avoiding the 
latter place, and passing through Bonhill, the distance is reduced to 18 
miles. A fair is held at Balloch on the Tuesday before the last Wednes- 
day in April, for cattle, and on the 15th of September for the sale of horses 
— the latter being the largest fair in Scotland. 

Bonhill is a little town, in the parish of its name, 61 miles w. from 
Edinburgh, 18 N.w. from Glasgow, 3 N. from Dumbarton, and within one 
mile of the beautiful and celebrated Loch Lomond ; situated on the east 
side of the Leven, and connected with Alexandria by an iron suspension 
bridge. Considerable business is done here in calico printing. The town 
consists of one long and tolerably well-built street. In 1836 a fine suspen- 
sion bridge of iron was thrown over the Leven : the span is 438 feet, and 
its cost, with the approaches, ,£2,200, which was defrayed by Captain 
Smollett, of Bonhill. The inhabitants have made attempts to do away 
with the charge for crossing (one halfpenny) but have failed. The land 
on both sides of the Leven is in a high state of cultivation, which, together 
with respectable residences and recent improvements and erections, impart 
to this place an appearance highly prepossessing. A fair is held on the 
first Thursday in February for horses. 

Jamestown is a village, a mile distant from Bonhill, on the road to Bal- 
loch. Extensive calico printing works are in operation here. A public 
hall and recreation rooms, presented to the village in 1S84, .by Archibald 
Orr Ewing, Esq., ex-M.P., for the county. 

Gartochan (formerly Kilmaronock) is a small parish adjoining that of 
Bonhill, is situated about five miles north-east of that village. Acreage, 





Business Directory, 

The Initial A at the end of Addresses signifies Alexandria, and 
B Bonhill. 

Aerated Water Manufacturers. 
Beatson, J., Ferryfield house 
Crown Mineral Water Co., Middle- 
ton st 
Macdougall, Alex., Aerated 
Water Mineral works, Bonhill 

Auctioneer and Valuator. 

Boyd, James, 36 Bank st 

Baby Linen and Ladies' Under- 
clothing Repository. 
M 'Asian, Eliz., 175 Main st, A. 


Angus, John, & Son, 87 Main street 

B and A 
Angus, Wm., 221 Main st, B 
Bryce, A. & J., 162 Main st. A 
Co-operative Stores (Vale of Leven) 

Matthews, John, jr., 154 

Main st and 225 Bank st, A 
Rankin, Gilbert L. (bread and 

biscuit), 100 Main st, A 
Richardson, John, 413 Main 

street, B 
Shearer, T. (and confectioner), 

154 Bridge st, A 
Young, J., 185 Main st, A 
Young, Mrs J. , Jamestown 


British Linen Co. Bank — Thomas 
M'Lean, agent, Main st, A 

Clydesdale (The) Bank, Limited — 
W 7 . Lochhead, agent, Bank st 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 
— James M'Murray, agent, Bon- 

Savings' Bank (Shilling) — James 
M'Murray, Secy., Bonhill 

Vale of Leven Savings' Bank — W. 
Lochhead, actuary, Bank st, A 


Basket Makers. 
Hodgson, J. & H., (oak spale) 
39 Susannah st, A 

Berlin Wool Repository — see 
Toy Dealers. 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 

Aitken, Wm., Jamestown 
Cooper, John, Gartocharn 
Forsyth, Walter, Main st, B 
Jack, Peter, Gartocharn 
Miller, Alex., 24 Burn st, B 
Rodgers, — , Lennox st, A 
Stewart, James, Redhouse 
Walker, Malcolm, Mitchell st, A 

Block Gutter. 

Renfrew, Andrew, Water- 
side house, A 

Boat Hirers. 
Bain, David, Balloch 
Lynn, Henry, (and Builder), 

Osborne, G., Balloch 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 

Auld, Thos., 217 Main st, B 
Bail lie, ASex. (and tobacconist), 

174 Bank st, A 
Buchanan, Mrs., 187 Main 

st, A 
Davidson, Mrs, 33 Mitchell st, A 
Ewart, J., 245 Main st, B 
Gilchrist & Sons, 90 Main st, A 
Macnair, John B. (and emigr- 
ation agent), 23 Main st, B 
Munro, Mrs, Jamestown 
Nelson, Mrs. Isa., 84 Main 

st, A 
Whitelaw, Mrs, Post Office, 




Boot and Shoe Makers. 
if art Bros., 136 Main st, A 
1 sou. T., 46 Bank st, A 

T. A., 108 Main st, A 
M . Lister, Ronald, 80 Bridge st, A 
M" )onald, John, 151 Main st, A 
M'Farlane, Alex., 207 Main st, A 
RU'Jiean, Win. & Son, 146 

Bridge st, A 
M'Kinlay, Robt., Ga.itocharn 
Mills Robt., 325 Main st, A 
Monham J , Jamestown 
Smith, Robt., 3 Fountain st, A 
Spence, Geo. , Mitchell st, A 
Taylor, Mrs. Wm., 169 Main 

st, A 
Tweedie, John, Gartocbarn 
Warnock. Alex., 69 Main st, A 

Braxsfounders — see Coppersmiths. 

Brick Builder. 
Robertson, Richd., 15 North 

st, A 

Builders and Contractors. 
Ba.rEa.S 9 James, (and pavement 

and cement merchant, and quarry 

owner), 63 John st, A 
Carrie, James, Gartocharn 
KinEoch, Wm. & Co., (and 

monumental sculptors), Bridge st 

A — see advt 
Paton, J. A., (and monumental 

sculptor), 24 Wilson st, A 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 
Boyd, James, 130 Bank st, A 
Ewing, Peter, (& ironmonger (, 

67, 69 Bank st, A 
Taylor, A., 118 Main st, A 

Calico Printers and Turkey Red 
Black, James & Co., Bonhill 
Ewing, Arch. Orr & Co., Bonhill 
Ewing, John Orr & Co, Alexandria 

Ferryfield Printing Co. Ltd., A 

Cartwrights — see Joiners. 

Cask Dealer and General Merchant. 
M'Laren, D", Sunnyside cottage 

Chemists aud Druggists. 
Brown, James, Main st, A 
M'Farlane, P., Bridge st, A 
M'Lelland, Alex., 155 Main st, B 
Smith, Jn., Apothicaries' hall, 
116 Main st, A 

Coal and Lime Merchants. 
Cameron, Robert, Bridge st, A 
Campbell, John, Fountain pi, A 
Hutchison, John, 8 Susannah st, A 

Colour Manufacturers. 
Mudie, John, Alexandria 
Stevens & Sons, Alexandria 
Thomson & Co. , Alexandria 

Angus, Wm., 73 Mam st, B 
Bryce, A. & J., 162 Main st, A 
Hastings, Wm, (and fruiterer) 

34 Alexandria st, A 
Izatt, John, 134 Bank st, A 
M'Callum, M., and fancy goods 

M'Farlane, J., 63 Main st, A 
Matthew, John, 154 Main st, A 
Matthew, John jr., Bank st, A 
Munro, D., (and dairyman), 198 

Bank st, A 
Pater son, A., Jamestown 
Primrose, Miss E., 91 Main st, A 
Sewell, A,, (aud tobacconist) 

Dillichip ter, B 
Shearer, T., 154 Bridge st, A 
Short, David, 165 Main st, B 
Short, J. & E., Albert bdgs, A 
Vance, Mrs. A. , 2 Bridge st, A 
Weir, Peter, Alexander st, A 

Bryce, J. & W., 341 Main st, B 

Coppersmith, and Brassfoundtrs. 
Baird, M'lntyre, & Co., 

Bridge st A — see adv facing Alex- 





M'Lellan, Duncan, 121 Bridge st, A 
Munro, D., 198 Bank st, A 

Barr, Wm. & Son (and tailors 

and hatters), 84 Bank st, A 
Co-operative Stores (vale of leven), A 
Coulter, Wm., 90 Bank st, A 
Cunningham, J. & J., 145 Main 

st, B 
Cunningham, Marjory, 229 Main 

st, B 
Gay, J., Jamestown 
Littlejohn, Maggie, Gartochran 
M'Alphine, Jessie, Balloch 
M'Quattie, Duncan, 187 Main st, B 
Maxwell, D. & Son (milliners, 

mantlemakers, silkmercers, and 

clothiers), 150 & 152 Bridge st, A 

— see advt 
Millar, J. & Son, 83 Main st, B 
Smith, John, 139 Main st, A 
Thomson, E. & M., Jamestown 
Urie, Robt., 80 Main st, A 
Urquhart, Robt. (and hosier, 

and outfitter, 65 Bank st and 2 

Stevenson st, A 
Westland, Geo. (and hosier &. 

milliner), 158 Main st, A. — see 


Dressmakers and Milliners. 
Cunningham, Marjory, 229 Main 

st, B 
Gourlay, M., 134 Main st, A 
Jardine, Mary, 253 Main st, A 
Johnstone, M. & A., 3 Main st, B 
Johnstone, Mrs J., 317 Main 

st, A 
M'Kirdy, E., 172 Main st, A 
Maxwell, D. & Son (milliners 

and mantlemakers), 150 & 152 

Bridge st, A — see advt 
Morton, J. & C, 186 Main st, A 
Paton, L. & A., 153 Main st, A 
Rodger, Jessie, 315 Main st, A 
Scott, Mrs G., 71 Bank st, A 
Smith, John, 137 Main st. A 
Strathearn, E. & C, 144 Main st, A 
Thomson, E. & M. , Jamestown 
Thorburn, E. & H., 2 Bank 

st, A 

Westland, George (milliner), 158 
Main st, A. — see advt 

Estate Agent. 
M'Lean, Thos., Main st, A 

Egg Merchant — Wholesale. 
Stevaly, Hugh, 158 

st, A 

Fancy Repositories- 

-see Toy 


Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fish, Game, and Poultry 


Mather, Wm.,, Main st, A— see 

Scott, Wm., 149 Main st, A 

Bauchop, Jn., 144 Main st, A 
Co-operative Stores, Vale of Leven, 

Dymock, James, 90 Main 

st, A 
Glass, Wm., (and Grocer), 53 

Main st, A 
M'Farlane, Margaret, 176 

Bank st, A 
Murdoch, John, 231 Main 

st. B 
Sands, D. ■ 291 Main st, A 
Weir, Peter, Alexandria 
Wilkie, John, 181 Main st, A 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 

Hastings, Wm., 34 Alexander 

st, A 
Izatt, John, 134 Bank st, A 
Kerr. Jas., 203 Main st, B 
M'Donald, Chester, Jamestown 
M'Leod, Arch., 143 Main st, A 
Paton, Mrs J.. Ill Main st, A 
Short, J. & E., 295 Main st, A 

Funeral Undertakers. 

Graham & M'Laren, 56 Bank st, A 
M'Farlane, Duncan, Steven st, A 
Shearer, James, 118 Bridge st, A 
Taylor, Wm., Steven st, A 




Game Dealers — see Fish Merchants. 

Glaus and China Dealers. 
Cronin, Owen, 63 Alexander st, A 
Glen, Mrs T., 17 Main st, B 
Logan, Margt., 41 Bridge st, A 
M'Ausland, J. R., 327 Main st, B 
M'Kinlay, Hugh, 119 Main st, A 

M'Leod, Arch., 143 Main st, A 
Peters, Marion, 189 Main st, B 
Menzies, VVm., 3 Main st, B 

Glaziers — see Joiners. 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Marked a are Spirit Dealers. 

Campbell, William (licensed 

grocer, nurseryman, florist, and 
seedsman), 148 Main st, A 

Co-operative Stores (Vale of Leven) 
Bank st, A 

Crerar, P., 309 Main st, A 

Ferguson, John, Balloch 

Ferguson, R. & J., Jamestown 

a Finlayson, Peter (licensed 

grocer), 255 Main st, B 

Galbraith, John, 144 Bridge 

street, A 
Glass, Wm. , 53 Main st, A 
Glen, James, Mitchell st, A 
Glen, T., 439 Main st, B 
Grant & Syme, Main st, A 
a Izatt, Gordon, 138 Bank st, A 
Junior, Margt., Main st, B 
Kerr, James, 203 Main st, B 
M' Donald, Mrs, 108 Bridge st, A 
M'Farlane, A. M., 207 Main st, A 
M'Farlane, Margt., Gartocharn 
M'Gown, John, Jamestown 
M'Kinlay, Hugh, 115 Main st, A 
M'Kinlay, Robert, Gartocharn 
a M'Lintock, John, Main st, A 
M'Neil, Robert B. , Gartocharn 
M'Phee, John, 73 Bank st, A 
a Mathieson, Jno. & Donald, James- 
a Mirrlees, S. A. (licensed gro- 
cer), 179 Main st, B 
Mollison, W. T., 129 Main st, A 
Murphy, John S., 126 Bridge 

st, A 
Reoch, A. F., Bridge st, A 


Richardson, Mrs, 415 Main st, B 
Short, David, 161 Main st, B 
Short, J. & E., Main st, A 
Syme, John, 135 Main st, B 
Walker, John, 74 Main st, A 
Weir, Peter (grocer, confectioner 

& flesher), A 
Wilkie, John, 181 Main st, A 

Hairdressers and Perfumers. 

Leckie, Thomas (estab. 1872), 

132 Main st, A 
Taylor, J. & J., 4 Bank st, A 

Horse Hiring and Posting 
M'Letchie (cab and carriage 
hirer, brakes, hearses & mourning 
coaches), Thomas st, A 

Sharp, George, 41, 43 Bank 
st, A 

Hosiers, Hatters, and Glovers. 
Barr, Wm. & Son, 84 Bank st, A 
Urquhart, Robt. , 65 Bank st and 2 

Stevenson st, A 
Westland, Geo., 158 Main st, A 

Hotels — see Spirit Dealers. 

House Factor 
M 'Donald, James, 19 George 
street, B 

Insurance Companies and Agents. 
Caledonian Plate Glass— 

Jas. S. Bell, Clydesdale Bank, A 
County (Fire) and Provi- 
dent (Life)— W. Lochhead, 

Clydesdale Bank, A 
Lancashire (Fire)— William 

Lochhead, Clydesdale Bank, A 
North British and Mercantile — 

Thomas M'Lean, Main st, A, and 

Peter Cameron, Bank st, A 
Northern — W. Lochhead, Clydea 

dale Bank, A 
Norwich Union (Life) — W. 

Lochhead, Clydesdale Bank, A 
Scottish Union and National — Thos. 

M'Lean, Main stA; and Jamea 

M 'Murray, Bonhill 




Ironmongers and Hardwaremen 
Ewing Peter, 67, 69 Bank street A 
Kerr James 199 Main street B 
M'Caskel, Mrs. John 291 Main st B 
M'Intyre, James 114 Bank st A 
M 'In tyre, John 1, 2 Fountain pi A 
Taig, Thomas, Main street, A 
Wallace, John, 164 Main street, A 

Joiners, Glaziers, and Cartwrights. 
Bryson. J. & W., (cartwrights 

and timber merchants), 34 Camp- 
bell st, B 
Buchanan, James, Gartocharn 

Buchanan, Jas. R., (joiner, 

cartwright, and van builder), 35 
Alexander st, A 
Gillies, John, Albert st, A 

Graham & Miean (Joiners & 

Undertakers) 56 Bank street A 
Howe, John & Jas., Gartocharn 

M'Farlane, Duncan (joiner 

and undertaker), Steven st, A 
M'Farlane, Duncan, Jamestown 
Miller, Geo., Redhouse 
Nairn, John, Balloch 
Shearer, las., 118 Bridge st, A 
Sinclair & Son, Jamestown 
Taylor, Wm. (joiner, cartwright 

and funeral undertaker), Steven 

st aud Grey st, A 

Anderson, A., Alexandria 

Laundry, Leven st, A 
Fraser, Kate, Vale of Leven 

Laundry, A 

Marine Store Dealer. 

Campbell, Mrs. Robt., 87 

Alexander st, A 

Milliners — see Dressmakers, &c. 

Monumental Sculptors. 
Kinloch, Wm. & Co. (and 
builders), Bridge st, A — see advt 
Paton, J. A., 24 Wilson st, A 

Music Teachers. 
Fairhurst, Thos. (pianoforte 
and harmonium), 194 Midgleton 
st, A 


M'Coll, Dugald (violin, piano, 
harmonium, theory, & harmony), 
29 Milton ter, Jamestown 

Reid, Miss, Main st, A 

Painters and Decorators. 
M'Gregor, Campbell, 96 Main st, A 
Menzies, Wm. , 131 Main st, B 
Russell, Joseph, 78 Bank st, A 
Williamson, R. C, 128 Main 
st, A 

Pavement and Cement Merchant. 
Barlas, Jas. , 63 John st, A 

Gilchrist, Wm., Middleton st, A 
The Art Studio— W. Miller, 
proptr., 200 Bank st, A 

Picture Frame Maker. 
Hyman, J. (and general house 
furnisher), Alexandria 

^Plasterers and Slaters. 
Bunch, Jas., Overton st, A 
Gray, ThOS., 38 Campbell st, B 
Haggarty, Peter (plasterer & 

chimney sweep), 40 Lennox st, A 
Jack & Hamell, Albert st, A 
M'Kinlay, ThOS. (plasterer & 

cement worker), Fountain sq, A 
Moncur, ThOS., Random st, A 
O'Connor & Howie, Overton 

st, A 

Plumbers, Gas/litters, and 

Baird, Mclntyre, & Co. (and 

copper and tinsmiths), Bridge st, 
A. — see advt facing Alexanddia 

KinlOCh, Charles (and bell- 
hanger), John st, A 

M'Gregor, Wal. Church st, B 

Mclntyre, Jas., 114 Bank st, A 

Taig, Thos. , Main st, A 

Poulterers — see Fish Merchants. 

Refreshment Rooms. 
Buchanan, H., 199 Main st, A 
King, Miss, 184 Main st, A 
M'Innes, Duncan, 9, 11 Main st, B 




M'Kenzie, Margt., 64 Bridge st, A. 
M'Lean, Mr3 D., 35 Main st, A 
Martin, E., Burn st, B 
Mather, Janer, Balloch statn 
Sharp, Mrs, 78 Main st, A 

Sculptors — see Monumental 

Slaters — see Plasterers and Slaters. 

Solicitors — see Writers. 

Spirit Dealers. 
Albert Hotel — M. S. Johnston, 

Maiu st, A 
Balloch Hotel — Mrs. M'Dougall, 

Cronin, Jas., Bridge st, A 
Cunningham, John, Jamestown 
Gillies, Duncan (wine & spirit 

merchant), 18 Bank st, A 
Ferguson, John (spirit mer- 
chant). 309 Main st. A 
Findlay, John (wine and spirit 

merchant), 102 Main st, A 
Gilbert, Wm., 140 Bank st, A 
Gordon, Duncan W., 114 Bridge 

st A 
Hen'drie, A. M., 209 Main st, B 
Hendrie, Jas., 313 Main st, B 
Jameson, J. (spirit merchant), 

Susannah st, A 
Kinloch, George, 3 Bank st, A 
KinlOCh, J. (spirit merchant), 43, 

45 Main st, A 
Lees, Alex. , 79 Alexander st, A 
M'Callum, Geo., 50 Random st, A 
M'Ewan, And., 149 Main st, A 
Mclnnes, Duncan (wine and 
spirit merchant), 9, 11 Main st, B 
M'Kenzie, Margt., Gartocharn 
MacGibbon, Peter (wine and 
spirit merchant), 225 Main st, B 
Martin, Hugh, 203 Main st, A 
Robertson, Adam (wine and spirit 

merchant), 37 Alexander st, A 
Scott, Robt. , Jamestown 
Sharp, Geo. (spirit merchant & 

horse hirer), 41, 43 Bank st, A 
Suter, Mrs Jessie, 162 Bridge st, A 
Thomson, Wm. (spirit mer- 
chant), 12 Random st, A 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Brown, Jas., 86 Middleton st, A 
Brown, J. Cullen, Overton st, A 
Cullen, J. R. F., Main st, A 
M'Lelland. Alex., m.b., l.r.c.s., 

edin., Ardenlea, and Snrgery afe 

155 Main st, A 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Barr Wm. & Son 82. 84 Bank 

street A 
Ferguson, Thomson A. 50 Bank st A 
M'Gregor, D.125 Main st A 
M'Gregor James 186 Bank st A 
M'Lean Alexander Jamestown 
Maxwell D. & Son 150. 152 
Bridge st A. — ■ see adv. 
Miller J. B. 161 Main st B 
Paterson & Co. 305 Main st A 
Smith J. & R. 101 Main st A 
Thomson Robert. 122 Bank st A 
Urie Robert. 80 Main st A 
Urquhart Robert 65 Bank st A 

Timber Merchants & Saw Mill 
Bryson J. & W. 34 Campbell st B 
Nairn John. Balloch 
Sinclair & Son, Jamestown 

Tinsmiths — see Plumbers &c. 


Baillie Alex 174 Bank st A. 
Bell Christina, 120 Bankst A 
Primrose, Miss E., 91 Bank st, A 
Vance Mrs. A. (& confectioner), 
2 Bridge st A 

Toy, Fancy, and Berlin Wool 

Barton Janet 75. 77 Main st A 
Davidson, Elizabeth, Mitchell st, A 
Ewart, J., 245 Main st, B 
Gilchrist & Son, 90 Main st, A 
M'Callum. M., Jamestown 
Menzies, Wm., 3 Main st, B 
Nelson, Mrs Isa., 84 Main st, A 
Robertson, Mrs., 123 Main 

st, A 
Stevenson, Wm., 124 Main st, A 
Wallace, John, 164 Main st, A 



Dire k 

Veterinarv Surgeo7is. 
M'Gregor, Geo. 0., Balloch 

Walker, Malcolm, Middleton 
st, A 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Dougal), John (and bicycle 

agent), 173 Main st, B 
Rennie, Robt. M., 98 Main st, A 


Brown, James (M'Arthur & 

Brown, clerk to Bonhill School 
Board), Bank st, A 

Cameron, Peter (solicitor & notary- 
public, and Treasurer to Renton 
Gas Co.), Bank st, A 

M'Arthur & Brown, Bank st, 
A and Dumbarton 

Clogger and Clog Block Manus tu- 

rer — Jas. Currie, 146 Bank st A 
Drysalters and Extract Manufactu- 
rers — A M'Gregor & Co., vnes- 

Grain Dealer — Hugh M'Kinlay, 

119 Main st, A 
Ironfounders and Engineers — Sharp 

&. Co., Lennox Foundry A 
Pawnbrokers — M'Kay & M' Donald, 

Randoui st, A 
Potato Merchant — Robert Burns, 

Printers — Gilchrist & Son, 90 Main 

st, A 
Saddle and Harness Maker — George 

Young, 159 Main st, B 
Umbrella Maker — Wm. Stevenson, 

124 Main st, A 


Publisher and Compiler 




List of Recent Publications on application 

5 9 S 



Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 

* §raper, & c, *• 

158 IVSain Street, ALEXANDRIA 

Has always on hand, a Large Assortment of FIRST-CLASS 



E1L14H MATIli, 

Fish Ourer and Game Dealer. 

Fishing Stations at — St. Monance 






Wholesale and Retail Shops and Stores — 

47 MAIN STREET, Renton: 110 MAIN STREET, Alexandria. 

Telegraphic Address — " Mather," Alexandria, N.B. 


11IIS11S, eoiifii.€f@I§, audi 

Are prepared to execute all kinds of Excavating, Drainage, Brick and 
Stone Building, and Monumental Work on the most moderate terms. 

Parties intending erecting Monuments, may, on application, have Designs 
prepared to suit their requirements. 



Yards— Bridge Street and Station Street. 

Drapers, Milliners, HVIantlemakers, and 


Have always on hand a large Assortment of First-Class 
Drapery Goods. 

150 and 152 BRIDGE SQUARE, 



Dumbartonshire CUMBERNAULD Directory 



Condorret, Dullatitr, Castlecary, Croy, and Neigbourhoods. 

CUMBERNAULD is a village in the parish of its name. 33 miles \V. from 
Edinburgh, 29 e from Dumbarton, 14 ne from Glasgow, 13 s from Stirling 
9 w. from Falkirk, 7 E. from Kirkintilloch, and 7 N. from Airdrie ; situated 
on the main road between Glasgow and Edinburgh, through Falkirk, about 
two miles south of the Forth and Clyde Canal, and the line of railway- 
between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The weaving of checks and other 
striped fabrics, by hand-loom, for the Glasgow manufacturers, is carried 
on here, but the staple business of the district is mining, there being 
several coal and lime works and many quarries of good freestone in the 
neighbourhood. The annual fair is held on the second Thursday in May, 
for eattle, horses, &c. The parish of Cumbernauld has an area of 11,635 
statute acres. 

Condorret is a small village in the parish of, and about three miles 
west of, Cumbernauld. The inhabitants are now chiefly employed in the 
coal and ironstone mines and quarries situated here, although some are 
still engaged in handdoom weaving. 

Castlecary is a small hamlet situated about two miles x.e. of Cumber- 
nauld. Croy is also a small village, and distant from Cumbernauld about 
three miles. There is a station at each of the above named places on the 
North British Railway. 





Buisness Directory. 


Brown, Robt., Cumbernauld 
Watson, Alex., Condorret 
Watson, Wm., Cumbernauld 
Young, Thos., Condorret 

Church Savings Bank, Condorret 
Parish Savings Bank, Cumberland 
Royal Bank of Scotland, Cumber- 

Black and Shoeing Smiths. 
Bryson, Alex., Cumbernauld 
M'Anlay, Alex., Condorret 
M'Gregor, John, Braefoot 
Muir, Jas., Fannyside 
Pollock, James, Cumbernauld 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Shaw, Christina Cumbernauld 
Smellie, James, Auchenstarry 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Aitchison, Thomas, Cumbernauld 
Fleming, Robert, Cumbernauld 
Hunter, J., Condorret 
Orr, Daniel, Cumbernauld 
Russell, Wm., Cumbernauld 

Brick and Tile Manufacturers. 
Castiecary Fire Clay Co. 
Glenboig Fire Clay Coy., Limited, 

Middlesboro' Fire Brick Corny., 

Miller & Sons, Abrons hills 

Lunbell, And., Cumbernauld 
M'Laren, John, Auchenstarry 
Marshall, Alex., Eastfield 
Muirhead, John, N. Muirhead 
Stark, Alsx., Auchenstarry 

Drapers. Dressmakers, and 
Allan, Misses, Cumbernauld 

Co-operative Soc Ld., Cumbernauld 
Cuthill, Margt., Cumbernauld 
Galloway, Mrs., Condorret 
Gillies, Wm., Cumbernauld 
Henderson, Alex., Cumbernauld 
Hunter, James, Condorret 
Macdonald, D. A., Cumbernauld 
Smellie, Alex., Cumbernauld 

Dressmakers and Milliners — see 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Young, James, Cumbernauld 
Young, Mrs. Peter, Condorret 
Young, Wm., Cumbernauld 

Grain and Seed Merchant. 
Chalmers, James, Cumber- 

Grocers and General Merchants. 
Chalmers, Mrs., Cumbernanld 
Co-operative Soc. Ltd., Condorret 
Co-operative Soc. Ltd., Cumber- 
Ingles, John, Condorret 
M'Niven, Mrs E., Cumbernauld 
Warden, Malcolm, Cumbernauld 
Young, Mary, Condorret 

Joiners and Wrights. 
Erskine, John, Cumbernauld 
Marshall, John, Condorret 
Reid, John & Wm. , Cumbernauld 
Reid, Robert, Eastfield 
Waddell, George, Cumbernauld 

Campbell, — . , Garrel mills 
Chalmers, James, Lenzie mills 
Smith, Stewart, Tamiock mill 
Stewart, Peter, Fannyside 

Spirit Dealers. 
Allan, John, Condorret 
Calder, Robt., Cumbernauld 





Cowie, Wm. (Black Bull), Cumber- 

Weavers' Agents. 


Carmichael, Danl., Condorret 

Cullen, Wm., Croy 

Henderson, Alex., Cumbernauld 

Fleming, Wm., Cumbernauld 

Kinniburgh, John, Cumbernauld 

Neilson, Robert (Spur 




Thorn, Margt., Wyndford 

Carrier — Morris Frater, Cumber- 

Watson, Alex., Condorret 

Cooper — Chas. M'Gregor, Cumber- 

Stone Quarriers. 


Coghill, — . , Glen cy ran 

Dairyman — Wm. Wood, Cumber- 

Neilson, David, Croy 


Neilson, W. D., Craighalbert 

Painter — Wm. Walker, Cumber- 

Short, David, Netherwood 


Stark & Sons, Auchenstarry 

Saddler and Ironmonger — Margaret 

Tyler, Arch., Croy 

Meers, Cumbernauld 

Wilson, Wm., Croy 

Slater and Plasterer — Henry Hogg, 

Tailors and Clothiers. 

Stonemason — John Young, Cumber- 

Gillies, Wm., Cumbernauld 


Macdonald, D. A., Cumbernauld 

Smellie, Alex., Cumbernauld 

Smellie, Wm., Cumbernauld 


Plasterer, Modeller, & Slater 

Estimates given for Plastering, Slating, and all kinds of 
Cement Work. 

Jobbing attended to at Moderate Charges. 










155 High Street, 



In General Drapery, our Stock 
is well Assorted, Choice, and 
Complete. All our Goods are 
of Medium and Fine Qualities, 
and are marked at extremely 
low prices. 

Comparison Invited. 


receive our 
Immediate attention. 

The Mantle and Jacket De- 
partment ought to be visited by 
every Lady, as the Fit and the 
Style are as near perfection as 

The prices are strictly moderate 

Ladies Underclothing 

Tastefully Trimmed 

and Well Made. 

The Underclothing department 
receives every attention, and is 
increasing daily in public favour 
The cottons from which our 
Underclothing is made are all 
of very good qualities. The 
Cutting, the Sewing, and the 
Finish recommend themselves 
to every purchaser. 

Beautiful Stock of 

Trouserings, Sheetings, 


The Cut, The Fit, and 

The Finish 

Pleases every Lady. 

In the Dress Department will 
be found a Stock of Materials 
of all classes and qualities, of 
various tints and designs, to 
suit almost every taste. 

Unsurpassed for Beauty. 


For Style and Taste 

We Excel. 

The Millinery, like the Mantle 
Department, is one of constant 
change, every day sees some- 
thing new in the market, and 
every season brings about a 
complete revolution. We are 
always on the alert for Novelty 
and are in a position to give 
our customers the Latest Styles 
and Trimmings. 


By a Cutter of 

Experience and Ability. 

All our Garments are mad e 
to the present Fashion, and ar g 
cut on strict anatomical lines. 



and Laces 


155 High Street, 






Dumbartonshire DUMBARTON Directory 

With Cardross, Dalreoch, and Neighbourhoods. 

DUMBARTON is a royal burgh, the capital of the county and of the 
parish to which it gives name; 59 miles w. from Edinburgh, 15 nyv. 
from Glasgow, 8 s. e. from Helensburgh, and 3 s. from Bonhill, situated on 
a low piece of ground encompassed on its western quarter by the Leven r 
about half a mile from its junction with the Clyde, and almost secluded 
from the view of persons on the latter river by the intervening castle of 
Dumbarton, which stands on a huge rocky eminence on the edge of the 
Frith, about half a mile from the town. The rock of Dumbarton measures 
a mile in circumference at its base, diminishing in breadtli near the top, 
which is cloven into two summits, one higher than the other ; these are 
almost perpendicular, and rise to a height of more than 300 feet. The 
fortress is entered by a gate at the southern base of the rock, and here are 
situated the guardhouse and lodging for the officers, from whence the 
ascent is by some flights of steps to the part where the rock divides ; here 
is a strong battery, barracks for the garrison, and two large tanks always 
filled with water ; above these are several battaries which command a 
most extensive range, especially up and down the Clyde ; its defences are 
kept in constant :epair, and it is garrisoned by a limited body of military 
functionaries. The house of the governer is judiciously placed in a cleft 
of the rock, and erected in a style quite out of character with the picture- 
sque outlines of the precipice. Some parts of the rock are magnetic. 
The rock of Dumbarton has been occupied by works of a warlike character 
throughout the successive dynasties of eighteen hundred years, and con- 
sequently as the most ancient stronghold in the country of which any 
record or tradition is preserved. The waters of the Leven form a commod- 
ious ..harbour, and to promote the facility of trade an excellent quay and 
capacious docks have been constructed by Messrs. Denny Brothers. The 
principal trade, and on which the prosperity of the town chiefly depends, 
is that of shipbuilding, which is carried on here extensively and with 
great spirit, and at which about three thousand men are employed. There 
are four extensive yards. Brewing, tanning, ironfounding, and sail and 
rope making are also carried on to a limited extent. The sheriff ordinary 
court and the commissary court are held every Tuesday and Friday during 
session, the sheriff small debt court every Tuesday during the session, and 
on vacation court days. Quarter sessions are held on the first Tuesdays in 
March, May, and August, and last Tuesday in October. The burgh unites 
with Renfrew and Port-Glasgow in returning one member to Parliament. 
Renfrew is the returning burgh. A cattle market is held on Wednesday j 
there is also a large cattle fair held on Carman Moor on the first Wednes- 
day in June. 

Cardross is a small village in the parish of its name, situated four miles 
from Dumbarton, on the road to Helensburgh, and near the shore of the 
Clyde. The North British railway have a station here. 





Business Directory. 

A ccountants. 

Brown, John M. (and valuator 

and house factor), 27 Church st 

Burgess, James H. (& house 

factor, insurance agent, & sheriff- 
officer), 78 Church st 

Aerated Water Manufacturers. 
Shivers, P., 199 High st 
Walker, Wm., West Bridgend 

Architects and Surveyors. 

Crawford, John M., High st 
Wotherspoon, Michael, (& 

measurer), 37 Church st 

Auctioneers and Valuators. 

Marshall, James (& sheriff- 
officer), 39 Church st 

Paul, John (cattle auction mart), 
College st 


Brown, Wm., 200 High st 
Charles, James, 185 High st 
Co-operative Soc. , Ltd., 46 High st 
Hutchison, J., Ill High st 
M'Adam, Wm., 154 High st 
McAllister, Neil (and confec- 
tioner), 49 Church st 
McKinstry James (and con- 
fectioner, soiree and pic-nic 
parties supplied), Car dross and 9 
Main st, Renton 
M'Lachlan, Charles, 41 Highst 
Philip, T., 92 High st 
Ritchie, Wm., 114 High st 

British Linen Co. Bank, Strathleven 

pi — Macfarlan & Thomson, agents 
Clydesdale (The) Bank, Ltd., High 

street — Buchanan & Stevenson, 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 

High st — W. G. Robson, agent 
Union Bank of Scotland, Litd., 

High st — Babtie & Craig, agents 

Bicycle, Cycle Makers and Agents. 
Kennedy, Matthew (bicycle 

agent and repairer), 4 Burnside 

Williamson. H., junr. (cycle 

agent), 76 High st — see advt 

Billiard Rooms. 
Williamson, H. jr, 76 High st 

Blacksmiths — see Smiths. 

Boat Builders. 
Chambers Bros., Strathleven pi 
M'Allister, R. &, Son, High st 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Borland, Ann, 18 Church st 
Boyd, Thos., 127 High st 
Cameron, Duncan, 113 High st 
Cook, Mary, 142 West Bridgend 
Colthrope, Wm. (Stationer & 

Ironmonger) 16 Glasgow rd 
Gillan, James (Stationer & 

Tobacconist) 169 High st 
Gunn, W T m., Ill College st 
Jardine, D , 1 Bridge st 
Langlands, George, 57 High 

street — see advt 
Lawrence, A. , 2£ Church place 
Logan, James, Cardross 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Cairns, Patk., 33 College st 
Erskine, J., 10 West Bridgend 
Glen, Arch., 74 High st 
Gray, Thos. A., 68 High st 
Kennedy, — ., 96£ High st 
Lamont, Dougald, Cardross 
M'Farlane, James, Glasgow rd 
M'Geachin, J., 116 High st 
Moore, R. & J., High st 
Smith, Robt., 66 High st and 

Brassfounders — see Engineers, Iron 
and Brass Founders. 


Watson, And. , Levenford ter 




Builders and Contractors. 
Bane, Wm., Cardross 
Barlas, Wm., junr., Leven Grove 

Budge, George, Bonhill rd 
Dougali & Gibson, 25 Church 

Mail*, And., 7 & 57 Church st 
Munro, John, jr., Burnside 
Williamson, Hugh, 53 Church st 
YOiing, Wm. (and sculptor), 

Strathleven pi — see advt 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 
Baxter, P. (and ship modeller), 67 

Church st 
Hudson, John M. W., 61 Church st 
Johnston & Taylor, 146 High st 
Miller, Robt,, 188 High st 
Ralston, J., 108 High st 

Burns, James (Spring Van and 

Lorry Builder,) Strathleven st 
Graham, John Cardross 
Lees, David, 45 Cnurch st 
Lees, Thomas, 45 Church pi 
M,Intyre, John, Cardross 
M'Leod, & son's, Back End rd 

Chemists & Druggists. 
Allan, Richard, 72 High st 
Babtie, John, 28 High st 
Campbell, Colin, 85 High st 
Mitchell, P., 6 Church st 
Wilson, James, 82 High st 

Coal Merchants 

Davies, Mrs., Cardross 

Dixon Wm., Ltd.. N. B. Rail- 
way Station 

Co-operative Soa., Ltd., 46 High st 

Howie, A., (& general merchant), 
93 Levenhaugh st 

Jenkins, David, 72 High st 

Joice, John, 25 Church st 

M kittrick, Allan, N.B. Rail- 
way station 

Oliver, Hamilton, N.B. Railway stn 

Callander, Alexr. , 99 High st 
Campbell, James, 74 West Bridgend 

Giacopazzi, John, 4 College st 
M'Adam, Wm., 154 High st 
M'Allister, Neil, 49 Church st 
M'Cann, John, 10 Castle st 
M'Intosh, John, 190 High st 
M'Kay, J., 4£ Church pi 
M'Kinstry, John, Cardross 
Macnamara, A., 40 College st 
Mitchell, Mary, Townend 
Neil, J., 13 Church st 
Ritchie, Wm., 144 High st 
Rosse, Raffaels, 187 High st 
eth, yin Wm . 4t Gi-Uspwrd 
Williamson, E., 23 Church st 
Wilson, Mrs, 52 High st 

Contractors — Carting. 
Cowan & Co. , Church st 
Jamieson, Hugh, High st 
M'Earlane, Lang, & Co., Quay 

Com Millers and Grain Merchants. 
Adam & Reid, 29 High st 
Craig, Wm., Dumbarton mill 
Ferrier, Alex., Cardross 

Campbell, Malcolm, 10 

Church st, and 92 Bank st, Alex- 

Bell & Blair (and dressmakers & 
Bennett, Mrs. Mary L. (and 

grocer), 2 Allan pi 
clothiers), 123 High st 

Campbell, John M. (and 

dressmaker, milliner, & clothier), 

155 High street. — see advt facing 

Co-operative Soa, Ltd., 46 High st 
Eraser, Wm. , Glasgow rd 
Gibson, Jas., 145 High st 
Kinloch, Wm., 112 West Bridgend 
Lang, Robt., jr., 61 High st 
Lawson & Son (Stirling), — A. C. 

Baxter, agent, 37 Church st 
M'Lennan, Peter, 69 Highst 
Miller, Geo., 45 High st 
Mitchell, Jas., 132 High st 
Nimmo, James & Co. (linen 

and woollen drapers, hosiers, 
hatters, and shirtmakers), 54 
Church st, & Clydebank — see adv 





Rae, Mary (and milliner and 

dressmaker), Cardross 
Rogerson, David (general 

draper), 81 High st 
Smith, John, 2 Bridge st 
Thomson, James, 131 High st 

Bell & Blair, 123 High st 
Campbell, John M., 155 High st 
Gibson, Jas. , 145 High ts 
M'Lennan, Peter, 67 High st 
Mitchell, Jas., 132 High st 
Rae, Mary, Cardross 
Rogerson, David, 81 High st 
Stockton, Emma, 16 Clyde st 
Ward, Mary, Glasgow rd 

Engineers, Iron <b Brassfounders. 
Campbell & Cameron, College st 
Colville, Alex. , Risk st 
Denny & Co., High st 
Dennystown Forge Co. 
Douglas & Logan, 199 High st 
Halley, Wm. L., Dennystown 
Hardie & Gordon, Levenbank 

Paul, Matthew, & Co., West 

Ure, John & Co., Dumbarton 


Fancy Repositories — see Toy and 
Fancy Dealers. 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fish, Game, and Poultry 
Herd, John, 69 College st 
Smith, T. P. (fishmonger, Poul- 
terer, and game dealer), 78 High 
st and Kirn and Dunoon — see adv 
Weir, — ., High st 

Blair, Hugh, Cardross 
Caulfield, Bernard, 23 College st 
C-operative Soc, Ltd., 46 High st 
Duncan & Sons, Glasgow rd 
Eastman & Co., Ltd., 119 High st 
Hetherton, Wm., 4 West Bridgend 
Houston, Peter, 25 High st 

M'Allister, Edward, 162 High st 
McKellar, A., 67 College st 
MacKinnon, Charles, 163 

High st 
Mauchan, A., 198 High st 
Mauchan, Andrew A., 6 High st 
Miller, Alex. P., 77 High st 
Young Bros., 58 Church st 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers . 
Callander, Alex., 99 High st 
Campbell, J., 74 West Bridgend 
Forrest, R. , 50 Church st 
M -Bride, Mrs, 177 High st 
M'lntosh, J., 190 High st 
Macphie, John, 17 Castle st 
Maloney, Margt., 63 College 

Murray, Alex., 93 High st 
Young, Susan (& nurseryman 

& seedsman, & florist), 8 High st 

Furniture Dealers. 
Jenkins, David F., 3 College st 
Lawson & Son, Stirling — R. C. Bax- 
ter, agent, 37 Church st 
Somerviile, James, 46 College st 

Glass and China Merchants. 
Buchanan, A. &. J. (& crystal 

and wreath), 13 High st — see adv 
Collington, A., 18 & 20 College 


Glaziers and Glass Merchants. 
Buchanan, Robert, 13 High 

Chambers, Robert, 164 High st 

Glue Manufacturer. 
Buchanan, John (& skinner), West 

Grain Merchants — see Corn Millers 

Adam & Reid, 29 High st 
Alexander, Wm., 79 High st 
Bennett, Mrs L. , 2 Allan pi 
Blair, John, 83 College st 
Blair & Co., 43 Levenhaugh st 
Buchanan, J., jr., Lochhead pi 





Burns, Arch., Glasgow road 
Cameron, Mrs John, 150 

High st 
Carmichael, Alexander, 8 Bonhill 

Caulheld, Sarah, 12 College st 
Co-operative Soc, Ltd., 42 High st 
Douglas, Wm,, 124 High st 
Fraser, C. , Cardross 
Gallacher, Path., 9 College st 
Gordon, Michael, 61 College st 
Hodge, Wbtb. (licensed grocer), 

2 Church st 
Howie, Hugh, 76 Levenhaugh st 
Jamieson, Wm. , Glasgow road 
Lang, Robert, 193 High st 
M'Adam, James, 135 High st 
M'Farlane, John, 3 Church pi 
M'lntyre, Duncan, Cardross 
M'Kenzie, J., 27 Castle st 
M'Laughlin, W. & M., Common 
Macphie, John, 3 and 5 Castle 

Martin, John, 126 West Bridgend 
Miller, George, 104 High st 
Mirrless, S. A., Cardross 
Mitche&i, Mary (and confec- 
tioner), Townend 
Norris, J., 29 Castle st 
Oliver, James, 1 West Bridge- 
Penman, Andrew, 21 William 

Robb, Matthew, SI College st 
Rowand, Wm. (and provision 
merchant), 14 Glasgow road 

Coates, J. W., Glasgow road 
Gilkison, John, 26i High st 
Gordon, John B. , 14 Castle st 
Johnston, T-, 17 High st 
Neilson, W., 204 High st 
Officer, A., 11 College st 

Horse Hiring and Posting 
Donnelly, A., (Cab and Carriage 
Hirer & Livery Stables, Funeral 
Undertaking), Head of Church st 
Telephone No. 22 
Manners, G., "(Cab & Carriage 
Hirer, Funeral Undertaking), 89 


College st, and 37, 39 Risk st, 
Telephone No. 18 

Hosiers, Hatters, and Glovers. 
Bell & Blair, 123 High st 
Bell, Hugh, Cardross 
CairspbeSS, John EVI., 155 

High st 
Fraser, Wm. , Glasgow rd 
Gibson, James, 145 High st 
Kinloch, Wm., 112 West Bridgend 
Laing, Robert, junr. , 61 High st 
Miller, Geo., 45 High st 
Mitchell, James, 132 High st 
Nimmo, James, & Co., 54 

Church st and Clydebank — see 

Robertson, D., 143£ High st 
Rogerson, David, 81 High st 
Smith, John, 2 Bridge st 

" Elephant Hotel," High st 
Falconer's Temperance Hotel 

137 High st 
Lennox, (Temperance), Hotel — 

College st 

House and Property Factors. 
Brown, Wm., 27 Church st 
Burgess, James H., 78 Church st 

Ironfounders — see Engineers. 

Colthrope, Wm. , 16 Glasgow rd 
Gordon, D. R., 20 High st 
Houston, Wm., 33 High st 
Kirkland, Wm., 12 High st 
M'Arthur, Jas., 141 High st 
Somerviile, Jas., 46 High st 

Brown & Kennedy, 26 Bridge st 
Buchanan, John, West Bridgend 
Dougall $k Gibson (and 

builders), 25 Church st 
Graham. John, Cardross 
Hudson,' John M. W., 61 Church st 
Johnston & Taylor, 146 High st 
M'A.uslan & Son, Sandpoint 
M'lntyre, John, Cardross 
M'Leod & Sons, Bank End rd 




Moir, J., 62 High st 
Robertson, J. & W. (& under- 
takers), 60 College st 

Craig & M'Lean, St. James' 

Park Laundry, Glasgow rd 
Dumbartonshire Laundry Coy., 

College st 
Kelly, Mrs., Burnside Laundry 

2 Burnside ter 

Market Gardeners. 
Garrick, David, Millfauld 
O'Neil, Robt., Netherbogs 

Millers — see Corn Millers. 

Milliners — see Dressmakers. 

Monu mental Masons — see Masons. 

Music Teachers. 
Askham, Samuel, (Organist 

and Choirmaster St. Augustine's 
Episcopal Church, Violin Master 
Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow, 
and Teacher of Organ, Pianoforte 
Violin, and Singing. Pupils pre- 
pared for Royal Academy, Trinity 
College, &c. Local Examinations 
Prospectus on application. 2 
Veir Terrace, Levengrove 

Cowan, Alex. F., (Violin and 
Mandoline Tuition. Dancing and 
Wedding parties attended), 2 
Grange place 

Frazer, Daniel, (and Piano 
Tuner. Piano and Harmonium 
taught. Pupils instructed at 
their own residences if required. 
Pianos Tuned and Repaired by 
arrangement) 6 Bruce st 

M'Coll, Mrs., (Teacher of Organ 
Harmonium, and Pianoforte) 
Windsor buildings, High st 

Minns, F. W., (Teacher of Piano 
Organ, and Singing), 31 High st 

Nisbet, Thomas, (Organist 
U.P. Church, and Teacher of 
Piano, Harmonium, Harmony and 
Counterpoint), 12 Park crescent 


Nail and Rivet Maker. 
M'AcEam, Wm., 45 Church st 


Dumbarton Herald — Bennett & 
Thomson, publishers, 16 High st 

Dumbarton Observer — Thos. Boyd, 
publisher, 127 High st 

Lennox Herald — Bennett & Thom- 
son, publishers, 16 High st 

Nurserymen and Florists — see 

Painters and Decorators. 
Ballard ie Thomas, (House, 
Sign, and Ship Decorator, Gilder, 
and Frame Maker,) 24 and 26 
High st 
Campbell & M'Kay, 164 High st 
Kincaid, James, 60 High st 
Eadiehill, Daniel, 1 College st 

Mackay & Macdonald, 97 High st 
Walker, Thos., 197 High st 

Blain, Wm., 7 Glasgow rd, and 

Alexandria and Clydebank 
Wilson, P. J. , Renton rd 

Piano Tuner. 
Frazer, Daniel (and music 
Teacher), 6 Bruce st 

Picture Frame Makers. 
Ballardie, Thos., 24 High st 
Hudson, John M. W., 61 Church st 
Hudson, Wm., 57 Church st 

Plasterers and Slaters. 
Campbell, Robt. (slater), 1 

M'Lean pi 
Cullen, James, High st 
Hutchison, John, 76 College 

st — see advt 
M'Garry, D., 7 Albert pi 
M'Lachlan &, Son, 179 High st 
M'Lellan, Robt., 62 High st— 

see advt 
Logan, Jas., Cardross 
Thorn, Alex. M., 2 Albert pi— 

see advt 




Poultry and Game Dealers — see 
Fish Merchants. 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Tinsmiths. 
Brown, Wm., 199 High st 
Campbell & Cameron, College st 
Colville, Alex., Risk st 
Douglas & Logan, 199 High st 
Gordon, D. R., 20 High st 
Kilpatrick, Wm., 120 High st 
Hunter, Arch., 98 High st 
Kirkland, Wm. , 12 High st 
M'Arthur, Jas., 141 High st 
Muir, Jas. & Co., High st 

Bennett &. Thomson, 16 High st 
Boyd, Thos., 127 High st 
Lawrence, A., 2h Church st 


Ferguson, J. , 64 High st 

Grant, Jas., Clyde pier 

Helenslee Arms (restaurant), 
Castle st 

Logan, J. & A. (railway resta- 
urant), Cardross 

Macpherson, D. (railway rest- 
aurant), 84 Church st 

Norris, R., 12 Castle st 

Sinclair, Mrs. (county restaur- 
ant), 45 Church st — see advt 

Rope and Sail Makers. 
Dumbarton Rope Work Co. 
M'Arthur, John, Boghead 

Saddle and Harness Makers. 
Struth, David, Cardross 
Watson, G. , 20 Bridge st 

Gi Eft I Ian & Co., W. Bridgend, 

and 9 Levenford pi 
Young, Wm., Strathleven pi— 

see advt 

Sewing Machine Manufacturers. 

Singer (The) Manufact- 
uring Co. — James Fraser, 
Superintendent, 182 High st 

Seedsmen, Nurserymen, db Florists. 
M'Laren, John, Glasgow rd 
Young, Susan, 8 High st 


Sheriff. Officers. 
Burgess, James H, 78 Church st 
Marshall, James, 39 Church st 

Ship Builders. 
Denny, Win. & Bros., (Iron and 

Steel), Leven Ship yard 
M'Millan & Son, (Iron), Dock yard 
Murray Bros., Dennystown 

Ship Modeller. 
Baxter, P. , 97 Church st 

Shipping Companies. 

Anchor Line of Steamers 

Alexander Currie, 110 High st, 
agent — see advt on last inside 

Slaters — see Plasterers. 

Dennystown Forge Co. 
M'Fadzean & Stevenson, 128 West 

Mowat, — ., Colgrain, Cardross 
Neil, Peter, 19 Church st 
Stirton, Wm., Cardross 
Torrance, R., Strathleven pi 
Thomson & Co., Quay lane 

Solicitors — see Writers. 

Spirit Dealers. 

Bro wnlie, J., 159 High st 

Chapman, Catherine (rail- 
way tavern), 27 College st 

Dougherty, Jas., West Bridgend 

Duffie, M., 19 High st 

Galbraith, Henry, 1 High st 

Kerr, Jos., 15 College st 

Killea, Mary, 47 High st 

King, Mrs, Cardross 

Kirk, Jas. (spirit merchant), 87 
College st 

La very, Jas., 15 Quay st 

M'Elhaw, Joseph, 176 High st 

M'Intosh, Wm., 181 High st 

M'Kay, Patk., 103 High st 

M'Killop, Peter, 7 Church st 

M'Lean & Son (and wholesale), 107 
High st 

M'Pherson, Kenneth, 65 High st 




Muirhead, Mrs., 170 High st 
Scott, Walter, 30 West Bridgend 
Sinclair, SVSrs. (county restau- 
rant), 45 Church st — see advt 
Suter, W. K., 117 High st 
Wilson, David, West Bridgend 

Surgeons and Physicians. 

Allan, Riclid. , Glasgow rd 

Bryson, James, m.b. and cm., 
Windsor bldgs 

Little, Win., m.d.d.p.h. , (Camb. ), 
Veir ter 

M'Lachlan, W. A., m.d. j.p., 7 
Bridge st and Levenford Villa, 
. West Bridgend 

M'Lay, Robert, m.b. and cm., 157 
High st 

Robertson, John, m.d. j.p., Ben- 

Wilson, James, l.F.p. and «., 61. 
l.m. , Ashville 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Allan, Wm., 191 High st 
BeI3, Hugh, (&. Outfitter, hosier 

and hatter,) Cardross 
Bisland, John, 49 College st 
Brown, J. Glasgow rd 
Ewing, Peter, 1 Clyde st 
Gibson, James, 145 High st 
Haig, Peter, 140 High st 
Howieson, Wm., 9 Castle st 
Hume, John, 13 College st 
Kinloch, Wm., 112 W. Bridgend 
Lawson & Son, (Stirling)— (& 
drapers and Furniture Dealers), 
A. C. Baxter, agent, 37 Church st 
M'Kay, John, 5 Church pi 
Macphail, A., Cardross 
Miller, George, 45 High st 
Taggart, A, T., 6 High st 

Tanners and Curriers. 
Buchanan, John, 4 High st 
Latto, Robert, Church st 

Tea. Merchants. 
Lipton, Thos. L. (& ham curers,) 73 

High st 
London & Newcastle Tea Co., 20 

High st 


Timber Merchants & Saic Mill 
Brown & Kennedy, 26 Bridge st 
M'Auslin & Son, Sandpoint 
M'Intyre, John, Cardross 
SVJ'Leocfl, Wm. & Sorts (and 
joiners and wrights), Bank endrd 

Tinsmiths — see Plumbers, &c. 


Colthrope, Wm. , Glasgow rd 

Gillan, Jas., 169 High st 

JarcSine, D. (and Newsagent), 
1 Bridge st 

M'Auslan. P., 27 High st 

Rennie, Chas., 19 Castle st 

Whyte, Mrs Wm. (and hard- 
ware and fancy goods dealer), 8 
West Bridgend 

Williamson, E. (& confectioner) 
23 Church st 

WilSiannson, H., jianr. (and 
wholesale and retail ; and cycle 
& insurance agent), 76 High st 
— see advt 

Toy and Fancy Repositories. 
Borland, Ann, 18 Church st 
Brown, R. , 46 Church st 
Cameron, Mrs, 25 Castle st 
Campbell, Robt,, 14 Castle st 
Colthrope, Wm.. Glasgow rd 
Carrie, Alexander, (Fancy 
Goods Merchant, and agent for 
the Anchor Line of Steamers) 100 
High st — see advt 
Temple, G, 128 High st 
Whyte, Mrs. Wm. , 8 W. Bridgend 

Watchmakers and Jewellers 
Aiken head J. 8l Son, (and 

Silversmiths and Clockmakers), 

98 High st 
Campbell, Donald, 130 High st 
Campbell, W. T.,2Highst 
Galloway, Robert, 23 High st 
Jenkins, Wm., 153 High st 

Babtie & Craig, (and Joint- 
Clerks of the Western District 
Committee of the County Council 




of Dumbarton), County bdgs 
Babtie, Wm., (Babtie & Craig), 

(and county clerk, clerk of supply 

procurator fiscal, commissiary 

clerk, &c. ), County bdgs 
Brown, James, (M 'Arthur & 

Brown), (and clerk to the Bonhill 

School Board), 42 Church st, and 

Bank st, Alexandria 
Bryson, Alex., 62 Church st 
Cockburn David, (Babtie & 

Craig), and depute-procurator 

fiscal, depute clerk of the peace, 

&c. ), County bdgs 
Craig, Robt, (sheriff clerk), County 

Craig, Wm., (Babtie & Craig), 

(and clerk of the peace, &e.,) 

County bdgs 
Denny & Allan, (solicitor*), 

County bdgs 
Hepburn, James, 37 Church st 
IV! 'Arthur & Brown, 43 Church 

st and Bank st, Alexandria 
M'Arthur, John C, (M'Arthur 

& Brown), (and notary public), 

43 Church st 
M'LelEan, Robt., (and agent 

for the Scottish Widows' Fund, 

and Alliance Assurance Co.), 24 

Church st 
MacFarlan & Thomson 

2 Strathleven pi 
Mitchell, Robt., (and procurator 

fiscal J. P. court of^the county), 

County bdgs 

Paterson & Buchanan, 12 

Church st 
Ritchie, Wm. jr., (Denny & 
Allan), Town Clerk's Office, 
Church st 

Roberts, Alexander, (Denny 
& Allan), (& town clerk of Dum- 
barton, clerk to the Dumbarton 
Police and Water Commissioners, 
Secy, to the Gas Corporation, 
clerk to the Harbour Board, and 
clerk and treasurer to the Dum H 
barton (Burgh) School Board), 
Town Clerk's Office, Church st 

Baby Linen Repository — Miss 

Thomson, 15 High st 
Bill Poster— John Orme, 74 Church 

Brewer — Alex. Gillespie, Brewery 

Candle Makers — Hetherton & Co., 

39 College st 
Dyers— W. & J. Bowie, 148 High st 
Edge Tool Maker — David Smith, 

Hoop and Shaft Maker — Wm. 

Hudson, 57 Church st 
Lime and Cement Merchants — ■ 

Martin k, Co., Quayside 
Ship Furnisher — W. K. Sloan, 145^ 

High st 
Umbrella Maker — John Gilkison, 

26A Hidi st 







GARTOCHARN (formerly Kilmaronock)— see ALEXANDRIA. 




Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 


Fishmonger, Poulterer, & Game Dealer. 

Leesee of the Clyde, Leven, and Loch Ridden Salmon Fishing. 

78 High Street, DUMBARTON 



Telegraphic Addresses — "Smith," Dumbarton; "Smith, Fishmonger,' 
Dunoon ; and " Smith, Fishmonger," Kirn. 


45 CHURCH STRFET (opposite County Buildings), 


Breakfasts, Dinners, Teas, at moderate charges. SS° The Dining Rooms 
for Commercial Gentlemen. Suppers, Marriage and Pic-nic Parties pur- 
veyed for on most advantageous terms. Wines, Spirits, &c. , of the best 

J. HI MM© & C© ef 

Linen and Woollen Drapers, Hosiers, 
Hatters, and Shirt Makers. 

Gent's Scarfs, Gloves, Umbrellas, &c, Ready-Made Clothing. Colonial 
Outfits. Tennis and Football Club Contractors. 


And Somerville Place, CLYDEBANK. 


Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 

&* & J. Buchanan, 

China, Glass, and Crystal Merchants. 


13 High Street, DUMBARTON. 

George Langlands, 

Bso^sellep, Sfeatnenep, a^d 


Established nearly 40 Years. 


Strathleven Place, DUMBARTON. 

MONUMENTAL WORK in best Granite. 
Marbles direct from Italian Qnarries, or Freestone of first quality. 


Plasterer, Modeller, Cement Worker, and Slater. 

All Jobbing promptly attended to, and executed at moderate cost. 
Estimates given for all kinds of Work. Chimneys swept. 



Slater, Plasterer, and Cement Worker 

House— Chapelton, Bonhill Road, 



Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 

■ JM? & W- «• 4t *& «1x#» » S A y 

60 and 62 East Clyde Street, 


»»♦♦ » ♦ » »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦♦♦ » ♦♦ »~o-«-s-«~»-»-»-«-<s~s. 



from the Cheapest to the Best. 

Stable Tools of Best Quality, 

Established 1820. 







LflRCpiELD •> flCpEJKY, 


High-Class Boarding and Day School for Sons of Gentlemen. Preparation 
for Universities, Public Examinations, and Business. Chemistry, with 
Laboratory, under a Specialist ; and Shorthand taught for Business 

Gymnasium, 60 ft. by 30 ft. with modern apparatus. Cricket field of 
Eight acres. 

THOMAS BAYNE, F.S.A. Scot., Headmaster. 


Dumbartonshire HELENSBURGH Directory 


Clynder, Garelochhead, Rahane, Roseneath, Glenfruin, 

Shandon, Gove and Kilcreggan, and Neighbourhoods 

HELENSBURGH is a town, burgh of barony, and seaport in the 
parish of Row, 23 miles w.N.w. from Glasgow, 9 s. from Luss, and 
8 N.w. from Dumbarton ; lying on the Firth of Clyde, opposite to Green- 
ock, from which place it is five miles distant. The town, which is a per- 
petual feu from Sir James Colquhoun, Bart. , of Luss, was commenced in 
1777, and since that period it has risen into notice as the most convenient 
and agreeable watering place on the Clyde. The accommodation for 
visitors is equal to that of most watering places ; for the reception of 
families or individuals resorting hither in the summer. The quay, erected 
in 1817, and in 1861 greatly enlarged, extends from the centre of the town 
a considerable distance into the river. The North British Railway Com- 
pany in 1882 erected a handsome new station and peir at Craigendoran, 
about a mile and a half eastward of the town ; steamers run in connection 
with the trains for the west coast. About a mile and a half west of the 
town, at the entrance to the Gare Loch, an excellent and substantial quay 
has beeu constructed by Sir James Colquhoun. Helensburgh was elevated 
to the rank of a burgh of barony in 1802. A Police Court is held each 
Monday, and at other times when required. Helensburgh was erected a 
quoad sacra parish in 1862. 

Row is a small village in the parish of its name, situated on the eastern 
margin of the Gare Loch, and about two miles west from Helensburgh. 
The parish of Row is chiefly of a hilly and pastoral character, and the low 
grounds are fertile and beantiful. The parish, exclusive of a narrow strip 
on Loch Long, is about six miles in length aud four in breadth, bounded 
by Luss on the east, Helensburgh on the south-east, on the west by Gare 
Loch, and its south end is washed by the Firth of Clyde. Acreage 20,126. 

Shandon, about three miles north of Row. A little to the north of 
Shandon is Faslane. 

Gareloch Village, about six miles beyond Row, is situated at the 
head of the Loch, a screen of hills rising behind separates the Gareloch- 
head from Loch Long. The interesting and beautiful Glenfruin is ap- 
proached from here. 


Roseneath is a parish of 8,461 acres, extending for about seven miles 
from east to west, and from one to four broad. Clynder and Rahane are 
districts in this parish, the former one mile and the latter three miles north 
from Roseneath village. 

About two miles over the hills is the burgh and village of Kilcreggan, 
and a mile further west, at the entrance to Loch Long, is the village of 
Cove ; both are resorted to for sea bathing. 





Business Directory. 


Those marked 'a' are House Agents 

Bryson, Wm. (ship), 9 E Princes st 
a Campbell, Peter, 42 Sinclair st 
a Cooper, John S., 52 E Princes st 
a Henderson. Alex., 118 E King st 
a Kerr, Andrew, Kilcreggan 
a Laniont, James, 18 E Princes st 
a Macneur & Bryden, 54 E Princes 

Miller, David (Singer Manf. Co.) 38 

S King st 

Hunter, Colin, 20 Adelaide st 
M'Laurin, Duncan, 33 Lomond st 

Auctioneers and Valuators. 
Campbell, Peter, 42 Sinclair st 
Macneur & Bryden, 54 E Princes st 

Baby Linen and Ladies' Under- 
clothing Establishments 
Buchanan, Annie P. , 67 E Clyde st 
M'Naught, Eliz., 14 W Princes st 
McMacnee, Jane, 17 Sinclair 

Murray, Mrs. , 34 William st 

Currie, Mrs. Jane, Cove 
Fleming, Peter, Kilcreggan 
Gilchrist, Wm., 14 E Princes st 
Harvey, Robt. , Cove 
M-Lachlan & Son. 3 E Clyde st 
McNicol, John & confectioner, 

133 E Clyde st 
Maclachlan, David S. . Garelochhead 
Neilson, Andrew, 40 E. Princes st 
Walker, J., 73 E Clyde st 


•Clydesdale (The) Bank, Limited. 

James st — Adrian M. M. G. Kid- 

ston, agent 
Union Bank of Scotland, Limited, 

24 Colquhoun sq. — Jas. Milne, 


Berlin Wool and Fancy Repositories. 
Dickson & Aikman, 20 E. Princes st 
Hamilton, J. & M., Garelochhead 
M'Ewan, Mary A., 15 Sinclair st 
Robertson, Mrs, 68 E. Clyde st 
Stewart, Bessie, 44 E. Princes st 

Bicycle and Cycle Repairer. 
Williamson, Wm. (and tin- 
smith), 40, 41 VY. Clyde st 

Bain, J. & W. (and horse shoers), 

85, 87 Sinclair st 
Brabender & Son, Roseneath 
Donald, Arch., 5 Maitland st 
Gilmour, Alex., Garelochhead 

MDougall, James, v.s., 120 

E. Princes st 
M'Dougall, John, Row 
M'Dougall, Lachlan, Cove 
M'Martin, Finlay,Cove 
M'Murrich, Daniel, 125 E Clyde st 
Murie, James, Row 
Sellars, Geo., Kilcreggan 
Smith, Wm,, (and locksmith, 

cutler, and edge tool maker), 27 

Colquhoun sq — see advt 

Boat Builders. 
Baxter, Fredk., Row 
Henderson, Joseph, 32 James st 
M'Farquhar, Peter, Row 
M'Laren, James, Kilcreggan 
Thomson, Robt., 57 W Princes st 
Todd, Peter S., 29 Colquhoun st 

Booksellers, Stationtrs, and News- 
Cameron, Janet, Cove 
Cooper, John S., 52 E. Princes st 
Harvey, Robert, Cove 
Kerr, Mrs, Kilcreggan 
Lamond, James, 18 E. Princes st 
M'Pherson, Malcolm, 19 E. Princes 

Macneur & Bryden, 54 E. Princes st 
Munro, J. (and tobacconist), 63 
W. Clyde st 




Pettigrew, James A., Garelochhead 
Turner, Robert, Clynder 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Adamson, Robert, 2 E. Princes st 
Campbell, Wm., 57 James st 
Dick, R. & J., 40 Sinclair st 
Elliot, Robert, 38 W. Princes st 
Elliot, Wm., 40 Grant st 
Ferguson, Andrew B., 19 Sinclair st 
Fisher, Daniel, 115 E. Clyde st 
Gilfillan, Robert, 63 E. Clyde st 
Gilmour, Daniel, Cove 
Glass, Robert, 35 Grant st 
Hall, Robert H, 19 George st 
Harvey, Robert, Cove 
Hay, John, 1 E Princes st 
Jardine, James, 44 E King st 
Kerr, Mrs, Kilcreggan 
M'Auslan, Robt., 24 E Clyde st 
M'Farlane, And. , 77 E Clyde st 
M'llvean, Walter, Row 
M'Innes, Robt., 8 John st 
M'Kechnie, Angus, 5 John st 
Munro, Daniel, Garelochhead 
Paton, John, 47 E Clyde st 
Reid, And., Cove 
Stevenson & Sons, 23 E Clyde st 
Swanson. Agnes, 63 E Clyde st 
Trivett & Son, 8 W Princes st 
Turner, Robt., Clynder 

Builders — see Masons & Builders. 

Butter Merchant. 
Christie, W. G., Shu-lair st 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 
Henderson, Alex., 118 E King st 
Mackay, D., West Clyde st 
Mitchell, Thomas C, 16 Sinclair st 
Perry, Robt., 6 W. Princes st 

Dow, John, 26 Coloquhon sq 
Boss, James (and van and lorry 
builder), 85 Sinclair sfc 

Carvers and Gilders. 
Miliar, James, 4 E Princes st 
Robertson, John, 33 E Clyde st 


Chemists and Druggists. 
Harvie, Geo., 42 E Princes st 
M'Allister, R. D., Kilcreggan 
M'Murray, Jas., 13 W Clyde st 
Muir, Geo. M., 28 W Clyde st 
Reid, Jas. A., 25 E Clyde st 

China and Glass Dealers. 
Gillies, Jas., 26 E Clyde st 
Gordon, Catherine, Cove 
Harvey, Robt., Cove 
Kerr, And., Kilcreggan 
Turner, Robt., Clynder 


Fingland, Geo., 7 W. King st 
Frew, Andrew, 61 Sinclair st 

Coal Merchants and Dealers. 
Blackwood, Alex., Cove 
Campbell, Donald, Kilcreggan 
Campbell, Robt. , 42£ W. Princes st 
Chalmers, John. Kilcreggan 
Cornall, Franciss, 2 Grant st 
Gordon, Alex. , 55 Sinclair st 
Hunter, Jas. & And.. 11 E. Clyde st 
M'Cabe, John, 78 E. King st 
M'Callum, Arch., Garelochhead 
M'Kichan, Finlay. Garelochhead 
M'Phun, David, Garelochhead 
Nicolson, John, Clynder 

Pollock, James. & Son, 112 

E. Princes st 
Spy, A. & R., 19 Sinclair st 
Stark, Andrew, 52 Sinclair st 
White, James, 54 Sinclair st 


Arroll, Agnes, 32 W. Princes st 
Burnett, A. & A., 61 E. Clyde st 
Cooper, John S., 32 E. Princes st 
Craig, James, 22 Sinclair st 
Dickie, Rob. W., 7 Sinclair st 
Fraser, Jane, 86 E. Princes st 
Gilchrist, Wm. , 14 E. Princes st 
Harvey, Robert, Cove 
Kerr, Mrs, Kilcreggan 
M'Lachlan, David S., 73 E. Clyde st 
M'Lachlan & Son, 3 E. Clyde st 
M'Nicol, John, 133 E. Clyde st 
Neilson, Andrew, 40 E. Princes st 
Torrance, John, Clynder 




M'Gavin, W. , Colquhoun sq 
Robertson, Thos. , 17 Colquhoun st 

Contractors — Cat-ting. 
Campbell, Robert, 40 W. Princes st 
Frew, Andrew, 61 Sinclair st 
Kerr, Wm., 8 Colquhoun st 
Leslie, James, Garelochhead 
Lindsay, Andrew, 53 E. King st 
M'Ewen, Thos., 25 James st 
Osborne, Thos. , 9 Colquhoun sq 
Pollock, James, 143 E. King st 
Rodger, John, 7 Lomond st 
Russell, And., 3 Sutherland st 

Com Millers. 
M'Farlane, R. S. & Son, Sinclair st 
M'Neilage, Peter, Roseneath 

Dental Surgzon. 
Sinclair, C. S-, Lome house 

Drapers, Dressmakers, & Milliners. 

Marked e are Dressmakers and Milliners. 

e Bailey, Agnes, tShandon 
e Brown, Charlotte, 97 E. Clyde st 
e Bryce, Jessie, 23 John st 
e Campbell, Annie, 88 E. Princes st 
e Chalmers, Miss, Garelochhead 
e Dunbar, Jessie, Cove 
e Earle, Jennie, 39 Sinclair st 
e Forsyth, Ann, 20 W. Princes st 
Gordon, Catherine, Cove 
Haddon, Jas., 58 E Princes st 
e Hamilton, J. & M., Garelochhead 
Harvey, Robt., Cove 
e Jardine, Annie C, 57 E Clyde st 
e Keith, Miss, Kilcreggan 
Kerr, Mrs, Kilcreggan 
e Little, Richd., b'5 E Clyde st 
e M'AUister, Cecilia, Kilcreggan 
M'Callum &. Sons (& milliners 
dressmakers, general warehouse- 
men, hosiers, glovers, and outfit- 
ters), 3 & 5 E Clyde st — see advt. 
facing Helensburgh 
e M'Owat, M. & J., 2 W Princes st 
e Neilson, Catherine, Row 
Orr, Jas., Kilcreggan 
e Paton, Agnes, 16 E Clyde st 
e Ramsay, Margt. , 9 W Montrose st 
e Ross, Cath., 88 E Princes st 

ROSS, Hector (general draper, 

hosier, and hatter), W Clyde st 
e Spy, Caroline, Row 
e Stewart, Miss, 6 E Clyde st 
e Taylor, J. & M., 26 William st 
Turner, Robt., Clyder 
e Yuille, Isabella, Kilcreggan 

Dressmakers — see Drapers, Mil- 
liners and Dressmakers. 

Edge Tool Maker. 
Siraith, Wars., Coloquhansq — see 

Farmers— see end of Directory; 

Fish, Game, and Poidtry 
Allison, John, Kilcreggan 
Brown, — . , 76 E Princes st 
M'Kechnie, Jas., 28 James st 
Sutherland, DanieB, 45 Sin- 
clair st 

Begg, Geo., 70 E Princes st 
Blackwood, Alex., Cove 
Crawford, Thos., 31 E Clyde st 
Halsey, John, 33 Sinclair st 
Henderson, John, 26 E Princes st 
I¥S 8 Ke!!ar, Peter, 17 E Princes 

M'Phun, David, Gaerlochhead 
Somerville, Alex., Clynder 
Somerville, John, Kilcreggan 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Arroll, Agnes' 32 W. Princes st 
Cooper, John S., 32 E Princes st 
Frame, James, 50 E Princes st 
Ramsay & Son, 21 E Princes st 

Gardeners, Nurserymen, and 
Arroll, John, N King st 
Bryson, James, (and florist), 

E Princes st 
Bryson, Robert, 3 Hanover st 
Bryson, Wm. , 9 E Princes st 
Colquhoun, James, William st 
Cooper, John S., 32 E Princes st 
Crearer, Alex., 17 Adelaide st 




■Cruickshank, Rich. D., S King st 
M'Neilage, Robert, Kilcreggan 
Peddie, Arch., Cemetery road 
Ramsay & Son, 21 E Princes st 
Robertson, David, 36 Sinclair st 
Wilson, Charles, 145 E Princes st 

Glaziers — see Joiners and Glaziers. 

Grain and Potato Merchants. 
Gardner & Lindsay, 49 E 

Clyde st 
M'Farlane, R, S. & Son, 

(grain, hay, straw, and seed mer- 
chadts), 2 E Clyde st 
M'Menemy, Peter, 34 E Princes st 


Allan, Geo., 84 E King st 
Brabender, Arch., 37 E Princes st 
Brown, Sarah. 105 E Princes st 
Currie, Mrs, Cove 
Duncan, Walter & Co., 28 E Prin- 
ces st 
Dunn, James, Garelochhead 
Frame, Wm. , Kilcreggan 
Gibson, Wm., 185 E Clyde st 
Gillies, Jane, 79 E Clyde st 
Harvey, Robert, Cove 
Hill, Mrs, 13 John st 
Hiii, M., W. Princes st 
Ingram, Geo. , E. Princes st 
M'Dougall, Ellen, Row 
M'Dougall. Isabella, Roseneath 
M'Kichan, Finlay, Garelochhead 
M'Laren, James, Kilcreggan 
M'Lean, Donald, 58 E. Princes st 
M'Phun, David, Garelochhead 
Milne, James, Garelochhead 
Mitchell & Co., 66 E. Princes st 
Mitchell, John, 2 Sinclair st 
Mutter, Wm., 41 Sinclair st 
Pettigrew, J. A., (.Garelochhead 
Robertson, Jessie, Cove 
Shaw & Co., 14 Sinclair st 
Silver, David, Roseneath 
Small, Jessie, Shandon 
Smith, IVSrs P. (licensed grocer) 

133 E. Clyde st 
Somerville, James, 82 E. King st 
Turner, Robert, Clynder 


Hairdressers and Perfumers. 

Evans, E. , 17 Colquhon sq 
Spiers, Wm. , 18 Maitland st 

Horse Hiring and Posting 

Cameron, David, 12 Glusgow st 

Cameron, Hugh, Sinclair st 

Campbell, A. & M., Clynder 

Campbell, Robert (carriage 
hirer and contractor), 40 West 
Princes st 

Chalmers, Wm., Clynder 

Davie, Thos.. Hanover st 

Frew, Andrew/ (carriage hirer, 
contractor, and funeral under- 
taker), 61 Sinclair st 

M'AUister, Angus, Kilcreggan 

M'Auslan, Jas. , Row 

M'Donald, Allan, Cove 


Colquhoun Arms — James M'Auslan 

Garelochhead Hotel —Angus Cam- 

Helenburgh Inn — Isabella Wilson, 
43 Sinclair st 

Hydropathic, Shandon 

Imperial Hotel (near railway 
statu), A. Schnake, proptr. 

Queen's Hotel (family and 
tourist), A. & H. Schnake, pro- 
prietors, E Clyde st 

Roseneath Inn — Arch Whyte 

Torrance, Jane (temperauce), Clyn- 

Yuillie, Margt. (temperance), Kil- 

House Agents — see Agents. 


Allan, T. G. , 9 E Clyde st 

Donald, Arch." (and iron and 
wire fence manufacturer and con- 
tractor), 55 E Clyde st 

Harvey, Robt. , Cove 

Kerr, Mrs, Kilcreggan 

M'Connell, Thos., 10 Sinclair st 

M'Geachin, Hew, 25 E Princes st 




Joiners and Glaziers. 
Bain, John, 185 E Clyde st 
Bishop, Wm., 38 E King st 
Bishop, Wm., 58 Sinclair st 
Buchanan, Geo., sen., 80 E Clyde st 
DOW, John (and undertaker), 26 

Colquhoun st 
Edgar, John, 12 W King st 
Ferguson. Jas. , 20 John st 
Gordon, Wm. , Cove 
Grant, J. &. R. , 4 Campbell st 
Hamilton, Wm., Garelochhead 
Henderson, Alex., 118 E King st 
Jack, Wm., 56 E Princes st 
Kater, John, 27 William st 
Kerr, Hugh, 71 E King st 
M'Farlane, Jas., Kilcreggan 
M'Kellar, John, Kilcreggan 
M'Lean, Jn (& saw miller) Clynder 
M'Neilage, Arch., Kilcreggan 
Neilson, Mrs, Row 
Reid, Jas., 69 E Princes st 
Service, Jas., E Princes st 
Service, Robt., Clynder 
Shaw, John, Cove 
Shearer, John, Shandon 
Shields, Wm., 66 W Princes st 
Stewart, Adam, Kilcreggan 
Taylor, Wm., 169 E Clyde st 

Forsyth, Walter, 3 John st 
Lavery, Christina, 49 Sinclair st 
Macguire, Mrs, 3 Colquhoun st 

Masons and Builders. 
Brough, Jas., Garelochhead 
Hepburn, John, Garelochhead 
Jack, John, 24 Lomond st 
Knox, Alex., Row 
Lamont, Arch., Clynder, 
M'Pherson, Malcolm, Cove 
Millar, Alex., E Princes st 
Spy, Jas., Row 

Millers — see Corn Millers. 

Music Teachers — see Professors and 

Helensburgh Advertiser— 

T Lindsay Laidlaw, 19 E Princes st 


Helensburgh and Gareloch Times — 
Maeneur & Bryden, 54 E Princes 

Helensburgh News — R. G. Blair, 

Nurserymen — see Gardeners. 

Painters and Decorators. 
Angus, Geo. & Co., 13 Colquhoun st 
Arroll Bros. , 26 W Princes st 
Bisland, Alex., 13 James st 
M'Culloch & Son, 33 E Princes st 
M'Pherson, Malcolm, 19 Colquhoun 

Si liar Bros., 35 Sinclair st 
Sutherland, Joseph, Cove 

Kirkpatrick, J., 24 W Princes 

st — see advt 
Stuart, John, 22 Charlotte st 

Plasterers — see Slaters, &c. 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, <k Tinsmiihb. 
Allan, T. & U., 9 E Clyde st 
Cameron, Alex., Kilcreggan 
Crawford, Thos., 20 Sinclair st 
Grant, Jas., W Princes st 
Horn, John, 27 E Princes st 
Kyle, Wm., 47 Sinclair st 
M'Geachin, Hew, 25 E Princes st 
M'Kinlay & Son, 53 E Clyde st 
M'Kirdy, Jas., 56 E Clyde st 
Reid, W. & A., 31 E Princes st 
Shedden, Robt., Row 
Williamson, Wm., 40, 41 W. 
Clyde st 

Potato Merchants — see Grain 

Poulterers and Game Dealers — see 

Printers — Letterpress. 
Lamont, Jas., 18 E Princes st 
Maeneur & Bryden, 74 E Princes st> 

Professors and Teachers. 
Marked ' e ' are Music Teachers. 
e Ashton, John, 83 Sinclair st 




e Battrum, Win. (musicseller), 13 

Sinclair st 
e Bookless, Isabella, 16 E Argyle st 
e Brown, Marion, 38 John st 
Mainds, Wm. R. , 5 George st 
Philips, Jas. , 2 U. Sutherland cres 
e Wotherspoon, Jane, 5 Granville st 

Restatirants & Refreshment Rooms. 
Bell, Jane, 30 Sinclair st 
Craig, Jas., 22 Sinclair st 
Dickie, Robt. W., 7 Sinclair st 
Helensburgh British Workman Co., 

Ltd., 13 E Princes st 
M'Christie, Alex., 1 E Clyde st 
M'Donald, D. R., 62 E Princes st 
Paterson, Mrs, 7 E Clyde st 

Saddle and Harness Makers. 
Sharp, John, 12 E Princes st 
Stewart, James, 60, 62 East 
Clyde st — see advt facing Helens- 

Schools — Boarding and Day. 

Bayne, Thomas, Larchfield 

Academy, 35 Colquhoun st — see 

advt facing Helensburgh 
Murdoch, Misses, 4 W Milling st 
Nicol, Agnes S. , 25 Charlotte st 
Paterson, Miss, 27 Colquhoun st 
Porteous, Jas. , 54 Colquhoun st 
Wilkins, Jas., 8 Stafford st 

Stirling, Geo., Sinclair st 

Seedsmen — see Gardeners and 

Slaters and Plasterers. 
Armit, Allan, 16 Campbell st 
Brownlie, John, 33 E Clyde st 
Dempster, Dond. , 9 Glenan Gardens 
Gartshore & Son, 20 George st 
Henderson, Jas., Kilcreggan 
Lindsay, John, Garelochhead 
M'Pherson, Daniel, 157 E Clyde st 
Maitland, James, 31a W Princes st 
Todd, James, 15 William st 
Thorn, Wm. & Son, 32 

William st — see advt 
Whyte, John, 113 E Clyde st 

Solicitors — see Writers. 

Spirit Dealers. 
Brown, James, Garelochhead 
Herriot, S. , 1 09 E Clyde st 
M'Auslan, Sarah, 89 E Clyde st 
M'Christie, Alex., 1 E Clyde st 
M'Donald, David R., 62 E Princes 

M'Millan, Hamilton, 36 W Princes 

Martin, James, 27 E Clyde st 
Munro, Duncan, Garlochhead 
Ponds, Christina, 30 W Princes st 
Waddell & Jack, 39 E Clyde st 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Alexander, Lewis D., Kilcreggan 
Carnachan, Gordon, Clynder 
Finlay, James, 60 Sinclair st 
Livingston, Robt., Kilcreggan 
M'Ewan, James, 105 Sinclair st 
Messer, Fordyce, 9 William st 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Davidson, John, 21 Colquhoun st 
Little, Richard, 65 E Clyde st 
M'Leod, Donald, 87 E Clyde st 
Pettigrew, James A. , Garelochhead' 
Ross, David, 82 E Princes st 

Tea Dealers. 
Cooper, John S. , 52 E Princes st 
Gillies, Jas-, 26 E Clyde st 
Harvey, Robt., Cove 
Macneur & Bryden, 54 E Princes st 

Tinsmiths — see Plumbers, &c. 

Brown, Jas. , 7 E Princes st 
Kerr, Mrs, Kilcreggan 
M'Nicol, Arch., E Princes st 
Munro, J., 63 W Clyde st 

Umbrella Maker.] 
Drummond, Mrs, 8 E Princes st 

Veterinary Surgeons. 
Gardner, Duncan M., 107 E Prin- 
ces st 
M'Dougall, Jas., 120 E Princes 






Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Crawford & Co., Helensburgh 
-Gardiner, J. & P., 57 Sinclair st 

Writers and Notaries Public. 
Maclachlan, Geo., E Princes st 
Maelaehlan, John B., E Princes st 
Spalding & Ormond, 48 E Princes st 


Architect — Wm. Leiper, N. Suther- 
land st 

Basket Maker— Richd. Neilly, 26 
Sinclair st 

Bill Poster — Thomas Docherty, 6 
Maitland st 




PHOTOGRAPHY in all its Branches done at Moderate 
Prices. Out-Door Photography of all kinds at Moderate 
Charges. Wedding Groups. Tennis and Garden Parties, Cricket 
and Football Clubs, Animals, Houses (interior or exterior), 
Landscape, Machinery, &c. 







27 Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh. 

Gouges, Pinkers, Crookies, Spoonmouth Gouges, 
Cutting Blades, Punches, &c. 


Dumbartonshire KILPATRICK Directory 



Bowling, Little Mill, Milton, Dumbuck, Dunglass, Duntocher, 

Hardgate, Faifley, Dalmuir, Clydebank, Kilbowie, 

Yoker, and Neighbourhoods. 

KILPATRICK (Old or West) is a post village, in the parish of its 
name, 53 miles w. from Edinburgh, 10 w. from Glasgow, and 5 E. 
from Dumbarton, situated on the road between the two last-named towns, 
and occupying a pleasant site at the foot of a hilly country, in view of the 

Bowling is a small village about three-quarters of a mile west from 
Kilpatrick, with a station on the North British Railway. At Bowling Bay 
commences the Forth and Clyde Canal, which, after traversing 35 miles in 
an eastern direction, empties itself into the Forth at Grangemouth, thus 
connecting the German Ocean with the Western Channel. 

Little Mill contains a distillery and ship-building yard. 

Dunglass is half-a-mile west of Little Mill. 

Milton and Dumbuck are on the road to Dumbarton; at the former place 
is a paper mill. 

Duntocher is a village, situated two miles north from Kilpatrick. 

Hardgate is a quarter of a mile east from Duntocher, and Faifley 
about the same distance north thereof. 

Dalmuir is a village about one and a half miles from Duntocher. 

Clydebank is a rapidly increasing district, extending from Dalmuir to 
Yoker. A branch line of railway runs from Clydebank to Partick, con- 
tinued on to Yorkhill ; at Stobcross Junction this line joins the under- 
ground railway for Glasgow (Queen Street). Messrs. J. & G. Thomson's 
large ship building yard and engineering works are situated here, covering 
thirty acres of land, and giving employment to 4,000 men. 

At Kilbowie are the extensive works of the Singer Manufacturing Coy. , 
which cover 25 acres of ground, and employ between three and four 
thousand persons. 

Yoker is a village about 4 miles e. from Old Kilpatrick, and 6 w. from 
Glasgow, the eastern portion of the village being in the county and burgh 
of Renfrew. Here is a distillery. 





Business Directory. 

Burgess, James H. (and 

sheriff officer, house and insur- 
ance agent), Clydebank and Dum- 

Campbell, Donald, Bowling 
Crawford, Joseph, Clydebank 
M 'Gilchrist, Thos., Hardgate 
M'Kie, Jas. , Kilpatrick 
Montgomerie, Robt. , Duntocher 
Reaoch, Jas., Kilpatrick 
Reid, John & Son, Duntocher 

British Linen Co. Bank, Clydebank 
Savings' Bank, Duntocher 
Savings' Bank, Clydebank 

Addison, Jas., Milton 
Baird, Robt., Dalmuir 
Craig, Donald, Hardgate 
Dickie, Jas., Yoker 
Gemmill, John, Duntocher 
M'Dougall, Matthew, Kilpatrick 
Meiklem, John, Duntocher 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Bennett & Thomson, Clydebank 
Boyd & Co. , Clydebank 
Buchanan, Wm., Clydebank 
Donald, Walter, Yoker 
Fairley, Alex., Dalmuir 
Lang, Geo., Bowling 
M'Chleary, John, Clydebank 
M'Culloch, Daniel, Bowling 
M'Gowan, H. & J., Yoker 
M'Leish, Mary, Kilpatrick 
Smith, Wm., Duntocher 
Tennant, Jas., Kilpatrick 
Turner, Daniel, Clydebank 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Aitkenhead, Alex., Dalmuir 
Bannon, Francis, Duntocher 
Brackenbridge, Robt., Clydebank 

Brown, Mary, Clydebank 
Connolley, Helen, Duntocher 
Coulter, Jas., Kilpatrick 
Currie, Alex., Clydebank 
Gilfillan, And., Dalmuir 
Gray & Co. , Clydebank 
Hamilton, J., Clydebank 
Kalty, Wm., Clydebank 
Kennedy, Anthony, Yoker 
Lang, Geo., Bowling 
M'Chleary, John, Clydebank 
Meikle, Wm. , Hardgate 
Paton, Geo., Clydebank 
Robertson, Robt., Duntocher 
Stewart, Neil, Dalmuir 
Young, Arch., Kilpatrick 
Young, John, Yoker 

Builders and Contractors. 
Fraser, Duncan, Duntocher 
Law & Co., Duntocher 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Cameron, John M., Dalmuir 
Stevenson, Jas., Clydebank 
Wyllie, John, Clydebank 

Chemists — Manufacturing. 
Algin (The) Co., Ltd., Clydebank 
N. B. Chemical Co., Lited., Clyde- 

Goal Merchants and Dealers. 
Allan, David G, Clydebank 
Burrows, Jas., Kilpatrick 
Co operative Soc, Ltd,, Clydebank 
Davie, Wm., Duntocher 
Dempster, Alex., Duntocher 
Dixon, Wm., Ltd., Clydebank 
Findlay, Hugh O., Dalmuir 
Grahame, John, Bowling 
M'Innes, Robert, Dalmuir 
M'Lean, John & Peter, Kilpatrick 
M'Lean, L., Hardgate 
Miller, John, Bowling 
Reid Bros., Clydebank 
Stewart, Wm., Dalmuir 
Watson, John, Clydebank 





Crawford, Joseph, Clydebank 
Leckie, Samuel, Clydebank 
M'Dougall, Jessie, Dalmuir 
M' William, Maggie B., Clydebank 

Dining-Sooms and Restaurants. 
Alexander, Walter, Clydebank 
Bell, Donald, Clydebank 
Gordon, Samuel, Yoker 
Gray, Laehlan, Little Mill 
Lamont, Win., Yoker 
Lawson, Janet, Clydebank 
M'Donald, Margaret, Clydebank 
M 'Donald, Roderick, Clydebank 
M'Whirter, James, Clydebank 
Naismith, John H., Clydebank 
Smith, Mary, Clydebank 
Stark, And. , Clydebank 
Stewart, Jane, Clydebank 
Wardrop, Mary, Clydebank 

Curtis, C. H. & Co., Duntocher 
Harvey, J. & W. & Co., Yoker 
Hay, Wm,, Fairman & Co., Little 

Drapers, Milliners, and Dress- 
Bannon, Francis, Duntocher 
Barr, Jessie, Kilpatrick 
Boyle, Mary, Dalmuir 
Co-operative Soc., Ltd., Clydebank 
Co-operative Soc, Ltd., Dalmuir 
Connolly, Henry, Duntocher 
dimming, Agnes L., Duntocher 
Fulton, Agnes Yoker 
Gillespie, Eliz., Clydebank 
Graham, Eliz., Clydebank 
Haldane, Wm., Hardgate 
Lambie, Robt. S., Clydebank 
M'Gowan, H. & J., Yoker 
M'Naughton, Duncan, Bowling 
Martin, Janet G., Duntocher 
Muir, Helen & Janet, Clydebank 
Nimmo, James & Co. (linen 
and woollen drapers, hosiers, hat- 
ters, and shirt makers), Clyde- 
bank and Dumbarton — see aclvt 
Robb, John, Bowling 
Ross, Jas. G. , Clydebank 
Smith, Susan, Clydebank 


Smith, Wm., Duntocher 
Sneddon, Walter, Clydebank 
Stevenson, Maggie, Clydebank 
Stewart, Wm., Dalmuir 
Thomson, John, Dalmuir 
Toidey, John, Duntocher 
Watt, John, Clydebank 
Watson, J. & A., Dalmuir 

Engineers and Millwrights. 
Gemmill, John, Duntocher 
Somervail & Co. , Dalmuir 
Thomson, James & Geo., Clydebank 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Adam, Marjory, Dalmuir 
M'Ghie, J., Clydebank 

Auld, John, Yoker 
Braid, Robert, Clydebank 
Co-operative Soc. Ld., Clydebank 
Co-operative Soc. Ld. , Dalmuir 
Cumming, Agnes L. , Duntocher 
Cummings, J., Dalmuir 
Donald, Alex., Hardgate 
Handyside, Geo., Clydebank 
LiddeBI, R., Clydebank 
M'Gilchrist, Wm., Clydebank 
M'Intyre, John, Kilpatrick 
Newton, J. & W. , Clydebank 
Pollock & Russell, Bowling 
Robertson, Alex., Yoker 
Ross, Jas. G., Clydebank 
Simpson, Geo., Duntocher 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Conde, Jas., Clydebank 
Dickie, Comb, Clydebank 
Lennox, Thos. , Clydebank 
M'Kindlay, Jas., Clydebank 
M'Lean, Maggie, Clydebank 
Paterson, Jas., Clydebank 

Glass and China Dealers. 
Fairley, Joseph, Dalmuir 
Hood, Mrs Geo., Clydebank 
Hunter, Robt., Clydebank 
Knox, Ellen, Clydebank 
M'Auley, Mary, Kilpatrick 
M'Guigley, Michael, Duntocher 




Ramsay, Jas., Clydebank 
Thomson & Co. , Clydebank 

Grocers and General Merchants. 

Marked 'a' are Spirit Dealers. 

Aitken, John & D., Clydebank 
Bannon, Francis. Duntocher 
Bannon, Patk. , Duntocher 
Beckett, Jas., Clydebank 
Bremner, Robt., Duntocher 
Campbell, Donald, Bowling 
C o-operative So. Ld. , Clydebank 
Co-operative So. Ld., Dalmuir 
Connolley, Helen, Kilpatrick 
Cumming, Agnes L. , Duntocher 
dimming. Mary, Duntocher 
a Donald, Alex., Hardgate 
Fairbaim, Robert, Hardgate 
Findlay, Alex., Bowling 
Graham, Win., Clydebank 
Gray, Lachlan, Bowling 
Green, John, Clydebank 
a Harvey, James, Duntocher 
Johnston, Alex., Yoker 
Kisson, Robert, Dalmuir 
a Leckie, Samuel, Clydebank 
Liddell, David, Hardgate 
a M'Innes, Wm., Dalmuir 
M'Intosh, Donald, Clydebank 
M'Intyre, Wm., Clydebank 
M'Kay, Peter, Clydebank 
a Mackenzie, Jane, Kilpatrick 
M'Laren, Jane, Duntocher 
a Marshall, Alex. , Dumbuck 
Muir, James, Dalmuir 
Munro, Donald, Clydebank 
a Nichol, Alex. , Yoker 
Paterson, Mary, Bowling 
Reid, Wm., Clydebank 
Robertson, James, Yoker 
Ross, Jas. G., Clydebank 
Scott, Thos., Dalmuir 
a Smith, Alex., Kilpatrick 
Sneddon, Walter, Clydebank 
Struthers, Jas. , Kilpatrick 
Twiggins, R. & Co., Clydebank 
Whyte, Elizabeth, Clydebank 
Wilkie, Wm., Dalmuir 
Wright, Adam, Clydebank 

Currie, Francis, Clydebank 
Lovatt, John C, Clydebank 

Millar, John, Dalmuir 
Nairn, H\;gh, Duntocher 
Wilson, Alex. S., Clydebank 

House and Property Factors. 
Barr, Jas., Clydebank 
Barrie, Robt., Dalmuir 
Burgess, James H., Clyde- 
bank Dumbarton 
Paterson, Geo., Clydebank 
Paton, John, Kilpatrick 
Parker, John, Clydebank 
Stewart & Sons, Clydebank 
Walker & Fraser, Clydebank 

Ironmongers and Hardwaremen. 
Connolley, Patk., Kilpatrick 
Fairley, Alex., Dalmuir 
Findley, Alex., Bowling 
Kirk, Reginald, Clydebank 
Ramsay, Jas., Clydebank 
Turnball, Mary, Clydebank 

Joiners and Cartwrights. 
Allan, Samuel, Yoker 
Baird, Robt., Dalmuir 
Dickie, Jas., Yoker 
Donald, Jas., Hardgate 
Gilfillan, Jas., Bowling 
Law & Co. , Duntocher 
M'Aulay, Peter, Kilpatrick 
Wood, Alex., Yoker 

Kirk, Leslie, Clydebank 
Taylor. John, Dalmuir 
Winning, John, Clydebank 

Bannon, Francis, Duntocher 
Fulton, Jas. & John. Clydebank 

Blain, Wm., Clydebank and 

Plasterers and Slaters. 
Caldwell, H., Clydebank 
Dykes, Allan, Clydebank 
Latto & Son, Kilpatrick 
Law & Co., Duntocher 
Whyte, Robt., Milton 





Seedsmen and Gardeners. 
Goldie, Donald, Kilpatrick 
M'Kinlay, Jas., Clydebank 
Struthers, Jas., Kilpatrick 

Ship Builders. 
Napier, Shanks, & Bell, Yoker 
Scott & Co., Little Mill 
Thomson, J. & G.. Clydebank 

Hepburn, John, Clydebank 
Meikle & Bogg, Clydebank 

Spirit Dealer*. 
Auld, Wm, Bowling 
Black, John, Hardgate 
Ferguson, Jas. S., Dalmuir 
Freebairn, Chas. , Bowling 
Hacldow, Mary. Kilpatrick 
Hunter, Robt., Yoker 
Kirkwood, Jas. A. , Kilpatrick 
M 'Arthur, Janet, Yoker 
M'Callum, Janet, Duntocher 
M 'Donald, Margaret, Clydebank 
M'Ewen, Marion, Little Mill 
M'Farlane, James. Kilpatrick 
M'Laren, James, Duntocher 
M'Laughlin, John, Duntocher 
Naismith, John H, Clydebank 
Robb, Colin, Yoker 
Ross, James G., Clj'debank 
Scott, Thomas, Dalmuir 
Stark, Andrew, Dalmuir 
Stevenson, Thomas, Yoker 
Walls, Robert, Hirdgate 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Cameron, John M. , Kilpatrick 
Gilmour, Adam, Hardgate 
Stevenson, James, Clydebank 
Wylie, John, Clydebank 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Benson & l ? ettes, Clydebank 
Dow, And. L., Clydebank 
Laidlaw, Alex., Dalmuir 
Liddell, And., Hardgate 
M'Naughton, Duncan, Bowliug 
Robb, John, Bowliug 

Buchanan, Wm. , Clydebank 
Hannah, Mary, Clydebank 
M'Call. Wm., Clydebank 
Price, John, Clydebank 
Sinclair, Maggie, Clydebank 

Toy and Fancy Goods Dealers. 
Fairley, Alex., Dalmuir 
Hood, fVlrs Geo., Clydebank 
M'Call, Wm., Clydebank 

Sinclair, Maggie, Clydebank 
Turnbull, Mary, Clydebank 

Aerated Water Manufacturer— Rt. 

Hillhouse, Kilpatrick 
Brick & Tile Maker — Wm. Home, 

Calico Printers — C. & W. Paterson, 

Horse Hirer — Hugh 0. Findlay, 

Iron Forger — Jas. Marr, Duntocher 
Paper Manufacturer — John Collins, 

Plumber and Gasfitter — Wm. Gaul, 

Potaco Merchant — W. Park, Yoker 
Quarry Owner — Jno. Scott, Bowling 
Sewing Machine Manufacturers — 

Singer (The) Co., Kilbowie 
Veterinary Surgeon — Matthew 

M'Dougall, Kilpatrick 
Watchmaker and Jeweller — John 

Gillespie, Clydebank 


Plumber, Gasfitter, and Zinc Worker, 

Cowgate Street, Kirkintilloch. 


Dumbartonshire KIRKINTILLOCH Directory 


Lexzie, Waterside, and Neighbourhoods. 

KIRKINTILLOCH is a manufacturing town, burgh of barony, and 
capital of the parish of its name, 40 miles W. from Edinburgh, 20 
S.S.w. from Stirling, 16 e. from Dumbarton, the like distance w. from 
Falkirk, 7 N. from Glasgow, the like distance w. from Cumbernauld, 5 S.w. 
from Kilsyth, 3 S.E. from Campsie, and 5 from Campsie Glen. It is situated 
on the water of Luggie, near to its junction with the Kelvin. Kirkintilloch 
(which is the largest parish in the shire) and the neighbouring parish of 
Cumbernauld are separated from the rest of the county by the north point 
of Lanarkshire, and arc surrounded by that county and Stirlingshire. The 
weaving of lappet muslin is carried on here, but not to so great an extent 
as formerly, the inhabitants being now chiefly employed at the different 
chemical and iron works on the canal bank. There are also coal and iron- 
stone mines in the neighbourhood. Few places possess more eligible advan- 
tages for inland conveyance than this ; that great undertaking, the Forth 
and Clyde canal, passing through the town, affords a speedy and certain 
transit to the east or west of Scotland. The Monkland and Kirkintilloch 
Railway, which extends to Airdrie, joining the Ballochnie Railway about 
two miles from that town, has its terminus here ; this line also joins the 
Garukirk and Glasgow Railway. The Edinburgh and Glasgow line passes 
over the Monkland and Kirkintilloch, a mile and a half south of the town, 
and at this place is known as Lenzie Junction. Burgh police courts are 
held fortnightly, or more frequently if occasion requires. Justice of peace 
courts are held only as may be required, and the sheriff's small debt 
circuit court on the first Thursday in March, June, September, and 

In Lenzie fairs are held on the second Tuesday in May, and October 20th 
for cattle and horses. The following public institutions in the neighbour- 
hood are worthy of special notice, viz. ; — The Barony Parish Lunatic 
Asylum, at Woodilee, Lenzie, in connection with the Barony Parish, 
Glasgow. At Westermains is also a private asylum. The Glasgow Con- 
valescent Home is situated at Lenzie, about half a mile to the south-east 
of the Railway station. The Broomhall Home, for the relief of incurables 
for Glasgow and the West of Scotland, is situated at Kirkintilloch. The 
•ntire parish of Kirkintilloch comprises an area of 7,146 statute acre«. 


Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 


Aerated and Mineral Waters, 


Having established a Manufactory in Kirkintilloch for the production of 
CRATED and MINERAL WATERS on a large scale, -assures the public 
that his manufactures are only made from the purest ingredients, no 
mineral acids being used, and that the several Waters made by him are 
equal to those charged about double the price. 

Orders promptly executed in Town and district. 

Seltzer Water, Potass Water, Soda Water, Lemonade, 
Ginger Ale, Lime Juice, Orangeade, Kola, Hot Tom, 
Zolakone, Ginger Beer. 

"®tj£ gtirkiittiUonclr $Bvalb" 

And Lenzie, Kilsyth, Campsie, and 
Cumbernauld Press. 

Every Wednesday. Eight Pages. One Penny. 

The only Local Paper printed in the district. Special Reports of local 
Board and local events. Two Serial Stories. Illustrations. 

Publisher- D. MACLEOD, 

47 Cowg-ate Street, KIRKINTILLOCH. 


Cart, Wheel, and Millwright, 

Agent for all kinds of Agricultural Implements and Machinery, 
Duplicate Parts and Sections for all different Makers of Imple- 
ments, in Stock or to order, 

Agent for Imperial Live Stock Insurance Association. 

92, 96 Cowgate Street, Kirkintilloch. 

€1AIIII ifStlt, 

Cabinetmaker, Joiner, &c 

The Cheapest and Best House in the Trade for FURNITURE and 
BEDDING of Every Description. 






Business Director 


Matson, Andrew (and house 
factor and insurance agent), 
National Bank Buildings, 21 
Cowgate st 

Aerated Water Manufacturer. 
Maclntyre, J. (aerated and 
mineral water, wine and cordial 
manufacturer), Kirkintilloch — see 

Bryce Bros., 39 Cowgate st 
Cowan, Robt., 59 Cowgate st 
Jamieson, Jas. T., Lenzie Junction 
Rae, Jas., 6 E High st 
Shanks, R. (family bread, bis- 
cuit, and pastry baker, and con- 
fectioner), Cross 

Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 

Cowgate st — James Main, agent; 

John Montgomery, accountant 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. 

Lenzie— James Main, agent 
National Bank of Scotland, Litd., 

Cowate st — James Stables, agent 
Savings Bank, Cowgate st — James 

Stables, actuary and cashier 

Jarvie, Geo., Freeland pi 

M'Donald, John, Lenzie 
M'Jempsay, J., East side 
M'Lay, Wm., East side 
Perrit & Sons, East side 
Pirret, John & Co., East side 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Aitken, Janet, 43 Cowgate st 
Brown, ■ — . (stationer and music 

seller), Cowgate st 
Goudie, Robt., 78 Cowgate st 
M'Cann, Mrs, 69 Cowgate st 
M'Gregor, John, Lenzie 
M'lntosh, Miss, Post office 
Montgomery, Miss (and 

china dealer), 104 Townhead 
Scott, M. & J., 139 Cowgate st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Bell, Robt., 77 Cowgate st ' 
Campbell, D., 100 Cowgate st 
Craig, jJas. W. (late Graham & 

Craig), Wellington pi 
Dempster, Thos. , 61 Cowgate st 
Gray, Thos. A., S4 Cowgate st 
Hamilton, Wm. & Son, 87 Cowgate 

M'Donald, A. D., Lenzie Junction 
M'Lean, J., Lenzie 
Mahon, John, 19 Cowgate st 
Millar, Angus, 35 Cowgate st, 

and 237 Main st, Maryhall 
Morrison, James (the famed 
K Boot at all prices), 117 Cow- 
gate st 
Scott, John, 31 Eastside 

Bridge Keeper. 
Wilson, James, West Bridge 

Brokers and Furniture Dealers. 
Adair, Robert, Townhead 
Clark, Wm., 54 Cowgate st 
Ferguson, Ann, 5 Townhead 
Lochhead, John, 18 W High 

st — see advt 
M'Call, David, 93 Townhead 

Builders — see Joiners and Builders. 

Burgh Co/lector. 
Ramsay, Joht^ M., 89 Town- 


Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 
Forsyth, John, 109 Cowgate st 
Forsyth, Wm. P. , 2 Oxford st 
Murrie, Charles, 5S Cowgate 

st — see advt 
Young, J., Lenzie 

Cartwright and Lorry Builder. 
Graham, Robert, 106 Town- 





Hosie, George (cart, wheel, 
and millwright), 92-96 Cowgate 
st — see advt 

Martin, James, 51 Eastside 

Stark, John, Kerr st 

Thomson, Daniel, Inverness pi 

Chemists and Druggists. 
Anderson, Geo. L., 113 Cowgate st 
M-Gill, Cowgate st 
Pettigrew, John W., Lenzie 
Stewart, Jas., Cowgate st 

Chemists — Manufacturing. 
Frew, John & Co., Parkburn 
Nickel (The) Co., (metal and 
cobalt refiners), Kirkintilloch and 
69 St. Vincent st, Glasgow 
Perry & Hope, Forth and Clyde 
Chemical Works 

Coal Masters and Merchants. 

Marked 'a' are Coal Masters. 

a Baird, Wm. & Co., Gartshore 
a Barr & Higgins, Solsgirth 
Campbell, Wm,, Lenzie 
a Gardner & Sons, Meikle hill 
Goodw in, Chas. , W High st 
Kerr, Robt., Lenzie 
Martin, Alex. , Low statn 
Newlands, S., Lenzie 
Scott, Wm., Railway statn 
Sommerville, Robt., Canal Basin 
Stirling, Elphinston, Canal basin 
a Wallace, J. & A. F, Wester Gart- 
Watson, John, Lnggie Bank rd 

Blair, Duncan, 77 Townhead 
Brown, Mary, SO E High st 
Cameron, Mary, 36 E High st 
Di Paolo, Pasquale, 20 Cow- 
Ferguson, Ann, 5 Townhead 
Ferguson, Wm. , Townhead 
Frew, John, Lenzie 
Gillies, Agnes, 4 Broadcroft 
Higgins, Mrs., 29 Townhead 
Jamieson, James T., Lenzie 
Marr, John, 119 Townhead 
Meek, James, 91 Cowgate st 
Rae, James, 6 E High st 

Shanks, R. (and Baker), Cross 
Smith, Jessie, 59 E High st 
Surgner, Mary, 15 Cowgate st 
Wright, Maggie, 105 Cowgate st 

Contractors — Carting. 
Clark, Archd. , Alexandra pi 
Newlands, S., Lenzie 
Ross, Geo., Lenzie junction 

Dairy Keepers. 
Andick, — ., 2 Union st 
Baird, Robert, Townhead 
Jamieson, A. , Lenzie 
M'Kinnon, Malcolm, Lenzie 

Dining Rooms and Restaurants. 
Bennet, James. S W High st 
Graham, Mrs., 129 Cowgate st 
Meek, James, 89 Cowgate st 

Drapers, Dressmakers, and 

Marked 'a' are Dressmakers and Milliners 

Alexander, Henry, Cowgate 
a Barr, Mass (milliner), 55 Cow- 
gate st 
a Comrie, Misses, Townhead 
a Duff, Miss L. M. , Lenzie 
Fleming, Mrs, 67 Cowgate st 
Gartshore. Alex. , W 7 aterside 
Hamilton, Elizbth. , 13 Cowgate st 
M'Andrew, Elizbth., 2S Cowgate st 
M'Kenzie, John, 31 Townhead 
a M'Kenzie, Misses, Lenzie 
a Macbeth, Janet, 27 E High st 
Miller, John J., Cowgate st 
Robertson & Co., 10 W High st 
a Stevens, Agnes, 111 Cowgate st 
Stuart, Ghas. (draper, clothier 
and hatter), 9 High st — see advt 
Taig, Henry, Townhead 
Taylor, John, 46 Cowgate st 
a Thomson, Rachael, Townhead 
Walker, Wm. , 57 E High st 

Dressmakers and Milliners — see' 

Drill Instructor. 
Skinner, W. R., Drill hall 





Fancy Goods Dealer— see 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Fish, Game, and Poultry Dealers. 
Brown lie, Jn.. 123 Cowgate st 
'Stoutt, Jas. & Co , Lenzie 
Sutherland, — . , Lenzie 

Fulton, David B., 62 Townhead 
Fyfe, J., Lenzie 

■ Graham, D. , 111 Townhead 
Lang, James, Townhead 
Russell, James, 37 Cowgate st 
Russell, James junr. , Lenzie 
Russell, J. & M., Cowgate st 
Sharp, Mrs. , 90 Cowgate st 

■ Stirling, Charles, Cowgate st 
Thom, Jn. M., 113 Cowgate st 
Thomson, Alex., 1 E High st 
Watson, Robert, 13 W High st 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers 

■ Cameron, Mary, 36 E High st 
Cooper, Wm,, 19 Townhead 
Ferguson, Wm., Townhead 

• Gillies, Angus, 4 Broadcrof t 
M 'Keller, Ann, 88 Cowgate st 
Stoutt, James & Co., Lenzie 

I Sutherland, — . , Lenzie 
Wright, Maggie, 105 Cowgate st 

Glass and China Dealers. 
Baird, Robert, 36 Cowgate st 
Hyslop, Wm., Townhead 
Montgomerie, Miss, 104 Townhead 
Ogilvy, Patrick, Lenzie 

Grain Merchants. 
Aitken, John, 51 Cowgate st 
Watson, Archd. , 56 Townhead 

■Grocers and Provision Merchants. 
Aitken, John, 51 Cowgate st 
Alexander, Wm., Cowgate st 
Armour, John M., 78 E High st 
Bain, James, 114 Townhead 
Bulloch, James, High st 
Cochrane, John, Townhead 
Comrie, Wm., Cross 
Cooper, Wm., 21 Townhead 
Co-operative Stores, Broadcroft 
Dalrymple, Thomas, 58 Eastside 


Dickson, Andrew (grocer, tea 
and provision merchant), 39 Cow- 
gate st 

Fraser, James (and wine 

merchant), Lenzie 
Goodwin, C. & A. , East side 
Lang, James-, 98 Townhead 
London & Glasgow Tea Co., 86 Cow- 
gate st 
M'Kendrick, James, 11 Cowgate st 
M'Nab, David, 18 E. High st 
Mackay, Benjamin, Lenzie junction 
Nicol, John G., 61 Cowgate st 

Patrick, Misses M. & A., 

Patrick, Mrs A., 25 Townhead 
Patrick, Robt., 21 W High st 
Somerville, Robt., 75 Townhead 
Stewart, Jane, 141 Cowgate st 
Stewart, S., Hillhead 
Thomson, Misses, 63 E High st 
Watson, Arch., Townhead 

Baxter, Jas., Cowgate st 
Duggan, Jas. A., 104 Cowgate st 
Fyfe, John, 24 Cowgate st 
Nicol, John, 42 Cowgate st 

Horse Hiring and Posting 


Bowman, Alex., Cowgate st — 

see advt 
Craig, Robt., Lenzie 

Crookston, James, Black 

Bull Inn — see adv 
Forsyth, William P., 2 Oxford st 
Greig, J., Lenzie 

Hotels and Inns — see Spirit Dealers 

House Factors and Property Agents. 
Matson, Andrew, National 

Bank bdgs., 21 Cowgate st 
Thomson, Daniel, Inverness pi 
Turnbull, Gideon, Lenzie 
Walker, Fraser, & Steele, Lenzie 

Inspector of Poor. 
Davie, Robert (and Collector 
of Parochial Rates, and agent for 
the Queen's Insurance Co.), Vic- 
toria place : house, Wellpark ter 




Insurance Companies and Agents. 
Alliance — James Main, Commercial 

Caledonian — Jas. Stables and And. 

Matson, National Bank 
City of Glasgow — James Stables, 

National Bank 
Crown — Wm. Edgar, 57 Canal st 
Edinburgh — Jas. Main, Commercial 

Imperial Live Stock Assoc. — Geo. 

Hosie, 92 Cowgate st 
Life Association of Scotland — And. 

Matson, National Bank, & John 

Montgomery, Commercial Bank 
Lion — VVm. Edgar. 57 Canal st 
London Assurance Corporation — 

James Main, Commercial Bank 
North British and Mercantile — Jas. 

Main, Commercial Bank and Jas. 

Stables, National Bank 
Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd. — 

Jno. Haney, Asst. -Superintendent 

49 Cowgate st 
Queen's — Robert Davie, Victoria pi 
Scottish (The) Employers' Liability 

and Accident (Ld.) — Jas. Main, 

Commercial Bank 
Standard — Wm. Edgar, 57 Canal st 


Cameron & Robertson 

(architectural, pipe, and general), 
South bank iron works and Star 
Lion Foundry Co., Kirkintilloch 
Napier, Dow, & Co. , Basin Foundry 

Ironmongers and Hardwaremen. 
Aitken, Janet, 43 Cowgate st 
Alexander, Thos., 79 Cow- 
gate st, and Kilsyth 
Ferguson, Ann, 5 Townhead 
Lang, Gilbert, 26 Cowgate st 
M'Kendrick, James, Cowgate st 

Joiners and Builders. 

Marked ' e ' are Builders. 

Cameron, James, jr., & Co., Lenzie 
i e Fletcher, A. & J. (builders), 
Donaldson st 
Forsyth, John (joiner, cabinet- 

maker, upholsterer, and funeral 
undertaker), 109 Cowgate st 
Forsyth, VVm. P., 2 Oxford st 
e Goodwin, James (joiner and 
builder), Townhead 

e Graham, Robert (joiner, 

builder, and funeral undertaker), 

109 Townhead 
e M 'Donald, John, Kerr st 
Maeindoe, Thomas, High st 
e Marshall, David, Broadcroft 
Marshall, Wm. , High st 
Martin, James, Eastside 
Peter, John (joiner), Broadcroft 
Somerville, Robert, Cowgate st 
Stark, John (joiner, turner, and 

glazier), Kerr st 

Thomson, Daniel (joiner, 

funeral undertaker, and house 
factor), Inverness pi 
e Wilson, John, Lenzie 

Lee, James, Townhead 
Thomson, G., Lenzie 

Calder, Jas. (lappet muslin), Kerr st 
Cooper, Jas. (lappet muslin), High 

Hand ley, Wm. (carpet bed mat), 73 

Hill head 
Hill & Co. (spade and shovel), Dun- 

M'Gibbon, John (flock), Holmfield 
Muir, James (lappet muslin), 100 

Slimon, Jas. & Co. (wincey and 

shirting), Kelvinside 
Stewart, Peter (lappet muslin), 

Stirling, Charles (lappet muslin), 

Kerr st 
Stirling, Jas. (lappet muslin), Kerr 

Stirling, Robert (lappet muslin), 

Victoria st 
Thorn, Andrew (lappet muslin), 

Freeland pi 

Milliners and Dressmakers — see 





Mvsic and Musical Instruments 
Brown, — ., Cowgate st 
Jack, D., Avondale pi 
Quail, John, Alexandra st 

Music Teachers., John, Alexandra st 
Wilson, John A. G. (organist), 
Oxford house 

"The Kirkintilloch Herald 
& Lenzie, Kilsyth, Cam- 
psie, and Cumbernauld 
Press." (Wednesday.) J. Mac- 
Leod, publisher, 47 Cowgate st — 
see adv 

Nurserymen and Florists. 
Frew, John, Lenzie 
Scott, D., Lenzie 

Painters and Decorators. 
Edgar, Wm. (house painter and 

glazier), 125 Cowgate st 
Macindoe, E., 95 Cowgate — see 

Munro, John, Lenzie 


Mackay, Wm. Watson, 

Cowgate st 


Plasterers and Slaters. 
Caldwell, J. & Son, Alexandra st 
Fraser, Jas., Albion pi 
Eraser, Jas., Lenzie 
Lennox, Colin, Lenzie 
M'Donald, John (plasterer & 

cement worker), Kerr st 
Williamson, J. & A. (plasterers 

and Roman and Portland cement 

workers), Townhead 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, <fc Tinsmiths. 

Alexander, Thos. (and bell- 
hanger and ironmonger), 79 Cow- 
gate st and Kilsyth 

Cunningham, James, 5 & 
7 Union st 

M'Innes, D., Lenzie 

M'Kenzie, Thos. (registered 

plumber and gasfitter), Lenzie 
Miller, Wm. (plumber, gasfitter, 
and zinc worker), Cowgate st — 
see advt 

Poidterers and Game Dealers — see 

Printer — Letterpress. 
M'Leod, J., 47 Cowgate st 

Schools — Boarding and Day. 
Lenzie Academy — Alex. Buchanan, 

m.a , Rector 
Young, Wm., Lenzie 

Slaters — see Plasterers and Slaters. 

Solicitors — see Writers. 

Spirit Dealers. 
Buchanan, Wm., Townhead 
Crookston, Jas. (wine & spirit 
merchant, and posting master), 
Black Bull Inn — see advt 
Dryden, John, Washington Hotel 
Fisher, John, 80 Cowgate st 
Hendrie, Kofot. (spirit mer- 
chant), 112 Cowgate st 
Jewett, Henry F. (wholesale & 
retail spirit merchant), E High st 
IVS'Andrew, Robert 63., Hand 

10 Hillhead 
IVIaxwell, John, 46 Cowgate st 

IViuirhead, Helen, 2 Luggie 

Bank road 

Walker, Archibald (spirit 
merchant), The Cross Keys Inn, 
(opposite the Railway statn) 

Walker, Mary, 19 W High st 

Weir, Mrs., Cowgate st 

Wilson, Thomas, 2 Hillhead 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Martin, Alex., Wellington pi 
Smith, Campbell S., Lenzie 
Stewart, Donald P., Cowgate at 
Whitelaw, Wm., E High st 

Tab Agent. 
Buchannan, David, 







Tailors and Clothiers. 
Knox, John, 76 Cowgate st— 

see advt 
Lamoud, Alex., 55 E High st 
M'Kenzie, John, 31 Townhead 
Miller, John J., 103 Cowgate st 
Mitchell, Wm. , 93 Cowgate st 
Walker, Wm., 57 E High st 

Timber Merchants and Saw Millers. 
M'Gregor, Peter, Canal basin 
Marshall, David, E High st 

Tobacconists and Fancy Goods 
Kelly, Miss, Cross 
M'Gregor, John, Lenzie 
Scott, M. & J., 139 Cowgate st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 
Boyack, John S., 45 Cowgate 

st — see advt 
Hollywood, Job, 7 Cowgate st 
Poole, J. W., 31 Russell place — 

see advt 

Somerville, John, Cowgate st 

Hutchison, James, 115 Cowgate st 
Patrick, Dav. (Patrick & Paterson) 
(and town clerk and deputy pro- 
curator fiscal to the J. P. court 
for the eastern district of the 
county, clerk to the police com- 
missioners and burgh local au- 
thority, and assessor to the police 
and dean of guild courts), Cow- 
gate st 
Patrick and Paterson, Cowgate st 

Photographers — R. Annan & Sons, 

Leather Merchant — John Scott, 31 

Temperance Hall — Kirkintilloch 
Veterinary Surgeon — Alex. Reid, 

49 Eastside 
Wool Carders— Wm. Hart & Co., 

Foundry siding 


A Really Stylish Garment 

Could not do better than place their Order with 


Practical Tailor and Clothier, 

76 Cowgate Street, Kirkintilloch 

Ladies' Ulsters a Specialty. 


Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 


125 Cowgate Street, 


Newest Designs in Paperhangings. Every description of Glass 

kept in Stock. 

Estimates given for 



Carriage Hirer, 

Cowgate Street, KIRKINTILLOCH. 

Brakes, Waggonettes, Dog-Carts, and Close Carriages. 

Special Cheap Rates for Excursion Parties. 



Practical Watchmaker ard Jeweller, 
45 Cowgate Street, 



Please Note Address — Next to "Kirkintilloch Herald" 

F you are in want of a good WATCH or CLOCK, or any article in 

J. M. POOL £', 

Practical Watchmaker and Jeweller, 



For Good Honest Value and Sterling Worth. Also, Spectacles, 

Eyeglasses, Field Glasses, Barometers, Thermometers, Violins, Bows, 

Cases, Strings, &c. 9 carat and 18 carat Wedding Rings. 

Repairs as Usual 


Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENTS Directory 

]|feieti ||ulT |im Jjtosfin^ JlsftiBtssFpiienh 

Every class of Posting Work on Moderate Terms. 

FOOTBALL TEAMS and EXCURSION PARTIES liberally dealt with. 

A Smart and Comfortable Turnout given in every case. 

Orders by Post or Telegram receive prompt attention. 

Terms on application. Special Cheap Ratev for Marriage Parties. 

A Select Stock of the Finest Matured Irish and Scotch Whiskies always on hand. 

English and Scotch Beer in Splendid Condition. 

BLACK BULL INN, Kirkintilloch. 

Established over Half-a-Centu ry. 


General Drapery & Clothing Establishment 

9 High Street, KIRKINTILLOCH. 

This old established Warehouse has the reputation of being the best place 
to buy all classes of DRAPERY, &c. They have always a Fresh and 
Extensive Stock to select from, at such Prices as commands a ready sale. 


Fancy Drapery, General Drapery, Ready- Made and Bespoke Clothing, 
Hats, Shirts, &.c, &c. 


House Painter, 

95 Cowgate Street, Kirkintilloch. 

Vans, Lorries, and Milk Carts Painted, Striped, and Re-Varnished. 
Venetian Blinds Painted and Repaired. 

Picture and Mirror Frames Re-Gilded. 

John Lochhead, 

18 High Street, Kirkintilloch. 

Dealer in Gold and SilVer Watches, Plate and 
Jewellery, Wearing Apparel, Boots, Cutlery, Musical 
Instruments, &c. 

Weekly Instalments taken. 
Goods re-sold if not paid in Three Months. 







Arrochar, Tarbet (Loch Lomond), Inverarnan, Inversnaid, 

Rowardennan, Ardlui, and Neighbourhoods.! 

LUSS is a small village, in the parish of its name, 69 miles w.N.w. from 
Edinburgh, 28 N.w. from Glasgow, 13 n.n.w. from Dumbarton, 10 
jN.N.W. from Bonhill, and 9 n. from Helensburgh, and is situated on the 
western margin of Loch Lomond. Steamboats sail every day (Sunday 
excepted), from the south end of the loch, calling at Balmaha, Luss, Tar- 
bet, Inversnaid, the foot of Ben Lomond, &c. , returning the same afternoon 
A fair is held here on the third Tuesday in August. Acreage, 24,206. 

Arrochar is a parish lying between Loch Lomond and Loch Long, 
bounded on the south by Luss. It extends nearly sixteen miles in length 
by three in breadth. The village, which is situated at the head of Loch 
Long, is ten miles north from Luss, and about one and a half west from 
Tarbet. Acreage, 25,858. 

Tarbet is a village on Loch Lomond, about eight miles north from Luss, 
and, to distinguish it from Tarberton, Loch Fyne, in Argyleshire, is gen- 
erally designated Tarbet on Loch Lomond. This place, which is much 
visited by tourists, is considered the most pleasing and romantic spot on 
Loch Lomond. The distance between Loch Lomond and Loch Long is one 
mile and a half walk or ride across the isthmus to Arrochar, where a 
steamer is ready to start again for Glasgow, down Loch Long, and up the 

Ardlui, the latter place, being the terminus of the Loch Lomond 
steamers. Passengers alight at the Rowardennan pier for Ben Lomond. 

Business Directory. 

M'Lellan, J., Tarbet, Loch Lomond 
Walter, John, Halfton Luss 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
M'Farlane, Nicol, Arrochar 
Morrison, Wm., Arrochar 
Paterson, James, Luss 
Wilson, Archibald, Luss 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Grocers and General Merchants. 
Dewar, Margt., Arrochar 

M'Farlane, Mary, Arrochar 
M'Gregor, Mary, Arrochar 
Turner, Coll, Tarbet, Loch Lomond 
Wilson, Archd., Luss 

Hotels and Posting Establishments. 
Ardlui Hotel — John Maitland 
Arrochar Hotel — Peter Stalker 
Arrochar (Temperance) Hotel — 

Alex. Ross 
Inverarnan and Inversnaid Hotels 

— Robert Blair 
Luss Hotel— Robert M'Nab 


Dumbartonshire LUSS Directory 

Rowardennan Hotel — Kean and 

Tarbet (LcK-h Lomond) Hotel— A. 

H. Macpherson 

Joiners and Wrights. 
Campbell, John, Arrochar 
Carmichael, James & Arch., Tarbet 

Loch Lomond 
Phillips, James, Luss 
Taylor, Alex., Luss 

Baker— James Dodd, Arrochar 
Draper— Coll Turner, Tarbet, Loch 

Flesher — Mary M'Farlane, Arrochar 
General Dealer — Arch. Wilson, Luss 
Newsagent — Coll Turner, Tarbet, 

Loch Lomond 
Slate Merchant — Ar. Wilson, Cam- 
stradden and Luss Slate Quarries 
Spirit Dealer — John M'Farlane, 
Inverbeg, Luss 

Saw Millers. I Tailor— Don. M'Naugh ton, Arrochar 

M'Lellan, James, Dumfin, Luss Tobacconist — James Phillips, Luss 

Porteous, Alex., Luss | 


Camiesburn, Garscadden, Milngavie, and Neighbourhoods. 

NEW (or EAST) KILPATRICK is a parish ; its extent is upwards of 
six miles from north to south, by a breadth of from two to four 
miles, and contains 12,050 acres. A branch line of railway traverses the 
parish, leaving the main line at Maryhill, and terminating at Milngavie, 
the station for New Kilpatrick being called Bearsden, and as the place is 
generally known by that name, letters should be addressed accordingly. 
The Forth and Clyde Canal intersects it in its northern part, entering the 
district on crossing the Kelvin, by a stupendous aqueduct bridge. The 
district was separated from Old Kilpatrick, which bounds the parish on 
the west, in the year 1649. There is a Reformatory for Girls at East 

Camiesburn is about a quarter of a mile south from Bearsden station. 

Garscadden is a district about 2 miles n.w. from New Kilpatrick. 
Here are Messrs Merry and Cunninghame's ironstone works. 

Milngavie is a manufacturing burgh, in the parish of New Kilpatrick, 
12 miles e. from Dumbarton, 5 e. from Duntocner, 21 s.w. from Stirling, 
7 n.n.w. from Glasgow, 51 w. from Edinburgh, and 2 miles from New 
Kilpatrick. In the village are large printworks and a paper mill, and in 
the neighbourhood are two bleachfields, a dye works, and a distillery. 
Population returned with the parish . 





Business Directory. 

Graham, Geo. H., Bearsden 
Wilson, P. M'G. , Bearsden 
Young, R., Milngavie 

Bryce, Thomas, Milngavie 
Hamilton, Gabriel, Bearsden 

Bank of Scotland, Bearsden 
Bank of Scotland, Milngavie 

Drummond, R., Tambowie 
Gardiner, James, Milngavie 
M'llraith, Wm., Milngavie 

Blackwood & Son, Milngavie 
Pender & Son, Milngavie 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Gibson, David, Milngavie 
Higgins, Francis. Milngavie 
M'Laine, Hector, Bearsden 
Wallace, George, Bearsden 
Wilson, John, Milngavie 

Coal Merchants. 
Buchanan, Peter, Milngavie 
M'Aulay, James, Milngavie 
Martin, Owen, Milngavie 
Strathdee, John, Milngavie 

Contractors (Carting) and Horse 
M'Alphine, Robert, Bearsden 
M'Aulay, James, Milngavie 
Meldrum, James, New Kirk 
Young, A. (Glasgow Carrier), Miln- 
Young, James (railway), Bearsden 

Drapers, Dressmakers, and 
Davidson, A., Milngavie 
Lauglands, Miss, Bearsden 
Macphail, Misses, Bearsden 


Millar, David, Milngavie 
Paton, Grace, Bearsden 
Rankin, James, Milngavie 
Weir, Jane, Milngavie 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

Elder, Adam, Milngavie 
Fields, Thomas, Milngavie 
M'Farlane, Jane, Milngavie 

Florists, Nurserymen, and Gardeners 
Galloway, Philip, Bearsden 
Weatherston, John, Bearsden 

Grain and Potato Merchants. 
M 'Arthur, Alex., Milngavie 
Semple, Thomas, Bearsden 
Strathdee, John, Milngavie 

Grocers and General Merchants. 
Co-operative Soc, Milngavie 
Lindsay, Ann, Milngavie 
Lindsay, Jas., Bearsdeu 
M'Farlane, Jane, Milngavie 
M'Gregor, Donald, Milngavie 
M'Gregor. Peter & Co., Milngavie 
M'Lean, Thos., Milngavie 
Martin, H. W. & Co., Milngavie 
Martin, John, Milngavie 
Martin, Maggie, Milngavie 
Stirling, Thos. (and spirit dealer), 

Weir, Walter, Milngavie 
Williamson, John W. & Co., Miln- 
Young, Jeffrey (and spirit dealer), 

Joiners, Builders, & Wrights. 
Burnside, John, Bearsden 
Burnside, Wm., Bearsden 
Davidson, Wm. (and cabinetmaker) 

Kay, Wm., Bearsden 
M.Luckie, Wm. Milngavie 
M'Millan, A. & D., Milngavie 




Weir, Matthew, Milngavie 
Woodburn, John, Milngavie 

Jones, Robert, Bearsden 
West of Scotland Laundry Coy., 

Ellangowan Paper Co. , Milngavie 
Smart, Alex. (Thread), Altodor 

Painters and Decorators. 
Graham, C. H. & Co., Milngavie 
M 'Garry, James, Bearsden 
Stalker & Day, Bearsden 
Thomson, Alex., Milngavie 

Plasterers and Slaters. 
Jones, Robert, Bearsden 
Wilson, John, Milngavie 

Plumbers, Gasfitters, and Tinsmiths. 
Currie, R. & A., Milngavie 
MTntosh, James, Milngavie 

Schools — Boarding and Day. 
Auld, Joseph, Bearsden 
Watson, Misses, Bearsden 

Solicitors — see Writers. 

Slater? — see Plasterers and Slaters. 

Spirit Dealers. 
Best, Francis, Milngavie 
Bisland, Arch., Milngavie 
Bissland, Charles, Milngavie 
lnsland, Robert, Milngavie 
Buchanan, James, Milngavie 
Crawford, Alex., Milngavie 
Fergus, James, Bearsden 
Martin, John, Milngavie 

Smith. James, Milngavie 
Stewart, John, Milngavie 

Surgeons and Physicians. 
Kennedy, John, Bearsden 
Robertson, P. F., m.d., f.f.p.s., 

Glas., Milngavie 
Smith, Alex. M., Bearsden 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Hunter, Arch., Milngavie 
Mitchell, John, Milngavie 
Nicol, Win., Milngavie 
Sutherland, David, Milngavie 

Keyden, James jr. , Milngavie 
Thomson, G. A., Bearsden 


Bookseller and Stationer — Walter 
Millar, Milngavie 

Cattle Dealer — John M'Donald, 

Distiller — Alx. Macnab, Tambowie 

Dyers — Reid & Sons, Milngavie 

Hairdresser — David Smith, Miln- 

Hedge and Wire Fencer — John 
Jenkins, Bearsden 

Libraries — Church Library, and 
Mechanic's Institution, Milngavie 

Miller— J. Watt, Milngavie 

Saddler— Matthew Smith, Miln- 

Ship Broker — Thos, Russell, Bears- 

Upholsterer — W. Hamilton, Bears- 

Veterinary Surgeon — Wm. Ilraith, 

Woollen Warehouseman — David 
Buchanan, Bearsden 







RENTON is a village in the parish of Cardross, one mile s.w. from 
Bonhill, the like distance s. from Alexandria, and two N. from 
Dumbarton, situated on the west bank of the Leven ; on its banks are two 
extensive print works. A public hall, situated in Main street, was erected 
in 1882. 

Business Directory. 

Bryce, A. & J., 186 Main st 
Graham, Robert, Main st 
M'Kinstry, John, 74 Main st, 

and Cardross 
Neil, J. , Main st 
Ritchie, James A., 21 Main st 

Clydesdale (The) Bank, Limited, 

Main st — W. Lochhead, agent 
Vale of Leven Savings' Bank, Main 

st — W. Lochhead, actuary 

Berlin Wool ds Fancy Repositories. 
Brown, Janet, 95 Main st 
M -Donald, A., 33 Main st 
Paul, Agnes, 97 Main st 

Booksellers, Stationers, and 
Brown, Janet, 95 Main st 
Gow, Alexander, 70 Main st 
Graham, John (and hardware- 
man), 143 Main st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Glen, Jas., 80 Main st 
Gray, T. & A., Main st 
M'Allister, J., 3 Main st 
Macallister, D., Main st 

Chemist and Druggist. 
Medical Hall, 94 Main st 

Coal Merchants and Dealers. 

Badger, John (coal merchant & 

carting contractor), 53 Back st 
Denny, Chas., Thimble st 


Houston, Matthew, 21 Back row 
M'Kinn, Robt., Main st 

Grant, Donald, Main st 
Lindfield, J., Main st 
M'Intyre, J., 116 Main st 
M'Kinstry, John, 74 Main st, 
and Cardross 

Contractors — Carting. 

Badger, John, Back st 
Glen, Jas. , Main st 

Dairy Keepers. 
Baird, Thos., King st 
Ewing, Peter, Main st 
M ( Farlane, Wm., 212 Main st 

Drapers, Dressmakers, and 
Duncan, John, 195 Main st 
Graham, James, 84 Main st 
M'Kim, Robert, 186 Main st 
M'Leod, A., 17 Lennox st 
Malcolm, Agnes, 168 Main st 

Dressmakers and Milliners — see 

Engineer and Cycle Agent. 
Ralston, John M., (and cycle 
repairer), 199 Main st 

Farmers — see end of Directory. 

M'Gregor, John, 114 Main st 
Scott, George, Main st 




Baird, Thomas, 169 Main st 
Black, Duncan, Main st 
Black, James T., Main st 
Grant, Donald, 98 Main st 
Kinloch, B., 39 Main st 
Kinloch, James, 58 Back st 
M 'In tyre, J., Back st 
Matheson, John, 140 Main st 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Bell, J., 8 Lennox st 
Black, D., Main st 
Lindfield, J., Main st 
M'Donald, A. (& fancy goods), 

33 Main st 
Matheson, J., 140 Main st 
Young, Mrs R., Main st and General Merchants. 
Black, Donald, 195 Main st 
Cameron, R., 210 Main st 
Grant, Donald, Main st 
Kinloch, Jas , 56 Back st 
M'Donald, John, 167 Main st 
M'Intyre, J., Back st 
Matheson, John (and flesher 

and fruiterer), 140 Main st 
Matheson, Robt. , Main st 
Munro, W., 1 Main st 
Struthers, Jas. , Lennox st 
Ward, John, Main st 

Insurance Companies and Agents. 

County (Fire) and Provi- 
dent (Life)— W. Lochhead, 
Clydesdale Bank 

Lancashire (Fire)— W. Loch- 
head, Clydesdale Bank 

Northern — W. Lochhead, Cly- 
desdale Bank 

Norwich Union (Life)— W. 
Lochhead, Clydesdale Bank 

West of Scotland (Fire)— 

W. Lochhead, Clydesdale Bank 

Ironmongers and Hardwaremen. 
Glen, Malcolm, Main st 
Graham, John, 143 Main st 
M'Bride Jas., Main st 

Joiners and Glaziers. 
Kennedy, James, King st 
Kennedy, Rankin, Main st 
Murray, Alex., Station st 

Spirit Dealers. 
Bisland, Mrs. W., 160 Main st 
Campbell, Peter, Main st 
M'Dougall, John (wine and 

spirit merchant), 105 Main st 
M'Farlane, R., 201 Main st 
M'Intyre, Peter, 119 Main st 
Murdoch, Lousia, Main st 
Suter, James T. , Main st 

Mitchell, Dugald, m.b., cm., Glas., 
(parochial medical officer of Ren- 
ton district!, Dunoran 

Tailors and Clothiers. 
Cameron, James, Main st 
Shand, John, 190 Main st 

Watchmaker and Jeweller. 
Hudson, Robert, 86 Main st 

Blacksmith — Walter Forsyth, Main 

Builder and Stonemason — Matthew 

Kennedy, Station st 
Calico Printers and Turkey Red 

Dyers — Stirling & Sons, Dal- 

Chemical Manufacturers — Turnbull 

&Co., Millburn 
Furniture Dealer — Mrs Murray, 

Main st 
Glass and China Dealer — Malcolm 

Glen, Main st 
Painter — C. M'Gregor, Main st 
Pawnbrokers— M 'Kay & M'Donald, 

Main st 
Plumber and Gasfitter — J. Cou- 

brough, Thimble st 
Slaters — Hughes & Hunter, Station 





TARBET (Loch Lomond)— see LUSS. 


List of Directories published by CHARLES LAMBURN, 
59 South Bridge, Edinburgh. 


Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire, Wigtownshire, and Kirkcud- 

Border Counties (including Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire, 
Peeblesshire, Berwickshire, with Berwick-on- 

Fifeshire, Clackmannanshire, and Kinross-shire, 

Forfarshire (including Dundee), ... 


Stirlingshire, Linlithgowshire, and Dumbartonshire, 

2s. 6d. 











To be obtained from all Booksellers, or direct from 
the Publisher, 


BU R N, 

59 South Bridge, Edinburgh. 






Ballantine, Alex., Longdyke 
Bell, John, Higginsreuck 
Blair, Jas., Pocknave 
Bow, W. , Halls of Airth 
Boyd, Robt. , Dougalls hole 
Boyd, Peter, S. Greens 
Brodie, T. D. , Gareloch 
Carswell, Robt. , Mains of Airth 
Chalmers, R. & J., Eastfield 
Clark, Mrs, Letham 
Davidson, R. & J., Bellsdyke 
Drummond, John, Linktield 
Dunn, Jas., Longdyke 
Foord, Jas., Airth 
Gardner, P., Dunmore pottery 
Gilchrist, W. , Bellsdyke 
Graham, T. , Airth mill 
Gray, J., Kersie mains 
Gray, Thos., Haughs of Airth 
Haig, Dav. , Bowtrees 
Heugh, Jas., N. Greens 
Malcolm, W. T., Home farm 
Martin, W., Auchintyre 
Mitchell, P., Bridgend 
Paul, David, S. Kersie 
Sim, T., Lochs of Airth 
Sutherland, J., Waterslap 
Taylor, Alex., Longdyke 
Taylor, Henry, Letham 

Baxter, J. & W., Mollanclerroch 
Bilsland, John, Gaizland 
Brown, John, Indians 
Brown, J. M. , Camoquhill 
Buchanan, Duncan, Rasiehill 
Buchanan, John, Hill of Balgair 
Buchanan, Walt., Croftalpine 
Cowan, Alex., Mains of Glinns 
Cowbrough, Jas., W. Balgair 
Cunningham, George, N. Glinns, 

Dawson, J. M. , Little Camoquhill 
Dougal, J., Over Glinns 
Edmond, Dav., Ballochruin 
Edmond, J., Ballafark 
Edmond, P., Harvieston 
Graham, A., Tombreck 
Jardine, W. & J., Craigend 


M'Alister, Jas,, Ibert 

M'Alister, Robt., Easter Glinns, 

M'Alister, W., Loaningside 
M 'Alpine, Jas. & John, Camoquhill 
M'Ewen, Chas., Garronhead 
M'Farlane, Duncan, Townhead 
M'Kendrick, Mrs, W, 
M'Ouat, Mrs, Glenfoot 
Malcolm, John, Kihnurrich 
Murray, John, Cairnhall 
Neilson, Jas., Rinnins 
Neilson, Miss, Camoquhill, Douglas 
Paterson, Robt., Kilfasset 
Scoular, Jas., Provanstone 
Yuill, J. &P., Keirhill 

Battison, John, Steads 
Christie, Geo., Cottonhaugh 
Jardine, Ed., Inverallan 
King, Wm. & A., Longlee 
Logan, John, Craigaowning 
M'Caul, P., Knockhill 
M'Gregor, Mrs J., W. Lees 
Marshall, A, The Moss 
Marshall, Allan, Mid Lecropt 
Mitchell, Wm., Greenyards 
Muiahead, Wm., Broom 
Pullar, J. & J. & 0., Keirfield 
Reid, Thos. & Walt., Hillside 
Reid, W., Craigarnhall 
Stewart, D., Heathershot 

Alexander, J., Corntnovale 
Allan, Dav., Cornton 
Allan, Wm., Cornton 
Bennett, Robt., Craigton 
Bennett, Robt., Powismains 
Blair, A., Manorstep 
Chapman, Mrs, Cauldhame 
Cowbrough, W., Broom 
Covvie, Thos.. Cornton 
Dawson, Robt., Menstrie mains 
Drumniond & Johnston, Menstrie 
Eadie, J., Blair mains 
Ferguson, Daniel, Goger mains 
Kerr, Dav., Menstrie 
Lucas, Jas., Spittal 




Lucas, Jas., Ladysneuck 
M,Ewan, Mrs Jas., Sunnylaw 
M'Gregor, Wm., Midtown 
M'Laren, Duncan, W. Cornton 
M'Laren, Jas., Gerah 
M'Nab, Alex., Glenochil 
M'Nab, Jas., Loaming bank 
M'Nab, Jas., Blairlogie castle 
Meiklejohn, Alex., Holehead 
Menzies, Mrs. Andrew, Ashentruil 
Mitchell, Arch., Blackgrange 
Mitchell, Archd. West Gogar 
Morgan, James, Easter Gogar 
Paterson, Robt. , Park 
Peat, Mrs. John, Manor 
Risk, James, Drumbrae 
Smith, A., Blackgrange 
Speedie Bros., Gernel 
Stirling, Robt., Pendriech 
Stirling, Robt. (sheep), Blair Lodge 

Stuart, John, Cornton 
Todd, James, Blackdub 
Turnbull, James, Green kerse 
Turnbull, Mrs., Manorneuch 
Twaddle, John, West Grange 

Adam, J., Nicollswalls 
Adam, Thos., Overton 
Adam, Wm., W Thomaston 
Adam, Mrs. D., Tappitknowe 
Auld. Isa. , Haircraigs 
Aitken, T. & E., Bowridge 
Baillie, J., Denny mills 
Baillie, John, Mailings 
Baird, Wm., W Kelt 
Boyle, Adam H., E Thomaston 
Brock, Robert, Rosehill tottage 
Buchanan, Rob., Banknock 
Carruthers, Walter E Langhill 
Chalmers, Jas., Banknock 
Currie, W., Windyedge 
Duncan, J., Broomridge 
Dunn, D., W Boreland 
Dunn, Jno. , Forrest hill 
Erskine, R. & J. , Burnside 
Erskine, W., Laysbent 
Finlay, John, Longcroft 
Gentles, Arch., Woodyett 
Gillespie, John, Castlerankine 
Gillespie, John M., W Bonnyfield 
Goodwin, W., Peathill 

Gray, John, Nethermains 
Hamilton, A. & R., Bankhead 
Hay, And., Bankhead 
Hay, J., Haviesmailing 
Hay, John, Rashiehill 
Hill, T., Up. Thomaston 
Hopkin, Robt., W Seamores 
Hume, Rob., W Banknock 
Jack, Andrew, E Kelt 
Jarvie, Jas., Overton 
Johnstone, J., Sourgrass 
Johnston, J., Holehouse 
Johnston, Wm. , Whitehill 
Johnston, Mrs. Wm. , Garvald 
Keir, Thos. (reps of), Linns 
Kidd, John, Hookney 
Kirkwood, James, Garth 
Laing, Jno., Loanhead 
Laing, Jno., Longhill 
M'Aulay, P., Dryburgh 
M'Callum, James, Drumbowie 
M'Cowan, James, Blaefaulds 
M'Cowan, Jno., E Seamores 
M'Cowan, Jno., Doups 
M'Dougall, P., Drum 
M'Farlane, Mrs My., N Shields 
M 'In tyre, John, Bottomhead 
MacFarlane, Js., Broadside 
Millar, J. N., Bankhead 
Mitchell, Robt., Fankeston 
Muirhead, Dav. , Little Denny 
Paterson, G., Highland Dykes 
Peattie, Jas. , Knowhead 
Rennie, Alex. , Bankhead 
Russell, Jas., Longcroft 
Russell, Jno., Seamores 
Shanks, Alex., Maydub 
Shanks, J., Headswood 
Shaw, Jas., M Thomaston 
Smellie, J., E Boreland 
Smith, Jas., Haircraigs 
Stewart, Alex., Double dykes 
Stewart, A. & D. , Meadow greens 
Stevenson, James, E Wairds 
Stevenson, J., E Banknock 
Stirling, David, Garngrew 
Tait, Mrs., Hayfield 
Thomson, Ax. (reps, of), Blackdales 
Waddell, Jno., Cutheltod greens 

Adam, W., Auckieside 
Aitkeu, Jas., Kirkland 





Brock, Win,, Denovan 
Brown, John A., Dunipace 
Buchanan, Alex., Risk 
Burrell, Jas. , Denovan mains 
Dawson, A. , Gartincaber 
Denholm, Wm., Braes 
Eadie, Mrs., Northfiekl 
Gilchrist, Jn., Todhill 
Goodwin, A., Stongyinch 
Goodwin, H., Doghilloch 
Gray, Jas., Broomshill 
Gray, Robert, Wellsfield 
Johnston, John, Glenside 
Lothian, John, Quarter 
Millar, Thomas, Boards 
Monteath, W., Croftfoot 
M airhead, John, Burnhouse 
Murdock, P., Househill 
Park, Geo., Parkend 
Paterson, Geo. & T. S. , Highland 

Paterson, Wm., E. Barnego 
Ralston, Wm. , Middle Barnego 
Rose, David, Tygettsheugh 
Thomson, Mrs R , Rullie 
Walker, John, Planting Mill 
Walker, W., Langlands 
Webster, — , Dunnipace Mill 
Weir, John, Bogend 
Weir, Wm. , Bogend 

Allan, Robert, Gaidrew 
Bauchop, Wm., Kepdowrie 
Bilsland. Robert, West Cameron 
Bisland, Thomas, Ballat 
Brown, James, Middle Ballat 
Brown, Thomas, Garrell 
Brown, Thomas, Dalnair 
Buchanan, Alex., Gartacharn 
Buchanan, James, Ballanton 
Buchanan, John, Coldrach 
Fleming, Hugh, Cashley 
Fleming, W., Lorninghead 
Fraser. John, Balfunning 
Gardner, John & Alex., Cashley 
Govane, A. S. , Park of Drumquhassie 
Gow, Alex., Drumbeg 
M'Adam, Al., Boreland 
M'Adam, John, Blairoer 
M'Adam, W., Kipculloch 
M'AUister, Mrs, Blairmore 
M 'Alpine, James, Garrauld 

M 'Arthur, James W., Gartfarron 
M'Donald, G. & Jas., E. Gartfarron 
M'Ewen, J., Over Easter Offrance 
M'Farlance, Alex., Craigievairn 
M'Gregor, Hugh, Spittal of Ballat 
M'Kay, Chas., Ballat 
M'Keich, John & M., Up. Ballaird 
M'Keich, Wm. , Drymen 
M'Kerracher, Robert, Mye 
M'Kinlay, John, Dalnair 
M'Laren, Andw., Black Boreland 
M'Lay, John, Gartclach 
M'Lean, Walter, Hoish 
M'Naughtan, W. & A., Shandon 
M, Queen, John, Finnich blair 
Macqueen, Al,, Gateside 
Moir, David, Lednabra 
Montrose, Duke of, Ibert 
More, Jas. & Wm., Garfochoil 
More, Wm. & John, Culbowie 
Muirhead, Arch., Drumquhassie 
Nelson, Alex., Offrance 
Nuill, John, Clachaury 
Orr, And., Croftamie 
Rennie, Dun., Chapel arroch 
Rish, Jno., E Ballat 
Sands, Arch., Blairnabord 
Scott, Matt, Duke ho 
Stewart, Andw., Kepdowrie 
Stewart, Cath. , Mill of Drnmmond 
Stewart, Robert, Balfunning 
Stewart, Robert, Gartinstarry 
Steel, Wm., Finnich Drummond 
Stirling, Mrs. , U Gartness 
Strang, Js., Knockinshannoch 
Thomas, Hugh & Js., Blairfad 
Wad dell, John, Duchray 
White, Jas., U Balwill 
Wilson, John, High Finnich 
Wilson, John, Finnich Malise 
Wylie, Arch., Blairnavaid 

Archibald, Hugh., Gartfern 
Blair, Robt., Creityhall 
Buchanan, Jn. , Coldrach 
Drysdale, Wm., Old Manse 
Kean, Ed,, Rowardennan 
M'Farlane. Ml. & Dn., Corriearklet 
M'Farlane, Moses, Thos. & Wm., 

M'Farlane, Peter, Corriechan 
M'Onie, Mrs P. & And., Auchmar 




Scott, Rt. & John, Cashell 
Stewart, Jn. & Jn., Auchengyle 
Thorold, Wm. , Cailness 

Aitken, James, Glenrig 
Aitken, John, Gartcows 
Aitkenhead, Mrs., Darnrig 
Allan, John, Tamfour hill 
Allan, Wm., Pirley hill 
Anderson, Geo., Lochgreen 
Baird, Thomas, Mid Newlauds 
Ballantyne Thos.. Jaw Craig 
Barrie, Wm., Shortrig 
Binnie, John, Howierig 
Boyd, Geo., Lippy 
Boyd, Jas., Bonnymuir 
Brock, John, Sunnyside 
Buchan, Robt., Dalderse 
Buchan, Wm., Dalgrain 
Campbell, Donald, Craigieburn 
Chalmers, Thos., Walton 
Clark, Robt., Seafield 
Cuthill, Arch,, Gateside 
Cuthill, John, Crowden 
Denholm, T. & R. W. , Lochgreen 
Donaldson, A., Rowantreehill 
Donaldson, Wm. , Pirley hill 
Ferguson, John, Loanfoot 
Ferguson, Mrs, Greenrigg 
Findlay, J., Milnquarter 
Findlay, J., Randiford 
Gallie, S., Yonder haugh 
Gillies, Robt., Castlecary 
Graham, Alex. , Carron water 
Graham, J. & A., Mumrills 
Grant, P. , Barley mills 
Gray, Jas., Redbrae 
Grindlay, W., Dykehead 
Hall, Alex., Clayknowes 
Hamilton, A., Rushbush 
Hay, Jas., Kelt 
Henderson, John, Westfield 
Henry, A., Rottenstocks 
Hophins, Robt. , Forrester quarry 
Jamieson, A., Blackbrigs 
Johnston, Jas., Underwood 
Johnston, John, Southdrum 
Johnston, Thos., Auchingaen 
Keir, Thos., Drum 
Laing, R. , Larbert mill 
Learmonth, Wm., Bowhouse 
M'Kenzie, Edw., Parkhead 

M'Kenzie, Edw., Middlefield 
M'Kenzie, Jas., Gasterglen 
M'Pherson, Neil, Burnhouse 
Malloch, Jas., Thorn 
Marshall, J., Fouklubs 
Marshall, J,, Threeprig 
Marshall, Mrs, Newhouse 
Martin, John, Higbstanerig 
Martin, W. , Guard rum 
Menzies, John, Seabegs 
Millar, J., Wester Glen 
Millar, Robt., jr., Seabegs 
Morrow, J., Westergreening 
Mungall, And., Greencraig 
Nicol, Miss C. , Bean cross 
Nisbet, Gen. & John, Jaw 
Paterson, G., jr., Thornton 
Paton, Miss, Thornbank 
Reid, Hugh, Shield hill 
Reid, Jas., Strathavon 
Rennie, J., Tippetcraig 
Ronald, Aach., Dorrator 
Scott, And., Woodend 
Scott, Sohn, Bean cross 
Scott, Thos., S. Woodend 
Shanks, John, Wester Jaw 
Shanks, Miss C, Oaker Dykes 
Sharpe, Peter, Beam 
Simpson, Alex., Westmains 
Smith, Adam, Lochlands 
Stark, John, Bendominy 
Stark, Mrs, Woodburn 
Stark, Ralph, Camelon 
Stewart, Jas., Forgan hall 
Strachan, Wm. , Lochdrum 
Swan, Mrs A., Middle Thorn 
Taylor, Jas., Mavisbank 
Taylor, John, Broomage 
Taylor, Jas., Jawhills 
Taylor, Mrs Wm., Barley side 
Ure, Wm., Bogton 
Waddell, Jas., Jaw Ciaig 
Walker, John, Standalane 
Walker, Robt., Muirhouse 
Watson, John, Skipperton 
Watigh, Mrs John, East Drum 
Webster, Jas., Mungal mill 
Webster, Rich., Carronside 
Wilson, John, Dulnair 
Young, Jas. , Mungal cottage 
Young, John, Cobblebrae 





Blair, Jas., Hardilands 
Brodie, T. D., Westerton 
Brodie, T. D., Pinfold bridge 
Brodie, T. D., Backrow 
Brodie, T. D. , Upper Gairdoch 
Buchan, Alex., North Newton 
Carron Co., Kirkton and Close 
Carron Co., W. Mains 
Carron Co., Roughlands 
Clark, Alex., Stonehouse 
Davidson, John & Ralph, South 

Grangemouth Coal Co., Springfield 
Grangemouth Coal Co., Newton 

Grangemouth Coal Co. , Island farm 
Malcolm, Wm., Orchardhead 
Martin, Wm., Auchintyre 
Nimmo, Alex., Howkerse 
Simpson, Jas., Townhead 

Aitken, Jas., Newlands 
Arrott, Chas., Meadow bank 
Baird, Geo., Burnside 
Calder, J., Reddoch 
Cameron, Wm., Crossgatehead 
Carlaw, W. , S Polmont side 
Duncan, W., Carronhall 
Dunlop, Rt., Claret 
Gardner, W., Wallace craig 
Gentles, J., Holequarter 
Graham, A., Nicolton 
Graham, John, Inchyra Grange 
Hardie, R., Little Kerse 
Hay, John, Whyteside 
Hendry, W., Greenwells 
Hodge, Wm. (reps, of), Awells 
Inglis, Dav., Powdrake 
Jack, Robt., Whitside muir 
Learmonth, Wm. , Bowhouse 
Logan, Messrs, Roughhead 
Marshall, T. & J., Overton Kerse 
Martin, Thos., Muirpark 
Meikle, T. & R., Bearcrofts 
Meikle, Robt., sen., Polmont hill 
Neilson, W., Shieldhill 
Park, Messrs, Gilston 
Shanks, Jas., Overton 
Thomson, Jas., Carronflats 
Wilson, Jn. (reps of), Summerhouse 


Cowan, A., Spittal hill 
Cowan, James, Gartcarron 
Cowan, D. D. (reps, of), Ling 
Jardine, W. & J. , Bogside 
Martin, J. & J., Killunan 
Norris, Alex., Todholes 
Tod, James, Binn, Denny 
Walters, J. C. D., Knowcraich, 

Watters, Thos., Jaw, Lochearnhead 

Blackburn, Cap. Adam, Drumore 
Blackburn, Mrs, Home Farm 
Brown, And., Wester Girchew 
Buchanan, D. M'L. Bryce, Boquhan 
Buchanan, John, Gartness 
Buchanan, John, Laigh Parks 
Buchanan, Robert, Letterhill 
Buchanan, Robert, Carston 
Davidson, Jas., Drumquharn 
Edmond, David, Ballochriun 
Edminstone, Sir Arch. , Bart. , Quin- 

Galbraith, John C. , Cunningham 
George, John, Gillieston 
George, Wm., Laidlewan 
Graham, Al. , Baptiztam 
Jamieson, Ptk., Braefoot 
Leitch, Arch., Glenboag 
M'Ewan, John, Mill of Glenboag 
M 'Far lane, And., Mains of Boquhan 
M'Gowan, Jn., Killearn 
M : Lean, John, Spittal 
M'Onie, Jas. (reps, of), Aucheneden 
Mitchell, John, Overton 
Neilson, John, Letter 
Paul, John. Drumbeg 
Paul, Walter, Ibert 
Paul, Mrs W., Redyett 
Pollock, John James, Aucheneden 
Thomas, Moses, Drumtian 
Wilson, David, Carbeth" 

Dewar, A., Arnprior 
Fairfield Farming Co., Fairfield 
Gray, W. & W., Lady lands 
Gardner, J. & A. , Dunstown 
Harvey, Mrs, E. and W, Heights 
Jardin, W., Badenkip 
Kay, William, Little Kerse 




Liddle. Jas., Crawfordstown 
Lumsden, A., Newburn 
M'Farlane, J., Gribloch 
M'Farlane, Jas., Oxhill, Bucklyvie 
M'Gibbon, W., Easter Garden 
M'Kerracher, G., Hardieston 
M'Kerracher, John, Mye 
M'Niven, D., Glentirren 
M'Queen, S., Jenny Woodstone 
M 'Queen, W., Shirgarton 
Mackie, Jas. , Parks of Garden 
Malcolm, R., Angus step 
Moir, Robert, Mains of Bucklyvie 
Monach, J. & J., Easter Culbowie 
More, Moses, Bachside 
Morrison, Geo. , Thirds of Bucklyvie 
Muirhead, Al., Middleton 
Muirhead, Robert, Causewayhead 
Murdoch, J., Laraben 
Murdoch, Rt., Strewiebank 
Paterson, Dan., Drum 
Scoular, Alex., Middle kerse 
Short, W. , Blackhouse 
Stewart, A., Blairgorts, Bucklyvie 
Young, John, Arnbeg 
Young, Rbt. , Claylands 

Bain, S. F., Inch 
Downie, R., Knock O'Ronald 
Gray, J., Birkenwood i 

Inglis, J., Keppdarroch 
Jackson, Kob., Mains of Boquhan 
Kay, C. , Mill Farm 
Kerr, John, E. Culmore 
Lang, J., Bieldj; 
Lang, Mary, Dasherhead 
Leckie, Ad., Fourmeck 
M'Allister, R. , Ballochleme wester 
M'Culloch, R., Myreton 
M'Diarmid, A. & P., Garrique 
M'Farlane, Rt., Spittalton 
M'Farlane, Thos., Crawtree 
M'Farlane, W., Ballochleme easter 
Mackieson, J., Old hall 
Mailler, Joha, Woodyett 
Mailler, Rol t. , Lowerread hall 
Moir, A. , N :ther kerse 
More, John, Fordhead 
Risk, Jas., W. Culmore 
Sumas, Jas. Greenfoot 
Stewart, John, Culbeg 

Aitken, John, Auchinrivoch 
Alexander, G., Kelvinhead 
Archibald, W., Netherinch 
Arnott, Thos., Barr 
Bennie, Dav., Meadowside 
Bennie, David, Binneymire 
Brock, Geo., Drumbrock 
Chalmers, John, Lamerknovves 
Cleland, Dav., Woodend 
Clelland, D., Braehouse 
Clelland, D., Arnbrae 
Dingwall, Camn. , Glenhead 
Duncan, J., Carrymuir 
Duncan, Wat., Gateside 
Ershine, Ebe., Riskend 
Fahbairn, J., Dykehead 
Frew, Frnd., Balmalloh 
Glen, Rt. , Drumwessie 
Graham, J., Auchinloch 
Graham, Jas., Westside 
Hay, Sm., Smithy hills 
Hay, Wm., Garrel mill 
Leckie, John, Inch wood 
M'Pherson, A., Auchinrivoch 
M'Pherson, John, Banton mains 
Marshall, D. , Balcastle 
Paterson, John, Garrel Gardens 
Patrick, Jas., Queenzeburn 
Rankin, Wm., Inchterf 
Rennie, Jas., Allanfauld 
Stevens, Math , Townhead 
Stewart, Thos., Orchard 
Taylor, Dav., Waterside 
Todd, John, Binns, Carron bridge 
Wilson, Jas., Craighead 
Wright, And., Slackristock 
Young, W., Taggston 
Yuill Bros., Coeinbog 

Baird, Jas., Hamilton 
Carron Co. , Carron 
Cherry, John, Larbert 
Farlie, Jas., Larbert 
Gardner, G. , Stenhousemuir 
Graham Bros., North Broomage 
Higgins, Wm., Back o' Dykes 
Provan, John, Drum 
Ronald, Michl., Hill of Kinnaird 
Scott, Jas., Shields farm 
Stirling District Lunacy Board, 






Taylor. John, Broomage mains 
Waclclell, J., Stenhouse 
Wadclell, Rt. , Muirhall farm 
Weir, Win., Inches 

Leniioxtown Distrist. 
Bowie, Jas., Whitefaulds 
Brechin, Arch., Mealybrae 
Brechin, Rt., Hillhead 
Bryce, W., S. Bardowie 
Christison, J., Bankell 
Donald, Robt., W. , Blairskaith 
Donald, Robt., L. Blochearn 
Graham, Thos., Dowan 
Hamia, And. & Wm., Barrowston 
Harvey, Thos., Barnellan 
Higginbotham, Chas. T., Craig- 

Livingston, John, Beanscroft 
Lyon, Arch., Kettlehill 
Marshall, John, Westacredyke, &c. 
Marshall, Wm., Balmore 
Mitchell, J., Branziett 
Morison, Robt., W. Bogside 
Morrison, John, Bogside 
Ralston, Mrs, Craigash 
Rennie, John, E Blairskaith 
Scott, Jas., Longbank 
Strang, Alex., N. Blochearn 
Strang, Chris, (heirs of), Redbog 
Strant , J. , Crossviegate 
Watson, Robt., North Bardowie 
Wilson, Geo., Castle hill 

Anderson, Donald, Bakjuharrage 
Andrews, Thos., Milton 
Ballaiityne, R. , Balquharrage 
Bauchop, Robt, Hole 
Brechin, Wm., Balcorroch 
Buchanan, David & Jas., Shields 
Buckie, F. John, East Balgrochan 

Buckie, John F. , Drum farm hill 
Co-operative, Co., Carlestown 
Cooper, W., Muckcroft 
Connell, Alex., Blencloich 
Cowbrough, John, Craigend 
Craig, John, Lukeston 
Crawford, Robt., Balgas 
Ferrie , Dav. , Balgrochan Torrance 
Forretter, John, Slatefield 

Frew, Jas., Watshod 

Graham, Jas. & Wm., Auchenreoch 

Gray, Wm. , East Baldorran 

Horn, Wm. , Newmill 

Hosie, Geo., Kinkell 

Jackson, Geo., Westfield Torrance 

Jardine, Wm., W'Bterhead 

M'Caffer, Mrs, Spouthead, Milton 
of Campsie 

M'Caffer, Mrs Neil, Mid Baldorran 

M 'Queen, Miss, Barr hill 

Macindoe, Alex., Knowhead 

Maitland, Jas., Balgrochan 

Marshall, John, West Baldorran 

Morton, David, Alton, Milton of 

Morton, Mrs A. , Iuchbellie 

Murdoch, Wm., Kilwinnet, Campsie 

Paton, Jno., Glenside, Campsie Glen 

Ralston, Wm. , Gartmore 

Reid, And., Inchbreak 

Reid, David, Stirriqua 

Reid, David, Red Moss 

Reid, James S., Lochmill 

Beid, Rt. , Finniscroft 

Reid. Rt., Muirhead 

Reid, Stewt. , Lochmill 

Reid, Wm., Bridgend 

Roy, Wm., Langshot 

Scott, John S., Birdston 

Shanks, Wm., N. Balqrochan 

Simps )n, W., Carlston 

Stevei.son, R., Birdston, Kirkintil- 

Stewart, Mrs D. , Leitchbank, Tor- 
ral t e 

Stew a ;t, James, Blairtummoch 

Adam, W., Milndavie 
Buch;nan, Sir Jas, Craigend Castle 
Buchanan, Walt., Kirkhonse Inn 
Cullei., W. , Craigmore 
Cumming, Wit., Muirhouse 
Dunn Jas. & Wm., E. Ballagan 
Freehold, J., Broadgate 
Johnnon, Jas., jr., Townhead 
Keyden, Jas., Mugdock 
MTntyre, A., Auchengeahan 
M'Kein, J. E., Balewan 
M'Laren, D., Mugdock 
M'Lauchlan, Ad., Balewan 





M'Onie, Js. , Auchenedean 
M'Pherson, J., Carbeth 
Moir, W., W. Leddriegreen 
Paul, Geo., Eastertown, Mugdock 
Smith, John G., Mugdock Castle 


Anderson, Wm ., Moss Castle 
Eallantyne, Thos., Jawcraig 
Barrie, John, Shortrigg 
Boyd, John, Babbit hill 
Buchanan, John, Salterhill 
Crawford, Thomas, Craigend 
Dempster, Wm., Blacklock 
Forrester, Eben, Dyke 
Gardner, Rt., Redhall 
Graham, John, Crosshill 
Granam, R., Lochhouse 
Grant, Rt., Binniehill 
Gray, Jas. , Redbrae 
Gray, John, Middlerigg 
Hastie, J., Pirnie Lodge 
Johnston, Jas., Limerigg 
Johnston, James, Lodge 
M'Farlane, Wm., Todsbuchts 
M'Farlane, Wm. , Greenhill 
Main, W., Balmitchell 
Marshall, Wm., Jawcraig 
Mungall, Rob., Bulliondale 
Nisbet, Geo., Loanriggs 
Nisbet, John, Easterjaw 
Oswald, Thomas, Neuchs 
Reid, VYm., Strathavon 
Rennie, Wm., Parkhead 
Russell, Thomas, East Greenhill 
Scott, John, Blackrigg 
Scott, Wm., Towuhead 
Shanks, Christina, Oakersdykes 
Shanks, David, Nappiefaulds 
Shanks, Da v., Baiminzier 
Shanks, John, W Jay 
Shanks, R. , Slamannan 
Sieele, George, Rashie hill 
Steel, Robert, Hillend 
Steele, Robert, Southfield 
Steel, Mrs Wm. , Loanriggs 
Storrie, Jane, Bankhead 
Taylor, Hy., W Greenhill 
Taylor, Js.,' South Hole House 
Taylor, P. , North Hole House 
Thomsen, Geo., Shieldknows 
Waddell, Js., E Jaw Craig 
Waugh, Js., N Arnloss 

Waugh, Js., S Arnloss 
Wilson, J., Dalquhoren 

Stirling District. 
Alexander, E. T., Boroughmeadow 
Dewar, P. , Hing's pk 
Galloway, Mrs., Clayslaps 
Kinross, John, Hood 
M'Farlane, Mrs., Springkerse 
M'Kerracher, DL, Raploch 
M'Laren, Ship haugh 
Lucas, Js., Ladysneuch 
Walker, Wm. , Torbex 
Walls, Rt. , Kerse mil Is 
Watt, Ar., Whisehou?e 

St. Ninians. 
Adam, Mrs Agnes & Rt. , Glenhead 
Adam, Ad., W Greenyards 
Adam, G. jr., Lochend 
Adam, Geo., Craigannet 
Adam, Js., Muirpark 
Adam, Js. , Muirmill 
Adam, Jn. , Buckieburn 
Adam, Jno. jr., Townhead 
Adam, Robt. , Craigengelt 
Adam, W., (heirs of), E Craigannet 
Allan, D., Willowbank 
Alexander, Eben. T., Taylorton 
Ballantyne, Wm. , Powbridge 
Bell, Mrs Jane, Castleton 
Bennie, W., Craigennet 
Bennie, Wm. jr., Smallburn 
Bennie, Wm., Kirk o' Muir 
Binnie, Js. , Plean 
Bolton, Edw., W Plean 
Brisbane, J., Gartclush 
Brown, Jas., Woodcock fauld 
Buchanan, Alex., Whitehouse 
Buchanan, J. (heirs of) Shieldbrae 
Bullion, Alexr. , Hill of Cowie 
Campbell, Danl. , Muirpark 
Christie, Alex. , Mill hall 
Christie, Alx. jr., Back o' Muir 
Christie, A. & Js. , Kepmad 
Christie, Alx. sr. & Rt., Dyke 
Christie, And., Orchard 
Christie, Js., Coxithill 
Christie, SI., Braehead 
Cowan, P. & Ar., (reps of) Sink 
Crawford, Js., N Third 
Dawson, Alex., Gartincaber 
Dewar, Dv. & Aw. , W Haugh 




De-war, Peter, Raploch 
Dewar, Peter, Kildean 
Dobbie, Js., Cringate 
Dobbie, W. & A. H., Touch 
Drysdale, Rt., Old mill 
Eadie, Mrs Margt., Blushquarter 
Eduiond, J., Gallamuir 
Einlayson, W., Throsk 
Finlayson, W., Throsk 
Fotheringham, J., Bullions 
Galloway, Jn., Redhall 
Galloway, Wm., Wallstale 
Gilchrist, Alx., Dolmill 
Gillespie, Jno., Cultenhove 
Gray, And., VV Plean 
Hallam, Jas., Hillhead 
Henderson, Jn., Throsk 
Henderson, Wm. , Throsk 
Headrick, Wm., Eastertown 
Hill, Jas,, Bannockburn 
Hope, Jas. W., Greenyards 
Inglis, Jos., (heirs of), Oroftside 
Inglis, Robt. , Newmilns 
Jaffray, Wm. , Broomridge 
Jaffray, Jas., Skcoch 
Jaffray, Robt., N Durjieshill 
Johnston, Chas. , Stewarthall 
Johnston, Thos., Powdrake 
Kay, Geo,, Craigquarter 
Kerr, Wm., Drypow 
Kidd, Geo., (reps of), Mossneuch 
King, John & James, Karnes of 

Laing, John & Wm., Cairnoch 
Laing, Wm. & John, Cowiehall 
Laing, W. & J., Easterton of 

Lawrence, John, Muirmailing 
Learmouth, A. & Co., Carbrook 

Lowe, Robt., Graystale 
M'Callum, Chas., Broadless 
M'Conochie, And., Glenside 
M'Cowan, James, Pleanbank 
M'Donald, Allan, New Park 
M 'Far lane, T., Auchenbowie mains 
M'Farlano, Thos., Moss-side 
M'Farlane, Wm., (heirs of) Green- 
M'Gibbon, Archibald, Woodside 
M'Intyre, Daniel, Old croft 
M'Laren, Jas., Townfoot 
M'Laren, Jas. jr., (heirs of), Kerse- 

M'Laren, James & James jr., Ban- 
M'Farlane, R. & P., W Carse 
Mailer, Robt. & Jno.' Redhall of 

Main, Thos , Sauchenford 
Maitland, Sir J. R. C, Little 

Miller, John, Muirhead 
Miller, Wm., Braehead Whins o 

Miller, Thos., Myres 
Muirhead, John, Milton mill 
Muirhead, John, Gartwhinnie 
Muirhead, W., Pirnhall 
Nimmo, M., Foot o' Green 
Paterson, Jas., Bandeath 
Paterson, W. , Toppletree 
Paul, Jas., North Doll 
Ritchie, W., Plean mill 
Scott, R., Meadowfield 
Smart, And., Lower Canglour 
Steel, Alexander, Westeaton of 

Stevenson, Robt., Drum 
Stewart, C, Chartershall 
Stewart, J., Hartmailing 
Stewart, J. A. & Mrs E., Kerse of 

Strang, H, Craigniven 
Taylor, Jas. , Parkmill 
Taylor, John, Bridgend Carron- 

Thomson, Alex. & Co., Ltd., South- 

Thomson, W., Mosside 
Turnbull, J., Hallquarter 
Turnbull, J"., Canglour 
Turnbull, Margt. and Janet, Cush- 

Turnbull, W., Touch hill 
Waddel, J., Clachan 
Walker, P., Balquhidderock 
Walls, Bobt., Kersemill 
Watt, A., Whitehouse 
Weir, W. & J., Rosehill 
Young, Thos., Snabhead 
Young, Wm., Taylortoii 






Alexander, John, Netherinuir 
Auld, Jas. , Ravenscraig 
Baillie, Wm., N. Couston 
Brodie, James, Drum 
Brownlee, Rt. , Torbane ' 
Bryce, John, & Son, Boghall 
Bryers, Robt. , Limefield 
Carlaw, Thos. & Alex,, Deans 
Chapman, James, Ballencrief Mill 
Crawford, Thos., Bathville 
Cruickshank, Wmi) Barbouchlaw 

Dalling, W. , Whiteside 
Dawson, Frncs. , Wester Drumcross 
Drakes, James, Middlerig 
Ferguson, Eiizbt., (reps, of) North 

Guthrie, Jas., Meadowhead 
Harvey, Thomas. Barbanchlaw 
Inglis, John, Quarter 
Jardine, David, Standhill 
Kerr, Jas., Drumcross 
Law, Hugh, Nether houses 
M'Kinlay, Wm., Hardhill 
M'Kinnon, Hugh, Stanerigg 
Mitchell, Alex., Standhill 
Mitchell, Dav., Bella Mount 
Mitchell, John, Boghead 
Neil, Sam, Torbane hill mains 
Peat, George, Balmuir 
Provan, Geo., Wester Torbane 
Robb, John, Colinshiels 
Robb, John, Springfield 
Russell, Alex., Moss-side 
Russell, Janet and James, Dykeside 
Russell, Robert, Balgornie 
Scott, Wm., Tailend 
Shields, Jas., Drumcross Hall 
Sinclair, John, Cowdenhead 
Smith, Al., Tarrareoch 
Smith, Mary, W. Mains of Kirkton 
Steel, James, Birniehill 
Tod, J., Ballincrieff Mains 
Todd, Wm. , Starlaw 
Waddell, John, Easter Inch 
Walker, James and Robert, Tippet 

Walker, Thomas, Eastoun 
Walker, Wm., W. Mains 


Wyllie, James and Robt. P. , South 

Yoixng, Wm., Whitelaw 

Addison, Abram, Wester Woodside 
Arthur, Wm., Bishopry 
Binnie, James, Bowden hill 
Bruce, W. & Son, Torphichen Mains 
Cameron, Al., Slackend 
Dalziel, Alex., Gormyre 
Donald, Alex., Westfield 
Ferrier, Wm. Cochrane, Birkenshaw 
Gardner, James, Hilderstone 
Gentleman, John, WestCraigmaurie 
Gentleman, John, East Craigmaurie 
Gowans, James, Gowanbank 
Kerr, James, Hilderston hill 
M'Gregor, Rob., Easter Redburn 
M'Kay, Peter and James, West 

Main, Thomas, Drumtassie 
Marshall, Thomas, Kelmonhead 
Morton, W., Bedlormie Mains 
Neilson, Jo., Mosshouse 
Nesbit, Gavin, Nether hill house 
Nesbit, Robert, Gormyre 
Nimmo, David, Woodend 
Reston, George, Drumelzie 
Robb, John, Overfull house 
Robertson, David. Crawhill 
Robertson, David & Son, Brunton 
Robertson, George, Logiebrae 
Russell, Matt., Heights 
Waugh, John, Blackfaulds 
Waugh, John, Rigghead 
Wilson, James, Muckraw 
Wyllie, James, Blackridge 
Wyllie, Wm. F., Broompart 
Young & Graham, Westertoun 
Young, James, Westfield 
Young, Robert, Drumbeg 

Bo'ness and Carrideu. 
Baird, A., Cowdenhill 
Best, John, Inveravon 
Black, Wm., Paddock hall, Carrideu 
Cadell, H. M., Grangedram 
Dalrymple, R. , Champany 
Darien, W., Braehead 




Galbraith, W. T. Upper Kinnell 
-Jackson, Jas., Kinneil kerse 
Jackson, Wm. jr. , East kerse mains 
Jackson, Wm., Kinneil mills 
Johnston, Alex. & John, Woodhead 
Kirkwood, Alex. , N & S Hainings 
Kirkwood, Mrs., Nether Kinneil 
Learmonth, A. S., Balderson 
Learmonth, W., Borrowstoun 
M'Cheyne, A., Borrowstoun mains 
Meikle, John, Rouslann 
Meikle, J., Grougfoot, Carriden 
Meikle, W., E Bonhard 
Morrison, J., Burnshott, Carriden 
Thomson, J., Muirhouse 
Mallace, Geo., S Kinglass 

Black, Jas., Craigbrae 
Dudgeon, Alx., E Dalmeny 
Inch, Wm. , Echline 
Morrison, J., W Dalmeny 

Addison, John, Wairdlaw 
Addison, Wm., Hitley 
Arkley, Mrs., Kingsfield 
Bennie, Dan., E Bowhouse 
Bennie, Jn., Park 
Bennie, Thos., Crownersland 
Blair, John, Braehead 
Bowie, And., Clarendon 
Bowie, Rt., Gilmeadows land 
Bowie, Rt., Parkhead 
Brown, Jane, Lockhouse 
Cochrane, Jn., Waterton 
Crawford, W. , Woodcockdale 
Jamieson, Miss, Kettleston mains 
Jamieson, Jas., Wilcoxholm 
Kellock, John, Little Ochiltree 
Kirkwood, Wm., Bankhead 
Lawson, Wm., Threemiletown 
Manuel, Jas., Broomieknows 
Miller, W., Linlithgow bridge 
Mitchell, And. & G., Bridgend 
Robertson, Jas., W Ochiltree 
Robertson, J., Ochiltree castle 
Robertson, Robt. , Ochiltree mill 
Robertson, W,, Gateside 
Shanks, Jas., Balmorvie 
Smith, Jas., Hitley 
Somerville, Wm., Park 
Stewart, G. M. F. , Binny house 


Stuart, W., Williams craig 
Thomson, Wm., Craig Binning 
Thyne, Jn., U. Bonny toyn 
Waddel, James, Woodcockdale 
Wallace, Andw., West Binny 
Walker, Pat., N. Mains 
West, And. , Hillhouse 
West, G., W. Broadlaw 
West, G. , E. Broadlaw 
Wilson, Jn., Riccarton 
Wilson, W., Parkley craigs 

Ballantyne, John, Avon bank 
Binnie, John, Windy yett 
Black, Wm., Hill end 
Blair, J. , Manuel haugh 
Boyd, John, Hillhead 
Bryce, And., Blackston 
Calder, John, Hill 
Calder, Jn. jr., Netherton 
Hodge, Geo., Caudie 
Johnston, Thos., E Manuel 
Learmonth, Thos., L. Parkhall 
Longwill, D., Kendies hill 
Meikle, Hy., Woodside 
Meikle, Jn., Melons pi 
Reid, And. , Haining valley 
Reid, Helen, Waulk milton 
Roberts, Peter, Manuel mill 
Robertson, Robt., Hillend 
Robertson, Robt., Kaemuir 
Scott, Peter, Castlehill 
Skanks, Jas., Gillandersland 
Shanks, Jno., Gateside 
Stevenson, And., Whiterigg 
Taylor, Wm., Snabhead 
Taylor, Wm., Coxhill 
Towns, Js., Cross crows 
Urquhart, J. G., Vellove castle 
Waddell, Robt., Blackrigg 
Wilson, John, Bogo 

Allison, J., Newton, Winchburgh 
Arbuckle, Jane, Wyndford & Cross- 
Bartholomew, Dav., Kirklands 
Broxburn Oil Co., Ltd. 
Dalgleish, Peter, Newbigging 
Dick, Jno., Milkhouses 
Elder, Jno., Holmes and Kings 
Flint, Janet, Loaninghill 




Greenshields, Jno. , Nettlehill 

Law, James, E Mains 

M'Lagan, Peter, Esq., m.p., Fort- 

Mitchell, Wm., Dechmont 
Pate, Wm.. Stankyards 
Stewart, Abraham, Fivestanks 
Wilson, J., Poulflats, Broxburn 
Woodlaw, Thos., Knightsbridge 

Addison, W., Blackcraig 
Bartholomew, J., Hillend 
Cadzow, James, W Bangour 
Cochrane, J., Waterston 
Frater, Rbt,, Law of Blackcraig 
Nimmo, Th., Kirklands 
Peden, Ad., E Bangour 
Potter, J as. , Houston mains 
Wallace, A., Burnhouse 

Anderson, A. & Js., Staneybridge 
Anderson, Jas., Fauldhouse 
Bishop, J. , Millbank 
Bishop, W., Holehouseburn 
Black, A., Burnhouse 
Black, J., Bach o' Moss 
Black, Wm., Couck 
Black, W., Fauldhouse ] 
Brownlee, James, E Whitburn 
Bryce, J., E Whitburn 
Dandy, W. , Blackberry hill 
Davidson, Robt., E Longridge 
Ford, Richd., Gardeners' hall 
Forrest, J., Swin abbey 
Gardner, Rt., White dale head 
Hamilton, Rt., Cowhill 
Lindsay, Ebe., E Longridge 
Lindsay, Logan, Whitburn 

Meikle, Js., Stonehead 
Meikle, Js., Blackburn hall 
Muir, Jas., Righouse 
Muir, Mrs., Kepshaith 
Orr, Richd., Heads 
Orr, Thos., Croft Mallack 
Prentice, John, Cuthill 
Prentice, D. E., Fauldshiels 
Russell, A., Redmill 
Russell, Jno., Greenrigg 
Russell, Thos., Blackburn mains 
Shanks, W., Turnhigh 
Steel, Js. jr., Craighead 
Stewart, Js., Mosshall 
Stirling, Robt., Pottishaw 
Storry, Chs., Stoneheap 
Storry, Jn., Northfield 
Thomson, Jno., Rashiecrigg 
Thornton, P.. Crofthead 
Tweedie, D., New mills of Breich 
Wallace, Js., Cult 
Wallace, T., Redheugh 
Waugh, Thomas, Dyke 
White, Archd., Rough Sykes 
Wight, John, Burnbrae 
Wiper, John, Eastfield 
Young, A., Whitehill 

Brownlee, Jas., Nether Alderston 
Buchanan, Rt. , Livingstone mill 
Chalmers, T., Redhouse, Blackburn 
Meikle, John, Seafield, Blackburn 
Russell, James, Dales 
Shields, J., Barracks 
Somerville, Andrew, W. Braich, 

Thomson, Js., Riddock hill 
Thomson, Wm., Mid Breich 


Bilsland, John, Badshalloch 
Bilsland, John, Mains 
Bilsland, Robert, Cameron 
Blair, William, Blairennich 
Buchanan, John, Croftfoot 
Buchanan, William, Blairquhamrie 
Bunting, Rob., jr., E. Cambusmore 


Bunting, Robert, Tullochan 
Campbell, George, Gallangal 
Edmond, Wm., Hill Head of Catter 

Galbraith, Wm., Ardoch 
Galbraith, James, Claddachside 
Gilmour, Mrs — , W. Cambusmoon 
Graham, Alex. & Jas. Smith, Row 




Graham, Geo. , Blairlinaus 
Graham, William, Lochend 
Hosie, Mrs — , Ledrishmore 
Hutchison, Samuel, Blairlusk 
Leny, James C, Gartocharn 
M'Caskel, — , Dumbain 
M'Kean, John, Dam of Aber 
M'Lean, John, Spittal 
Murdoch, Archibald, Burnbrae 
Orr, James, Blairnyle 
Orr, Wm., East Catter, Drymen 
Pollock, Wm., Ashfleld 
.Rankin, John, Balquhain 
Reid, Wm., E. & W. Portnellan 
Turnbull & Co., Millburn 
Walker, Joseph, Little Blairlusk 


Anderson, John, Merkins 
Bilsland, Jas., Mid Auchencarroch 
Crawford, David, Upper Balloch 
Fleming, Alex., jr., Drumkinnon 
Gardner, James, Overton 
Graham, John, Woodside 
Gardner, Wm., E. Blairquhannan 
Harvey, John, W. Auchendennan 
Jenkins, Peter, Ring 
Kinloch, John, Hilton 
Kinloch, John, Napierston 
M'Farlane, Robert S., Blackthird 
M'Lachlan, Wm., Dalquburn 
Miller, Peter, Mollandowie 
Nobleston, VVm. C, Nobleston 
Paterson, John, Milton 
Ritchie, John, Ledrishbeg 
Wilson, Th., Easter Auchencarroch 

Alexander, Js. , Craighalbert 
Baird, John, Over Croy 
Boyd, Peter, Mid Forest 
Brown, John, Westwood 
Brown, Wm. , E Dullatur 
Buchanan, Arch., Mainhead 
Cameron, Alex., Fannyside 
Chalmers, Isa. & Ts., Airdrie head 
Cowie, Henry, Greenside 
Duncan, Ths. &. John, Dullatur 
Duncan, John, Auchinlee 
Duncan, Thos. , Dullatur 
Dunlop James, Waterhead 
Dunlop, Matt., Tannock 
Dykes, John, Old Inns 

Forrester, James, Toll park 
Forgie, Alex., Glenhead 
Forrester, Jos. jr., Hole 
Graham, David, Abron hills 
Hamilton, Wm., Garbethell 
Henderson, Thos., Mosswater, by 

Jackson, John, Pollock's hole 
Jarvie, Robt., White Lees 
Kay, Alex., Garn hall 
Kirkwood, Matthew, Carbrane 
Main, John, Dyke head 
Marshall, Frederick, Glenmore 
Marshall, John, Threprigg, by Sla- 

Mather, R. & J., Balloch 
Muirhead, James, Kildrum 
Paton, Archibald, Seafar 
Patrick, John, Langlands 
Ralston, Jn., Condor ret by Airdrie 
Shaw, Wm. , Carickstone 
Slater, David, Garbet 
Smellie, Wm. D., Auchenkiln 
Smith, Robt., Netherwood, Denins 
Steele, James, Lenzie mill 
Stirling, James, E Forest 
Taylor, Henry, Crowbank 
Weir, Alex., Smithstone 
Wilson, James, Auchenstarry 
Wilson, John, Fannyside 
Wilson, Richard, Seafar_ 

Barr, Jas. & Pat. , Bainfield, Cardross 
Binnie, Jas., Aitken Barr 
Calder, Jas., Colgrain, Cardross 
Calder, Wm., Castle hill, Cardross 
Caldwell, James, Craigendoran, 

James, Auchentail, 



Jane, Kilmahew, Car- 

Colquhoun, Walter, Murrays, Car- 

Davie, John, Walton, Cardross 

Ferrier, Alex., Cardross mill 

Govan, Barbara, Janet, & Maggie, 
Mains, Cardross 

Hardie, Wm. , Low Mildovan 

Houston, Wm. , White Lee 

Howie, And., Crosslet 





Kellar, Christina A., Kirkton, 

Kinloch, Jas., Kepperoch, Cardross 
Kinloch, J. & W., Garshake 
Lang, Walter, Townend 
Layburn, William, Wallacetown, 

Lennox, Jas., Wester hill, Cardross 
Lennox, Peter, Geilston, Cardross 
M'Intyre, Jas., Lyleston, Cardross 
M'Intyre, Peter & Wm., Baddyen, 

M'Kinlay, William, Ardochmore, 

Mather, James, Highdykes 
Miller, W. R., Murroch 
Muirhead, Robert, Hawthorn hill, 

Cardross rd 
Munn, John, High Milldovan, Car- 
Niven, Mrs, Craigend, Cardross 
Orr, Wm, , Dalmoak 
Ross, Wm., Maryland 
Simpson, John, Drumfork 
Simpson, Mrs, Drumford 
Snodgrass, Robert, Mollandhu, 

Traquair, James & John Lee, Clyde 

Traquair, Robert & Wm., Caimie- 

drouth, Cardross 
Turnbull, Messrs, Carman 
Weir, Jas. , Goosholm 

Battison, Walter, Glenfruin 
Campbell, John, Glenfruin 
Campbell, Malcolm, Roseneath 
Campbell, Peter, Glenfruin 
Chalmers, Robert, Rahane 
Clement, James. Rahane 
Colquhoun, John, Glenfruin 
Craig, James, Glenfruin 
Douglas, James, Cove 
Granger, James, Glenfruin 
Howie, Matthew, Roseneath 
Jardine, Andw. , Glenfruin 
Kerr, Thomas, Roseneath 
M'Auslin, James, Kirkmichael 
M'Auslane, Peter, Row 
M'Callum, Alex., Cove 
M'Farlan, John, Faslane, Gareloch- 

M 'Far lane, Dun., Glenfruin 
M'Farlane, Eliz., Row 
M'Farlane, Dun., Garelochhead 
M'Farlane, John, Shandon 
M'Kenzie, John, Cove 
M'Lachlan, Celin, Woodend farm 
M'Lachlan, Wm., Shandon 
M'Lellan, Martha, Shandon 
M'Phun, Dav. , Garlochhead 
Murchie, Hugh, Cove 
Niven, Jas., Glenfruin 
Provan, John, Kilcreggan 
Smillie, Robt., Cove 
Snodgrass, JVlatt., Millig 
Stewart, Sohn, Kilcreggan 
Trotter, Robt., Ardencaple, Row 


Allison, Hugh, Duntiglenan 

Allison, James, Brick house, Clyde- 

Bowman, John & Agnes, North 

Brock, Wm. & Alex., W Barns 

Cowan, James, E Cochna 

Donald, Mary, Hardgate 

Filshie, Mrs., Gavinburn 

Filshie, James, Mount Pleasant 

Filshie, James, Muirhouses 

Fraser, Duncan, Auchentoshan 

Harvie, Mrs., Broadrleld 

Howie, Andw., Middleton 

Keir, John, Dumbuck 

M'Donald, John, N.E.. Balquhanran 

M'Gowan, John, Balquhanran 

M'Laren, Walter & John, Carleith 

M'Lean, Wm. , Balquhanran 

Mason, Wm. G., Hardgate 

Morland, Peter. Kilbowie 

Morrison, Jos., W Cochna 

N. B. Chemical Co. Ltd., White- 

Paterson, Alex., Kilbowie 

Reid, Mrs., n.e. Kilbowie 

Renwick, Rt., Dalmuir 

Riddell, David, Kilbowie 

Robertson, James, Auchinleck 

Scott, James, Cleddans 

Smith, Robt., Faifley 

Stewart, Wm., Milton Douglas 





Alexander, John & Peter, Loch, 

Lenzie Junction 
Allison. Wm. , Rosebank 
Anderson, John, Inclibreck 
Anderson, John, Boghead 
Arnot, Thos., Pell 
Barr, John, Freeland pi 
Barr, Wm. , Loch, Lenzie Junction 
Bowman, David, Dalshannan 
Ruchannan, Arch., Kerr st 
Buchanan, John, Loch, Lenzie 

Burtwright, Wm., Auchinvole 
Chapman, David, Gartshore 
Dalrymple, Jas. , Woodhead 
Dick, And., Adamislie 
Dickson, Alex. & Walter, Bathen- 

Dickson, Jas., Merkland 
Douglas, J. & A. , Braes o' Yitts 
Drammond, Wm. & Sons, Hayston 
Duncan, Jas., Auchindavie 
Duncan, J. & W., Shirva 
Duncan, Jas., Twechar 
Ferrie, Jrs. jr., Balgrochan 
Forsyth, David, Back o' Locli 
Forsyth, Wm., Whitehill 
Forsyth, Wm., Mossfennan 
Graham, David, Duntyblae 
Graham, G. & G jr. , East Board 
Graham, James, Greens 
Henderson, John, Stubblebroomhill 
Horn, John, Playhill 
Jack, John, Saddler's brae 
Jack, John, St. Flannan 
Laing, Mrs, Birdston 
Laird, Wm. , Easterton 
Lang, Jas., Bidcow 
M'Cash, Robt, Gallowhill 
M'Cash, Robert & Wm., Easter- 

M'Luckie, John, New Dykes 
M'Nab, Daniel, Gallowsuck 
M'Neil, Malcolm, Board, Gartshore 
Meiklien, Jas., Ocharton 
Mitchell, John, Westermains 
Montgomerie, John, Drumglas 
Morton, David, Inchbelly 
Rankin, Robt., Inchterf 
Rankin. Wm., Twechar by Kilsyth 
Reid, Wm., Bridgend 
Shearer, John, Gallowhill 

Stewart, Mrs, Barbeth 
Stewart, Jas., Greyshill 
Strang, Wm. , Easter Bidcow 
Turner, Jas., Kirkside 
Waugh, Robt., Druinbreck 
Weir, Daniel, Drum 
White, Alexander, Lenzie 
Wilson, John, West Board 
Wilson, Robt., Boghead 
Wordie, Wm., Glenhead 


Anderson, Jas., Crainlarich 
Barton, John, Crainlurich 
Bauchop, Jas., Natra 
Begg, Robt., Blairnile 
Buchanan, Chas. , Shegarton 
Chalmers, Robt., Rossbank 
Colquhoun, Geo., Shemore 
Colquhoun, Jane & Rt. . Ner. Ross 
Galbraith, John, Edintaggart 
Galbraith, John, Tarbet, Loch 

Grieve, Rbt. , Crainlurich 
Hamilton, Geo. , Arrochar 
Lang, Geo., Little Dumfin 
Lennox, James, Shantrum 
M 'Arthur, John, Dumfin mill 
M'Coslin, Hugh, Auchingarin 
M'Dougall, John, Tarbet, Loch 

M'Farlane, Alex., Hill house 
M'Farlane, Donald John, Arrochar 
M'Farlane, James, Arrochar 
M'Farlane, Jn. & Mai., Culag 
M'Farlane, Peter, Row 
M'Gibbon, Jas., Crainlarich 
M'Indoe, James, Glenmolochan 
M'Nab, D. & Co., Duchlage 
M'Nicol, Jas., Crainlarich 
M' William, John, Invergroin 
Mitchell, Duncan, Arrochar 
Montgomerie, Wm. , Dumfin 
Munn, Nicol, Auburn 
Paul George. High Fields 
Pender, James, Arrochar 
Walker, Ann, Burnfoot 
Walker, John, Hill farm 
Welsh, Richd., Blairglass 
Williamson, John, Auchintullich- 






New Kilpatrick. 
Allison. George, Thorn 
Andrew, Jas., South Drumry 
Blackwood, Wm. & Son, Craigton 
Buchanan, David, Gar scadden Mains 
Bullock, Archibald, High Millichan 
Carslaw, Sam., South Mains 
Connell, Wm., Castlehill 
Donald, Wm., Craiglaw 
Fulton, Wm., Temple, Maryhill 
Gilbraith, John, Tambowie 
Hunter, James, Barloch 
Kinloch, John, Whitehill 
Lyle, Walter, Knightswood 
M'Gown, Elizabeth, Blairdardie 
M'Lachlan, Alexander, Ganconnell 
M'Murtie, Thomas, Little Balvie, 

M'Nair, Robert, Westerton 
M'Nair, William, Nethertou 
M'Ouat, John, Lawmuir 
Meiklem, John, Boghead 
Merry & Cunninghame, Hutchison 
Mitchell, Malcolm, Law 
Ness, William, North Baljaffray 
Orr, John, Mosshead 

Paterson, Alexander, Drumry mains 
Paterson, Margaret, Thirdpart, E. 

K ilpatrick 
Paton, Agnes, Kilpatrick 
Paton, Robert, Clobelhill 
Paul, Thomas, South Baljaffray 
Paul, Walter, Laigh Park 
Ramsay; Mrs., Balnaughton 
Robertson, John W. , Kilmardinny 
Russell, John, Low Millichan 
Russell, Robert, Boclair 
Scholes, Thomas, Ferguston 
Scott, Robert, Temple 
Smellie, Wm. , Clober 
Strang. John, Crossveggate 
Strathdee, J., Burnbrae, Milngavie 
Tweed, John, Kayston 
Veitch, Andrew, Summerstown 
Veitch, James, High Craigston 
Wallace, John, Kessington 
Wallace, Robert, Chapelton 
Watt, James, Milngavie Parks 
Weir, James, Barrachan 
Wilson, Alex., Langfaulds 
Young, James, Broadholm 


Publisher of the 

Counties' Business Directories 
of Scotland, 



Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENT Directory 


Hardware and Fancy Goods Merchant, 

100 t>\Qh Street, Dumbarton. 

A Large and Well Selected Stock of Fancy Goods and 
Household Articles always on hand. 

Hand Bags. Purses in great variety. Albums. 

Photo Frames. Cutlery. Brushes, all kinds. Baskets, 

all kinds. Enamel Ware, &c. 

Special Value in MeOodeons, Violins, Violin Bows 

and Cases, Violin and Banjo Strings, and 



Treadle Machines with all the Latest Improvements, complete 
with cover, -£'3 lis 6d. The Best Value ever offered, 

Inspection invited. 

A Real Little Household Treasure. The Improved Dorman Lock 

Stitch Sewing Machine, with Three Years 

Warranty, only 18s 6d. 

Sole Agent for Dumbarton for the Patent 
Glacier Window Decorator, the most permanent 
and effective of all substitute for Stained Glass. 

Passengers booked to all parts of AMERICx^, INDIA, SOUTH 
Rates, per "ANCHOR" LINE, " CUNARD " LINE, 
and " CASTLE " LINE of Steamships. 




By Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent. 

Chisholm's Patent 



Will fit angles of any Oriel Window. 
No impediment to free action of Rings. 
Mistakes in Measurement reduced to a Minnium. 

This Patent Oriel Pole will be found very convenient in cases 
of removal, as it adapts itself to any angle found in Oriel 
Windows. It is neat in appearance, and cheaper than ordinary 
bent Poles. 

Made all sizes in plain and ornamental Brass Tubes, also 
combination sets, Copper and Brass, Nickel or Silver-plated. 

Straight Brass Curtain Poles, 

Plain and Ornamental, at specially low rates. 


The above can be had from Ironmongers, House Furnishers, &c, or 
direct from 



77 Port Street, STIRLING. 



Dumbartonshire ADVERTISEMENT Directory 

iI€I@I IrlUB. 




S.S. City of Rome, 8144 Tons. 
S.S. ANCHOR! A, - 4167 ,, 
S.S. CIRCASSIA, - 4272 „ 

S.S. Furnessia, - 5495 Tons. 

S.S. ETHIOPIA, - 4004 „ 
S.S. DEVONIA, - 4270 „ 



To New York, Boston, or Philadelphia — Saloon Fares up to Twenty-one 
Guineas. Second Cabin and Steerage at Reduced Rates. Special 
Terms to Tourists and Parties. 

The "City of Rome" and 'Furnessia" are fitted throughout with Electric Light, and 
have excellent accomodation for all classes of Passengers. 


PALMERO, and TRIESTE Fortnightly. 


Via Suez Canal Weekly. Unsurpassed accommodation for Passengers. 


Weekly Sailings— Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, and Cairo. 

SALOON— Port Said, £12, Return, £21 12s; Ismailia. £13, Return, £23 8s; 
Suez, £14, Return, £25 4s. 

To Cairo and Back, £25 2S 6d ; or Returning rrom Cairo and Marseilles and 
Rail to London, £28. 


Steamers of the "Anchor" Line leave Marseilles regularly for Liverpool and Glasgow. 
Cabin Fare to Liverpool, £11 ; to Glasgow, £11 by direct Steamer. 

Apply to HENDERSON BROTHERS, 18 Water Street, Liverpool ; 7 York Street, 
Manchester ; 109 Commercial Street, Dundee ; 18 Leadenhall Street, E.C., London ; 35 
Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff; Gibraltar; 7 Bowling Green, New York; aDd 47 Union 
Street, Glasgow. 

ENEAS MACKAY, 43 Murray Place, Stirling. 

PETER MILLER, Writer, Linlithgow. 

JOHN SHIELDS, Auctioneer, Linlithgow, or to 

ALEXR. CURRIE, 100 High Street, Dumbarton.